90 DAY FIANCE Aleksandra responds to claims that daughter Kaya is biracial and not Josh’s

90 Day Fiance Aleksandra and Josh Strobel's daughter Kaya biracial controversy

The controversy surrounding 90 Day Fiance couple Aleksandra and Josh Strobel’s daughter Kaya is a hot topic once again after TLC posted an update on the couple as part of their 90 Day Fiance: What Now? digital series. In case you missed it, the controversy stems from photos of Kaya that have been posted online in which it appears as though she has the facial features and hair of a child that is biracial. Aleksandra got so fed up with the questions about Kaya’s paternity that she announced she was stepping away from Instagram back in June.

While Aleksandra’s Instagram account has remained dormant, the same cannot be said for her Facebook account. Last week, Aleksandra shared a post commemorating three years of friendship with her dance instructor Hernury, who happens to be black. As you might imagine, especially given the renewed interest after the What Now? episode, the post generated numerous comments speculating whether or not Hernury might be the father. Surprisingly, Aleksandra decided to respond to a number of the comments and accusations.

In her responses, Aleksandra continually laughs off the suggestion that Josh isn’t the father, but she never really tries to explain why Kaya has features so distinctively different from his. I begrudgingly have to agree with some of the points made by one of the commenters who explained why people don’t seem willing to let the issue go:

People have been watching your story with Josh. We watched you get married on TV. You and Josh announce your pregnancy on the reunion show. Now you guys show up with a black or biracial baby and hide the child’s face. So you expect everyone to sit back and not have any questions? Maybe you and Josh planned things this way and if so that’s fine. But as you two are telling your love story on national television and suddenly you have a baby that obviously isn’t Josh’s… it sort of looks like you had an affair. Or maybe you guys chose to adopt after a failed pregnancy, or you two chose to use a sperm donor… If the truth is too private then it’s time to turn off the cameras. Otherwise you are naturally going to have thousands of people scratching their heads wondering how you ended up with a biracial baby (who is beautiful btw). If you or others here don’t get that.. Sorry! We can’t just tune in each week and pretend not to notice. And I think everyone here, including you, gets that. That’s the only reason why any of us are here reading these threads on your Facebook page.

Aleksandra had previously stated that her father is from Cuba and that Kaya got a lot of her features from him. The claim confused many fans because we met Aleksandra’s father Vlad on the show, and he is anything but dark skinned:

90 Day Fiance Aleksandra's parents mom Svetlana and dad Vlad

As it turns out, Vlad (Vladimir) is actually Aleksandra’s stepfather, and her biological father is a man named Rodriguez. Aleksandra has shared several photos with Rodriguez on Facebook and Instagram and often calls him dad or papa. Here are two photos of dad and daughter together:

90 Day Fiance Aleksandra's Cuban dad Rodriguez

Clearly, if that is Aleksandra’s father, then Kaya’s features seem a lot more possible with Josh as her dad. But, like the commenter stated above, Aleksandra doesn’t seem to want to put the rumors to rest by offering this up as an explanation. In her defense, I did some looking back, and she has talked about the confusion over her father in the comments on previous posts. I can understand why she wouldn’t want to keep explaining the same thing over and over again, but it sure seems like that would be a better option than being dismissive and vague. Annnnnywaaays….

I will step aside now and let Aleksandra speak for herself. Here are most of the interactions she had with commenters on Facebook about the question of her daughter Kaya’s paternity. I will remind you that they are in response to a photo of her and her dance coach Hernury, who is a black male.

COMMENTER: lol, we found the father of the baby.

COMMENTER: That’s hilarious I thought the same thing. Those Mormons sure can put up with a lot saying a mixed baby is not half black and all white is a pretty hard pill to swallow but I geuse if you can be Mormon you can believe anything

COMMENTER: Right on, man! if you can’t tell that your kid isn’t half black then you got a problem.

ALEKSANDRA: I feel bad for your spouses guys. If you cheated on them, it doesn’t mean others do

COMMENTER: Aleksandra Iarovikova I’m confused. so are you saying that Hernury is the father??? It’s perfectly fine with us that Josh isn’t the father. Just embrace and accept it. No one’s here to judge.

ALEKSANDRA: Are you kidding or are you serious? Man he was one of my dance teachers πŸ˜€ what the heck

COMMENTER: I just don’t get the reason for the lie. Nobody in america cares one way or the other and screw Russia if they can’t see past it. But the lie is what matters here not really anything but the lie.

COMMENTER: Maybe, but it’s on how you imply it? We don’t care. I would rather tell the truth than live a lie. No pun intended on you.

ALEKSANDRA: It’s your right to not believe

COMMENTER: It’s going to be so hard for your daughter growing up. But someday when she is older our if this is just a lie only to the public she will figure it out. Heck she will figure it out by the 2 day of school when some kid starts teasing her as kids always do

ALEKSANDRA: I’d think about it if I had a kid from someone else )

COMMENTER: Aleksandra Iarovikova I agree, but don’t get caught into this reality tv crap like Maury etc… and with DNA tests.

COMMENTER: O well just another broken child in this world from day one because of bad parenting.

COMMENTER: Maybe Mohamed Jbali could give some insight on this too.

ALEKSANDRA: Who is Maury and Mohamed Jbali?

ALEKSANDRA: So you call me a bad parent?

COMMENTER: No, I didn’t say that at all or imply it . To answer your question on Maury : http://www.mauryshow.com and Mohamed was on 90 day fiancΓ© too.

ALEKSANDRA: let me take a look…Okay, what’s the connection between me, Maury, and Mohamed? πŸ˜€

COMMENTER: Aleksandra Iarovikova not really a connection between you guys what so ever there. I’m just saying don’t get drawn into reality shows like Maury per say and Im just implying what Mohamed thought of the situation that’s all. Since he’s a so called expert in relationships. Lol

ALEKSANDRA: ha, sorry, I have no idea what are these people doing. But be sure, I’m not into all of these things. And I hope you don’t believe to everything you see on TV πŸ˜‚

COMMENTER: I don’t know who you are, but I know you are unhappy in USA. I also left my country five years ago and I want to go back. The only thing I want to said is don’t let this stupid people get in your nerves. And just embrace and Iove your daughter ,but don’t ever lie to her because she’ll hate you in the future.

ALEKSANDRA: since when you decided I’m not Happy?

COMMENTER: Beautiful daughter and beautiful parents. Aleksandra, you and Josh are great parents. Don’t even respond to these people that are miserable in life.

ALEKSANDRA: I know right? That’s why they are here, pouring out their poison

COMMENTER: Josh is straight??

ALEKSANDRA: more than

COMMENTER: Biracial children are beautiful! Embrace it! Be honest! Maybe you and Josh weren’t together when she was concieved? The truth shall set you free! Admit the baby isn’t Josh’s and show her beautiful face on TV I can tell by her hair and skin tone that you are in denial πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

ALEKSANDRA: I bet they are. Don’t you understand that because of people like you I don’t want to share our girl. I wanted at the beginning, but right after the moment when I had to go to ER, everyone started pushing me. So, here you go, don’t like saying that, but it’s your people fault

COMMENTER: I just feel bad for you having to live a lie πŸ˜₯

ALEKSANDRA: Wow so confident. I’ll let you entertain yourself with your imagination 😊

COMMENTER: I am a huge fan of the show and you guys are one of my favorite couples…no one is trying to degrade you…it is just obvious πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ prayers for you that one day you will be able to come clean

ALEKSANDRA: I’m glad you like it, but follow your advice :)

COMMENTER: It’s called u be honest with yourself .. cause the world knows he is not the father . I have biracial kids and they are the most beautiful babies.. clearly u and Josh are white that princess u have ain’t white at all. U just need to admit it and so be it josh is not the father pretty sure deep down he knows he ain’t.

ALEKSANDRA: Emmm you repeat yourself

COMMENTER: Maybe it’s hard for you since in Russia white women don’t have sex with black men and it is looked down upon. In america we know what biracial children look like and honestly it’s not that big of a deal what is a big deal is trying to tell people what they know is a lie. Not sure if it’s over money from the show or lie to your family or a lie to the church but that little girl is biracial and or maybe you are just lying to yourself and your husband is gay so it works for him also but we here in American have seen tons of biracial kids and lady you have one.

ALEKSANDRA: Haha in my hometown there are thousands of Africans. And the rest of your comment, find something new man

90 Day Fiance Aleksandra's daughter

COMMENTER: Omg y can’t u people leave Aleksandra and Josh alone? It’s not the world’s business about the DNA of their baby it’s their business and regardless what any of u think Josh is that baby girls Father. A father takes care of u, feeds and clothes u, loves u and protects u from idiotic comments that are all over Aleksandra fb. I pray that people can put as much effort into their own lives as they do meddling into someone else’s. Aleksandra u and Josh R great parents keep doing what ur doing

ALEKSANDRA: Thanks Angela! Your comment made me think, what if we were not able to have kids or we adopted a baby, or I was raped…what I would do if I read all these comments in this kind of situation? I’d probably be dead by now. I’m happy God sees everything

COMMENTER: You really don’t think this lie won’t follow this man in his professional life. Doctors are seen as people of truth who are to be trusted and this kills that trust

COMMENTER: and why is any of this it business? They don’t know u they have no reason to confide in u or ne one else

COMMENTER: Their family life has nothing to do with him being a good doctor. I’m sure Josh will be an v awesome physician

COMMENTER: When they go on national television and say it’s their biological child and clearly it’s not. That means he is a idiot or she is a liar and both scenarios end up with the same conclusion if he is not bright enough to see who would ever trust the man enough to provide them heath care what if he couldn’t see the symptoms of cancer. Again things like this can follow people in very odd ways.

COMMENTER: I can almost predict the future here until this is dealt with it will be a albatross around the man’s neck that he will face over and over in his life and his professional career until it is faced.wrong or right it is what it is the public doesn’t like to be lied to as simple as that.and that is why this day like many others to.come this will happen over and over

90 Day Fiance Aleksandra addresses biracial baby controversy

ALEKSANDRA: The thing is, it’s really not of your business man. I waste so much time on people like you saying the same thing over and over again. Lying is what you are doing to yourself considering that you are right. But man that will not help you in your life. If you don’t care about mine, then why are you still here arguing with me? No matter what I’ll do you will hate me and think that you are right. Which is obviously not true. We did this show to show our religion. Lying is against our religion. And I’m not even talking about adultery. What in the world are you talking about? My dream was to build a happy family. Ruin your happiness, not mine. You can say anything you want, but it will not make you right. As I said before, you have a right to not believe, but you will not change anything. What else are you trying to prove here??

COMMENTER: Angela, Since you like telling everyone to mind their business, why don’t you mind yours and quit inserting yourself in the conversation?

ALEKSANDRA: emmm maybe because it’s my page? You are (And other people) the one who is trying to prove here something. I don’t go to your page and don’t say that you are lying, or your husband is blind, or whatever. Inserting? Didn’t even try

COMMENTER: I was not talking to you. I was talking to Angela

ALEKSANDRA: still. Good advice for you

COMMENTER: I’ll remember that if I ever think good advice could possibly come from you.

ALEKSANDRA: I certainly do

COMMENTER: your baby has a better chance of having a white daddy than you have a chance of giving good advice.

ALEKSANDRA: oh believe me, my advice is better than you accepting the reality

COMMENTER: You lost me at “believe me”

ALEKSANDRA: too bad for you that you can’t stay focused

COMMENTER: …Or that it’s difficult to believe liars. Whichever makes more sense to you.

ALEKSANDRA: great, then don’t believe yourself ☺

COMMENTER: I honestly can’t take you seriously. I almost wonder if you are playing into this for ratings. People have been watching your story with Josh. We watched you get married on TV. You and Josh announce your pregnancy on the reunion show. Now you guys show up with a black or biracial baby and hide the child’s face. So you expect everyone to sit back and not have any questions? Maybe you and Josh planned things this way and if so that’s fine. But as you two are telling your love story on national television and suddenly you have a baby that obviously isn’t Josh’s… it sort of looks like you had an affair. Or maybe you guys chose to adopt after a failed pregnancy, or you two chose to use a sperm donor… If the truth is too private then it’s time to turn off the cameras. Otherwise you are naturally going to have thousands of poeple scratching their heads wondering how you ended up with a biracial baby (who is beautiful btw). If you or others here don’t get that.. Sorry! We can’t just tune in each week and pretend not to notice. And I think everyone here, including you, gets that. That’s the only reason why any of us are here reading these threads on your Facebook page.

COMMENTER: They are documenting their lives on TV and the world couldn’t help but notice the baby is obviously biracial. Hope that helps you understand why folks are curious.

ALEKSANDRA: First of all reality TV, which is less than half true. Second, your comment is not new, read them…few times

COMMENTER: Reality tv may be only half true, but they certainly can’t edit it to make the child of two white parents look subsaharan African.

COMMENTER: I would have to figure out how to have an Asian baby with a white man to top what you did…. you win.

ALEKSANDRA: you sound so ethnocentric, shame.

Josh and Aleksandra 90 Day Fiance daughter paternity

(* Aleksandra didn’t delete the photo of her daughter Kaya above, so I left it unpixelated.)

For those curious, you can watch Josh and Aleksandra’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: What Now? by heading on over to TLC.

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  • Ayayayyy

    B!tch please! If I was white and had a white husband and had a baby looking like that I would have a lot of explaining to do! She’s a cutie, no denying that, just the dad.

    • janon

      There are documented cases of black couples having a baby that very much looked white. Not albino. White. So what is your answer to that? The wife was sleeping with a white man? Maybe stop posting and learn how dormant DNA works before forming exteme opinions. Every time there is a case like this nasty Fs come out of the woodwork to make the parents feel horrible.

      • Soso

        This kind of thing is very rare and the odds are so small that it’s far fetched to assume it’s that instead of cheating. That child is clearly biracial and looks exactly like the dance instructor lol. At the end of the day it’s their business, and if he decided to stay good for him, but we are not gonna start calling apple oranges for the sake of not hurting poor Aleksandra’s feeling. However I agree people should leave them alone, since they seem to want to deal with this privately

        • Bruja

          I agree, though if they really wanna be “private” (which I don’t think they really want, at least, not Aleksandra) they wouldn’t post publicly anymore. They’d go private or go offline, for more than just 3 months.

  • DeeDeDee

    I watched this after the 90 days show, and this girl looks straight trapped. Everything about the way she is with her husband, and the way he is with her, she seems like a beard for him.

    • pmo

      she’s a beard, he’s gay and the baby is black. next. nice to see her father in law the dentist finally hooked her up wsome braces, she had some f ed up teeth.

  • sw10397

    Just put the rumors to rest and do a dna test and show us all that we are all wrong in assuming you had another man’s kid.

  • Bebe

    It’s ridiculous and to even put on this act like there’s nothing off here is insulting to people. If there was nothing to it- no cheating scandal or anything “shameful” that went down while she was married (or shortly before), they wouldn’t go to such lengths to hide that gorgeous baby.

  • Bruja

    I think passing off kids that don’t belong to their husbands might be an inherited trait, passed down from Svetlana to Aleksandra if Aleksandra is trying to state that the black man in the photos with her (Rodriguez) is her biological father.

    The creek overfloweth with shit and your paddles are long gone, Aleksandra.


  • Alisson Leech

    The child is probably adopted.

  • FrontDoorMom

    Ok so the real question is who is aleksandras daddy? Cause home girl is not black.

  • janon

    As always people are long on opinion and woefully short on scientific knowledge. It’s understandable though. DNA is complex and most people just barely manage to spell it.

    It is absolutely possible for that to be her biological father and for her baby to be carrying his features. There are cases like this that have been made public.

    But of course in race and scandal obsessed America, it makes more sense to berate a woman, find any photo of her with a black male friend, and insist their relationship had to be sexual. And of course cap it off with insisting the husband is gay for that extra dose of homophobia.

    The commenters are subhuman racist trolls. That they pretend to actually be happy for her and are just “seeking truth”, you know, “for the child” is vile and despicable. A special place indeed. As soon as you see dog whistles like “sub-saharan” you know you’re dealing with insecure white male racists. No one outside of alt right trolls uses “sub Saharan African” in casual conversation ffs.

    • MrBeano

      What’s the PC way of referring to sub-Saharan Africans?

  • Nic Nice

    That man is not her Alexanders father. She doesn’t have a trace of color in her that man is to dark for her to come out lily whit with straight hair.

    • TheHotness

      Troian Bellisaro and Pete wentz are both biracial but look 100% white, but a pic of them side by side with their black parent, you can see similarities in their features (same eyes,
      same mouth etc) but nothing from Aleksandra resembles Rodriguez and he looks like he has pretty strong genes ( we would need to see other kids if he has them) Im just here trying to figure out how her cuban father ended up in russia or wherever.

      • sennaxor

        Pete Wentz is not biracial, he is only 1/4 black.

  • Linda Chambers

    Wondering if Alexsandra is not as 100% white as she appears. Possibly prior blackness is showing up. Or maybe its Josh with prior blackness. This is a stretch I know. The child does have a striking resemblance to the dance instructor. If I were Josh I would seek DNA testing.

  • Suzanne Parvin

    Her daughter. Her business. To discuss this child like this?? Heartless and awful.
    I’m sure they blurred the child’s face for JUST this reason.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    I don’t know. If grandpa is black the baby could’ve inherited his color.

  • http://www.iam lucky love

    Never mind, Never cared.

  • Vilma Lilley

    She and her friend and father of the baby wants to relocate to the USA. So she scams poor Josh into marring her and getting a green card. After that, plus the fact that she now has a child born in the USA , as soon as the green card is final, she will divorce Josh and marry her lover, who automatically will get permanent residence. This has been done before and it is popular with Russians mail brides.

  • oldfatmotherfucker

    If her dad is really black, then it is possible for her to have a baby that looks like that. I just have a hard time believing that the Cuban guy is really her dad. It’s not impossible, but I find it to be unlikely.

    I know it’s very possible (but rare) for 2 white looking people to have a darker baby if they have those genetics somewhere down the line. This whole situation just sounds far-fetched to me.

  • moms2cool

    What upsets me the most is which of you are a geneticist? Who has seen DNA testing saying that he is not the father? When I was working in a large hospital in Chicago in the 80’s where a child had 2 white parents, and when she delivered her baby was black.The husband immediately accused his wife of being unfaithful, she said she wasn’t and would prove it with a DNA test. Well guess what folks? The baby was the child of the man she was married to. He was the biological father. When this happened an old family secret came out that one of their ancestors was black, and somehow that was the genetic combination that came up. If Aleksandra’s biological father is a black man like she says he is, that would explain the look of her daughter Aleksandra just looks like her mother. Or there could be some great great grandparent that was black. Because of some blacks “passing” for white, it sometimes was not known to the younger generations that this had even occurred, until their baby was born with black features. So genetics are not as cut and dry as you all make them.

    • Bruja

      That’s all well and good, however, just putting the picture of the baby and the “bestie” next to eachother you can see a very striking resemblance.

      Ancient family secrets aside, which is rare in issues like this, my bet is Josh won’t face numerous truths about his wife, one of which includes he is not that child’s father.

      I’m bi-racial. My kids don’t have my coloring because they are only 1/4 black, but you can very clearly see the resemblances between us in facial features, height, mannerisms, etc.

      Both Svetlana and Aleksandra aren’t foolin’ folks with these bullshit stories. Rodriguez is not Aleksandra’s father any more than Josh is the father of Kayla.