GOLD RUSH Tony Beets throwback pics, including beardless wedding photo

Gold rush Tony Beets wedding photo

Tonight is the return of cable television’s highest rated reality series as Discovery’s Gold Rush Season 6 kicks off with a two-hour premiere episode. In honor of the big event we thought we would pay tribute with a collection of throwback photos of the small screen’s most foul-mouthed uber-bearded Dutch Viking, Tony Beets!

These wonderful retro Beets pics come courtesy of Tony’s daughter (and co-star), Monica Beets. Above is Tony and his wife Minnie on their wedding day — one of the only photos in existence (that we know of) featuring Tony Beets without a beard.

Here’s a photo of Tony Beets almost without a beard:

Tony Beets throwback photo with a baby

“He usually only cuts his beard once a year. To this length,” Monica commented on the photo. “His beard has an epic growth rate.” Yes it does! Check out this photo of young Monica (I’m guessing) with her ZZ Top pop in which Tony’s fast-growing beard is somehow on fleeker than usual:

Tony Beets throwback photo with daughter Monica Beets

And for those wanting more Tony Beets than just a few old photos, here is a great clip put together by Discovery with five things you may not know about him:

1. TONY BEETS LOVES MILK. It’s beyond me where he puts it,” Minnie says of her hairy dairy fairy, “but he sometimes goes through a gallon a day.” Monica chimes in with what could have easily been the number one entry on this list by revealing, “My dad was a dairy farmer, so it makes sense he drinks so much milk.” Tony Beets was a dairy farmer?! That’s udderly shocking!

When Tony is asked if he drinks a lot of milk he answers with his usual blunt candor: “Yeah. It’s better than a lot of booze.”

Click to enlarge:
Tony Beets tattoos

2. TONY BEETS HAS THREE TATTOOS. Tony has a little heart with my name in it,” Minnie says. “Then he has a gold panner, which is just awful. It’s not a nice tattoo at all. And he has a little scroll with the kids’ names on it, and I do like that one.”

3. TONY BEETS DRIVES FAST. “When Tony’s driving, you’re going 90 down a dirt road with twists and turns,” his son Kevin Beets says in the clip. “He’s just driven them so often and so long, he knows where the turns are, where he can slide, and all that.”

4. TONY BEETS’ FAVORITE FOOD IS…SUGAR?! “He also likes buttermilk,” Minnie says, then adds, “with sugar.” Tony adds sugar to his fried eggs, and for a pick me up, Tony likes to add a splash of coffee to his morning cup of sugar.

5. TONY BEETS SECRETLY LOVES HUGS No explanation needed.

Be sure to check out Tony and the rest of the Beets (including the newest additions to their family, dredge number one and…dredge number two?!) by tuning in to the Gold Rush Season 6 premiere tonight at 9/8c on Discovery! If you don’t watch, Tony Beets will BLEEEEP your BLEEEEPIN BLEEP BLEEP!

* Curious to know what Todd Hoffman without a beard looks like? Click here to find out!

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  • Aussie cathie

    He is a disgusting pig…. ?

    • Makis Marshall

      Did he try to kill his Dad with a hay bale?

      • Aussie cathie

        He would pimp his own wife out if the price was right!!

        • Makis Marshall

          Answer the question….

          • Aussie cathie

            Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you are? You are insinuating that he was responsible , I’m merely saying he would do anything for money but fall short at accusing him of trying to kill his father!! Do not try and put words in mine or anyone else’s mouth!! Take your stories to the appropriate authorities if you are so convinced that is what happened or shut up!!

            • Makis Marshall

              “bawk bawk” here chickee chickee…afraid of your own shadow. I’m 95% certain he tossed the bale on his Dad. It’s his nature to do whatever to get ahead. And that he did.

              • Aussie cathie

                I’m not afraid of anything especially a pathetic sad sack like yourself sweetie… I would have to respect your opinion before it insulted me… Epic fail !!

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  • Jesse

    Tony beets is the biggest piece of chit human being taking advantage of everyone and everything i hope he passes with his millions clinched in his hands. A perfect example of the worst a human can treat others and screw people hard working people!!

    • Makis Marshall

      What about the bale of hay that paralyzed his Dad? Accident? Best to run 4,000 miles away.

  • Carolyn Russell-Webster

    Tony Beets is one of the coolest people on Gold Rush. And, it is wonderful to see his wife, Minnie, and the kids also being brought in to this show. Makes it seem more like a reality show.

  • Randy

    Jesse and Aussie the two of you are the real pieces of chit and also the greedy ones. Men like Tony Beets run small and large businesses all across America. Every successful blue collar job I’ve ever had, had a man similar to Tony Beets running it. Tony and his company produce wealth and provide hundreds of jobs for employees, and the economic impact of spending millions of dollars in his mining operations contributes to thousands of peripheral jobs. The two of you and the rest of you liberal ” collectivists” remind me of the little hen that asked for help baking a cake. All you have to do collect your share of the cake is help to produce it. Instead you would rather yell and cry about unfairness but want to share in eating the cake without helping to produce it. You are the real greedy ones! Men like Tony sniff you out in minutes and you are down the road, usually looking for your next job in some sort of government capacity where you can leach off the producers like Tony while smugly declaring your moral superiority. You make me sick! Men like Tony are the heroes of this country. People like you are all that is wrong with this country!

  • Makis Marshall

    The bale that hurt his Dad didn’t fall on it’s own. I used to bale hay. Never on my worst day would I stack bales so they would fall over.