PHOTOS Farrah Abraham and Sophia at the VMAs

Farrah Abraham Sophia VMAs 2017

Farrah Abraham has been teasing all week that she was bringing a mystery date to the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards — and it turns out the mystery date was her eight-year-old daughter Sophia!

Mother and daughter rocked the red carpet in matching futuristic looks — Farrah looking as though she was channeling Leela from Futurama (and not for the first time), while Sophia was wearing an adorable outfit that could have been straight from The Jetsons. Sophia’s look was rounded out by a pair of black high top sneakers with pink laces.

Sophia_Farrah Abraham Video Music Awards 2017 Farrah Abraham Video Music Awards 2017

Farrah is still rocking her new red hair, which she debuted in Las Vegas earlier this month, and had it up in a towering Leelariffic ponytail. The reality star and entrepreneur packed her recently toned backside into a pair of skin-tight white pants, and then poured all of that into a pair of thigh-high metallic gold high-heel boots. And of course Farrah was kind enough to give the photographers a look from all angles:

Farrah Abraham 2017 VMAs booty

And let’s see if we can’t zoom in on Farrah and Sophia’s creative and colorful makeup:

Sophia Abraham 2017 VMAs red carpet Farrah Abraham Sophia makeup VMAs

So what do you guys think of Farrah and Sophia’s futuristic red carpet looks?

UPDATE – Here are Farrah and Sophia posing with the similarly dressed MTV Moon Man:

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  • Bruja

    Riddle me this. Farrah can’t be bothered to brush Sophia’s hair a lot of the time, opting for the tousled look, but she does her damned eyebrows?

    What 8 year old needs their eyebrows done, ever?

    • NJJuls

      I should have read the comments before I replied to the story. LOL! I just said the same thing about Sophia’s eyebrows. I have 2 daughters neither of them EVER had eyebrows that perfect at 8, never!

      • Bruja

        hehe! Most adults don;t have eyebrows that perfect, lol!

        • Lena C. Smith

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  • gshhsghsj

    Why do people push their kids hairline down instead of pushing it up?

  • Jessica

    I haven’t really watched any of the VMAs before… but I am thinking its not really an appropriate thing to bring a young child to… Farrah, you are stupid. Bring her to the Kids Choice instead you ding bat.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      I’m not sure farrah is welcome there lol

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    So much is wrong with these two..mainly the “mother”

  • twelfthnight

    Everyone (even DuhNelle) looked good compared to Ferret. I can’t wait to see what she looks like in 10 years. She’ll probably look like Amanda Lepore with all the filling and plumping she’s doing to her mug.

    EDIT: I take back the ‘everyone’ comment. I just saw Caitlynn and Amber. Awful, but clothes are on for a day. A plastic surgery hackjob is for life.

    • DeeDeDee

      I thought the shape of Amber’s dress look good on her. Unfortunately the pattern looked like a curtain. :/ Her hair and make up looked great though! I haven’t seen Caitlynn yet… this has me curious. lol.

  • Liz


  • Mandy

    What world is this that Farrah actually looks normal? I totally thought Sophia was buck toothed in all her pics….but it was just the super shiny lipgloss

    • Shanaynay

      Thats normal??

      • Mandy

        Compared to what Amber and cate wore…. yes

  • Aussie cathie

    Oh look it’s street busker and its pet monkey…. Sorry but no?

    • Shanaynay


    • Shanaynay

      Is Farret the busker & Sofia the monkey? Lol. Or Kesha? Either way, spot on!

      • Aussie cathie

        Farret and that poor unfortunate child

  • theStevieJBus

    Did she have more work done on her face?

  • NJJuls

    Well at least Farrah dresses like the porn pig she is. It also looks like she told Sophia not to smile & show her teeth. And WTH did that freak do to Sophia’s eyebrows? No 8 year old’s eyebrows are shaped perfect like that!

  • DeeDeDee

    Farrah has the face of somebody who kills people to make a skin coat out of them…