Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel is hiring for Big Nugget Mine summer jobs!

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel

Has watching Discovery Channel’s hugely popular reality series Gold Rush given you a bit of gold fever? Are you willing to take orders from a high school student? Do you know how to work on diesel engines or operate an excavator? (I’m guessing those last two questions narrowed the pool substantially.) Then get your resume together because young Parker Schnabel just announced the Big Nugget Mine is hiring!

Here’s the full announcement from Parker’s Facebook page:

Any journeyman heavy duty diesel mechanics want to come to Haines Alaska? Send a resume to

We are also looking for a journeyman excavator, loader, and rock truck operator for the mine this summer.

Sadly, the extent of my mechanical skills is being able to keep a 1979 Volkswagen van running, so I don’t think I’ll be packing my bags for a summer trip to the Last Frontier. That sucks because I really want to spend some quality time with the seemingly inperturbably joyful Grandpa John Schnabel! Parker, are you sure the Big Nugget Mine doesn’t need a blogger? I can find gold in reality TV drama!