Love & Hip Hop Houston air date a mystery as cancelation rumors swirl

Love & Hip Hop Houston air date 3

The official Love & Hip Hop Houston air date may never come, if a new report is correct. Apparently, the show has been canceled several months into filming for what would have been its first season–and it looks like the non-stop drama surrounding the cast was a key reason.

News of two new Love & Hip Hop franchises broke this past spring, and it was originally believed that Houston would be the first of the two to make it to the airwaves. A complete cast list, headlined by LHHNY alum Jhonni Blaze, quickly surfaced, and cameras were seen around the greater Houston area.

However, the show quickly gained notoriety due to a gunfight that supposedly broke out between crews for Jhonni and fellow cast member Just Brittany while filming a birthday party scene for the show. Blaze also made headlines for a suicide attempt this past summer, and an incident of domestic abuse between herself and her boyfriend in which she had several teeth knocked out.

But it looks like all that drama might have been for naught. Gossip blog Love & Hip Hop Tea was the first to report that LHH Houston has been canceled. According to their take, VH1 executives didn’t care for the show’s pilot episode, and decided against giving the show a full green light. The rumor has yet to be verified by anyone associated with the cast, and LHH executive producer Mona Scott-Young has not addressed speculation about the show.

Love & Hip Hop Miami, the second of the two new test franchises, is still filming, and is believed to be slated for a premiere sometime in early 2017.

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  • shebee

    I am from Houston and even I can support the cancellation of this mess. One, I don’t watch Love and Hip period.It’s all manufactured drama. Two, the cast chosen are not good representations of the Houston hip hop scene. They could have chosen someone other than a couple of strippers to represent Houston.

    • Renee

      I agree a 1000%! It seem like the world is base on strippers now, be a stripper you can be famous, what is the world coming to! So sad, not a good look for the young lady that are growing up!!! Mona Scott should be ashame of her self, glad I don’t watch!!!

  • Kandy

    On Love and HIp Hop Miami, Mona Scott Young needs to cast Geisha305 since she heavily promoted it & have actually talent & already had a buzz from dissing trina on “True Facts”.