Jenelle Evans’ ex-husband Courtland Rogers released from prison

Shawshank Redemption Courtland Rogers 2017

In Teen Mom 2 “Where are they now?” news, Jenelle Evans’ ex-husband Courtland Rogers is a free man once again after he was released from prison earlier today. Of course, one of the first things Courtland did when he got out was hop back on Twitter. “Been dreaming about this day for a longgggggg time now…” he tweeted along with a ❤️ emoji.

Courtland later posted a selfie and captioned it with “First picture of 2017 ?” Here’s that photo:

Courtland Rogers selfie 2017

In case you missed it, Courtland was arrested in November of 2015 and charged with heroin possession and being a habitual felon. The following month a judge sentenced him to 20-36 months in prison.

Prior to that arrest, things seemed to be looking up for Courtland as he was reportedly sober and doing well. In October of 2015 he was featured in a WECT documentary about the growing heroin epidemic in America titled “In Vein: Hooked On Heroin.” That same month it was revealed that he was going to be a dad again with his girlfriend Jess.

Meanwhile, on the same day that Courtland is released, rumors are swirling in Hatterville that Jenelle and fiance David Eason may be having issues after Jenelle swapped out the profile photos on her personal Facebook page, removing the presence of David. Also, David has deleted his Facebook page. Jenelle still lists her relationship status as “engaged” however. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And in other Jenelliverse relationship news, Nathan Griffith appears to FINALLY be over his ex Jessica as he snapchatted a video throwing her toothbrush away. (At least it is assumed that it is Jessica’s toothbrush and not Nathan eschewing dental hygiene altogether.) We’ll wrap up this post with a screen cap of that historical moment:

Nathan Griffith throws Jessica's toothbrush away

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  • Bruja

    Nathan- seriously? Seriously?

    Jenelle- Time to find your new baby daddy/forever (and we mean 10 month) love! If you hurry, you can pop at least 5 more kids out before you hit 30. Goals, girl. Goals.

    Cortland- A Cadillac tattoo on your throat? You’re gonna score in the lady department fo’ shure.

    Egads. I can smell the shit show with these people.

    • Courtney

      To quote a line from Cheers…”You think you’re the Cadillac of men but you’re really just a broken down pick up truck with one headlight!” Lol (Well on Cheers they said Mercedes instead of Cadillac)

    • Brie Mode


      I know a girl who had 4 by 20. Now she’s got like 6 (I’m gonna assume 6 dads) and we’re 32. Another has like 7 by 6 . She has a set of twins.

      • hertha.quezada

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      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        I just don’t understand how some people have zero standards, not even low standards just NO standards.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      I think she made it 2+ years worth uncle BT so she’s made some progress. I’m banking on a Courtland reunion, see my other post for why.

  • Scarlett

    Sweet lord….at least this will (hopefully) keep Jace where he is, rather than at Jenelle’s, babysitting the spawn of her soul mates.

  • LoLo

    Saying Jenelle & David may be having issues is like predicting the sun will come up. How long before she’s in court fighting for the new baby? Then she will run to Barb for support like she always does.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Courtland is just ooozing class and sophistication.

    It disturbs me that Nathan has hung on to Jess’ toothbrush this long.

    Finally, I’m just counting down the days to the domestic violence police report, David’s arrest and restraining order followed buy Duhnelles reunion with either Courtland or Nathan. Of course a baby will follow. Since she aborted Courtlands baby in sure the reunion will be with him. She’s already got a flavor of the month love child with Nathan.