Farrah Abraham’s movie Axeman 2 FINALLY gets a release date, premiere screening

Farrah Abraham Axeman II movie

Wherever Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham goes, drama is sure to follow — and that was certainly the case with her first motion picture! Over three years ago it was first announced that Farrah would be making her big screen debut in the slasher sequel Axeman 2: Overkill, but since that time a series of issues (including a legal dispute over possession of the only know copy of the film) have prevented the film’s release. Until now!

Axeman 2: Overkill is unrated and releases on VOD and DVD/Blu-ray October 17th worldwide,” reads the new press release from production company #SinningWorks. In addition to the on demand and DVD/Blu-ray release, there will also be a screening of the film in Santa Monica, California on August 20. (I’m unsure of the details on the screening, including whether or not tickets will be available to the public.)

The release was made possible thanks to the hard drive containing the only copy of the film being returned to write/director Joston El Rey after he filed a lawsuit earlier this year. The movie’s Twitter account shared a photo of the hard drive upon its safe return:

Here’s the preview trailer from more than a year ago:

The press release was accompanied by a brand new poster for the film, which is rather vulgar to say the least. But hey, what’s not vulgar about a maniac chopping people up, amirite?

Axeman 2 Overkill movie poster new starring Farrah Abraham

From The Press Release:

Today filmmaker Joston “El Rey” Theney and his production / distribution company #SinningWorks unveiled new, disturbing key art for the highly anticipated second installment of their 80’s throwback slasher series titled Axeman 2: Overkill. This installment’s notable cast include Farrah Abraham (MTV’s Teen Mom OG), Rachel Reilly (CBS’ Big Brother), Angelica Bridges (Baywatch, The Bold and The Beautiful) and Bryan Clark (WWE’s Adam Bomb, WCW’s Wrath). Along with the gory new poster, Theney revealed a home video release date for the unrated sequel as Tuesday, October 17th – just in time for every horror fan’s favorite holiday!

“I think this poster more accurately conveys the tone of the film,” El Rey responded when asked why it changed so drastically. “While the previous artwork was cool, it felt a little wooden and dry. This film is dark and sick. It’s crude and vulgar, it’s over the top and bloody. And I feel this new poster does a better job of setting up what the audience is in for.”

This upcoming film marks the return of the Axeman at Cutter’s Creek since the 2014 release of the original. When asked what’s different about this installment, the filmmaker laughed, “it lives up to its name. Overkill has two different definitions – one means too much of something, the other means ‘the amount by which destruction or the capacity for destruction exceeds what is necessary.’ We are definitely the second one!”

I’m a little worried that the late release date of October 17 will eliminate Farrah from 2017 Oscar contention for her portrayal of Bible-thumping, gun-toting Fannie Rae Baker, but I guess if that’s the case then she could still bring home the gold in 2018.

I’m just holding out for a screening here in Farrah’s (former?) hometown of Austin, Texas! Surely Alama Drafthouse would be up for that, right?

Oh, and in case you missed it, Farrah also starred in another Joston El Rey movie titled Adam K. You can click here to see the dramatic preview trailer for that film, which includes this classic Farrah moment:

Farrah Abraham movie Adam K

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  • SammyG

    I’m confused by the movie poster… is the hand with 2 fingers spread around the guys tounge supposed to be his own? If it is supposed be his hand, hard to do that gesture with your palm facing outward.

    • Trash TV

      I can put both fingers (index plus middle) in my mouth bend backwards palm facing outward. That was my relax mode as a child. I’m very bendy but many people are bendy. I don’t think this is very bendy tough, have you tried?

      • SammyG

        Well that sounds like a very interesting party trick. Of course I tried it because the pic I’m commenting on looked unnatural [to me] so I tried it and compared to just having my palm facing inward it was unnatural [to me… just me.. not judging anyone else].

    • hhggfs

      you must be the most inflexible person on earth

      • SammyG

        Are you attemping to insult me? That’s very weird, I can’t possibly see how my question would prompt such reply.
        I was actually just making an observation of a movie poster. NBD

        • Stefani

          Lol, they were probably just surprised that you can’t do that as I (and that person) and probably most people easily can. I don’t think they meant it as in insult. Why does everyone take every dang response as an insult these days? SMH.

          • SammyG

            Probably… and well on this site alot of people tend to be snarky for no reason so i guess that’s why i took it that way. Also the way it was written was like they were trying to insult me. But is just how some folks acts on comment boards these days. Oh well!

        • Regina

          Sitting reading this alone and trying for 5 minutes to make my arm bend that way… it definitely won’t! I’m with you!

          • SammyG

            Okay! So it’s not just me… some people are more or less bendy than others lol 👏👏👏

    • FR

      It’s probably not supposed to be his own hand. Perhaps it is supposed to be a corpse. Palm out isn’t too awkward for me but pinkie/ middle fingers down with palm out and ring/ index fingers and thumb up is a challenge

      Also the middle finger appears to be bent severely under the chin. Otherwise it would be where? This is not an easy hand position

      • SammyG

        Good points!

  • Lola

    The last photo expresses my feelings perfectly.

  • Rice

    What jr. High school produced this “movie”?👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻