90 DAY FIANCE Danielle and Mohamed Jbali police reports since January 2015

90 Day Fiance Danielle and Mohamed police reports

As many of our readers know, the tumultuous international marriage of Ohio’s Danielle Mullins and Tunisia’s Mohamed Jbali was documented on Season 2 of TLC’s popular 90 Day Fiance reality series. But what you may not know is that DanMo‘s relationship has also been documented by another organization — the Sandusky Police Department!

Over the past 18 months either Danielle or Mohamed have called police no less than eight times for problems ranging from domestic disputes to online trolling. Here are all of the police reports I could track down, including one from earlier today. I’ve arranged them from oldest to newest because there is definitely a progressive narrative to a number of them.

January 22, 2015
Harassment Complaint
Call made by: Mohamed Jbali

A call was received of harassment over social media at the listed location. We responded and made contact with Mohamed Jbali. Jbali said people have been posting false and derogatory information about him on Facebook and other social media outlets. When asked, Jbali said there were not any physical threats made against him. I gave Jbali one of the social media harassment information forms. I explained he would have to take the matter up with Facebook and the other media outlets. I told Jbali there was nothing that could be done about what people post, because it is free speech. I told Jbali a police report would be filed documenting his concerns. I asked Jbali to call if he were to receive any direct threats of physical harm. When asked, Jbali did not have any questions.

Mohamed and Danielle

March 2, 2015
Juvenile Complaint
Caller: Not Listed

Officers were advised a subject at the above location was having trouble with 3 juveniles possibly destroying his clothes. Upon arrival, Mohamed Jbali advised he was having trouble with his step-children. He said he was out all night and when he got home, his wife Danielle Jbali, was upset with him and wanted him out of the house. Mohamed said Danielle’s children, Faith Welch, Kylee Welch, and Briana Welch, began helping Danielle remove his clothing and other belongings out of the bedroom. He said he was upset with the children because they were messing with his clothes.

Danielle was spoken with and she said she was upset at Mohamed due to him being out all night and not calling and telling her where he was at. She said she wants him out of the house. Danielle stated she began the process to file for divorce. She added Mohamed took money out of their joint account and put it in his own account. Danielle was advised due to them being married that the money was a civil issue and if they go to court for the divorce, it could be settled there. She said she understood.

Faith, Kylee, and Briana were spoken with and Kylee spoke for them. This was due to the Faith getting there shortly before Mohamed called and Briana being shy. Kylee said her mom and Mohamed are always arguing. She said after Mohamed stayed out all night, her mother got upset and wanted him out of the apartment. Kylee said her and Briana were helping Danielle take Mohamed’s clothes to the living room.

Mohamed was advised of Danielle’s wishes and he said he did not want to leave and had nowhere to go. Mohamed and Danielle were advised a report would be on file. They were also advised the action that could take place should officers have to return and they both said they understood.

April 16, 2015
Domestic Dispute
Caller: Mohamed Jbali

Officers were dispatched to xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx x regarding a domestic dispute.

Upon arrival, contact was made with the complainant, Mohamed Jbali. Mohamed advised his wife, Danielle Jbali, took $54.00 and would not give it back to him. Mohamed said he eats different food and needs the money to buy said food.

Contact was than made with Danielle regarding the complaint. Danielle advised they have been married approximately 1 year. Danielle said Mohamed refuses to work or do work around the house. Danielle said she took the money to help pay for rent and a new tire for their vehicle.

Both parties advised no threats were made and nothing physical occurred.

Mohamed was advised that due to the pair being married, the money was shared property. All parties were advised a report would be on file.

90 Day Fiance Mohamed Jbali

April 30, 2015
Domestic Violence
Caller: Mohamed Jbali

I spoke with Mohamed Jbali and he said he noticed someone had been looking into his FACEBOOK page on his laptop. Mohamed learned that his step-daughter, Kylee Welch, was responsible for opening up Mohamed’s FACEBOOK page. Mohamed said he told Kylee not to touch his laptop and she became upset and they argued. During their argument, Mohamed said he heard Kylee mention that she wanted to harm herself at which time he decided to call the police because he believed Kylee might be suicidal.

I spoke with Kylee who said she was not suicidal and her statement was, ” You probably would not care if I was dead”. Kylee said her statement did not mean that she wanted to harm herself. Kylee said she was upset because the computer also belongs to her mother, Danielle Jbali, and Danielle told Kylee it was alright to use the computer.

Danielle did not want to speak with officers at this time because she was too upset and she did not want to get involved in the matter between Mohamed and Kylee.

I spoke with Faith Welch who also stated Kylee did not make any statements pertaining to harming herself. Faith said Mohamed tends to exaggerate his words and he uses them and understands words in a different manner because he is not from the United States. Faith told me there has been tension in the household and Danielle is in the process of trying to divorce Mohamed. Danielle told me that the entire problem in the house hold revolves around Mohamed being in control and using Danielle’s money which causes tension.

All parties stated that no physical altercations took place during the argument. Kylee did not appear to be a concern or a risk of harm to herself. Kylee stated she only made the statement because she was mad at Mohamed. I warned all parties should problems persist and officers had to return, action may be taken by officers. All parties assured officers everything would be alright and no further action was taken at this time.

December 16, 2015
Trouble With Subject
Caller: Mohamed Jbali

Officers were dispatched to xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx x regarding a Danielle Jbali throwing Mohamed Jbali’s clothes outside.

Upon arrival, contact was made with the Mohamed and Danielle. Mohamed advised he told Danielle he wanted a divorce and he was going to be leaving soon. Mohamed said Danielle responded by throwing his clothes outside and that is why he contacted this department. Mohamed advised he was going to be moving out in a couple days.

Danielle advised Mohamed said he was leaving and she wanted to expedite that process by removing his clothes. Danielle stated she could not kick Mohamed outside due to him being a resident at the apartment. Officers advised both parties they would need to peacefully coexist until Mohamed moved out and they advised they understood.

January 2, 2016
Civil Matter
Caller: Mohamed Jbali

Dispatch advised caller wished to report a fake Facebook account being used to slander him. Caller further stated they have attempted to contact Facebook reference this matter and so far no action has been taken on their part.

Upon arrival, officers met with the caller, Mohamed Jbali, who advised multiple Facebook accounts have been made with persons posing as Mohamed. Mohamed stated these fake accounts are slanderous and contain real images of himself that have been edited/manipulated to be offensive in nature. Mohamed explained he has contacted Facebook and reported the fake accounts, and so far Facebook has not removed the fake accounts. Another resident, Angela Gazoly, advised she too has reported these fake accounts, on behalf of Mohamed, with no action being taken.

Mohamed was advised by this officer this was a civil matter between Facebook and himself. He was advised a report would be on file and was provided a copy of the report number. This officer explained Mohamed should be patient as Facebook may require more time to deactivate the fake accounts. Mohamed advised these fake accounts have been active for over a month. Officers further advised Mohamed to continue reporting the fake accounts and attempt to resolve the matter with Facebook internally. Nothing further at this time.

February 1, 2016
Civil Matter
Caller: Mohamed Jbali

Dispatch advised of a report of trouble with a Danielle Jbali at the listed location. On arrival Danielle Jbali was located outside the residence with Mohamed Jbali standing at the door. Danielle was demanding a set of luggage from Mohamed, who told her this would have to be settled in court. Danielle and Mohamed were separated.

It was learned they are in the process of divorce and are having a disagreement about marital property. Mohamed advised he has been living on Parkview Blvd. and has told Danielle not to come over. He continued stating she has been contacting him and others that reside in the residence, despite being told not to call or text. He asked that Danielle leave to prevent further issues and any property would be distributed through the court.

Danielle explained that when Mohamed moved out he used a luggage set and was supposed to return it. She was advised that this was a civil issue that would need to be handled in court, if they could not resolve this between them. She was also advised not to have any further contact, in person or by phone, with Mohamed or anyone else at the residence. Danielle and Mohamed were advised this report would be on file. Danielle stated she understood and left without further incident.

June 22, 2016
Telephone Harassment
Caller: Danielle Jbali

Danielle Jbali advised she has been receiving text messages from Maria Veiga on her phone and she wished for Maria to stop. She stated she knows Maria as a fan who watched the show 90 day fiance which her and her estranged husband were on. She stated she used to think of Maria as a friend, but now she doesn’t.

Maria has been sending text messages and threatening to post things online about Danielle. I informed Danielle I would contact Maria about sending messages to her cell phone, but in regards to the messages online that is a civil matter.

Danielle was advised to make sure she did not send Maria and text messages. I contacted Maria and informed her to not send any text messages to Danielle and she stated she understood.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So I guess it’s a lot a harder to get a green card divorce than a green card marriage? I suppose the groom running off to another state complicates the process a bit.

As we previously reported, Danielle and Mohamed will be returning to TLC as part of their 90 Day Fiance spin-off series 90 Day Fiance: After the 90 Days. I’m not sure how long the TLC cameras have been rolling for the new series, so I’m not sure how many (if any) of the incidents listed above will be featured on the show. I should point out that we have a source that tells us police were involved yet again when Danielle confronted Mohamed in Miami, Florida recently. The cameras were DEFINITELY rolling for that I’m sure! (Interestingly, the woman mentioned in Danielle’s most recent complaint is also rumored to have somehow been involved in the Florida altercation.)

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    I love these reports. Best parts:

    “Upon arrival, contact was made with the complainant, Mohamed Jbali.
    Mohamed advised his wife, Danielle Jbali, took $54.00 and would not give
    it back to him. Mohamed said he eats different food and needs the money to buy said food.”

    “On arrival Danielle Jbali was located outside the residence with Mohamed
    Jbali standing at the door. Danielle was demanding a set of luggage
    from Mohamed, who told her this would have to be settled in court.”

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