Fired Swamp People cast vent at History Channel, then they’re asked to remove their comments

Swamp People Gator Queen Liz Cavalier quote

History Channel’s life-or-death alligator hunting reality series Swamp People is one of those rare reality show success stories that doesn’t depend on drama, whether it was on screen or off. But, after History Channel overhauled the cast for the upcoming seventh season, some of those who were told they are not returning are expressing their anger and frustration online, apparently against the network’s demands!

Among the official cast members reportedly not returning for the new season are the following:

Elizabeth “Gator Queen Liz” Cavalier
Jessica Cavalier

Junior Edwards
Willie Edwards

Joe LaFont
Tommy Chauvin

Jeromy Pruitt
David LaDart


“Due to unknown reasons by the production company ‘Original Media’ my family and myself, along with other original cast members, besides Jeromy and David, will no longer be participating in the Swamp People series, starting with season 7,” wrote Swamp People‘s leading lady, Elizabeth Cavalier, on Facebook. “It saddens me to know that our fans are the ones who will suffer from these unexplained actions by the new management of this production company. REALITY. We will continue with our regular lives and hope to stay connected with all of you in the future. To all of my fans, with love, GatorqueenLiz.”

Jeromy Pruitt and David LaDart also broke the news to their fans on Facebook:

Just wanted to let everyone one know that we just got the call from Swamp People on History that we were cut from the show. We had a great time an met so many wonderful people. Thank you to all the fans. You haven’t seen the last of Jeromy Pruitt and David LaDart aka the SWAMP LEGENDS


Swamp People Junior and Willie Edwards fired

Junior and Willie Edwards (photo above) took to Facebook to quell rumors that they were fired because they were demanding more money:

I see a bunch of posts saying that a certain family was saying that we asked for more money and that’s why we are not on the show anymore. To clear up gossip and BS. We never asked for anything. Only communication we had with the production company was when we were told that we would not be on the show any more.

We have made our living off the bayou all our lives. We don’t need a camera stuck in our faces to do that like some people.


Meanwhile, returning cast member Jacob Landry shared a post in which he revealed that the Landry family would be back, and that he had no say in which cast members returned and which did not:

Not sure about all the comments going around about certain cast members being cut from the show but as for as the Landry family, we will be filming in just a few short weeks for season 7! We were told there would be some changes but they could not say who or what. Unfortunately we do not have a say so in who is on the show but we will voice our opinions to the higher ups Thanks to everyone who is a fan of the show and please be patient to see how it all pans out.


The frustrated comments riled the feathers of not only the fans of the show, but apparently the show producers as well. According to Liz, they demanded the posts about the firings be taken down! As you might imagine, Gator Queen Liz was not about to back down!

Hello everyone, I was just informed from these people want me to remove my post, KISS MY A$$, how you like that post!!! I was told they had a lot of nasty phone call and complaints, well these people call this business, well I’m different, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I will die that way, my family and my heritage stays alive always, until I die, I will not stop posting !!!And I support Louisiana 100 percent, rather keep my pride than sell my soul to the devil!


Choot ’em Lizbet!! In the comments section Liz added, “Bunch of CANDY ASSES” before making it clear that she was thankful for the opportunity. “You know I am so proud to have shown what my momma and daddy showed me, it was a good run but its done, life for us will still go on, my memories are good memories.”

Liz’s husband Justin Choate also chimed in on the matter:

Liz and I would like to hear what the fans opinion is on this. We were advised by a certain two companies that I will not name, to delete our posts from our pages and not to comment on any of this anymore. Please let me hear your thoughts on this. We always put our friends, family, and even strangers first. I believe we have the right to tell everyone the truth. What do you think.


Jeromy Pruitt and David LaDart Swamp People

Jeromy and David (photo above) shared a similar message/request:

Let us know what y’all think about Liz an Justin being told to remove their post off of facebook. well david and I are with Justin and Liz. What do y’all think?


Upset fans of Jeromy and David even started an online petition at asking for the return of the duo to Swamp People. At the time of this post it already has more than 5,300 signatures.

As you might have guessed, a portion of the anger from fans has been misdirected at some of the returning cast members, which is something Jeromy and David wanted to make clear they did not want:

Jacob Landry (Swamp People) sorry for all the negative comments being made by fans about our (Gator Queen Liz,Justin Choate,Junior and Willie Edwards ) departure from the show. We have never encouraged any negativity towards your family because we consider y’all our family. We just simply let all our fans know that David and I would no longer be on swamp people. Also, David and I have never made any demands to the network or anyone else for that matter. We want to wish yall luck and continued success with the show. Wish David and I could continue to be apart of the swamp people family! It’s funny how all of us cast members have always said there’s nothing more important than family and a true family sticks together through thick and thin. So, some cast members( and I won’t say who) should practice what we preach and preach what we practice to keep family together!


Oh snap! I think History Channel is missing out on an opportunity to launch a Swamp People spin-off series comprised of those cast members who were not asked to return, and that cast could be in competition with those that did return! If that happened, which team would you be on?

Getting back to the firings… Cast turnover is nothing new in the reality show business, but is certainly sounds like Original Media just did not handle this well. They should have been respectful enough to have a sit down, or at least a lengthy phone conversation, with those not returning to explain their decision. Am I wrong?

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  • truckproductions

    so tired of this entitled attitude from simple folk on reality TV

  • jeff

    They’re really showing their maturity. It’s hard to believe these are actually adults.

    • couponfreestuff

      I’m not sure how any one in here would react to losing substantial income?? These people, some of them lived hand to mouth before this,show then without warning it’s yanked away. Calling them immature for being upset over losing income is wrong in my opinion, I’m sure you would not be happy if it happened to you. And after seeing what regular people post on social media, it takes some. Audacity to call someone else immature.

      • Curtis

        They should have got rid of rj and Jay Paul ,they are two arrogant idiots I don’t know how they managed to stay alive. ..but I guess that they couldn’t handle a lady out fishing thier asses. I know plenty of girls who fished gators, skinned animals and hunted along with their dad’s,uncles and brothers until they married to get away from the swamp life ………

  • Mrs C.

    I’m sure if Ms. Swamp was bringing in the big bucks the network would keep her and he clan.

    • sherry knicely

      I liked it the way it was j paul and rj just got in trouble for beating a man over road rage and is now the star of the show not to metion the new idiots that are on now l wont be watching only the old seasons on net flix.

      • geri

        say what?

  • Jane

    She seems so sweet and easy to work with, I cannot imagine why she was fired.

  • Kim

    They really can get rid of J Paul and RJ too.

  • Andy R

    Can’t say I blame the cast. Several of them have admitted to becoming dependent on the revenue from the show because times were tough for them. So I’d be upset, too.

  • Steve Witherell

    Pick and choose.they should all just say the hell with it and go back to their normal routine.where does the production company get off tellng tbem what they can or cannot say.?

  • heatherj

    First off long live the gator queen!! I love all of these characters and they have their right to their feelings and opinions. And to say what they want. Its called freedom of speech. Now that this has happened i will be boycotting the show….because people with any moral decency and southern manners and knowscwhat family is about would do the same. You back your familys play each and every damn time.

    • Tammy Jones

      These cast members have familys to feed yes I would be the first to say i miss junior and Liz but if your friend got fired from her job that means u supposed to quit if u do your an idiot

    • Macky McKinley

      All of them? Even those dickheads=RJ and Especially J. Paul?

  • Jodi Thorpe

    I watched 30 minutes of this season 7 show and turned it . Jpaul and the other one was on there most of the time so they probably paid those producers off I just wish Liz and the others were back and to try and take over the Landry’s area cuz they couldn’t get big ones from there own is wrong won’t be watching anymore half hour was enough for me in done oh and by the way where is the petition I want to sign!!!!

    • Loyal Fan

      Watching the finale and we are so sick of RJ and Jay Paul. We miss Liz and family and all the others left out this season. If there is another season, please rethink your casting. No more arrogant ranting and constant reference to their heritage. More Landrys and bring back those who made us all watch to begin with.

      • chris

        R.J kills me with those tight shirts LOL Yep dude you are ripped and we all noticed it , so now you can go back to the store and buy yourself a new shirt out of the Mens dept.this time

        • Charles

          haha. RJ has Little Man Syndrome. He needs to cut that rat tail off the back of his head.

  • joemathieus

    Rj and J paul drive me nuts. They play to the camera and fake fake fake. Liz was fun to watch. I was never a devout fan of swamp people. My wife and daughter love the show. Troy, Joe, Willie, Liz were the show. You add more TV time for RJ and Jpaul yeah put a nail in that coffin.

    Idiot producers.

    • The_way_I_see_it

      I know you post is a little old but I’m going to respond anyway. I agree with you 100% about Rj and J Paul. They are the only two on the show I could never tolerate. They are too cocky, arrogant, and stuck on themselves. The show should have fired them and kept Liz. Then they add the Edgars and those two other goofballs that really ruined the show. This is the last season, they should have used all original cast members.

      • Jay Gotama

        I agree. One can smell fake…They reeked of it.

      • GOGO

        I agree with you 100%. I couldn’t have said it better.

      • Tasha Hardin

        To be honest RJ and J Paul shouldn’t have even mad it all the way to the new season. They should have gotten rid of them a while ago.

        • Diana

          I disagree, I like RJ an J Paul, I enjoy watching them, with that said I WAY disagree with the cuts they made to the show. They NEED to get back to the original cast members. The show will never be the same without them, I still watch and enjoy the show but not as good as it used to be.

          • Kilted Kelly

            Not a fan of them either, but no one is as annoying and fake as that Roger dude.

    • lonnieadamsjr

      Never cared for RJ & J Paul either. I would record the episodes so I could fast forward them and also Jeromy and David. RJ & JP gave the fake God’s gift vibe and J & D over acted and seemed cartoony!

      • Macky McKinley

        I do the same thing. I live in Southern Louisiana and those 2 are the most self centered , egotistical, cocky S.O.B.s down here. Those little baby ass alligators they catch? Who wants to watch that?

    • LC

      And they always ALWAYS had the puniest smallest gators….cant stand them!

  • joemathieus

    The producers should explain themselves.

  • Lore Dove-Hamlin

    They should get rid of the Houmas and leave the rest alone,what a bunch of stupid asses! Liz and her family and friends were just as good or better as troy and his family!!

  • ladierose1021

    An explanation would have been the decent thing to do. You don’t treat anyone like that. I guess the storyline this year will surround the new puppy to help ease the pain of Tyler the dog passing away. The show’s ratings take a hit when you remove popular cast members. Good luck to Liz and the others.

  • Candy Kittles

    Why would you take away not only one of the best cast members but also the only women? Sounds like a few people are threaten by strong women! Shame on you our little girls need to see more of people like Liz,not more smart mouth fake men like RJ and J Paul

    • Geri Barnett

      Yep, that’s right…..

      • rebecca

        yes bring back the show as it was before.

        used to watch all of the time.

    • Ann of Daytona

      I agree 100%! Liz and daughter Jess were all woman, yet courageous hunters doing what been done and passed on in their families for generations. I miss them and the show suffers greatly for removing the individuals that they did. Poor judgment and business call by the Producers. Poop is what it is. Period.

      • I asked every week where they were. I thought something happened in the family. I was worried about them. Now I am really displeased with the decision they made to remove them. You are missed Liz. Just glad everyone is okay beside the obvious. Could stop by and visit in LA someday. I have some great friends down there.

  • Ed2168

    So instead of watching Liz’s boys learn about the swamp and build boats just have old time fun I have to watch a showboater drive a bowie knife deep into the skull of a gator. Real family TV.

    • Ann of Daytona

      Amen to that!

  • jeremy

    Hate to see Liz and Jessica go, also jeremy and david. Rj and Jay Paul are really making a joke of themselves, I think if there had been a fan vote, they would be the first off the show. Love my swamp ppl…

  • zeevee61

    My boyfriend and I have been fans every since the first show aired. Last night’s show wasn’t very good. I can see why it’s the final season…….

    • chris

      I’m surprised that I have not read a single post that mentioned Frenchy and Gee. I enjoy seeing them hunt. Its obvious Those 2 men truly are very good friends. They are so in sync with each other its almost like they can read each others mind at times

  • Richard Black

    What happened to Glenn? Liz and her family picked him up and kept him close and busy after Mitchell passed away. They had him come in and teach their boys the swamp stuff that made this show worth watching. You can’t fake caring about someone like that. Liz & Justin stay true to you and your beliefs, Karma is sweet.
    After watching last night it is obvious that the show is missing what made it good, so much added crap trying to be dramatic. Can you see it in last nights show, you guys need to show your heritage can you kill the gator with a knife to the head instead of a bullet. The one good thing that this show had was that they always had each others backs, they looked out for each other. Now it’s just another housewives franchise show, they took the reality out of the reality show. Bye Y’all,
    no reason to watch this anymore.

  • Linda Webb Schatzman

    Liked swamp people like it was the ones you took off was the reason we watched

  • Janice

    The new music sucks .Get Liz and the other crew back. You are recking a good thing. I don’t think I will watch it much anymore.The new show was bad

    • Mer Hum

      Yeah! I don’t like the new music either. Everything is so different! I don’t like it anymore! Bring back the way it used to be!

  • jstttes

    What a shame ! Think you can tell me what to do after you tell me I do
    not work for you . Everywhere you look,RJ,JPaul and the memory of the two should have been gone after first show ! And what does it mean to place a newborn baby in the mouth of a dead alligator ?Liz I hope everything works out well for Jessica.

  • Clearanceman2 .

    Seems like they are all back, at least almost all of them. I guess they worked it out.

  • Carolh

    We will miss you liz. I think you and troy made the show what it is now

  • Toni Franklin

    The show has become BORING !!!
    RJ and J Paul have no respect for anyone, they are erregant jerks. I’ve watched my last season.

    • The_way_I_see_it

      Actually, this is the final season of the show. RJ and J Paul are what I like to refer to as “d$cks with ears”.

  • K K

    “SHAME… ON… YOU.. HISTORY.. CHANNEL”!!!! Hey Liz get hold of all the other networks and pitch to them a new better gator catching show. That witch does not kill us… only makes us stronger. GOOD BYE HISTORY CHANNEL DON’T GO AWAY MAD…JUST GO AWAY!


  • Mary Jane Rothgeb

    Liz and Family, Glenn and Mitchell, Troy and Family made show fun to watch!!! And after Mitchell’s death I enjoyed watching Glenn as part of Liz’s Family as he engaged in adventures with Liz’s boys!!! Shouldn’t have fired Liz!!!! Have watched the first two episodes and it’s not as enjoyable….. BORING!!!!


      I totally agree to bring back those who built the show into the slam dunk it was in the beginning with Liz, junior, Landry and the who crew. You people keep trying to “fix” things that ain’t broke.

  • Holli Warren

    What does The History Channel have against strong women…must be run by Donald Trump.

  • jseven

    Watched this show from the start. Troy and Liz my absolute favorites. After a bit loved junior, Jeremy and David. Now who needs to go is RJ and Jay Paul. Arrogant jerks that love bar fights and I can’t believe how rude they are hunting in Troy’s territory. Watched 3 eps this season and still no Liz or Jeremy so I decided to look up to see when they would be coming and found this. SO!!!! Good bye Swamp People! Just Troy is not enough to keep me, and having to look at RJ and J Paul every week?? NTY!!! Stick a fork in it! It’s done!

    • Donna Lasley

      So true and this new bs PA and Grand dad stuff is just plain strange in a weird way! Bring back the original cast minus the back stabbing rj jpaul rude rude rude

      • Mer Hum

        They are rude. They are not glorifying GOD in their actions. You can’t wear a cross and act like that. That is wrong. Not trying to judge, it sounds like I am but I don’t want people getting the wrong impression on what a true believer looks like.

  • Kim

    Loved Liz & her family. They were caring people who took care of Glenn. Also Jr. & Willie. These are families who cared about one another. My husband & I even liked Jeromy & David! And now we are left with people like RJ & J Paul. Don’t think so. Good bye History Channel!!

  • Don C.

    I don’t understand at all why they would remove most of the original cast for the last season. That is just stupid. The show is horrible now. How they think some guy who calls his son “Dad” and his grandson “Pa” is better than Liz and her family or better than Junior, Teresa and Willie is just beyond it for me. The Landry’s should have backed out when they learned what they did to the other cast members! Sorry, Troy – Loyalty to friends and family is what it is all about!

    • Ann of Daytona

      Right On!


      Don’t watch the show plz explain. You’re saying some older guy calls HIS son DAD? AND he calls HIS grandson PA as in a young child? He calls a young child PA? You don’t maje any sense.

      • Dustin Salmon

        I know you posted this a month ago but I guess it isn’t a very active post anymore. But yes as Don C. stated the is a father on there who calls his son “dad” and calls his grandson “pa”. Yes I know his comment made no sense if you don’t watch the show. That is why I created an account just to answer your question. As weird and messed up as it sounds it is the truth. And your 100% correct when you said it doesn’t make sense but again it is what that particular father refers to his son”dad” and his grandson”pa”. As confusing as it is I hope I was able to clear it up for you.

        • Tammy Jones

          This comment is annoying you keep saying the same thing plz go and get speech lessons oh my god just annoying

  • KiltedSavage

    I feel the same about the father/son team of RJ and Jay Paul. They’re a couple of attention whores, divas and the constant Native American BS was old the first season. Having grown up with a Native American sister and her family, I know true Native people don’t constantly flaunt and pose about theit heritage or pretend they’re more than who they are. Not to mention they’re thugs and bullies, having beat a man senseless with a beer bottle in a fit of road rage, two hardcases piling on one guy like cowards.

    If this reality TV company was smart and had any class at all, they’d drop RJPaul and keep the queen of the swamp, Liz.

    The History channel was once a fan favourite, offering interesting programs about history, both US and world events and then they sold out in the typical network fashion by turning to a constant diet of reality TV shite. Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Swamp People, the staged and phony show about the Texas hog hunting family, and etc etc etc. Now that they’ve removed fan favourite, Lady Liz, my guess is the show has outlived it’s charm and it won’t be long before our favourite alligator hunters are syndicated and once that happens, it will one one less reason to tune in to History Channel.

    • Kimmy

      I love this show but I don’t want to see theses good ole southern folks giving in to the production company. They all need to hold their heads up and tell the production company that they are fired. Get them out of the swamp before they hurt themselves. I love all the original cast members but I wouldn’t miss RJ or JayPaul . They do seem a bit disrespectful. Keep the old ways alive, that mean as no cameras.

  • Ur

    The show isn’t the same without the old crew, Liz, Justin, David , Willie, Tommy, they all bought a lot to the show, this new crew is boring, and don’t look like they know what there doing as well, I wish they could come back on swap people, that was a big mistake to remove them off the show they will be missed.

    • Daniel

      Yeah well if you remember, liz ,justin and david werent original cast members neither. They were new at some point. How quickly you all forget. Change is usually always a good thing. You cant have the same old crew season after a eason

      • michelle Brandom

        Liz was original. She was Troy’s shooter. Remember the catch phrase “Choot it Liz!”

        • christopher harper

          Liz was not an original cast member, she came on in season two

  • David

    Was a loyal fan of the show since the beginning, something to watch with the family, interesting with endearing characters. The show is now a skeleton of its former self. The new guy calling his son “dad” and his grandson “pa” is strange and to compound on the strangeness, whenever they’re about to take an alligator you just hear, “shoot ’em pa” over and over again. After the 10th one in about a 30 second time period I had had enough.. Goodbye swamp people. It was goodd, until the production team lost their minds and tried to reinvent the wheel. The loyal fans have been jaded and beloved cast members have been dismissed in such a dirty way. And just to reiterate, my biggest qualm with this new season is how hugely annoying this “pa” and “dad” crap is. It’s not endearing. It’s weird, annoying, and needs to be toned down. Only thing I wonder is if that old codger sings, “I’m my own grandpa” and actually believes it.

    • The_way_I_see_it

      I can’t tolerate the Edgars either so you’re not alone. They should have kept Liz.

      • DISGUSTED in Minnesota

        I miss Liz and her daughter. As well as Junior. They and Landrys prove family life important. J Paul and R J stuck on themselves. And when they encroached on Landrys lines pis_ed me off. They should be ones let go.

      • chris

        I have to say I despise Daniel Edgars as well. I can deal with his sons and grandson but I just cringe every time I see him open his mouth because you can bet he is going to be bragging on himself or putting one of the others down. I will never forget him actually saying on one episode that “I’m good at everything I try”

  • sickofthebs

    what;s with the dude calling his sons dad and grand kids pa WTF? F’n weird… He looks like he shouldn’t even be out there.

    • Mer Hum

      I KNOW IT!!!! After the 1st 5 minutes I was soooo done with that talk!!!! How frickin ANNOYING!!!! PAW and DAD!!!!! Give me a break! They think that’s entertaining???? NO WAY! It makes my skin crawl! YEAH! Skin crawl……PAW!

  • Jenny McCready

    They couldn’t leave well enough alone. The show never asked what the viewers wanted. Without us there wouldn’t b a show. R J and JPaul wouldn’t have been missed but Liz and Jeromy snd David are. Then on the last season they bring in new people. WTH?

  • Ridgebackwoman

    Liz was one of my favorites, it won’t be the same without her.
    Not sure what the post said but what ever happened to free speech

    • chris

      I loved Liz as well , I may have read it wrong but I think it was the history Channel asking her to remove comments she put on “the history channel” website which they do own and moderate and fund. Still I am a firm believer in our freedoms as a disabled Vet I put my butt on the line literally to protect those rights. Sad part is though they will have their admin/ moderators remove it and then block her and they are within their rights to do so. Kind of like if someone posts a comment on your FB page that is offensive to you You have the option to remove it from “your page” regardless of her freedom of speech

  • Bruce Sanders

    Yes ASA Hawks you are wrong, who’s side your on petitions!! This is all a joke, it is a cut throat business ratings are low so they are just trying to Infuse a cast to get ratings up so in 3 years max it want matter what side you on the show will be cancelled 10 years is not gonna happen I liked the show but for me it has kinda lost its wow moments Duck Dynasty’s show is right behind them it’s all about the numbers so some of the members had to go so I guess they cut the least popular ones. I wish the original cast could have made it to the end but you can’t blame the powers to be to make a quarterback change looking for a spark!¡!

  • Marcela Janowski

    I missed Willy and Junior, my husband missed Jerome and David, and you removed the only woman gator hunter on the show!!!!!? We also loved Glenn. And Tha Landry family all stayed. Guess we won’t be watching swamp people anymore. We will just watch movie on hbo, thank you. It is kind of boring right now . So long swamp people.

  • Okie born breed

    I think the network is going to wish they wild have left this site and all the people on it because the public out cry is going to get bigger than anything that was said. I think this channel history is making a fatal mistake without Swamp people we don’t have no reason to watch there history channel. I’m mad and will complain to whomever I have to until this show is back on. I’m tired of these channels thinking they can get by with anything they want. We need to go on strike grim watching the history channel altogether period

  • Mina Rose

    I am bothered by the cancellation, upset about the changes, disgusted by the choice of characters.
    My hubby & I have been a faithful watchers from Season 1, Episode 1.
    **Initially I liked all the characters including RJ & J Paul, until they started acting like dumb@$$es. My dad used to go to powwows & not once did we see anyone act like that. I can not believe that the History Channel would condone & reward bullying, and by keeping these 2 jokers in the show after beating a man senseless, and that’s exactly what they did.
    **I love Liz, & her family, including Glen. To be honest, I liked her daughter UNTIL she started disrespecting her mother with her attitude. It was obvious that she was showing off. I felt so bad for Liz. Liz trying to control her self until she finally had enough & put a stop to her antics. I don’t think I’ve ever cheered so loud while watching this show. IMHO, she deserves so much more respect than Jessica was giving her. It’s ok to stand up for your self, Jessica, but never against a mother such as the one you have. Many women out there wish they had a wonderful mom like the one you were blessed with, & you’re wasting the opportunity.
    *Junior & his family were cool. Joe & Tommy were energetic. David & his son, were a breath of fresh air, praying for people affected by a hurricane was wonderful. Last but not least, Troy and his family, a loving, generous family, love it. Troy & Liz were my favorite, they made an excellent team, too. Bruce & Ron are also great, the picture of perseverance. Others in the show that…. I didn’t care for, no longer there, awesome!

    What I don’t like about this season? Simple, the jokers are STILL in it, going to Troy’s territory was bullcrap. They said it themselves, they go where they want. Arrogant bungholes & beating their chest about “were the king o’ da swamp” who gives a flip, dude? Grow the he’ll up, you’re too damn old to be acting like frigging children, bully children, at that.
    The salt & pepper dudes… WTF? And don’t get me started with “Pa”. To each their own, and I understand why he says it, but… kinda weird, grandpa.

    • I never heard anything about a beating! I am sure they didn’t do it for fun!

  • I love the show and everyone on it. I wish that they would continue years of episodes, but, I have no connection with the network other than posting on here. I think they are making a huge mistake for removing anyone from the cast or to discontinue the show. They have already lost me when they put stupid stuff on like, “Married at First Sight”!

  • Y’all need to stop bashing RJ and Jay Paul. They are just as important to the show as everyone else. I have great respect for all of them. History Channel is making a huge mistake. So sorry it has turned into such a negative contentious battle over who is better than who! Continue your wonderful lives in the swamp. God has blessed you all. I will miss you all.

    Rhonda Bierer

  • I might have to drop by when I am in LA. I have dear friends down there. I would love to meet y’all.

  • I want to say I did miss Liz and Jessica and her husband and friends. I loved you all.

  • Cynthia Taylor

    As I sit at this very moment watching the show, I am sure missing Liz and family. I guess I won’t be watching the show anymore, just not the same.

  • RettaMichaels

    I just started watching and think Willy is sexiest. Of course, you could’ve played into it and had him tantalizing and teasing, but hey… I guess that’s my fantasy!

  • JohnB

    After learning of the cast changes I decided to make season 6 the end for me. No thanks with the current changes. Producers ruined a great show and to do this during the final seas? You’re FIRED!

  • Debora

    Liz and family, Willie, Jr, Glenn and all other missing cast members were what added so much to the show. “New Management”… you’re all jackasses and while I do love the remaining original cast members, you’re messing with success.

  • Kt

    Get the cut folks back and fire those stuffed suits at history channel!

  • Sherri Walker

    I love the original cast members of Swamp People !! Liz and Troy’s family especially !! Glenn interacted with Liz’s kids wonderfully !! I don’t like the new characters French and Gee !! BORING !!!
    Bring back ALL the original cast members !!
    PLEASE !!!

  • Desiree Rodriguez

    I have been watching this show since the beginning! I love it! Trade RJ and J Paul for Liz, David and everyone else fired! The show was perfect! They should make some changes before they lose ratings, fans and ultimately the show!

  • Alice

    You ruined a really good show. What were you thinking? Guess I have held out long enough hoping for you to go back to the original cast. Can’t believe it has turned out like this after watching all these years. Wished you had cancelled it after last season. Can’t stand to watch another episode!

  • SInCityCowboy

    I agree with Janice.. The new music does suck. I tried watching the first episode and honestly… it was the last… The show blows without all the cast in it. Liz…Jeromie, david were hysterical.. I don’t get why they screwed up a good thing

  • Bren

    The cuts that were made suck!! These people showed the true meaning of working together as a family to make a living. They were continuing with family traditions and knowledge. The new cast members are a total joke. The Edgar family make family look like a joke and they don’t know how to hunt for gators. Bring back the entire original cast who would literally do anything to help each other as a family. We want our original “family” back! It’s not as enjoyable to watch as it used to be and it’s pissing off a lot of the loyal fans.

  • GOGO

    Season 7 SUCKS ASS!!!! They need to bring the old cast back!!!! Typical big corporation screwing it up and being out of touch with the PEOPLE!

  • Geronimo

    To the Swamp People on an off show. Your all enjoyable to watch. Stay positive!

  • Sheri

    I am so sorry to learn this. Wondered why Junior, Teresa, and Willie; Jeromy and David; Liz, Glenn and her kids were absent. Not too fond of the Edgar’s. I sure miss these guys as they were the show. Glad it is the last season then if this is how they are doing it.

  • Deb

    So the new guys think they know what the people want, well they certainly don’t want to watch the same few guys over and over.would like to see Liz and her family back along with Justin ,Willie and his mother and father, Tommie and his step dad, it just too bad some people want the whole show, David and his step father all of the ol gang., they all was the ones whom made the show interesting, I guess I won’t be watching the program any more

  • Allyson Layne

    This blows I hated this season and they should’ve kept the original cast rj n jpaul suck! I miss the gator queen and watching Glenn help raise them boys and teaching them good values in life crappy last season boo!

  • Donna Marshall

    Very disappointed the same people weren’t brought back ,I do not like some of these people on here at all. Bring old cast back.

  • jim robb

    the show didnt have a certain minority …they do know i believe thats what they wanted

  • Banana Plant

    Really people??? How many different ways can you choot an alligator? After one season it was enough! Teach them all how to talk so they don’t have to put the words on the screen or call it something other than swamp people, well wait a minute, they are swamp people. backwoods swamp people that didn’t have an English class in school or if they did they failed it. The only thing good to see are how it can make muscles on a certain young man. And telling their partner to choot it, choot it like they didn’t know the reason they were there and it they thought they could do better then they should. So get real..its only a dang TV scripted show. And yes it is about money, it always is or it wouldn’t matter if they were on TV or not. They have all had their 5 minutes of fame. Let the gators die in peace not on TV. BTW…Gator tail is really good if you haven’t tried it and its sliced thin and breaded deep fried just right. Oh, now they have a man claiming to be tribal, the other token they needed for all the civil rights folk so the perfect lineup. I miss some of the others or I wouldn’t have looked this up but little weak willie is better off not on TV, didn’t care for any of the others either but Liz and she needed another English class with her daughter. This will be the last season for all them I think anyway. See ya!!!!

  • Mer Hum

    I think the ones that are not on Swamp People anymore should have THEIR own show! Get a new producer! We want to see these folks again. The new producer would get rich very quickly, that’s how much we love the Old Swamp People who used to be on. These new people are ANNOYING!!!! I get tired of hearing PA and DAD and DAD and PA!!!! That’s all it is now…..DAD and PAW!!!!! Give me a break! How do you consider THAT entertaining? You producers are not thinking straight for taking off the old crew! I’m surprised Troy is still on! My husband and I were both very disappointed at the “new” Swamp People cast! Well….that’s ALL……PAW!

  • James lipford

    I miss you live her daughter I miss Jeremy who it is he’s a guy I work with him I miss Julia at work and will it work I wish they were returned why was just pitiful how people are but Liz Jeremy and Willie and I wish you all the best man love cuz I really have enjoyed u all God bless

  • Sam McCoy

    I used to like the show. Sure, it was scripted. Edited. Hey, it’s gotta work for TV after all. But I liked it. I have a lot of bayou water in my veins but the show was still interesting and I learned some cool stuff. I do wish that after the first couple of seasons, they had concentrated a little less on gators and more on all the other treasures that the swamp and marsh, bays bayous and rivers have to offer. There is fur, shrimp, crabs, catfish, oysters, game, all sorts of stuff that the show barely hinted at. It would just be so cool to have a few minutes of a segment showing one or two of the many ways that shrimp are caught, for instance. Tonging for oysters. Now THAT’S backbreaking, thankless work. The show is supposed to be showing a piece of America that never gets seen by most people, but they don’t show much at all apart from catching alligator.

    The cast changes left me cold, too. And I am surprised as hell that anybody would imagine in their wildest dreams that Liz would have removed her posts just because someone told her to. Somebody just didn’t know what kind of people we are, down here. Having been married 3 times I can authoritatively state that a woman can be at least as hardheaded as a man, and swampers are about the most hardheaded folks I can think of, anyhow. You gotta be stubborn, to stay and work and sacrifice and lose it all and start all over again time and time again. Such people don’t respond favorably to demands to shut up.

    The cast changes will certainly have affected the ratings, and I would be very surprised if we see another season, and if there is another season I won’t be watching it anyhow. I gave several episodes late in the last season a miss, and didn’t even bother downloading to catch up with what used to be “my show”, or looking for one of my friends who recorded the ones I missed. Cause I don’t think I really missed much.

    “Pa” and “Dad”, my ass. Never heard such nonsense.

  • Samantha Portwood

    If its not broke don’t fix it bad move letting all the good ones go show will never be the same what a shame

  • KiltedSavage

    Yeah, as a follow up, I want to just say I refused to watch this past season, removing it from the DVR as well. With so many of the great people, the regulars, it wasn’t the same and it wasn’t at all as fun or interesting or entertaining. I’m glad the last time I saw the “Swamp People”, it was the ONLY King of the Swamp, Troy Landry, Her Highness, Liz, Bruce, Glenn and their teams/friends/families. That’s the way I’ll remember them and the show.

    The parent company of the History Channel has pretty much destroyed the network, my favourite non paid channel, by getting away from actual historical shows, replacing it with reality TV and now having the sister station become a a go to for gang bangers, drug dealers, crack whores, meth heads, punks, thugs and every form of bottom dwelling scum in society! I don’t know who the dead from the neck up, idiotic jackoff was that decided a network that, glorifiee and celebrates crime, criminals and the predators but they should be found, dragged through the streets naked, wearing only tar, feathers and shame. Epic FAIL!

  • AA

    Should have kept Liz, Willie & Junior, Joe & Tommy. I even liked David & Jeromy. Why is History keeping RJ & J Paul???? Those two got on my last nerve. They seemed fake and very arrogant, never cared for those two at all. Everyone one else from the show is what made the show fun! They’ll be missed big time. Bring them back and dump RJ & J Paul!

  • Monica Madison

    Swamp People has a big community of supporters. I am not happy with the family members that are as much of a success to the show as the other members that will continue to another season that they will not be continuing on. My family and I enjoy the whole family of hard working Americans and the day to day lives they share with those of us who forget that this way of life they live is admirable and should not be divided. If for whatever reason the decision makers are redirecting the path of Swamp People it should be done as a whole, not a selected few should remaine. They started as a family and they should continue on as one. We have enough division as it is. We the viewers can relate to each of the hard working folks and to change the dynamics of that which was from the beginning is not good for the show, ratings,etc. I am a hard working American woman that helps wherever I can and I can relate to Liz and her daughter, their struggles and the love they share for one another and the rest of the family members. Do the right thing, it will go a long way !!!!

  • Stephanie Else


  • LD Collins

    Collins in Ohio, been watching since the beginning. the original cast all had a spot. and my family believes Queen Liz, Willie, and Landry’s with Glenn all shows life and the true roots that it takes to survive in swamp. bottom line is I love seeing Little Willie and Liz getting gators I don’t see any rich city folk getting them!!!!! Hell make their own show I’ll be a fan!

  • Desi

    I know I’m way late in commenting on thiis post. But When season 7 started I thought it was very strang that Liz, Jess, Justin, Glenn, and a few others wasn’t even on the series at all. I told my husband this is weird that these so & so are not even on here. I haven’t seen them at all. First of all I Loved watching Liz (Mom) and Jess (daughter) pull those HUGE Gator’s in and take them to the buyer. You usually don’t see a Momma and daughter getting out there and getting it done like the men. Liz you and Jess are Awsome. The producers should of NEVER took Liz and her Family off the show. I don’t like to to say this but I am. I don’t care to see RJ & J Paul on the show. Just like others said. They are stuck on theirselves. Plus if you think about it. Their GATOR’s are always so small. Yes they finally did get some nice ones in season 7. That is because they thought they were funny when they were on Troy’s hunting grounds. They had gotten tags from someone to hunt in Troy’s taratory. But all the Gators they get are so little. They are all about them selves. I record all the shows then go back and watch them. So when it comes up to RJ AND j Paul I speed the DVR up and go pass them. I Love the Show and I didn’t know that this would be the final season. There is two shows I Love and record and that is Swamp People and The Voice. Now I’m reading that this is the last season. I’m sadden that y’all have decided to take swamp people off. It’s a family time show. Well for the older kids. But it the only time I really watch TV. I hope that another channel will pick it up and continue it and have Liz and her family, Glenn, and the original cast back on like it use to be. Leave all these others off swamp people that really doesn’t bring anything to the show. Like the ones in season 7. Darien and grandpa and a few more. BUT BRING LIZ AND HER FAMILY BACK. She was great to watch. Without her, her family and the landrys and yes Glenn and the few more. The old timers I’ll say. Not saying y’all are ole. But the or original cast. PLEASE. Liz, your post was how you felt and you just expressed how you felt. Who are they to tell you what and what not to Post. You go girl. I hope I’ll get to say in the next season. WELCOME BACK!!

  • Buckwild65

    Bring Liz, Justin, David, Jeromy back history channel sucks. I wish another network would do show called swamp legions I sure would watch it I miss these people and Oklahoma loves them

  • Ranee Nelson

    History channel, I love the Swamp People, but it isn’t the same without Liz the Gator Queen, her daughter Jessica, Willie and his dad JUnion, and his mom Trisha. PLEASE LET THEM COME BACK. THEY REALLY ADD TO THE SHOW… LOVE THEM, AND I LOVE MOST OF THE ONES THAT YOU HAVE ON THERE NOW TOO.❤???????❤??????????????????????



  • John Brewer

    I think it’s awful that they had to do such things like this I really like watching Liz and Landers and the other ones as well it’s a fun show I wish they would put them all back on

  • Sue

    They should all come back . You broke up their friendships and I for one would love to see Troy and Liz back in the boat together again. Also The swamp people all have their own way of going after the gators. It was great!!!!

  • Macky McKinley

    Rj and jpaul need to go along with the edgars. I liked the guys from up there in Mississippi.

  • chief

    I really miss liz and her family,And Jermey and David i wish they would bring them back The show just not enjoyable any more watched it a couple times nope ,Ill be watching reruns thats it.Im a big fan of Jermy and David they made me laugh I miss all these cast membersTHE SHOW IS BORING NOW

  • Tamara

    I have watched every season since the begining. I’ve been was looking for Liz and her daughter Jessica. I took to the internet to find out what was going on and am dimayed to read they won’t be on the show anymore!!! As a woman I enjoyed seeing a woman working in a mans world. In addition I truely enjoyed seeing Glenn teaching Liz’s boys the ways of the swamp. We were worried for Glenn after Mitchels death. It brought us joy to see him doing well teaching the boys! All the cast felt like family. I am disheartened by producers that don’t have a clue as to what the fans want! We are praying for all those no longer on the show! I pray God blesses you all abundantly!

  • Richard Smyth

    Hate this new cast. Daniel and his browbeating ways is not something that should be exposed to young people. His son shows great restraint. .I would have pushed the arrogant POS into the water on top of a gator and driven the boat away. His son is the only man in the boat.

  • herman flippen

    Liz,call a meeting and give them a good ol swamp ass kicking!!!!

  • Stephen Miller

    It seems to me that old man Edgar is locked into the time his sons were toddlers. His penchant for chastising Duaine, belittling him and saying he “has to push him or the world will push him” is indicative of a man that sees the world changing around him and not able to change with it. Duaine is a full grown man, college grad and one time professional baseball player. One would think the old man would realize that is an incredible accomplishment for anyone. He is also totally blind to the fact that Duaine loves his Dad unconditionally and is only there to spend time before the old man is gone. Edgar is a sad old man that has no insight to letting your kids learn by experience not to mention is a bossy, insulting and self praising individual with an oversized ego.

    • Bows & Glitter

      SR Edgar is the kind of person that causes their children to snap and murder them. Not only is he a narcissist he is abusive. Poor Dwaine. I don’t wish him dead but he can’t see the blessings of his own children.

  • Laura Locus

    Be grateful for the opportunity and exposure, continue on with your lives as you say. Wish your castmates continued success with dignity

  • Frank Jennings

    TV execs always drop hand grenades in their shorts by eliminating the peoples choices, cancelling the entertaining and negating the election by the viewers. Loved all the folks they submarines regardless of what they posted.

  • Pauline Robitaille

    Oh well as faithful followers of Swamp People I guess it’s time to watch something else…we enjoyed these folks…You encroached on them now you ditch them…NICE !! Good luck to all of them they have been very entertaining, loved them all. That’s Hollywood for you!!


    Liz and her family were building the shows interest especially with Glenn teachng their kids how to live off the land. I can’t afford cable so I buy the seasons. I started watching from season 1. I started watching season 7 today and was shocked. LIZ and FAMILY JR. TOMMY and FAMILY. And who is this ass hole family who thinks their shit doesn’t stink and gives dirty looks at Troy and Family. Thanks for making a great show into a piece of shit

  • Sonia

    Me and my wife are big fans of the show and we just wanted to say what the hell were y’all thinkin by getting rid of the original cast that built the show what it is today are y’all crazy me and my wife are California natives and love the show without the original cast (the whole original cast) the show just won’t be right for us to watch anymore and on that note in the words of Junior Edwards
    “I think that sun got to y’all brain a little bit”???????

  • Jackie

    When I first came across this show maybe,. I’m saying 2 years ago, and I have not stop, I love all of the cast members, I just love the show. I’m a very avid interest in the show. I record every show and sometimes I keep my favorite. Thank you and please please don’t stop.

  • hardtimer

    When the higher ups start taking fan favorites off of the show, people stop watching. That’s just the way it is. We are a fickle group of people. If they want their show to continue to be the hit it always has been, put them all back on. I say get rid of the higher ups and let the stockholders run the company. And as far as Liz and the rest of them posting what they think – this is America, History channel. Anyone can say anything they want to say and you can’t stop them. This site is for everyone, not YOUR site, so put the people back on the doggoned show and get it right again and leave Liz and Justin, and the rest of them alone. We like to hear from her, even if YOU don’t and we want ALL of our fan favorites that built this show back on.

  • Charles Peyton

    it’s become the Troy show now. Junior Edwards and Willie were the most fun to watch along with Jeremy and his stepfather, what a bunch of characters they are. it seems like a political message is being sent forth from the show now for those that understand what I am talking about.

  • lisah higgins

    Im watching the 1st season & i do NOT know who these LIZ david ppl are but it sounds to me as thou they are ANGRY they are NOT getting the CASH 4 being on the show, It has ZERO to do with the love of hunting gators they can still do that , so my 2 cents are GET OVER IT! enjoy ur memeories be grateful for the time you had & ppl you met . end of story

  • Charles

    Still waiting to hear why The History Channel screwed up the cast of Swamp People?