REPORT Kate Gosselin ‘investigated’ for child abuse earlier this year

REPORT Kate Gosselin 'investigated' for child abuse earlier this year

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin was reportedly the subject of a child abuse investigation earlier this year. The famous mom of eight and star of TLC’s hit reality TV series Kate Plus 8 was under investigation for the serious allegations after her son Collin was enrolled in a special needs program and sent to a treatment facility.

Back in August, the 41-year-old reality TV mom revealed that she enrolled Collin “in a program that is helping him learn the skills he needs to be the best him he can be,” according to People. It was around that time when the alleged child abuse case was opened against Kate, because Collin reportedly told the staff at the treatment center that his mother had been abusive towards him.

“Collin said something to the facility’s staff and it was reported to Children and Youth Services [CYS], which started an official probe,” the source told Life and Style.

The source also revealed that local police officers were the ones who informed Kate’s ex-husband Jon Gosselin about the investigation. Kate shares 12-year-old sextuplets Collin, Aaden, Joel, Leah, Hannah and Alexis plus 16-year-old twin daughters Cara and Mady with Jon, and he’s been open in the past about his strained relationship with his children.

It seems like Kate’s other children may have suffered physical abuse from their mother. A former nanny who worked with the Gosselin family while Jon and Kate were still married said that twins Mady and Cara would get “open-handed” spankings from their mother.

This isn’t the first time Kate has been accused of physical abusing her children. A book excerpt from the 2014 expose titled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, Kate allegedly wrote in her diary about how she “whipped” and “spanked” Collin, who was a toddler at the time, after a potty training accident.

This shocking news comes just two weeks before Kate and her children return for a new season of their reality series Kate Plus 8 which premieres Tuesday, November 22 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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  • Uh

    “Shocking news?” No. You can tell this woman is controlling and the way she speaks to people and her children, its abusive. She’s emotionally and mentally abusive. Those kids never look happy and she gets aggregated with them at the drop off a dime. I’m surprised it took this long for cps to get involved.

    • Guest


  • Natalie

    Wow now we see the damage her abusive behavior to her kids and probably ex husband is now doing to them. How sad. Poor kids. You’re a piece of shit Kate.

  • TA

    Two words:
    Selective Reduction.

  • Me too

    They’re both sh*tty parents

  • arl

    No one knows the whole truth so we can’t really say what she did. However, I for one see nothing wrong with discipline and think that is what children today are severely lacking of. That’s not to say there is a clear distinction between discipline and abuse.

    • Guest

      I totally agree with you on the discipline but I could see her going farther than that, she’s a b,tch and she has a bad attitude and temper I have seen her display of both a few times.

  • Guest

    I’m not surprised. She’s a horrible mother.

  • Heidi

    Big shocker….NOT!!!…That woman is insane….I loved seeing her kids but she’s as fake as her weave!! Lock her ass up!!

  • YourMom

    Not siding with Kate on this, but so what if she spanked her children? As long as she did not leave a mark, and she only hit their bottom, I see nothing wrong with that type of discipline! Granted, we all see how Kate can be so it wouldn’t surprise me that it was worse! She is a monster! I firmly believe in spanking & discipline. If more parents disciplined their children, we wouldn’t have as many problems as we have in society today!