TEEN MOM Amber Portwood and Matt Baier put wedding on hold


Multiple outlets are reporting that Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have put the brakes on their plans for a fall wedding.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire and two sites that get it right a vast majority of the time are quoting sources close to the pair about the pause.

E! News:

“For the time being, Matt and Amber’s engagement is on hold. They are working on their relationship. A lot has come out through the course of filming and from various online stories. That has added extra pressure and made things difficult. They’ve both been open about their personal struggles, but it hasn’t been easy when their lives are under such heavy scrutiny. Despite their issues, they are still living together and are hopeful things can be fixed.”

The news comes right after an explosive teaser video was released from MTV (WATCH HERE) in which Matt was furious over Amber’s reluctance to wed on a prior occasion in Vegas. He said on camera that he would never marry Amber after the embarrassment he suffered on TV.

US Weekly:

“They are still together and living together but there have been a few bumps in the road. The fall wedding isn’t happening… Amber got cold feet after a series of red flags.”

Neither Amber or Matt have responded to today’s reports. When Amber was tagged on a tweet about that MTV clip she replied, “You guy’s quit. We’ve all said some horrible things when we’re pissed! Just remember me back in the day…just keep watching!”

US asked noted Amber and Matt enemy Farrah Abraham about the news and she said, “Not surprised.”


  • Chewy

    Hey Matt, you look like a “f*cking fa**ot.” Get lost you A.Hole.

  • DoogieHowser

    I’m Hoping this ends with Matt living in a completely different state from Leah and out of her life. She doesn’t deserve everything he brings to the table. I hope Amber can learn how to be mentally healthy and how to enjoy being single, independent and free and a healthier co parenting with Gary. I hope Gary doesn’t mess with Amber mentally, lays off, and is support in the way he should be after this blows over as I am hoping it does. I’m not holding my breath but we can all hope. There is a kid mixed up in all of this.

    • Courtney

      Yes! I’m hoping Leah gets to hang out with JUST Amber now when she has her. It always made me sad and mad that Amber never spent one on one time with Leah, like she’s asked for many times, and Amber always had Matt glued to her hip.

      • barbinop

        He might have missed a free MTV meal if he didn’t tag along! And how the heck did he buy her a Vet when he doesn’t even have a job?

  • sysmjp

    Stick a fork in it. It’s done. Matt was so two-faced going from “yea, I totally understand” to “f* that bi*h”. Amber should thank her lucky stars.

  • Bruja

    So.. maybe it’s just me, but this reeks of PR stunt or straight shit to cover their long crumbling “relationship” -aka Am[bien]’s behavior oddly reminiscent of drug addict dependency on Smegma Mouth Sr. I mean, like a flaming bag of dog shit reeks, or Matt’s mouth for that matter. Same thing.

    This Nevada thing (February 2017) happened 3 months ago, before they even announced a date for the wedding (which was done March 2017 http://http://www.eonline.com/news/836320/teen-mom-s-amber-portwood-on-her-fashion-business-and-wedding-plans ) but now that the episode aired it a problem? lol!

    Stinky, shady bullshit all to get folks to tune into their train-wreck relationship, with a little side of watching these 2 phucks treating that little girl like crap. Seriously Am[bien]? Crying over an ornament like a child who didn’t get picked to be on the good team for dodge-ball. Grow the phuck up you pathetic POS and start acting like a mother, not a weak, dependent insane bitch,

    • Chewy

      Hahaha!!!!! Smegma mouth senior. Youre probably right about this being a PR stunt.

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  • LoLo

    Please dump him. He’s the biggest loser, user, manipulator & creep.

  • barbinop

    If Matt ever had an ounce of love for Amber he would just ride off in to the sunset. He knows what she’s been through in her life and yet he still does this to her? Sorry…thats not love. Hello Amber wake up!!