Pretty Wild’s Tess Taylor info

Tess Taylor Playboy photo

E!’s latest “three hot sisters” reality show is set to premiere tonight as Playboy model mom Andrea Arlington (45) tries to keep the reigns on her three fun-loving, sexy daughters Tess Taylor Arlington (19), Alexis Neiers Arlington (18) and Gabrielle Neiers Arlington (16). (Technically Tess isn’t actually related to Alexis and Gabrielle by blood, but was unofficially “adopted” by Andrea Arlington and step-father Jerry Dunn.)

Heading into the show Tess was supposed to be the over-the-top trouble-making center of attention, but as you probably know, younger sister Alexis has stolen that title by getting arrested as part of the infamous Burglar Bunch during recording. (You can find out all about Alexis and her arrest with photos and a video HERE.) So far the only link between Tess and the Burglar Bunch Bling Ring is this photo which Rachel Bilson claims shows Tess wearing her stolen vest.

Although it may turn out Tess was involved in some of the robberies, let’s not forget all the racy elements of Tess’s reality show resume that gave her such a large lead heading out of the gate! Tess followed in her mother’s barefootsteps and showed off everything her momma gave her as the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week in July of 2009 and Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month in November of 2009. Here is another safe for work sample:

Tess Taylor Arlington Playboy

Here’s some specs on Tess from her Model Mayhem profile:

Tess Taylor and sister Alexis Neiers from the Burglar BunchHeight: 5′ 6″
Weight: 110 lbs
Shoe size: 7
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin color: Olive
Experience: Very Experienced
Compensation: Paid Assignments Only

The photo on the right is from a lingerie photoshoot for Issa Lingerie starring Tess and her sister Alexis! (Below is another photo from the shoot – you can watch the video on Youtube)

Here’s “10 Facts You Should Know About Tess” from the E! Pretty Wild website:

1. Gandhi is my inspiration. I love his passion for change.
2. My biggest fear is alligators.
3. I absolutely love pickles and anything with salt and vinegar!
4. I’ve never exactly saved anyone’s life—but when Alexis got bit on the vag by a spider, I carried her over my shoulder into the ER!
5. My absolute favorite place to be is inside the ballet studio.
6. I’m secretly in love with Brandon Boyd of Incubus.
7. think men are fun, stupid, sexy drama-bringers!
8. My first kiss was in the sixth grade. We were in a Barnes & Noble elevator. He reached over to kiss me and put his tongue in my mouth. I ran out and straight to the bathroom to wash out my mouth!
9. My most embarrassing moment was when I pooped in my leotard and tights in ballet testing. I was so nervous!
10. If I were an animal, I’d be a monkey because I am really good at using my feet—and they’re supercute!

Alexis Neiers Arlington (L) and sister Tess Taylor lingerie photo
Alexis Neiers Arlington (L) and sister Tess Taylor pose for Issa Lingerie (Youtube)

And last is a blurb about Tess Taylor Arlington written by Tess Taylor Arlington from her Model Mayhem profile:

Hey RaWk sTarZz!!! My name is Tess Taylor! Nice to meet you! Welcome to my page! I feel like whatever I write in these things just won’t serve me justice. I thankfully reside in the beautiful Los Angeles area. I live to create art. Modeling is a strong passion of mine & I stand strong. I have been dancing for 17 years. I am a semi professional ballerina. I am now teaching dance, pilates and poledancing. I am very outgoing & it is rare to catch me without a smile on my face! I have been blessed to been trained by some of the most talented people in the industry. I am always looking to meet new people. So dont be shy! please message me!



For more detailed background info on Tess and her real parents CLICK HERE!

CLICK HERE to read about Tess Taylor’s sister Alexis Neiers’ association with the Hollywood Burglary Ring

Why does Andrea Arlington give her children daily Adderall?


  • Jamie

    The lady in the Pole Dance youtubes is actually a professional performer and instructor from the UK, called Tess Taylor. The playboy girl has been ripping off these videos for almost a year now. Lets see the playboy model ACTUALLY pole dance can we? That should prove it.
    If anyone needs more proof, check the tattoos a lil` closer.

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  • Jamie

    Hey Amazing 🙂
    Thanks for apologising for the mix up, we wish other writers, and the american Tess would do the same thing and stop using UK Tess` videos.
    Why dont you send Polelushes (the real UK Tess) a message on youtube, Im sure she would love to hear from you.
    I have sent her all this in email and she is overjoyed that finally someone has recognised the difference.
    She also had a facebook if you wanna see the tattoo for real.


  • brittney

    I think you are really pretty and a great dancer. I look forward to watchin you and your sisters new show pretty girls. I watched last night and I liked it!
    Keep up the great job and I saw you in Playboy and you looked beautiful!

  • I just think this show is so S”’ity..they don’t have nothing good to show and has to give this retard show where 3 sisters a not even that famous.. such waste of time watching these girls. It is just an extra show where the media push the society to look just like them. I hate this show pretty wild, her mother doesn’t even have consideration on them for taking playboy photos, really ?

  • melisa

    i think that both girls are great and i hope alexis keeps her head up. They have fun are very pretty and i would love to party with them lol

  • amanda

    heyyy i was just wondering how many tatoos do you have and could you post picture of them all

  • roondog

    alexis is only known to of went to orlando blooms front yard…does not implicate her in the other burglaries.

  • Andrea

    Tess from USA, has a gorgeous dance video on Playboys website, (no, not nude and not topless either )and it combines, Pole, hula hoop, ballet and hip-hop. It is outstanding and it won her Cyber girls of the year against other girls who competed nude. She has been in ballet since she was 3 and she studied with the New York City Ballet. Ashe is and amazing point Ballerina in addition to being very talented in Hip- Hop, Jazz, Pole …..

  • Heather

    Yea, There faces are forgettable. They lack the personality of the Kardasians. There mother is an idiot – if it was anyone else in America allowing there children to do these things – they would be locked up and she should be. I will not watch this show. These types of shows are becoming dull and boring. So the girl was in Playboy – You want me to throw you a party- whoo hoo – big whoop there are plenty o’ ooogly chicks in playboy – At least Kim was and is pretty.Hope the show goes off quick as it comes on.

  • nicolekristin

    I think tess and alexis and gabby are f**king amazing. I love the tattoos, their freee spirits, and their kicka$$. I’m 17 and I’d love to be friends with them if they ever come to miami or if I go to la I know I will look to findd them and partyyyy

  • Leann

    i adore you & your beautiful sisters <3

    when i move too cali next year, we must HANG oout! (:


  • shoshanna

    these girls are whiny and take their sad little lives way way way too seriously. BUT…at least tess’s b00bies are pretty and real.

  • shoshanna

    oh yeah, I forgot to mention…there is no way tess weighs 110. I am the same height as her and I weigh 115. I am flat chested and have a smaller frame than her. her boobs alone should make her weigh a good 5 pounds more than me. not that it matters, she has a gorgeous body, but just something i noticed.

  • danie

    I would love to patie with
    you girls you guys look like your outlook on life its pretty great I love your show you girls are interesting to watch and I might be lame for that but I dont give a shi* and altho givin the little I know about you guys what exctly are you famous for?

  • Jen

    I think Tess is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen!! I’m a huge fan of the show!! xoxoxox♥

  • mia rodriguez

    tess ; i adore you and think you are beyond gorgeous . i dream of becoming a model soon , and have been working towards it every day . you inspire me to do well and you are deff my movitation . your drive and look on life is what keeps me going . im deff your biggest fan and hope to one day have the blessing of meeting you .

  • mia

    her b00bs are way saggy for her age

  • my name is mia, too haha

    her boobs are not saggy. she has big b00bs, and they’re natural. you’re too used to those gravity-defying fake tits.

  • Taylor

    Tess and Alexis are gorgeous girls. they are no one near looking like trash. they both have a good head on their shoulder and both capablie of so many things. they are just as gorgeous on the inside as on the out. Tess’ b00bs are NOT saggy and their mama is an amazing women who raised up 3 beautiful daughters! this family inspires me everyday, they are great role models i love this family!

    • hopevsreality

      R U kidding me?!! Role models! OMG! Her mother is a nut case, her sister is guilty of robbing celebs houses, and for a girl in her late teens her b00bs are SAGGY!! Big and natural don’t sag like that at her age.
      It is no wonder Andrea raised 3 whinny, spoiled, self indulgent girls that think they are entitled….watching her interact with them (kiss thier butts) on the show made me want to smack them all! The whole family is a train wreck and it is disgusting that E! glorifies this trashy behavior.

  • BO


  • alinah

    today was my first time seeing the show and or hearing about these girls who are they and where r they from i don’t no i went to this site to see why she was going 2 jail .i think the so called mother is sick in the head for wanting to take nude pictures of a 19 year old that’s her so called daughter and saying how good she looks top less who does that with there kids the little girl is still a teenager why is she in play boy that’s just nasty who wants old nasty men groping there nude daughter in a mag not a respectful mother .i thought of the show being a cheep mild mini child p0rn show with little wild h0rny girls its just sick they are not women they r little girls trying to act and be older ,act ur age and go 2 collage ……….

    • ryan

      learn how to spell….cheep should be cheap. collage is college…maybe you should go back to grade SKOLL

      • Gwyn

        Don’t be so rude! a$$hole.

  • alinah

    her b00bs are saggy sorry its the truth

  • Yelixa

    Tess is hot!! If I had her money I’d get my b00bs lifted.There mom is a bit much for takin naked pics of her 19 yr old.thats crazy. There mom is not a mom!!! She needs to seek God and stop talking about God if your still gonna live your life in sin!!!!

  • yaya

    Hi. Well I think they are cute fun to watch. Who cares they make money so what if she wants to do playboy she’s not sleeping around she’s a cute lil model. The only thing is I don’t get why Alexis had to go robbing all these plp wth she shouldve known better they would get caught these plp have cameras all over the place. But good luck in jail hope they treat her good.

    • sweet pea

      lexi is a friend of mine and tho she had a ever so small part in the robberies she was not in any of the houses. lexi is a good girl and the only thing that would make her guilty is the fact thatshe knew about it and did nothing to stop it. i know this for a fact she is a friend of mine and she really didnt go in ne of those houses. she just was hanging out with a bad crowd for a little and she has completely learned her lesson. she will be fine in there. lexi is a strong girl and i know she will get through this and end of a better person because of it

  • jen

    I think the mom is crazy for taking naked pictures of Tess and telling her how great she looks!!! Its obvious that she’s not Tess’s real mom……don’t ruin your life at such a young age. As for Alexis she’s a dumb a$$ for what she did….Gab looks like a sweet innocent kid ….the dad needs to keep her away from the sl*tty/uncontrollable sisters who are very lazy and disrespectful (hopefully the mom doesn’t start taking naked pics of her)……I don’t understand what all the praying is about when u let your kids think its ok to be on playboy! Gab needs to be taken away from that house!!!!

  • nari

    are you guys for real?
    the only reason her b00bs are like that is bcoz they are huge!
    gravity is obviously gonna pull them down. trust me.
    stop being so jealous.

  • jess

    you lot need to get a life and stop talkin bout the chicks b00bs

  • Hahaha

    110 pounds my a**
    Hahah im the same height, 114 pounds, I have no chest whatsoever and a damn flat stomach. Im betting shes way heavier

  • hi gab, i love u nd ur sister so much nd am happy abt alexis goning to jail. i think u mum shuld do something abt dat ok. u girl r so sexy nd i love u all.

  • alexis i prayed to God to help u nt to go jail cos i love u nd i wil miss u if u go to jail. andrea pls do something abt alexis going to jail. one love ok.

  • love you girls you are such a doll tess..mwahh

  • adie

    they all beautiful and i love her boobs lol wish i had a pair of those mwahs

  • Queen Cannabis

    hahah I Thinkk Theey Shuudee haav uh 2ndd Season!

  • Blaise

    Tess is so beautiful, she smiles all the time and she is so well built. I wouldn’t mind meeting her in the future.

  • pati

    Well my opinion if she’s making money an she’s happy that’s good not everyone has to go to college an get a job .. Some girls are just lucky they can show off there bodies an be paid just as well ! Sometimes even better but sh!t that’s her life. I think tess tho is gorgeous! The other girls are still pretty but she beats all of them!

  • sorry but both are much better than that, these are pretty smart parent not need that kind of thing, all talk and talk bad but look back with class and recognize their mistake ends up being the hardest, but they could do that show Why are strong! I love you guys

  • Mega

    i think she’s cool and sweet .. people just mis understood her gestures 🙂

  • she said she has been dancing for 17 years and she just turned 19 lol and im sure she has danced constantly for 17 years just because u dance every now and then doesnt mean u have 17 years of dancinfg experience if the truth is known she would be lucky to have a 100 days.

  • Joshua

    I never understood these girls and the story behind them when Pretty Wild first started. I got a feed on twitter that they will be featured tonight on American Greed on CNBC for the Bling Ring. . want to watch just to figure them out!

  • malorie

    Tess<3 your my idol. You are super beautifull! As well as the rest of your family. You keep doing what your doing cause I know I'm not the only one that looks up to you doll
    lots of love!

  • mario

    tess yo se q no soy al unico q le pareses bonita pero yo creo q no eres bonita … sino creeo q eres hermosisima ,bellisima y sabes no te conosco pero me e enamorado de ti porq eres la primera merabilla del mundo