90 DAY FIANCE Danielle and Mohamed update: annulment filed, he’s living with another woman

90 Day Fiance Danielle and Mohamed divorce on the way

In “big surprises that come as no surprise” news, controversial 90-Day Fiancé couple Danielle and Mohamed Jbali have officially split. The potential final straw for Danielle was apparently when Mohamed moved in with her female friend and former coworker. I say “potential” because the couple is reportedly trying to arrange an appearance on Dr. Phil to work through their relationship issues and save their marriage.

UPDATE – More DanMo info, including Mohamed moving to Miami and Danielle insisting she didn’t cheat on him.

It’s been a little while since we checked on Ohio’s Danielle and her Tunisian lover Mohamed, so I will try to fill in the updates chronologically. I will start with the last known photograph of Mohamed and Danielle together, which was a very American Thanksgiving outing at Golden Corral:

Danielle and Mohamed Thanksgiving 2015

The first indication that “the relationship that never was” had officially ended came in mid-December when Danielle announced a GoFundMe account to help raise money for car repairs. After being questioned repeatedly about the fundraising campaign, Danielle responded, eventually revealing that her and Mohamed had split:

If you can donate please help but if not that is fine to. Please don’t leave negative comments. There is stuff going on with me and my girls. Right now I want privacy so we can begin the process to heal. When I am ready, I will make an announcement what (is) going on

So since people are being so hateful on other pages and groups. Me and Mohamed are splitting. I will not comment any further on the matter. Please allow me and my kids our privacy to heal and move on with our life.

In late December, Mohamed shared this next selfie while on an airplane, apparently headed to Miami, Florida for New Year’s Eve:

90 Day Fiance Mohamed Jbali airplane

On December 31, Danielle spoke with local news outlet The Norwalk Reflector and confirmed the break up. “Yes, he has left the house,” Danielle revealed. “He’s in Sandusky. He’s staying with a coworker. We’ve split up but the (divorce) papers have not been signed yet.”

Danielle once again put a lot of the blame for their relationship woes on social media — both the negativity as well as the tidal wave of woo being pitched at Mohamed. “Girls have been throwing themselves at him,” Danielle said. “He’s good looking and young and all these women want to date him. … Some people just want to know what’s going on, but there are actually people out there who just want their 15 minutes of fame and they think that because we were on TV they can get it here.”

Danielle and Mohamed Jbali quote

So why doesn’t Danielle just stay off of social media entirely? “I tried for a whole week,” Danielle said. “But it didn’t work. They find you. A few people got my email from my Facebook page and emailed me. I’ve had to change my phone number two or three times. Some have even taken things to immigration. They’re very resourceful.”

After the Reflector article, things remained relatively quiet from Danielle and Mohamed, with only an occasional text graphic about forgiveness or loneliness posted here and there. Then, on the day before Valentine’s Day, Mohamed returned to Facebook to proclaim, “Moving to my own place soon ‘more privacy and freedom’ ???” The post was tagged with the “feeling happy” mood. When asked if he is single in the comments section, Mohamed simply responded, “separated.” He later flexed his growing adage muscles by writing: “loneliness is not being by yourself, loneliness it’s when you are in a very tough situation but no one is there for you.”

The day after Valentine’s Day, The Reflector posted another article with an extensive update from Danielle.

Danielle iterated that Mohamed had moved out to live with one of her former coworkers. From The Reflector:

The woman, who was married to an Egyptian man at the time of episode, was featured in an episode of 90 Day Fiancé, where she gave Mullins advice on food preparation, culture and customs. The pair were friends for about 10 years, according to Mullins, who said they worked together at Renaissance House assisting those with developmental disabilities.

Danielle is asked whether or not Mohamed and the woman were having an affair, but she reveals she does not know for certain. “I have no proof,” Danielle says. “But he’s been staying with her and she never told me he was there and she’s been saying things behind my back.”

90 Day Fiance Danielle and Mohamed infidelity quote divorce

So has Danielle had any contact with Mohamed recently? Apparently not any more than the hundreds of ladies hitting him up online as it has only been via email. So what is Danielle’s outlook on their relationship? “It’s hard saying if we’ll work things out,” she says. “His emails are different every time. Like, he needs to get his replacement green card and I offered to help and his reply was: ‘Well then you can’t hold this above me.’”

But Danielle is nothing if not hopelessly optimistic, and she reveals that DanMo are currently in talks to appear on Dr. Phil to save their marriage. “I think he could help us,” Danielle says. “I’m talking with their people and there’s no date set in stone yet. We have to get it OK’d by TLC to talk about things that happened on the show.”

I’m sure you’re wondering what the split means for Mohamed’s green card status. “He’s on a two-year conditional green card,” Danielle says. “He needs my signature or some other kind of proof to show he didn’t violate the conditions. They don’t usually accept anything unless it has both signatures. So I don’t know how he’s going to prove it, because they won’t take any of the past paperwork that’s already been done.”

Fast forward to earlier today when Danielle made her official return to Facebook with this message:

I am reopening this page to share my story with fans. Is it right a muslim man goes on trips with women and live with a woman. What would you think if your spouse left 3 months after getting conditional green card.


A commenter asked Danielle if she thought the split was due to pressure from being featured on the show. “I do think the show contributied the way Mohamed is doing cause the Mohamed I fell in love with would not go on trips with women,” Danielle replied. (I think the problem here is that the Mohamed Danielle fell in love with never actually existed in real life. #MyTwoCents)

Mohamed was also active on Facebook today, sharing this group photo from Miami “with my friends” in which he can be seen with a blonde woman:

90 Day Fiance Mohamed Jbali blonde woman maybe mistress

I think that pretty much catches us all up to speed on the latest installment of “90-Day Fiancé Where Are They Now? Danielle and Mohamed.” Of course, we will continue to update if there is any new information.

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  • Aussie cathie

    If she had any pride or dignity she would just walk away… On what planet did she think that this young man was genuinely in love with her? I’m truly sorry and embarressmed for her ?

    • Bruja

      I really don’t know why she’d not just save a little face here and call it a day, either.

      As Che stated above, how does he get the money to vacay, yet she can’t repair her car? That’s insane! I understand she might really love him, but she needs to understand that if he really loved her, he wouldn’t be laughing it up on a boat with friends, while she set up a GoFundMe to get her car fixed.

      Then again.. Tina mentioned that Danielle is known for scams using the ‘oh pity me‘ routine.. so is it a case of finally meeting her match at the game and getting bested? Either way, he needs to go home, and she needs to give up.

      • Aussie cathie

        He has and is making a fool of her… Poor sad sack.. ?

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Yeah I didn’t think she ever had pride, dignity or even self esteem. She put this man ahead of her kids and family. I think she had to have realized her didn’t love her but she didn’t know what to do.

  • CJ

    I am super confused. She says she wants privacy but then why is she posting a go find me page and trying to get on Doctor Phil?? That’s not really going about things “privately” if you ask me!

    • CJ

      Fund* not find (my bad)

    • Victoria

      A marriage can only be saved if the other person wants it. And I doubt that Mohammed wants Danielle back

      • Lacy

        Or wanted her to begin with…

        • Victoria


        • FarrahsCryFace

          All he wanted was the green card and American dream.

          • Carolyne adhiambo

            I think so too. And I also feel that Mohammed just crawls under his skin jst at the thought of touching Danielle, he’s so not attracted to her! Poor woman

            • Pat Answers

              Remember when he first met her? He mumbled that she was “OK” or “good enough.” True love, eh?

              • sharon bradshaw

                I felt he was hoping
                He could develope feelings for her.
                Like hsppens , ( or not) in arranged marriages.
                I think he was resigned to the marriage and hoping to make the best out of it. He seemed sad. But sincere.
                She is nut case.
                He, from a country where women don’t question their men, and she’s having public melt downs.

            • sharon bradshaw

              Poor Mohammed. Lol.

            • Stacy Kelly

              My skin would crawl if I sat next to him. He’s the epitome of sleaze.

      • COJenn

        He didn’t want her in the first place…

      • Thomas Silk

        You DOUBT? You mean it’s not crystal clear to you?

    • Ellen

      She won’t want To hear what Dr Phil will tell her if she gets on his show at all .

    • chacha1

      she needs to get her slug azzz out and get a job

    • kim

      Well Dr. Phil does pay to appear on his show, TLC should also, why is she so broke, that’s probably where he has gotten money from to travel

      • Vanessa

        He’s getting money to travel by scamming other women. It’s actually a Tunisian scam called “Bezness” they con western women for money, gifts and most importantly visas! Many of them marry the women in Tunisia and then have them open businesses and buy houses in the guy’s name for “tax reasons” (westerners would pay higher tax) then a crooked lawyers divorces them and the women are left with nothing!

        • kim

          Danielle made the situation worse, she lied about her finances, she’s on a dating site when she could barely feed her children, I think that she to had a motive she had it in her mind that spanish men were hard workers, and she looked at Mohamed as an easy way out of the rut. he is desperate to stay in the USA, he’s sneaking out of state is basically making it hard on himself that he might just get deported, I do believe him that it two sides to every story and Danielle was a trigger in a lot of the chaos, she basically was always making threats to deport him constantly, he was living in a situation which was a struggle, I’m not siding with him but even if he even wanted to stay with Danielle, she doesn’t want to work her kids are damn near grown and no one has any desire to better themselves, they basically wanted Mohamed to work like a dog and support a house full of lay asses.

          • Teisha Gonzalez Guillen

            His had everything is his name they used him too

          • Pat Answers

            Remember how upset he was when she confessed he had money issues?

            • Susie

              True but he used her to get to America he should be deported. He never showed any emotions that he ever cared for her that I saw. She really cared for him remember he went to see a lawyer about her situation and still he married her and when he got his green card soon after he left and moved in with another woman which is wrong in his religion weather they had sex or not. He used her and one could tell from the beginning!

          • susansusansusan

            He doesn’t work at all. He says he wants to. He wanted an American wife, and he picked the wrong one.

          • Thomas Silk

            Spanish men? He is Tunisian, not Spanish. Danielle supports a very good case for tubilization. God forbid that she would be able to reproduce again.

    • Stacy Kelly

      Her privacy has been shattered regardless. Now she needs help. Dr phils the guy to do it.

  • Victoria

    Mohammad looks extremely happy with the other woman

    • Jackie

      That’s not the woman that he moved in with. It says the coworker he moved in with was the one who was on the show and she showed Danielle how to cook a middle eastern dish. That woman is the same in the looks department as Danielle.

      • Victoria

        Oh ewww he really doesn’t have no type does he

  • Che

    Where does Mohammed get the money from? To travel to all these places. It’s not the pressure of the show but rather Mohammed appears to have never liked dsnielle. Couldnt even kiss her on their wedding day.

    • Ninaswilliams2

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    • Jackie

      I was wondering the same. I thought he might have sugar mamas, but he sunk so low as to move in with the lady that showed Danielle how to cook that middle eastern dish. Does anyone remember her? She has the same looks as Danielle.

      • Kawsar Shire

        omg wait no! isnt she married to another man????

    • Pat Answers

      He has an engineering degree, probably has a good job. And maybe the show gave him money.

  • Sally Dillard

    It’s one big train wreck. She blocks people who don’t agree with her. She now wants woman to post on his page. Very sad.

  • cookie

    Danielle, he used you, end of story, get over it and divorce him.

    • Guest


    • Ellen

      So true like I said before she totally made a Fool out of herself ! I haven’t read anything about them after the Reality Show but anyone who has any SENCE could see Mohammon was disgusted with her & her kids!

      • FarrahsCryFace


      • Celeste Stevenson

        Yes anyone with common sense could see it. Even her kids saw it. But look at Danielle – I’m
        Not being mean – but she is “limited” so to speak; and she seems desperate for loving relationship.

        • Stacy Kelly

          Lots of women have done stupid things for “love”. Men too. Read your history books. The internet just exacerbates this problem. There are many Danielles out there

      • Alis

        Sence? Mohammon? What language do you speak the best?? Ellen

      • Thomas Silk

        And can you blame him? He must have been really desperate to come to the US to want to have ANYTHING to do with that slob.

        • Stacy Kelly

          He’s a total a–h—-!

      • Stacy Kelly

        Of course he was from the beginning!! HE USED HER FOR THE GREEN CARD!!

    • kim

      Danielle has been so focused on being the victim, and so focused on trying to deport this man, but Danielle lied also, immigration will look at Danielle lied about her finances, she made promises that were false, it works both ways, they may take Mohamed side because when he arrived to live with her she had been fired, the lights were about to be turned off, she basically was living in poverty, Mohamed was working, he actually was the only one in the house working, since they’ve been married, Danielle has not demonstrated not one thing to make her own situation better, no motivation, they may look at it as she sought Mohammed out as a target because he was Spanish, thinking that he was going to work like a ‘dog and she was going to be set and wouldn’t have to work, she has done nothing but put up Go Fund Me pages, when she has a home filled with lazy ass grown people, including herself, who wants to be around someone who has no desire to better themselves, who cries and threatens to call immigration when she doesn’t get her way.

      • Ayesha Chowdhury

        These people are all stupid. Why would you bring a guy from a totally diff world and why would you believe to fall in love! That is just physical attraction.

        • Pat Answers

          He had no attraction toward her, except that he was attracted to her U.S. citizenship. Any woman who isn’t blind would be attracted to Mohamed.

          • Doreese Everitt-Loyd

            any MAN that wasn’t living in a trailor park rubbing his big fat beer belly and sniffing his own armpits wouldn’t be attracted to Danielle either! She’s gross! They are both users and getting way too much attention over this. But … isn’t that what reality tv is all about? Making losers famous?

          • Hanna Shader

            I think he looks like a serial killer or something. Not attractive.

          • Stacy Kelly

            He’s SO gross! Ugly as sin

      • Tiffany Baby

        This is so true wow she is teaching her adult daughters to sit around be lazy and wait on someone else to step up and work. She is the con artist. Has no desire to work. Just sits around crying about her bills and how broke she is and wahh her cable is off. ???get a job bitch.

        • sharon bradshaw

          But what kind of job could she get???
          Not even phone work.
          Yes she has a lot of responsibility in her choice. She is dating way out of her league. She should have known that.

          • COJenn

            He had no job before or during marriage, he could of only worked after getting his green card – but he left 8-12 weeks depending on where you read – after getting the green card. He even knew she wasn’t financially stable since she didn’t make enough to not require a co-sponcer…

            • Lory

              He knew what he was getting into way before he married her he saw bills get disconnected and he still married her so its avious he just wanted his green card! He needs to get deported all his true colors are showing!

              • COJenn

                Unless he was away on one of his many many trips when it happened….

                Either way I agree….

            • Doreese Everitt-Loyd

              There was an episode in the beginning where she supposedly got “laid off” from her job. That’s when all the lies started catching up to her as far as her finances.

              • COJenn

                That doesn’t mean he was able to work and supported her and her children… Generally when people are paid off, there is little or no notice, I don’t recall the episode saying when it did happen – but it seemed fresh to me. If she had 0 income then she wouldn’t of been a sponsor and needed a co-sponsor… I still believe he knew she wasn’t financially stable, reguardless of being laid off… But people here have said she used him for money…my point is what money when you don’t work.

                I believe he lead her to believe he loved her, I also believe she didn’t stand up when he was running around on trips, but it doesn’t change that I believe he should of kept his word of if it didn’t work out then he would go home. We all are entitled to our opinions and I feel they shouldn’t of married and he should of gone home a long time ago, especially with a dating profile that says 3-5 dates is when he feels sex should be part of a relationship- not after a wedding, but they both seem to have their issues and I feel he used her and that she needs some emotional help, probably lots of it…

                • Tiff

                  He totally used her took advantage of her because she probably has low self esteem he seems like a angry idiot if you look at the episode when the friend the blonde chick was. With him he seemed like a big baby he don’t get his way he plays victim and when he put that ring on her finger it’s a done deal get ur ass be a man go get a job. All these people are putting her down when he a stuck up jerk I would of dumped his ass along time ago hope Donald is watching n sends this fool back to his country

                  • COJenn

                    My point was you can’t come here on a non-immigrant Visa AKA a K-1 Visa and get married and then get a job you must first wait and file to become an immigrant and then get a work visa and that takes a long time approximately two years…. either way I agree with you on the account of low self-esteem and that once he could have worked he should have worked to support the woman and her children that had been supporting him for 2 years and not just running away like a spoiled child to Florida… but he acts like a baby a lot.

              • COJenn

                Maybe… If you believe you see everything that happened in more than 90 days, between several couples, but over only what about 12 shows that are 45 minutes?

          • Doreese Everitt-Loyd

            ANYONE can be a waitress at a truck stop! Even Danielle! Better yet… WALMART! lmao

            • Thomas Silk

              No, a waitress at a truck stop is a step way above her abilities.

          • COJenn

            She was apparently/supposedly an aid that worked with people with developmental disabilities. If that is the case as it was reported… I personally hope she worked or works again with non verbal people so that her speech isn’t learned from her.

            • Thomas Silk

              You are sooooooo right!

          • Thomas Silk

            No way could she have any job where she has to try to communicate with other humans. Her accent is so annoying. Her grammar is pathetic. She can’t pronounce “ing” endings of words. She is the queen of double negatives. Who would hire her? Maybe as a dog walker? or a dishwasher? If she were my employee, the minute she opened her mouth she would be soooooo fired!

        • Stacy Kelly

          She was working and lost her job.

      • Vickie Carroll

        Very well said!

      • Greekbeauty

        You’re way of thinking is so skewed, it’s not one sided, they are BOTH IDIOTS!! And sadly she’s a desperate woman who is in love with someone that used her for a green card, there’s no doubt the woman is crazy, lazy, etc. but the fact of the matter is hat she does love him, which is so ignorant of her, he has made it crystal clear he wants nothing to do with her and she follows him to Miami!?!? NOW THAT IS DESPERATE!! But he ALSOUSED HER FOR A GREEN CARD!! Anyone that says he didn’t is just full of S**T!!

        Do the world a favor and send send him and Devar back to their countries, take their green cards and send their buts back to their countries, they don’t belong here…both Melanie and Danielle were used…at least Melanie is smart enough to see it, Danielle needs to stop being so damn desperate and STOP CRYING ALL THE TIME!!

        • COJenn

          Mel and Devar seem happy…
          If you saw more than the preview then you know him getting his card and leaving Mel and taking money was Mel teasing her sister.

        • Lory

          I totally agree that Devar is also using Melanie but at least she got something out of it…what did Danielle get out of it I dought they even had Sex!

          • COJenn

            Did Devar working and going to school when he could, connecting with her son and not just saying he is your kid you deal with him, he built a relationship with him, he didn’t leave Mel, he didn’t just wait for the green card and run off or have relationships with other women or any of the crap Mohammad did… It seems like people took the joke Mel and Devar played on Bev that was used as a preview for the show, but was a joke and now people are hating on him…

          • Thomas Silk

            Can you blame him for not having sex. The thought of having sex with Danielle makes me want to puke.

            • COJenn

              Then don’t date and marry her. They did have sex, she told the attorney they did when she went to see him and that the marriage was consummated. He said it too when he said she had a problem and needed to see a doctor before she had sex again and “he was working on that with her.”

              I do wonder if he brought her home something from his trips “for work” before and after they married…but he couldn’t work with a non-immigrant visa – so he obviously wasn’t taking trips “for work” or “to get work” years before he received his “green card” (that isn’t green, but allows him to work), so before the wedding when he went to NYC I believe it was…it obviously wasn’t for a legal job, but maybe he went with the women as an escort.

              It’s just so obvious he used her to come here and she had to pay significant money to get him here and a green card, and he doesn’t have the kindness to allow her time to let her kids know what happened before he tells the world, social media is tuff in family things – my cousin learned and was sent pics of the car accident that took her life before her mom got to the hospital, so her dad didn’t get the call to go to the hospital or tell their 2 kids and all the grandkids learned it from Facebook and it seems people in general don’t understand that social media can cause information to be received in very tragic ways. I believe if he had even an ounce of care for his wife or even any care for the kids he knew he was using their mom and making her financial stuff worse with getting him here – if he cared about anyone that wasn’t him, he wouldn’t of live streamed what he did of court and would have let the kids be told before anyone….he can’t be that “scared” of keyboard bullies that he disregarded the kids feelings that he was a step dad too for 2 years. He seemed too selfabsorbed to notice it could have an affect on anyone else, but especially the children he knew came with his wife!

        • Stacy Kelly

          I must have missed something with Melanie being smart. It’s her sister Bev that is the smart cookie and shoots from the hip. Just saw where Melanie is pregnant. It’ll b interesting to see how that plays out. There’s a reason for that…and she thinks it’s to create a family… I think not. He’s hot something up his sleeve and when he finishes his schooling and makes money does she really think he’s going to support her? Remember she’s paying all the bills now including numnuts education. He has all the lines she wants to hear but as an outside I’m reading between them.

      • Christine Chuang

        So true! Since the first scene, i have no more to say. What a foolish woman!

      • COJenn

        You can’t work with a k-1 (aka non-immigrant) visa, so he couldn’t work for 2+ years and left 2 months after he could work, after she had paid for the fees for him to get a green card.

        Who says she lied to immigration? 1) they don’t take your word, they require documentation and 2) they required her to get a co-sponsor who is also responsible for him for 10 years – regardless of the divorce!

    • Stacy Kelly

      Get the money he owes you first. He’s a low life slithering snake. Let him know how the US court system works.

  • intheknow4sure

    I feel embarrassed for Danielle and sadness for her children who have been exposed to this nonsense. As far as Mohamed goes..Kick his tuniarse back to Tunisia. He is here for the wrong reason and is an opportunistic jerk. Karma is coming!!

    • FarrahsCryFace

      I feel bad for her kids too but that’s about it. They had no say in this circus. I think at one point utilities even got cut off.

      • Pat Answers

        He is quite good-looking (to put it mildly). Maybe he can work as a male stripper or model, if there are no engineering jobs in Podunk, where she lives.

  • Sian Erith Thomson

    It is hard to know what is true on these shows given the editing but at face value I feel sorry for Danielle and her family. She seems impaired in some way and this Mohammed person took advantage. I mean who didn’t figure out watching the first show at the airport. He used her.

    • Pat Answers

      He just wanted a green card. She was in denial. Did she really think that a model-handsome guy with an engineering degree would fall in love with an obese woman with 3 kids nearly his age? Didn’t she wonder why he couldn’t find a girl back home?

  • tina

    Please stop giving this grifting disgusting troll anymore fame. She is a scammer who has lied, posted multiple go fund mes she loves the attention. Did he use her probably but her constantly playing the victim is old. She needs to stop trolling and begging for money grow up and get over herself

    • kim

      Didn’t TLC pay these couples ? What did she do with the money from the show now they are gonna be on an update tonight from season 4, they have to be getting money, she should not be constantly begging for money

      • nat metos

        they pay them almost nothing. 5k or something

    • whitehorse67

      Yet…here you are,reading the disgusting articles you wish would stop…Hmmmm

  • Xty Mack

    She needs to just end it and move on for herself and for her kids.

  • Moog

    Danielle is “hopelessly optimistic.” Thanks for the laugh.

  • jeff

    What an idiot.

    ‘What would you think if your spouse left 3 months after getting conditional green card.’

    F@cking EVERYONE told you this would happen. You’re a cow of a woman with a bunch of kids, you seriously thought some good-looking man was actually interested in you? My god, she’s a naive idiot and she’s getting exactly what she deserved. Everyone and their dog told her this would happen. My partner’s sister fell for the same thing and now she has a kid with a Nigerian man who is currently living in Greece (refugee, I think? I’m not entirely sure), and her best friend (who went to greece first) has two kids with the african man’s friend. They’re both overweight, dumb women who were easily manipulated into believing these men were interested in them, and now they’re saddled with kids and one is living off of the government. The men have both gotten denied entry into Canada, and (I s#it you not) the ‘best friend’ of my sister-in-law has her husband asking her for a divorce so he can marry some chick in the US to try and get in, with promises he’d come back to her and the two kids. F@cking, REALLY? How can people be this stupid!!! It makes me want to bang my head against the flippen wall.

    • DVM

      That was in interesting, but complicated story. ?

      • jeff

        Oh god, you have no idea. I had to hold back from a lot of details because I didn’t want to type a novel (which, as you can see, didn’t work out too well for me lol).

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Let it all out buddy! The stupidity of the world never ceases to amaze me. I’m a hairstylist and I had to break it to a client one time she was being catfished. She’d been sending money overseas to what she thought was a soldier that was deployed. Nope because the uniform he was in didn’t match up to his stories and thanks to Google image search we did the identity of the real man in the photo and blah blah blah. Odds are it was someone sitting on an internet cafe in Nigeria collecting money from very broken, sad women.

    • intheknow4sure

      Tell it!!! Danielle is a career victim and loves continuing to be the victim. Being in the news or talked about is the most validation the poor(and dumbas a bag of rocks) woman has ever had and she seems to thrive on it. The best comment and advice you gave in your short book (haha) is “Stop obssessing over this idiot, he never loved you” She is a stubborn one and will never admit he didn’t fall in love with her and to this day says that is why he is here and those “other” women just clouded his pea brain..

    • Ash

      damn bro you harsh! but right! but harsh!!! true i feel ashamed of myself that i spent time reading about people like this!! she seriously needs to get her shit together. Also, I live in Tunisia and trust me, he is a typical Tunisian guy who just wants to get out of here by any means possible.

    • Sara

      Omfg !! I like your post so much I saved it in favorites !!
      Can’t stop laughing at so much of it- everyone and their Dog !!! What a riot you must be !! Thanks for lifting my spirits.

    • Bryan

      Well said Jeff! The entertainment value of this fiasco is priceless. I have very little empathy for stupid people like Danielle. What the hell was she thinking – a fat and truly unattractive and unkept cow of a woman, with 3 equally homely, lazy and useless children. Begging for money when you have 4 in the household that could easily get jobs to help support the family! I still can’t get over how Danielle thought that a relatively handsome and fit man like Mohammed would have anything to do with such an unsightly and physically revolting woman. Kiss her? …. I’d be hard-pressed to even touch her without being physically sick myself.

      • Pat Answers

        “Relatively” handsome? He looks like a movie star.

    • Well said…exactly ..i particularly liked the cow thing

    • Pat Answers

      She is pregnant? Rally? Mohamed slept with her?

    • Khalidah Kamal

      Preach! Best response like ever!! Thanks for expressing all my thoughts and feelings about Danielle so I don’t have to..lol

    • Thomas Silk

      You know exactly how to put my own thoughts into words! You’re a wonderful writer.

  • September24

    This other woman is a fool. He is no prize.

  • BreeMorey

    He is a douche but he looks more suited o her friend than to her! Danielle just needs to stop being stupid get her sh it together and focus on her kids then the right man for HER will come along.. This was never going to work and everyone knew it…

    • snark shark

      Danielle thinks she’s too good for a man with the same physical and financial situation as her. Desperately trying to “date up” is what got her in this mess.

  • snark shark

    I doubt Mohammad is sleeping with Danielle’s friend. She looks exactly like Danielle but with a hijab. Was that report implying the friend is also no longer with her Egyptian husband? Lmao. Unless Danielle has a developmental disability I don’t feel bad for her. Did she really think a man that is decent enough looking would go for an overweight, unattractive woman that’s twice his age with 3 kids? Come on.

    • I agree…Dont forget she was broke and did some over the top bold lying..plus she seems to be perpetually pathetic and downtrodden..men want a woman who is a joy to be around.

      • Pat Answers

        In this case, men want a woman who can give them a green card.

  • Sarah

    They both used each other. She wanted to find some way to get money, he wanted a green card. She’s milking this, he has moved on. This is just embarrassing to see play out. Gofundme pages to help fix your car? People use that service for extremely serious causes. These two are plain stupid.

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Actually someone started a go fund me for Kanye and his $53 million worth of debt.

      • Thomas Silk

        Don’t even get me started on those Kardashian pieces of shit.

  • barbinop

    One simple word……deportation

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Agreed! They weren’t married the designated amount of time I don’t think. Bye bye Mohammed.

  • Ellen

    You know that was a no Brainer<he wanted to come to America & she was a easy target! He acted more decussated than in LOVE~The whole show was just totally demeaning to Danielle~she totally made a fool of herself~I wish her happiness but she needs to wise up

    • Bryan

      WTF ???

  • Ellen

    Another thing she’s asking for the Social Media to not put bad comments on here~ Duh ~there’s no good comments that anyone can post~if you don’t like the Comments stay off FB and other The Internet~she’s wanting Publicity she’s the one who brought him to the US ! DEAL WITH IT! What people Won’t do to get 15 min of fame~no matter if it’s good or bad!

  • CoachWristletJen

    IMHO, the biggest piece of this puzzle now is that this woman is delusional and not just deceiving herself a little the way we all can do sometimes. She’s delusional as in she needs to be locked up and given serious psychiatric meds. She still thinks they had a “relationship.” She still wants him back. She still thinks there is no proof of cheating. You could show her a video of him having sex with one of these women and she would tell you it was doctored or he was not in his right mind. She needs to take a good look at him and a good look at herself and realize that there’s just no way, there never was. She was his ticket over here. Nothing more. He’s absolutely disgusted with her. Looks and age aside, they have nothing in common. They have nothing to talk about. He had zero feelings for her and zero intention of working. He’s a bum. Sadder still it is too late to get rid of him. We’re stuck with him, thanks to her.

  • Angie

    His ass, needs to be sent back to where he came from! It was obvious from the start, he couldn’t stand her and was using her!! She needs to put her big girl panties on, and deal with it, because she is no victim in this!

  • Mrs.K

    Run Mohamed Run! Get that greencard and go!!!

    • Mark


  • Nakba

    he has used her from day one , you could tell by his body language she is trying to hard to touch his hand or hold hands while he keeps his hands away . he is a crook and a loser who is after a green card only . i feel sorry for naive danielle . he does not deserve the green card , he was not genuine promising love forever after . what a con artist .

  • chacha1

    Get a job Danielle and quit begging for money you and your slug children need to go and get a job, that would be the right thing to do, I wonder why anyone with a brain cell would give you one dollar

  • Tonya Armstrong

    This entire situation is a joke. Can’t wait to continue laughing as I watch tonight’s episode. She was used and is apparently not bright enough to figure it out. I mean dude wouldn’t even kiss her on her wedding and he was never affectionate. If and when a man wants you he’s going to show it and I don’t care who he is or what his religious beliefs are.

  • Laurie

    This woman is just starving for attention from every angle. She’s probably never known what love is. She thinks just bc he is in America, he “loves” her. The only thing this 26 yr old loves is himself. I hope she doesn’t go on Dr. Phil. He will shred her apart. Don’t see it happening though – Dr. Phil won’t waste his time on this bc it’s so freakin’ dumb.

  • Roger

    Love can be blind… But these to aren’t in the same age group or physical class of people. 41 yr old woman should know better. How can this man be attracted to you, you’re out of shape and so much older than him, with a bunch of kids. What were you expecting

  • jayanna

    Wow! I just watched this episode for the first time tonight. Poor Danielle. She should have known better but love is blind. I feel very sorry for her poor kids who were just a victimized by her naive nature as they were by the Tunisian playboy. It’s easy to make fun of her and her simplicity but I am embarrassed for her.

  • Ira Weinberg

    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

  • Barb

    The thing I noticed on the most recent recap show, is Mohammed is asked “what do you like about Danielle?” He replies, “she is honest”. And then watching the show, you see her not telling him about financial troubles because she (wahhhh wahhhh) doesn’t want to lose him! That’s called dishonesty folks, so I’m back on his side. If she would’ve been honest from the start, things would’ve been different

  • Lisa

    She does not want to realized that he used her for a green card. I was used for citizenship too. I thought my husband loved me I thought he cared about me. but then as I was sitting there. why isn’t he kissing me when we’re behind doors. how come he is not acting like he loves me. he cares about me. and then when I saw his friends wife what she was an American too and he used her to for citizenship. I could not believe it I should’ve put two and two together myself. and I just realized that maybe he was doing it to me too. but I didn’t want to realize that, I wanted to have this fantasy that I found a person that really cared about me. but he really didn’t that’s what really sucked. my first ex-husband it was a Palestinian from Hebron,Jerusalem. I was pretty close to his family we used to go there and visit them for months on end. It was the best time in my life. I finely felt part of a family. And it was gone. and then all of a sudden he wants me to go overseas have a child I don’t want to leave my job but his sister was getting married and I wanted to be there for it. Let just say I should of stayed home and got a lawyer. The pain of it has stayed with me and it’s been 16 years since it happen. So who ever reads this take it from me don’t do it because you will never be the same.

  • pennie

    little miss, 1st, you don’t love this guy, yes he probably hooked up with you to come to the usa.
    if i was him, i would of left your azz a long time,

    every time you got pissed at him, was, im going to deport you. way to go dumbazz, your a big joke, you deserved it by hime leaving you..

  • ChanceAtIt

    Read a few comments my biggest concern was taking time and what little money she had away from the kids for some guy who the world knew wasn’t into her
    Geez poor kids

  • Prestofab

    First of all Danielle look at you! Get over it get off your loser ass get a better job and get on with your life do you really think a guy like that would want to be with you! ? You have mental issues!

  • Lorena

    Danielle – Everyone knew what he wanted (a green card) except you. Your family tried to tell you – you didn’t listen. You have created this mess and your poor kids have to live with the fallout. A relationship with that age gap – seldom works. He’s just another immigrant trying to move to the USA…and you helped him. I wish I could say I feel sorry for you …..but I think you got what you deserved. Now move on – and try to heal your family. AND NEVER INTERNET DATE WITH FOREIGNERS.

    • imagine what her kids must deal with at school

  • PhilipJames

    why wasn’t this moron deported for violating his visa?

  • $urgicalHazard

    This woman is in denial. He said all the right things to get in this country and now he’s living the life. Deport this f’n idiot or give him an a** whoopin

  • Sharone

    Danielle needs to put on her big girl panties, start putting her children first and get over it. Divorce him and move on. Gotta’ say she really is one needy woman. Did she ever really believe someone like him would be attracted to her??? SERIOUSLY!!!!

  • Silvia Iannotti

    Mohammed needs to be deported as soon as possible. He took advantage of this woman just to obtain his green card. A woman, who in my opinion, is mentally challenged. Marrying someone just to obtain a green card is fraud, therefore, he should be deported ASAP. He is no prize. I don’t know what women see in him, he’s not good looking at all, a liar, controlling, manipulative, lazy loser.

    • mentally challenged? thats an understatement.

  • people realize that not a real selfie right….. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight? good god please say you all can tell thats an awful photoshop. guys prob not even in miami. that pic below was prob on some boat in new jersey

  • Beavid Maness

    Danielle is a very stupid person for even thinking for one second that Muhammed would be interested in her.

  • Rae

    I personally..have a gut feeling, he is gay?? I’m not saying in anyway that, being gay is wrong! Buy I think scamming women to get away from a County that sadly..shames that choice. It’s terrible.
    He seems always beyond awkward w/ women…sends radar up. ? My opinion

  • Pat Answers

    A 25-year-old man with a good education (engineering) and movie-star looks (he looks like Mario Lopez) is not in love with an obese woman with kids his age. Can you say “Green Card Marriage”? She must have been in denial. Seriously: this guy would be a prize in any country. Did she ever wonder why he couldn’t find a woman back home?

  • Paula

    I say do the annulment **** the divorce ,because he used you to get to the states to have a better life then his own country .

  • Kaden

    Danielle is either stupid or hasn’t seen a mirror in years. She couldn’t possibly believe a reasonably good looking man 15 years younger was in love with her broke down self and 3 kids living in a cheap apartment. Around here the job she has is the job people who can’t get on at Walmart get. Annul your marriage and get a grip on reality. Get the bum deported back to Tunisia and get a guy on the same level and be happy.

  • Jade

    Sorry but this Lady is so delusional. Besidesin there is no way she is 43 she is lying about her age too. She looks like she is mid 50s.
    She is 28 I mean comon Lady Really? İf you were somewhat Good looking old Lady Yeah U can say he might have loved you but sorry to say he did not love you a bit.
    He can care less about you aşk he wants is the greencard. Listen to your girls and annul the marriage and Get him deported. Look for guys in their 50s I know they are ugly old and boring but so are you.

  • Sue Hughes

    At the wedding…when he was saying his vows…he NEVER looked at her…He is so miserable with her…notice when he sees a pretty girl….he smiles….with luisa…he smiles big…but pics with Danielle or being in her presence..he NEVER smiles… He is hiding behind the lies she told…if he REALLY loved her…he never would have left…he would have found a way to pay the bills and “man” up…He is a snake…up to something…and there is much more to this as…ho…..than meets the eye….His eyes are SO SLEASY…

  • Sue Hughes

    BTW….How come those lazy ass daughters are not out working to help pay the bills…..they sit on their fat and gay asses and just continue to act ignorant

  • Forbidden Fruit

    They’re both users with ulterior motives. She could date someone her own age in her own league, but no–she had to go for a young, fit exotic guy that is dependent on her for everything. That’s controlling and creepy no matter whether it’s an old rich guy doing it or a fat ugly lady like Danielle buying a mail order husband.

    I hope he gets deported and her heart gets broken by every young, attractive man she reels in. Maybe they’ll both learn a lesson!

  • Lily Salas

    I sincerely hope that this message makes it’s way to Danielle through the magic of the Internet. You are a beautiful woman! You have so much to offer & you give away your power when you don’t acknowledge how very, very special you are. You are a beautiful, driven, kind, and incredibly loving women. Any man would consider himself lucky to have you. Mohamed threw away a good thing. I want you to know, that if I was your friend I would support you every step of the way to realize how very special you are. You deserve the absolute best that life has to offer! You have so much love to give. You might think at times that you aren’t “good enough”, please don’t listen to those hideous lies. You are more beautiful, more special, more deserving, and more powerful than you could ever imagine!!! My heart is with you! <3 Lily Salas

  • Lily Salas

    I spent a few moments reading this thread, I’m disappointed by the lack of support. I felt while watching, that Danielle was insecure & questioned her own power. My disappointment stems from “judgements”. Was there a time when I blindly sacrificed who I was? Was there a time that I doubted my personal wealth? Was there a time that I allowed my partner to make a decion in which I had no voice? Was there a time that I ignored my strengths and power so that someone else could feel powerful? YES, sooo many times yes. The only difference between Danielle & I are that I learned these lessons with partners in the states that didn’t need visas. If you take nothing else away from my message, please remember this. We are ALL struggling. We ALL have our own lessons to learn. Let’s be extra kind to ourselves & others as we travel through this life couse. Let’s raise each other up!! I’m sick of the culture of women that tear each other down. WE NEED EACH OTHER. Let’s inpire, encourage, empower, and support each other.

  • Doreese Everitt-Loyd

    omg….. Everyone makes it sound like HE is the bad guy here. SHE used him just as much by LYING about her financial situation. SHE wanted someone to come in and pay her bills and LIED about it. LOOK AT HER! She OBVIOUSLY can’t find a man DUMB enough to fall for her crap in the states so she had to find some young dumb guy out of the country to fill him with her bull. OF course he had second thoughts about marrying her knowing he was basically there to bail her out of a financial situation SHE created. She has plenty of time for social media so maybe she should take that time and GET A JOB to support HERSELF and her GROWN kids could help out too! I have only watched this show a few times and mostly it makes me sick but this couple take the cake. Danielle needs to get a spinoff with Honey Boo Boo’s MOM because they both have about the same amount of class. Call the show “Real Life Welfare Mom’s”!

    • Doreese Everitt-Loyd

      To the person that “felt embarrassed for Danielle…. yeah right she knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Danielle just a really bad and unattractive gold digger.

    • Thomas Silk

      I will be the first one to watch.

  • McGillacuddy

    I don’t think he was using her. He had no experience with women at all before her. He got involved with a total fruitcake. Of course I only saw what was put on TV, but she brought this on herself. She lied to him from day one — that is a biggie. She refuses to take any responsibility for her actions, keeps crying “I thought you’d leave me if you knew” — its such manipulation. It really is disgusting. She needs serious psychological help – and that may not work because she clearly is intellectually and emotionally limited. I’m tired of everybody blaming Mohammed. She was not upfront with him about who she really was and her problems. I know her fear was that he would not want to be with her if he knew the truth, but she lied to him about who she really was and that is HUGE. She tried to lock him in a room, for gods sake. That’s serious craziness.

    • Doreese Everitt-Loyd

      I totally agree! Did she even send him her REAL picture or save off 75 pounds, cut and paste a new face? lmao @ me She’s was a loser before the show and she’s still a loser. If I were him, I would have hauled ass too!

      • Thomas Silk

        And she will always be a loser till the day she dies.

  • Vickie Carroll

    Mohamad, you deserve someone that is more suitable for you, Danielle is a cry baby and acts like a 4 year old kid, she is desperate to be loved, but she needs to grow up and act her age, I can see why she got fired, she should be in a facility for the mentally handicap, good luck, hope you get your divorce and find someone that is more suitable for you, ?

    • Thomas Silk

      Danielle is just a hot mess and there’s nothing MoHa can do to fix her.

  • Leisley

    Mohamed needsnto be DEPORTED and danielle can do,he clearly used her to come to u.s he is a big jerk liar user that needs to be deported!he ruined danielle’s life…

    • Thomas Silk

      My Dear Leisley, her life was ruined way before he came on the scene.

  • C

    I think Mohammed is handsome. But, he found a naive person Danielle to help pay expenses $1000.00 more to get him papers to remain here. Sad, Daniele seemed so love struck by his youth and good looks. I am sorry, but she is not in his league. She is nice person, just not attractive, heavy, much older. I think it is very sad because he just wanted her to pay for him.

  • flybaby

    Well, Danielle, you gave him a divorce just so you think you can remain “friends”? HAH, you are as stupid as you are fat and ugly. No wonder your kids have no respect for you.

  • Tory

    This dilussional woman should be ashamed of herself. The guy was way to young for her anyway. And yes she did lie to him about her finances. She should have known damn well that he was only using her for a great card, she couldn’t be that damn blind or stupid. Then again, I could be wrong

  • Yolanda

    Daniel get the anulment he’s used you send him back to where he came from and go on with your life …

  • Ima Stansbery

    Sorry but I think Danielle is bipolar and Mohammed should have ran back to his country cause Danielle’s physco

  • EMC

    They used each other. One got the better end of the deal. Both lied, but one of them broke the law. People think with their feelings nowadays and few want to take responsibility for their own actions. Yuck.

  • Mircat1231

    Danielle get psychotherapy and take meds. You have no grasp on reality.

  • shynell

    danielle ,, wash your ass.. your husband says u smell . thats nasty,, he said u need to see doctor before sex,, your stuff must be dirty, with a bad odor ,, ewwe

    • Thomas Silk

      The thought of smelling her bad odor, or seeing her naked hootch just makes me want to puke.

  • Debbie

    Danielle, I’m very sorry this has happened to you. I’m rather surprised at the comments below. I cannot believe how horribly mean these women are! It appeared you loved him. And from the moment he got here, he only showed you disdain. He is not a good man. I hope you and your girls are healing. As for Muhammad HE IS THE DAMN DEVIL. He needs to be deported.

  • Christina

    She is blaming Mohammed for everything. Why should he come to America and be stuck with debts, grown kids and a poor example of a mother who has a criminal record, debts, and an odour problem!! She humiliated him with her bouts of screaming “I WANT MY SEX NOW!” in front of her grown children!! Mohammed did try to keep things together between them and like he said it was just too much drama with her!! She was in a bad situation BEFORE he came to America, can’t blame it on him!!

  • Doreese Everitt-Loyd

    omg…. SHE used HIM because she wanted him to come in and pay her bills. He may have used her too but SHE never was truthfull about her financial situation. Look at her…. no wonder she couldn’t get anyone in THIS country! She’s not attractive, she’s very over weight and doesn’t look like she even tries to keep herself up. There are MANY over weight attractive women but she’s not one of them. She’s got mental issues that’s a given and she’s gotten allot of attention over this show that she’s probably gotten before. Hey on the bright side, maybe there will be a spin off “Trailer Park of Love” staring Danielle and Honey BooBoo’s mom!

    • Thomas Silk

      One of the best comments here!

  • Celeste Stevenson

    Danielle, wake up and smell the coffee! Are you that desperate or just that stupid????

  • Tiff

    Deport his ass

  • Truth

    She is not even attractive much less !HOT! She wanted to get laid and had to go overseas to get the desperate green card man. Shame on you potatoes sack
    Danielle. Go out and hire a Jodie to whack your fat you are disgusting to women everywhere. Someone please watch this ugly thang.

  • Alis

    Yes daniell, since all the “people” are being negative , THAT is the reason this shit show didn’t work out? Respond to let the “people” know for sure you aren’t that naive. Not being hateful or rude! Personally I would prefer to see you stand up for yourself for once.

  • Ginger Gonzalez

    Mohammed is gay, he’s not intimate with women just friends, people are assuming !

  • Peggy MacGillivray

    Danielle, I am trying to be kind to you, so please, GROW UP!! You have daughters, and you should be teaching them how to demand respect, AND give it to a man. No one ever gets my email from face book, because I do not make it public, so hide yours, it is very easy. Walk away. Where did the money come from for you to fly to Miami just to fight with him? You never could afford anything for this ….foolishness. I am very surprised that someone in your financial position could even get someone into the country on ANY kind of Visa? Respect yourself and leave, you won’t be losing anything good. He is a liar and a user.

  • Charlotte Doyen

    Ok let’s get this straight. She used his want to come to the United States to get her a ready made husband and when it blew up in her face she started shinning like a lil -itch. This woman gives the rest of us a bad name. She is soly at fault for all that has happened. She actually lied from the beginning. Or does everyone forget that.

  • Charlotte Doyen

    I can’t believe no one sees how she used him first. In the beginning she States she wants someone to help her w the kids and income.

  • Thomas Silk

    Danielle, who do you think you’re kidding. You are NOT over him! There’s no hope for you. I don’t blame your family for cutting you off. You are a hopeless loser.