Did Jesse James and West Coast Choppers use Nazi symbolism?

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Jesse James found himself in a good bit of hot water after the heavily-tattooed Michelle Bombshell McGee announced in In Touch Weekly that she had an affair with the chopper-building husband of Sandra Bullock while the actress was filming her award-winning movie Blind Side in Atlanta last year.

The temperature got turned up a notch when photos surfaced earlier this week of Michelle wearing a Nazi-themed costume complete with swastika armband and a World War II German officer’s hat. Soon after that documents from her divorce surfaced which revealed that her ex-husband Ronald Shane Modica had stated she is a white supremacist, mentally ill, abuses pills and chose a stripper name that’s the same as her son. And now TMZ is claiming they have a photo of Jesse in a similar Nazi hat to the one Michelle was wearing in her pictures, and that he is giving a Nazi salute! (UPDATE – CLICK HERE to see the photo!)

I guess I’d like to throw another log on the fire under the pot that Jesse James is boiling in with the observation that Nazi-themed elements play very heavily in the marketing of Jesse’s company West Coast Choppers. First there is the German Iron Cross logo that is on just about everything West Coast Choppers sells – here it is side-by-side with a German Iron cross from World War II:

West Coast Choppers Logo and the Nazi German Iron Cross medal

That could be written off as coincidence, but I ran across this poster online and I immediately thought of the Nazi eagle. I did a little surfing and found this eagle from the Nuremberg Rallies:

West Coast Choppers poster and Nazi Eagle from the Nuremberg Rallies

That is just plain creepy. And most of the Nazi symbols from the World War II era had the swastika turned 45 degrees, just like the West Coast Choppers Iron Cross in the poster. Here is an authentic sign from that era:

Nazi sign from the World War II era

I understand that the custom bike world is all about rebellion, but you have to draw the line at this kind of stuff. Whether Jesse was just using the taboo as a marketing ploy or he actually supports some sort of white supremacist philosophy, he should be ashamed.

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  • rm

    The iron cross, predates the nazi. These are all prussian military symbols. The nazi incorporated them when they came into power. Both, Biker and Heavy Metal culture have a fascination with them, maybe because they are badas* symbols

  • j

    are you guys for real??? i think your digging for material. jesse was the first guy to have a black man in a advertisement for easyrider. the warbird also has been used before. its a tabboo and i agree with rm badas* symbols supporting the anti everything movement.

  • CMM

    The cross in the WCC is not at a 45 degree angle like the cross in the Nazi Eagle.
    Also the Nazi Iron Cross you speak of was used during the Crusades as the Templar Knights symbol. They planted them in the cities the protected and Marched with them on their banners and on on there uniforms and shields.
    Sorry but I have to say your wrong in posting this against Jesse G. James.

  • james dean

    this is just stupid attempt of study.
    west coast choppers like germanic roots they like also beers…
    the iron cross and the eagle symbolism were used long ago before the nazi era which last only a decade+. you can also compare german symbol pre wwII or pre wwI and you would find also iron cross and eagle. this symbol come from middle ages or even earlier. the fact that nazi used them is that their ideas came from the root of the germanic which include those symbol. nazi didn’t create them over night during their period. So this comparison is futile unless they use the true nazi symbol which is the clockwise tilted swastika. (which is even not so nazi after all…)

  • james dean

    the one who should be ashamed is the one who make this stupid comparison!

  • aas

    MOVE ON, SS Army was terminated 800 years ago!

  • Peter

    Let’s start from the beginning.. At least my country was occupied by the Nazi’s. My Grand dad was a freedom fighter and was caught and put in a contration camp.. I know the story!

    First The Iron Cross.. This Cross was not invented by the Nazi’s, it was an order given to soldiers in the German Army as far back as WWI.
    The Eagle was a symbol that Hitler stole from the old Roman legions.
    The swastika is original a 3000 year old symbol used in many old cultures such as India, Budishm, even in Greece and England.. The name of the symbol means good to be..
    Hitler copied everything!!

    There’s nothing wrong in using the symbols today.. If they referre to their original meaning..

    Sorry if my spelling is bad.. My english writing is a bit rusty..


  • yo mamma

    the more people complain about jesse the more i like him. the only thing he should be ashamed of is marrying sandra bullock!

  • Vlaams

    It’s not nazi, it’s an iron cross, look carefully and ya will see the Pope with the same cross on his hat.

    • J.J.

      Yup. It represents the Knights of Malta.

  • zach

    Good god people the iron cross and Swazi have been around forever and whatever maybe he is a sepratist or something who cares James is a bad ass fabricator this is the kind of crap media does to people look around some of the old buildings in DC have these symbols on them and have you personally talked to James to ask him his side no cause no one cares maybe he’s proud to be white I am is that illegal O and for all you stupid idiots out there maybe you forgot who some of the people are who ride James bikes DUH!! Shaw for one you stupid idiots come on I hate media crap it always goes straight to the negative never the positive James has been an inspiration to thousands by showing people you can accomplish anything with hard work damn people your neighbor could be a serial killer but you worry that some guy you don’t even know puts iron crosses on everything and might of wore a hat with a Swazi on it you should realy worry about your own life instead of trying to ruin someone else’s you know there’s people that want to destroy this country and most of them are not wearing swazis and iron crosses. I’ll stop now

  • J.J.

    You’re an idiot.

  • Albert H

    How many wrongdoings hasn´t the US made trough out the history. Slaves, the Indians wars, racial segregation, Vietnam war with Song My massacre etc, the war in Iraq, the killing of Kongos Patrice Lumumba and Chiles Salvador Allende etc. The flag of the USA got more innocent blood among its stars and stripes then the swastika of the Third Reich will ever have!

  • Tim Leary

    Ok guys, you all are protecting your ‘bad ass’ Jesse but i don’t think he has been looking far back in the human history to find the symbols.. these signs definitely remind people of the third reich and it is a very weak move to use them to sell merchandises. Anyway.. other retard chopper shops are using the ‘SS’ sign on their shirts or products, which is ‘with no comments’ the sign of their non education and stupid philosophy. It’s a shame i agree and i hope they will one day understand what it means.