Jon Gosselin claims Dr. Phil told him to stay married to Kate and have girlfriends

On the first episode of Dark Side of the 2000’s from VICE TV, Jon Gosselin makes shocking claims about his time on Jon & Kate Plus 8. One of which is that Dr. Phil told him he should stay married to wife Kate Gosselin and essentially just cheat on her.

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Jon & Kate Plus 8

Jon & Kate Plus 8 was a successful reality show that ran from 2007 to 2011. It followed the supersized Gosselin family which was let by parents Jon and Kate, and included their set of twins Mady and Cara, along with sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah, Hannah and Alexis.

The show started out strong, highlighting the “good cop/bad cop” relationship between the parents, but as time went on their relationship began to fall apart – the whole thing being documented by TLC’s camera crew.

Dark Side of the 2000’s

Dark Side of the 2000’s is a new series by VICE TV that is set to expose the complicated side of entertainment news stories from the turn of the century. The show’s official description is:

Dark Side of the 2000’s delves into the era’s untold stories, revealing insights from people who witnessed it firsthand.

In episode one, VICE TV dives into the “dark side” of Jon & Kate Plus 8, calling the episode Jon & Kate Plus 8: Family Circus.

The Gosselin’s marriage dissolves on TV. When the couple weaponize their fame in a messy divorce, they fracture the image of the perfect American family.

Jon makes claims against Dr. Phil

Many have heard the stories about Collin and how he was sent away by Kate for “behavior issues.” Insider information now makes it seem that the Gosselin child was being abused by his mother and separated from his siblings for deeper reasons.

During the docu-series, Jon Gosselin makes another shocking claim, this time against TV personality Dr. Phil. While Jon and Kate were going through their separation, many in the media tried to get them to stay together or reconcile for the sake of the show and the money.

Claiming that Kate made a deal for an “only on reality tv” relationship, she allegedly set up a meeting with Dr. Phil and tried to get Jon to sign some crazy paperwork.

Jon recalls:

Dr. Phil’s like, well, just stay married for TV and do your own thing on the side. I’m like… no!

The full episode can be seen here.

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