RETURN TO AMISH Carmela and Jeremiah Raber back together in Florida, but living separately

Return To Amish Jeremiah Raber and Carmela back together in Florida

Their relationship has been a virtual train wreck (and a literal car wreck) so far, but Return To Amish star Carmela Raber has moved back to Florida with plans to try to make her marriage to Jeremiah work despite his recent arrest for domestic violence.

In case you missed it, Carmela and Jeremiah were involved in a very serious automobile accident in Colorado last week, and, in a Periscope video documenting the damage done to her car, Carmela revealed that the two were headed to Florida together. She later took to Facebook to head off speculation and elaborate on exactly what the living situation would be between the two:

I just want to say before it gets twisted that yes im going to Florida… No Jeremiah will not be staying in the same household with me. We have 2 properties, his parents live a few miles away.

For the time being we will live separately to make sure we both get the help we need.

I love Jeremiah and I got married for the long haul and yes he has issues and I have issues as well it takes two people to either fight or get along.

We both made the decision to fight for our relationship.

No one deserves to get mistreated and Jeremiah has definitely admitted to needing the help and most importantly he is putting actions behind it.

I need help as well I’m not perfect either I have things I need to work on to help our relationship succeed.

As long as Jeremiah is putting the effort to better himself for our children and our family, I’m not giving up..

I’m not jumping back into the same house but the ultimate goal is to get back together and have the family we dreamed of..

I’m hoping that people will pray for us to succeed in our dream.. We don’t want attention.. Money.. We just want a family we never had and we want all of our kids to be proud of us.

As far as her children go, Carmela said in her Periscope video that they are in the state of Washington, where they are attending school.

As we’ve stated many times in the past, we wish Carmela the best. She’s had a tough hand dealt to her, having been raised in an end-times religious cult with a misogynist prophet. To take on the burden of being married to Jeremiah…that’s A LOT! (I assume at this point in his therapy that Jeremiah would be the first to agree.)

As of now, it’s unclear if there will be another season of Return To Amish, or even a Reunion show for the current season–so stay tuned to Starcasm for updates on how Jermela is doing.

Speaking of Return To Amish, be sure to watch the season finale this Sunday at 8/7c on TLC!

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  • SunnyShine

    Sadly, I truly believe once an abuser- always an abuser. Even though he may try- he will fail. And I notice she keeps stating she’s not perfect- so in some way she still feels like she deserved the abuse.

    • melinehclassy

      Sad cause she is the more articulate on ein the relationship and should have make better decisions. Sad.

    • Bill Phillips

      They have a name for that …it’s called being an enabler! This is a textbook case of an abuser & enabler! She seems like a sweet gal with a good heart. I feel sorry for her …that her up-bringing in a sick cult twisted & distorted her world view & that she thinks she doesn’t deserve anything better than a low-life a-hole like Jeremiah!

  • tina

    please she is as bad of scammer and parent as he is

    • Erica

      She always flares and displays her nasty side. Just as guilty of dysfunction as Jeremiah and the last thing they need to do is bring another baby into the world. Both have been poor at parenting with the ones they already have.

  • Alice

    I am done feeling sorry for her. They are two peas in a pod. How could a woman or man for that matter stay with someone who beats them on a daily. And to top it off get doused in hot coffee. No self-respect.

    • Cara_C

      You’re done feeling sorry for her because her self-respect was so diminished by her childhood in a soul-crushing cult that she has a hard time leaving an abusive husband?

      Even people raised in nurturing childhoods can get sucked into the cycle of abuse. It takes most abused spouses six or seven times of leaving and going back before they realize that the spouse they love will never change and that the facade he showed them at the outset of the relationship isn’t the “real him” they can get back to if they work out their problems, but it was a facade he used to lure them in. These people are emotionally trapped in a terrible situation – and sometimes trapped due to financial constraints and threats by their abuser – and deserve compassion and support.

      • Alice

        She knew he abused his first wife. She should think of her children before herself. If he feels compelled to abuse Carmela, I am sure abusing the children is not too far fetched a thought for him.

        • Cara_C

          She certainly didn’t exercise good judgment in marrying Jeremiah, and I agree she should put her children first. But growing up in a very abusive environment, as it sounds like she did in a cult where she was regularly demeaned, terrorized, and starved, often warps one’s judgment, leaving emotional scars that can’t just be healed by intellectually knowing better. I think people whose abusive childhoods left them with low self-esteem and those who find themselves feeling emotionally trapped in an abusive relationship need compassion and counseling to help them realize their worth and change their thinking, rather than contempt.

  • NakedTruthTN

    She is lucky though that she has, and gets to, spread her legs for him! I think he’s kinda hot and would love the chance to spread mine for him some time!

    • Cait Sith

      Please tell me that’s sarcasm, my fellow Tennesseean.

      • Renee L

        Ummm look at his avatar.

  • melinehclassy

    What happened to their 2 properties they bought??? In Lancaster?

    • Renee L

      They bought 2 in Florida. She’s in one, he in the other. He’s never lived in Lancaster. His Amish group came from Ohio.

      • melinehclassy

        Oh I see ! Thanks for clarifying :)

  • JeanneA

    So tired of Carmela saying ” I was in a cult”. Like Sabrina, she is also a big whiner. Poor me syndrome. Low class people, and she acts proud that her 17 yr. old son is a father. That’s nothing to be proud of. Ugh.

  • fessup

    oh yea..lets not forget to remind everyone for the thousand time the cult she was in…play that card all you want and use that excuse all you want but when all is said and done take responsibility for your actions..because that does’nt fly anymore…

  • Erica

    They are both so screwed up and immature. I realize the entire show is scripted and it gets more outlandish every season. Sabrina was recently arrested AGAIN and wonders why Pennsylvania took her children. Rebecca is a certifiable as a control freak who is so judgemental as though she has not made many serious mistakes. Abe is simply pathetic as he is so dominated by Rebecca. Mary gets more daring and defiant each season although she seems to have a good heart. Poor Chester is so tolerant. All in all the whole show is contrived. Why do I watch?—because it is simply TVentertainment , not true to life.

  • fessup

    She claims how she understands Jerimiah because he grew up Amish and she in a Cult…Wait a second..The Cult and Amish have nothing in Common..She mentions the Cult so much it almost makes it sound like she is proud ..and the stupid curse she claims to buy into..Lady if i was in a cult i would not want everyone to know let alone tell someone more than repeat it so much it sounds ridiculous