TEEN MOM 3 Mackenzie McKee Snapchats videos of son kissing, carrying dead puppy

Mackenzie McKee Snapchat face

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee’s dog Mia gave birth to two puppies earlier today via C-section. Unfortunately, only one of the two puppies survived. Mackenzie revealed the sad news with a series of rather startling Snapchat videos that included her oldest son Gannon kissing and carrying the dead puppy around.

“Update everyone,” Mackenzie narrates the first clip as we are shown Mia’s C-section scar. “Mia just had a C-section, and one puppy made it,” Mackenzie adds as she pans over to a cute little puppy wiggling around with its eyes closed.

The video then shifts abruptly to a scene with the living puppy crying beside its dead sibling as Mackenzie says, “He’s so sad.”

Mackenzie then reveals that the mother is refusing to feed her puppy, so she is having to do it herself with a bottle.

In the next clip we see Mackenzie holding her youngest son Broncs with the word “Help” across the bottom along with the shocked face emoji. “OK. So, one of the dogs didn’t make it,” Mackenzie says, “and I don’t know how to tell my son.” The camera pans over and we see Gannon right beside Mackenzie holding the deceased puppy in both hands in front of his face as he says something I can’t quite make out.

“What do you plan to do with that puppy?” Mackenzie asks Gannon

“Keep it because…” Gannon says with the dog in front of his mouth so that the rest is inaudible.

“Gannon, you know that dog is dead, right?” Mackenzie asks. “Yeah,” says Gannon just as another clip begins in which he is still holding it.

“Gannon, I think that that doggie went to doggie heaven and we need to bury it,” says Mackenzie. Gannon holds the dog back from Mackenzie to keep it away. “Well,” she continues, “you’re just going to keep a dead dog?”

Gannon later pleads with Mackenzie, but she asserts “Gannon, we’ve got to bury the dog.” Gannie gives the dead puppy a long kiss and Mackenzie says “Oh gosh.”

Click HERE and HERE to see screen caps from the videos, but be forewarned that they could be quite disturbing to some!

Mackenzie later decided to head off the critics of her clips with a message — but it wasn’t about Gannon kissing and carrying the dead puppy around. “Just for clarification,” she begins, “before I start getting all getting all these crazy messages, we did leave the momma alone with the puppy for hours, and she just wanted nothing to do with him. We called the vet and asked everything that we should do, and he said we needed to feed him. So yes, we have done everything that the vet told us to do, and Gannon is having a hard time saying goodbye to the puppy that didn’t make it.”

This actually isn’t the first time Mackenzie has documented Gannon’s out-of-the-ordinary canine connections. Here’s an Instagram photo which shows a very young Gannon emulating Mia:

Mackenzie McKee's son Gannon eats out of a dog food bowl?

I’m guessing that children playing with dead animals wouldn’t raise so much as eyebrow in a rural setting such as a farm, but I think folks on social media in this day and age might just freak out a bit. What do you think? Was Mackenzie letting Gannon takes things a little too far with the deceased little dog? And was Mackenzie taking things too far by posting videos of it on Snapchat?

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  • FrontDoorMom

    My god this CHILD is so obnoxious. Such attention seeking behavior. I could never post anything like that about my children, let alone ask for advice on the situation. Be a mom!

    • Guest


    • kiki

      I can understand asking, idk your parents for advice. Maybe your siblings. But not ALL OF SOCIAL MEDIA. I ask my aunts and sisters for advice on boys because they’ve done it before. I haven’t. But that’s privately.

  • Ugh

    Please CPS get involved with these kids lives already. Mackenzie’s house is always a filthy mess in the background of her snaps. And her manic ramblings are a cause for concern.

    • Alisson Leech

      Since when did the McKees have their own home??

  • klakefog

    As someone who works day and night trying to reduce the HORRIBLe euthanasia rate in Oklahoma, this woman infuriates me. Please. Spay and neuter. Adopt dont shop. Particularly in rural states like ours, the number of dead pets is devatstsingly high.

    • timothy.ponder@mail.ru

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    • AshleyBlack

      Yes!!! I just got into rescue here in WV. BYB & flippers here are ridiculous! And our laws SUCK!

      • Bruja

        Oh yaaa, Ashley! You kick bootay.

        Thanks for helping animals and I agree, laws most everywhere suck!

  • jeff

    I feel like we’re watching a live nervous breakdown happening. I hope someone is keeping a close eye on Mac. Her behaviour and emotinal state has been in steady decline for a few weeks now.

  • Rubbit

    That is down right just wrong. She is nasty. Every picture she post looks as though she never cleans. Also her kids never hardly have clothes on. Maybe cps getting involved will scare her enough that she will straighten her act out.

    • Thoughts

      She post pictures of her flexing and even though they are a month apart the same pile of clothes are pictured on the ground

      • Bruja

        Awww, gross.

  • Bruja

    I upvoted every comment here.

    First, spay and neuter. There are enough animals in shelters dying needlessly every single day that most people have no business breeding. As someone who has quite a few very exotic cats, I can tell you most of them came to me because people get in waaaay over their heads and then wind up not knowing how to care for their cat. I even have one that lived the first year of his life closed in an attic.. sick with a horrid parasite that required human chemo drugs to treat.. alone. After 4 years of hard work and a lot of good vet care- 4 freakin’ years we can finally pet him. He still has to be put under anesthesia for his routine vet care, because outside of us, he goes nuts and I’ve not met a vet yet who wants to take on a Savannah that acts like it’s Serval relative.

    Second, CPS should pay attention to the ramblings of this mad woman and get those kids removed from that filth ridden home. While her young son is carrying and kissing a dead puppy, on this crazed bitch rambles. Seriously, wtf? Doesn’t she live with her parents?! They live in that squalor? Disgusting, the whole lot of ’em.

    • SeasonedBackdoor

      I don’t come here much anymore, but I miss your commentary. If you’re ever looking for another place to engage in TM snark, please feel free to pop on over to the Teen Mom subreddit, or Teen Mom Fix on Facebook.

      • Regina

        Woo I’ll see you both there!

        • Bruja

          *loves you and has missed you, too!*

      • Bruja

        Hiya you!! *hugs* It’s been awhile! I’ve missed you and your commentary! It seems quite a few folks have visited this topic that have been MIA! I’m loving seeing everyone!

        I love Reddit. My face is stuck in that damned app on my phone whenever my computers aren’t within reach.. I’ll come on over and check it out!

        /love to you!

        • SeasonedBackdoor

          well what do you know, you’ve been on reddit all along! I actually didn’t realize that there was a Teen Mom sub until about a year ago, which is about the time that I stopped posting here. you will love it there, we’ve got episode discussions chocked full of funny and well spoken comments, and there’s even a day for sh!tposts! I’ll see ya there! 🙂

          (I still lurk the comments here so I’ve been *here* all along too, mwahaha)

      • AshleyBlack

        I do believe I’m banned from
        Teen mom fix ?

  • Stacy

    People, be responsible. Spay and neuter your freaking pets. We do not need more pets. We need responsible owners. She just spent more on getting her doc a c-section than she would have if the damn thing was spayed.

    And guess what. I am from a rural area. NO ONE lets a kid walk around with a dead animal. That’s disgusting.

    • Regina

      🙁 completely

    • TrashTV

      Every time someone wrote “spay and neuter” here I was expecting the sentence to go into her direction.
      I’m sorry but looking at how poorly she handled this situation and others, that might not be such a bad idea…

      • Allie

        I was thinking basically the same thing!

  • Sandy

    I’m definitely glad I didn’t see the clips ugh! Sounds heartbreaking to put children through that situation. I couldn’t even imagine. As far as the spay and neuter I don’t really agree on that I have 2 female dogs which neither our and they are both over the age of 11 now however I also have 2 cats which they are lol

    • God you’re stupid

      You make me sick.

      • Sandy

        You make me sick too! Just saying not to mention you don’t know me ?

    • Regina

      Just wondering – why aren’t they spayed? Spaying lowers the risk of cancers associated with reproductive organs as well as ensuring that more unwanted pets are not brought into the world. Considering how many animals are killed in shelters every single day, there is no excuse not to make sure that you are not contributing to the problem.

      • Sandy

        My dogs my decision and both are very very well and healthy taken care of dogs! Both inside dogs so they are never around male dogs and I intend to keep it that way. I feel deeply saddened by dogs killed in shelters. BUT NO WAY IN HE’LL DO IN CONTRIBUTE TO THAT PROBLEM. So sorry no I’m not sorry actually! ?

        • Bruja

          Phuck you right back. Regina was very polite in her post to you, you ignorant, illiterate bitch.

          You can take your Simpsons colored middle finger emoji and shove it. What are you, 12?

          If you had half a brain you’d investigate canine reproductive cancers (you can copy/paste that into Google.. big words might stump you) and be stupefied with how mammary cancer, uterine and ovarian cancers and further, a condition called pyometra can all occur in female dogs that have led a perfectly healthy life without having ever been bred.


          • Sandy

            Screw you to buddy! So I’m guessing you know me right?? Let’s see.. nope I’m not 12 all of animals do go to the vets for their checkups. So I’ll discuss this with my Veterinarian not with some person on the Internet. Lmao get a life and have a nice day!

            • Bruja

              Screw me too. Ftfy.

              lol! Okay 13.

              Get an education and stop being so damn stupid.

        • Regina

          Just trying to help but thanks for the middle finger.

  • TrashTV

    Hm… let’s just say that could have been dealt with a lot better for both child as dogs.
    I was actually cringing here reading what she said to her son.

    • gayla rider

      oh good grief.

  • Anna

    What I’m wondering is when did the puppy die? If it died at birth the vet probably would have had an option to take care of it so the family didn’t have too. And yes there was a vet involved if there was a c-section…unless this effing nutcase and her husband did it themselves. So I’m left to guess that either she took the dead animal home with it’s mother and sibling to film it for attention or that it was born alive and was healthy enough to go home only to die from her neglect.

    • Bruja

      It’s written in the story that the mother stopped caring for the puppy after birth and the vet informed the family they needed to bottle feed it (essentially hand rear it).

      I’m gonna guess these pieces of shit didn’t take the time to do what needed to be done and the poor thing died due to neglect of it’s needs (bottle feedings, warmth issues, urination/defecation issues- they are unable to do this on their own and it must be stimulated)… they took the puppy home, then probably just said “Phuck it, Mia can have more in a few months!

      • Anna

        That’s what I thought. I fostered three kittens a few years ago and it’s hard work. You have to feed them ever few hours, you have to rub their tummies to make them pee, and you have to keep them warm.I had my mom and two sisters helping me keep up on the early morning feedings.
        Of course this isn’t Mackenzie has been irresponsible with other things like her diabetes, unplanned preganancies, etc. etc. So it’s no surprise that she’d kill a puppy thru improper care.

        • Bruja

          I hear ya. Taking on a baby pet is almost as much work as taking on a human baby for awhile. The really sad part is most newborn puppies/kittens can’t even vocalize as well as a human infant can, so we need to pay even more attention that their needs are being met. No doubt the fact that this silly bitch’s kids can holler their asses off is the only reason they’ve lived as long as they have. Otherwise, she’d probably starve them and neglect them to death as well.

          She really should have had her kids removed when the last was born so ill due to her flat out neglect of her diabetes. Unfortunately, these days with CPS, that’s what it takes to get them involved, an actual death. It’s a damn shame.

    • Regina

      YES okay that’s what I was thinking the whole time – who did this “c-section”? I hate to think of the state of her pets 🙁

  • SadDawson

    This is why you shouldn’t have kids as a kid. You don’t discuss what to do with the dead dog with a baby, you handle it and explain the way you feel necessary to your child. It shouldn’t have been asked of the child if we should bury it. It’s not a stuffed animal it needed to be dealt with not paused and put on Snap Chat while you discus what to do with a small child. Geez

  • Courtney

    More proof that she isn’t fit or capable to raise children. Poor Gannon and puppy…this just makes me sick!

  • Regina


    • Shell

      Hell she won’t take care of herself, not even surprised she’s a terrible dog owner. She can’t be responsible for herself, much less anything else.

    • Bruja

      lol, perhaps we can all agree that should read, SPAY AND NEUTER THE TEEN MOMS and dads!

  • Leah’s Fidgety Legs

    These photos are disturbing because it looks like he is smiling and taking pleasure. If he knows the puppy is dead, why is he smiling. Something strange about that.

    • Bruja

      You noticed that, too?

      It’s very Dexter-esque.

      • Leah’s Fidgety Legs

        Yea it’s honestly very creepy and sadistic looking.

  • Thoughts

    The point is she could have used this moment for an opportunity to teach her son about the process of life.,. Instead chose to exploit these important moments through social media. Very selfish

  • Victoria

    Who is she again??