VIDEOS – Interview with ‘Amish’ Michelle Bombshell McGee, adult webcam girl at

Alleged mistress of Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, has had a pretty wild life. Not only is she an extremely decorated tattoo model (the tat on her forehead says “Pray for us sinners”) but she’s been working as a webcam chat girl on the adult site

An interview (video below) shot while doing the Miss Ink contest in Vegas, Michelle Bombshell reveals that she got her first tattoo at age fifteen, and grew up Amish. She currently doesn’t speak to her parents, but ads that that’s okay because she has lots of friends. She probably has plenty of people to talk to on

Here is one of her actual vlog videos from SoCalGlamourGirls where Michelle introduces herself and talks a little bit about her tattoos. (Completely SFW)

Hottest Busty Tattoo Model Ever– VLOG by Michelle Bombshell
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Here’s one where she allegedly strips, but in actuality starts off in next to nothing and stays there the entire time. (For some weird reason she has bikini bottoms and a thong and never takes either off. ???)

Busty Bombshell CamGirl Strips Down to Nothing but Tattoos
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How about Michell Bombshell on the couch with some satin sheets? Miraculously, still SFW!

Busty Tattoo Model and CamGirl Strips in Black Satin Sheets
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And what controversial video collection would be complete without a plea to legalize pot?

Source: Radaronline

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  • Piet

    If her real name is “Michelle McGee” then there is no way she is Amish. “McGee” is Scottish, and I can guarantee you there are almost zero converts from other religions to the Amish anabaptist religion. Her last name would have to be a German derivative (Yoder, Miller, etc. are common Amish surnames, but definitely *not* McGee). Also, no Amish parents would name their daughter “Michelle”, a name derived from French. It would either be an “English” or German name as well. My guess is she just thought it would be “exotic” to say she had been Amish. Kinda sleazy.

  • Railene

    She just seems plain scummy to me. I bet she has some serious personal issues as well. She really must need some attention to open her mouth about an affair. Feeling a little less than, Bombshell?

  • greeneyez

    She just wants her 15 minutes of fame and now she has got it!!!! Jesse is a slime ball for cheating and Michelle McGee has no class for what she is pulling.

  • Erika

    Piet–I agree. There are some converts to the Amish religion. They are called “seekers” but they are few and far between. I can almost guarantee you that if she was raised Amish, she has since changed her name. Not much sexy about names like Mary Miller. 🙂 And NO DUH she doesn’t speak with her folks. They would have shunned her LONG ago.

    My guess–pretending to have been raised Amish to draw even more attention to her current skankiness.

    OR–raised in a religious (Amish or otherwise) household and abused therefore completely rebelling against it and acting out sexually because it is “what she is used to”.