Gold Rush Dakota Fred Hurt updates on wife’s health, shares Porcupine Creek behind-the-scenes video

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Discovery’s most-watched series Gold Rush has millions of fans tuning in every week — most of which (like me) can never get enough of the daily machinations of mining for gold: bedrock, pay dirt, excavators, dozers, derockers, sluice boxes… LOVE IT ALL! If you’re one of us then you’re gonna love this 15+ minute behind-the-scenes video shot by Dakota Fred Hurt showing his Porcupine Creek crew hard at work!

Here are a couple great screen grabs from the clip. (Click to enlarge)

Gold Rush Dakota Crew Porcupine Creek Melody Tallis
Gold Rush Porcupine Creek

Fred shared the clip on Facebook with this introduction:

Hello folks…..
I usually don’t do this…..but I need your help…..
Would you please share our Porcupine Creek Mining Video (on You TUBE) with a few friends and family?
I know its kinda long, but so many millions see the Gold Rush show and never see the “real Porcupine Creek”…..
This video was put together from shots I took on my phone all summer…..
Thank you very much….I would certainly appreciate it…..Freddie

It seems the video was well-received by Fred’s fans, and he was very appreciative, as you would expect.

WOW! Nearly 3,000 folks have watched this in one week. Yes, the operation is larger than most, but the basics are the same. Dig the Dirt, Wash the rocks, Catch the gold in a Sluice box, Concentrate the dirt, and Pan it out! Thank you for your comments……I’ll try to keep posting pictures now the season 4 is over and season 5 is starting in a month……Freddie

He then added, “Thank you for sharing the video…….”

In addition to the thank yous, Fred also replied to a couple of comments, including this question about Gold Rush Season 5.

Michael Jones: Any word yet on your plans for Porky this season Freddie ?? Are you still going to be mining the site ? Or have you made the call to finish her off?

Dakota Fred: Discovery seems a little slow this year……Dustin and I have something “Off the Charts” planned.

The page later shared a preview clip for Discovery’s “Unearthed” episode airing tonight, which included this in the description: “There are a few clues in this Discovery video as to next season.”

In the clip Fred’s son Dustin says, “There could still be millions of dollars in gold down there.” And then, later, “I’m gonna mine a waterfall!” Looks like we may have another gl0ry hole!!!

Also in the clip is the very sad news that Dakota Fred Hurt’s wife has been very ill, with Fred saying in the clip, “We thought that she was going to die.” Fred also updated fans — albeit very briefly — about how his wife is doing. “After several months in a nursing home I have her home now,” he wrote on March 7.


UPDATE – After “Unearthed” aired, Fred took to Facebook and shared these posts. (I’ve included Fred’s interaction with a commenter on the last post)


When wife and I retired, we moved to be close to her children. (Remember, we both have been married before) With me mining every summer, we made an agreement. If I croaked while I was in Alaska, she is to cremate me and have me shipped back to North Dakota in a Flat rate Postal box. If she passed, I would be back in time for the funeral. Anything in between, we would deal with it as appropriate…….We’ve both have had full, and happy, lives…..Let the chips fall where they may.


ZzzzZZZzzzzz….You’re Right! I fell asleep!…. 🙂

Got Wife home from hospital/Nursing Care facility Christmas Eve……………. Tonight, we are sitting in our Easy chairs watching the last episode of Gold Rush on the Tube. She says, “I guess it just wasn’t my time to go”………..then we talked about the upcoming mining in Alaska…………Porcupine, …McKinley Falls,…..and then….and then….HER program came on…Blue Bloods,……and then…ZZzz……I don’t remember anything else till now……… 🙂


I have a high respect for Long-Term care-givers…..particularly if they are couples. Not to say paid caregivers are in any less stressful situations………your emotions get torn and stretched to the limit……..It’s a tough, tough job…..

I’m sure there are many out there who are in that situation, or have been there. If you want to comment, please do so.

I know this isn’t about mining, but since the show brought that subject up, I think it is an appropriate subject.

Commenter: Hey I’m Ashlie *********. I worked with your wife at manor care I’m sure you And your wife remember me. I would be willing to do part time home care if needed! I really liked working with her 🙂

Dakota Fred: Thank you Ashlie for all the help while L was in Manor Care …..we both appreciated if greatly… this time she is holding steady but you never know……


Another commenter brought up a question that is often asked regarding the environmental impact of gold mining.

Tyler Barnes: Big difference from the start fred! How many years can u mine that spot? And are u gonna repair the place back to normal like plant trees? Surely there has to be gold above and below from that spot also 😉

Dakota Fred: We’ll put the rock and fines back this year Tyler, there hasn’t been but a couple trees and almost no grass for over 50 years. Mother Nature will fix it right up….. 🙂 Forestry said they will plant a few trees and help seed it….better than ever was for 125 years!

And here’s a great fan comment with Fred’s response addressing the fact that Fred was made to look like a real villain in the second season and how that perception has since been turned on its head:

Linda Basile: I have to tell you Mr. Hurt, that I was NOT a fan of yours back when you first showed up at Porcupine Creek and booted out the Hoffman crew. However, I am NOW a HUGE fan of you and the crew at Porcupine Creek. You and your crew should have mined at Porcupine Creek when the Gold rush series first started, as it is obvious YOU KNOW HOW TO MINE, unlike the Hoffman crew and all their “drama.” Thanks for setting a good example for the young folks, by showing them NOT to give up when things look bleak, but rather use the resources at hand to fix the problem, and keep on going to achieve the goal at hand. May God Bless you and yours Mr. Hurt.

Dakota Fred: Thank you Linda,……….you have joined the legions who continued watching even though the editors gave me a raw deal…..>>>.you are appreciated!……Freddie

Gold Rush Season 4 wraps up tonight with “Unearthed” at 9/8c on Discovery.

To conclude this post I’d like to introduce the third potential claymation superstar joining the ranks of Heat Miser and Snow Miser — I present to you Dakota Fred Hurt, “Gold Miser:”

Dakota Fred Hurt funny hair photo

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