VIDEO PHOTOS Gold Rush cast at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas

Cast of Gold Rush at convention in Las Vegas Todd Hoffman Tony Beets Melody Tallis and more

Fans of Discovery Channel’s top-rated series Gold Rush got a rare treat this week as the show’s cast members made a rare public appearance together — or at least at the same event at the same time. That’s right, Parker Schnabel, Todd Hoffman and Dakota Fred Hurt (and members of their crews) were all in attendance at the 2014 CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, Nevada. And, believe it or not, The Klondike Viking himself, Tony Beets, was also there!

Not to give too many things away about the show’s fourth season (which finishes this Friday and next with a two-part finale), but I thought it would only be right to share photos in the order of the amount of gold mined by each crew. So, that means we’ll start off with young Parker Schnabel, who looked to have the bragger swagger that goes along with having the best mining season in the history of Gold Rush:

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel 2014

Anybody else getting a Richard Gere vibe?!?

And here’s a photo from Twitter in which Parker can be seen in front of the Flex-Mat 3 booth and their banner featuring his likeness:

As I mentioned, foul-mouthed grumpy gold gettin’ god Tony Beets made the trip down to the show, where he posed for at least one permafrost-meltingly seductive pose:

Gold Rush Tony Beets

Parker Schnabel met up with Melody Tallis, the only female Gold Rush cast member, who has been mining in Parker’s old neck of the woods at Porcupine Creek with the Dakota Boys:

Gold Rush stars Parker Schnabel and Melody Tallis

And speaking of the Dakota Boys, perhaps my second favorite photo from the whole event (I’m sorry, it’s just nearly impossible to beat a sexy Klondike Viking) was this promotional poster advertising the fact that you could learn to pan for gold with none other than Dakota Fred himself!

Dakota Fred Hurt panning for gold demonstration poster

And here’s a photo of what that looks like, including Dakota’s son Dustin Hurt:

So what about the Hoffman crew?!? We got them for ya too! Here’s a group shot that includes (from left to right) Kevin Hiatt, Jack Hoffman, Todd Hoffman, Dave Turin, Freddy Dodge and James Thurber:

Gold Rush Hoffman Crew 2014 Kevin Hiatt, Jack Hoffman, Todd Hoffman, Dave Turin, Freddy Dodge and James Thurber

I couldn’t find a photo of just Todd and Jack or just Thurber and his mustache, but I do have the third best Hoffman crew duo for you: Freddy and Dave!

Gold Rush Freddy Dodge Dave Turin

What’s that? Photo not good enough for you? No problem! Here’s a video clip:


Be sure to watch the two-part Gold Rush Season 4 finale airing this Friday, March 7, and next Friday, March 14, at 9/8c.

Oh, and in case you were curious about what the heck ConExpo-Con/Agg is, here’s the answer from their Facebook page:

“CONEXPO-CON/AGG will be the international gathering place in 2014 for the construction industries. Held every three years, the exposition showcases the latest equipment, products, services and technologies.”

So, sort of like Comic Con for heavy machinery. Sort of. (So do they have hot chicks cosplaying at 400 excavators? Probably not, because there’d be too many dudes yelling, “Whussup hoe?”) (As in back hoe. See what I did there?)

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