JERSEY SHORE Sammi Giancola bikini selfie with new boyfriend Christian Biscardi is ???

Sammi Sweetheart Giancola bikini photo with boyfriend Christian Biscardi

As Jersey Shore bros Pauly D and Ronnie Magro are both hoping reality TV will find them love on Famously Single, their co-star (and Ronnie’s famous ex) Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola is doing it the old fashioned way: without the cameras — well, at least not the TV cameras.

Cell phone cameras are another matter, as evidenced by the smokin’ hawt selfie above featuring Sammi and her chiseled beau Christian Biscardi. “In love with this man,” Sammi captioned the photo, adding the ??? emoji and #CARL.

Sammi and Christian (I’m thinking their last names of Giancola and Biscardi work better to make the celbricouple name: Giancardi) first outed themselves as being in a relationship back in April with a rather sultry Instagram snap that looks as though it may have been taken in the smush room, if you know what I mean:

Sammi Sweetheart boyfriend Christian Biscardi

The following month, Sammi shared a similar photo, this time adding a matching smushy caption:

#SmilesAllDayEveryday ??

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I’m not sure about the “Laundry” part, but Christian certainly has the “GYM, TAN” portion of GTL down pat! As eveidence of just how serious he is about working out, check out these photos of Christian competing in an NPC body building event in 2012.

To be honest, we don’t know a lot about Christian, other than the fact that he is from New Jersey, and, according to his Facebook profile, he works as a “Solar Consultant at Code Green Solar.” (Solar Consultant? That sonds like a professional tanner to me!) 😉

And just in case you were wondering what Sammi has been up to — other than looking damn fine, dating juicy fellers, and sharing photos — she is currently the co-host of the podcast “Just Sayin'” with Clare Galterio. Here’s a description from the show’s Soundcloud page:

Hosted by the Jersey Shore‘s Sammi Sweetheart, and TV host Clare Galterio, Just Sayin’ features the type of honest and hilarious talk you’re only used to getting from your closest friends. Join the ladies every week as they dish over the latest developments in their own lives, as well as share their takes on the hottest celebrity gossip.

For those of you that have gone too long without a dose of Sammi superfineness, here are some bingeworthy snaps that should get you caught up for the last few years:


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When you're 29 but feel like you're 12 with this hairstyle

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! #TBT @swtheartstyles

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#sunkissed ??

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#vegas #encore #wet #? #?

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  • Guest

    Did she get a nose job? She looks so different.

  • pmo

    sure she has a type but dude is ronnie 2.0.

  • Kimmayyy

    She’s never been attractive to me and these reruns with her and Ronnie makes me sick! (They’re sooo stupid) That guy looks like the situation head on ronnie’s body!

  • Aussie cathie

    Slimy suckers

  • sysmjp

    Probably not the greatest conversation going on between them but they’ve got the bodies on point.

  • Alisson Leech

    Always wondered what happened to Sammi! She is beautiful.

  • Mandy Farruggia

    The dude looks like Rahn with his sunglasses on. But then he looks like Mike with them off

  • Eliteus999

    Another Joisee Shore meathead…she has a type, so obvious and predictable. yawn….Ronnie, Part 2.

  • midassmith

    She’s cute.