VIDEO PHOTOS Farrah Abraham launches Mom and Me beauty kits, selling signed posters for $199

Farrah Abraham daughter Sophia pool

Teen Momtrepreneur extraordinaire Farrah Abraham continues to hustle (you gotta pay those Tooth Fairy bills somehow, right?) and in her latest project she and daughter Sophia are teaming up with “Beauty Kitchen” boss Heather Marianna for a line of seasonal “Mommy and Me” beauty kits as well as a “Lip Warrior” kit inspired by Farrah’s headline-grabbing lip plumping procedure gone wrong.

“Sophia and I worked very hard creating our pampering ‘Mommy and Me’ bath and skincare kits that combined our love of playtime, entertainment and relaxation,” Farrah says. “All my celebrity mom friends and their kids are going crazy for the kit!” she adds.

Here’s a video in which Farrah and daughter Sophia talk about their new products:

The Summer Beauty Kit is $19.99 and includes:

Four ounce Double Trouble Bubble Gum Bubble Bath; Mommy Rescue Eye Gels in Coconut; Popping Bottles Champagne Perfume for Mom; Double Trouble Bubble Gum perfume for child; Kids assorted soap set with logos, ducks, kitty cat and smile face, and Birthday Wishes bath bar that looks just like a piece of cake!

Farrah Abraham Sophia Mommy and Me tub

As you might have guessed, there will also be kits for Fall, Winter, and Spring — and you can buy the complete bundle of four for $70.00!

Now you can purchase in advance all four of the seasonal beauty Mommy and Me kits by Farrah Abraham, inspired by Sophia. Purchase in advance and get a discount! One time shipping fee for all four kits!

Every mom loves a deal! These seasonal kits are packed with large and sample size items of Sophia’s picks! Purchase in advance and receive all kits (and previous released kits) upon purchase. Summer is available for shipping immediately. Fall ship date is October 1, 2015, Winter ship date Dec 1 2015, Spring ship date is March 1 2016.

Think whimsical bath items and lovely scented candles to make mommy and me time special for you and your little one! Always something for moms and always all natural, spoil yourself and you child and make bath time a fun bonding experience.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia in bath tub

The Lip Warrior kit is $13.95. Here’s the description for that:

#LipWarrior. Signed, Sealed and delivered in a fabulous re-sealable pouch, this kit was designed by Farrah Abraham at the Beauty Kitchen and has everything you need to be a #lipwarrior. Kit comes complete with a two ounce Wintergreen Lip Scrub, 5 Minute Aloe Vera Grapefruit lip rescue Mask and a Beauty Kitchen Lip Gloss! Fotched by Farrah Abraham, become a Lip Warrior

Oh, and in case you were curious, MTV camera crews were on hand to capture the Mommy and Me launch event, so I’m sure fans will get to see behind-the-scenes of how it all came together on the reported new season of Teen Mom OG. Here’s Farrah’s producer Heather with a camera man at the launch:

Teen Mom OG producer Heather at Farrah Abraham's Mom and Me launch

UPDATE – Heather Marianna (not ot be confused with Heather the Teen Mom OG producer) confirmed via Twitter that MTV was there and “filmed a ton:”

If mother and daughter beauty products aren’t your cup of tea and you’d rather have a nice autographed posted of Farrah Abraham wearing lingerie, she’s got you covered there as well! She recently signed a deal with Inscriptagraphs where you can choose from a variety of Farrahtographed images ranging in price from $55 to $199.

If you need help with the Tooth Fairy math, three $199 posters is equal to Sophia losing two teeth. Of course, Farrah doesn’t see all of the proceeds, so that will throw off the math a bit.


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  • Brandy Nicole

    Of course she needs lip rescue. Mouth gets sore from sucking all that nasty d!

    • Bruja


    • Regina

      Bleargh didn’t need that visual.

  • SeasonedBackdoor

    oh good, Farrah found another way to finance her plastic surgery. and what the hell is that little “game” they play at the end there?!

    “You say a media outlet, and I’m going to use one of Sophia’s picks of bath assortment soaps.”

    uhhhh what?

    • sammi

      Yea I didnt get that either lol. I thought I was missing something

    • Sherri Scott

      She’s not right. I loved it when Dr.Phil called out her bullshit

      • SeasonedBackdoor

        oh me too, i just watched that recently! i wish that Dr.Drew could have been as direct with her as Phil was.

  • TA

    Does it bother anyone else how sexy Farrah is trying to look while in the pool with her daughter? Gross.
    I guess I should expect nothing less from this wh0re.

    • may2bl

      Yep, completely inappropriate.

    • Pattipandi

      I’m more bothered by the fact she sells her anatomically correct genitals while also slingin mommy and me bath products with her daughter. Not to mention the other woman in this segment who looks like she just came from filming a bukkake video.

      • Bruja


      • Fed up

        Wait till she comes out with mommy daughter adult toy line! It’s sad. I think she is doing anything to keep her name in the media, just like the 600.00 tooth fairy visit

      • LoLo

        Did you see the catch up episode? There was a scene where Farrah is getting ready for “work” & she’s in lingerie. Sophia tries to block the camera man from filming her mother. Farrah says that Sophia doesn’t like men looking at her mother. That is so sad that at her age she feels the need to block her bother’s bare ass. Farrah tells her men see more of when she’s in a bikini then in that outfit. Justifying her being in a thong & lingerie on tv. What child needs to see their mother getting ready for work at the strip club?

    • Sherri Scott

      Yes ,only because she is teaching her all that stuff way before she’s old enough

  • Chewy

    I feel SO bad for Sophia. She needs a mom who values important things like learning and treating others with respect. Material things and looks don’t get you very far in life.

    • Sherri Scott

      How did the mom and me end up talking about TMZ And sexy panties,wow

  • S.S.

    Maybe I’m old fashioned but I just think it’s a little sad and tacky to put kids in makeup. Unless it’s for a performance (ballet often requires makeup due to the stage lighting). Kids are already growing up too quickly and while some like to play with it I just believe it’s an adult thing. I don’t judge parents for it but I definitely don’t allow my kids to do so.

    • Brandy Nicole

      At our house the kids are not allowed makeup until age 13. Same with hair color even though I’m a stylist. I just think we force kids to grow up way too early now.

    • Regina

      For sure. I remember only wearing coverup when I had horrible acne beginning at age 12 ish…
      Then came the eyeliner at around 14 which NO ONE SHOULD HAVE ALLOWED ME TO WEAR LOL.

      • Drbzy

        Hahahaha as much as I wanted to wear makeup at 12/13, somebody should have explained to me that eyeliner is not meant to make you look like a raccoon.

    • LoLo

      We were allowed to play with our grandmother’s make up or our play make up in the house but we could not wear light makeup out of the house until we were 13 & that was only lip gloss & a little blush. We were not allowed to wear eye makeup until we were in high school. I have friends who buy their 12 yr olds thongs. I asked them why & they said they don’t want their daughter to get picked on for being the only one wearing panties. Thankfully, I have sons.

  • Omg

    Hmmmm other than the pool photo which I think she should’ve covered up a little more I don’t see anything wrong with this. Sophia is such a cutie.

    • Guest

      It’s wrong because Sophia is already self-conscious about her looks. Why make it worse?

    • Ellie

      My friends with daughters love this kind of stuff lol. There’s a place in Memphis that gives mommy and me spa treatments, it’s my BFFS little girl’s favorite time of the month to go get a mani and pedi with her. I’m not a huge girly girl myself but I’m a little jealous of them!

      • Regina

        Honestly if this wasn’t coming from Farrah it’d be okay. It’s nice to be able to be feminine if that’s your thing and have mommy daughter time. I know I still love hanging out with my mom just the two of us and going shopping, or sewing together or watching Say Yes to the Dress, but the fact Farrah is causing all of her daughters insecurity issues is awful. This little girl will be getting plastic surgery as soon as legally possible and that’s so sad.

        • Guest


        • Ellie

          Okay amazing point. I got a little caught up in the ‘oh if I had a little girl’ fever. If I was fortunate enough to have a daughter I’d keep her away from anything Farrah related.

          Except maybe that robe she’s wearing… it reminds me of my grandmother’s lounging gowns and I kinda want to beat her up and steal it LOL.

    • Pattipandi

      Who paid you to write this?

      • Sherri Scott


  • Josie

    Sophia is an odd little girl. At least she behaved a little less than feral in her commercial.

    • Brandy Nicole

      Look at her role model.

    • Sherri Scott

      I noticed that

    • Mememe

      I’m a child psychologist and this child clearly had RAD. Reactive attachment disorder. Give it a few years and she will be out of control! Way worse then her mother.

      • Josie

        Interesting. She is definitely crying out for attention and boundaries. Kids love the security of knowing the adults in their life provide loving discipline and safe boundaries. Poor Sophia has neither.

  • pmo

    who in the world would buy this slores merch?

    • Brandy Nicole


    • Pattipandi

      All of her celebrity friends with kids you silly goose! Meow!

  • Ashley

    Haha her “celebrity mom friends”…right, we know Farrah has no friends, celebrity or “normal”!

    • Brandy Nicole

      “Friends” on payroll or male “friends” that she’s on their payroll lol

    • harrietfordypa

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  • freaksof nature

    Praise the Lord that kids hair if FINALLY brushed!

    • Guest

      I think it’s awful how everyone jumped on the bandwagon about Sophia’s hair before. Some kid’s hair is just naturally curly/wild and looks messy when worn down (it’s better to comb it out when wet and brushing when dry actually makes it look worse.) Yes you can put it in a do (ponytails braids etc) or use an iron on it, but again she’s 5, she should be able to wear her hair down naturally without people’s comments. Everyone said how Farrah focuses so much on appearance and how awful it was she waxed her eyebrows, but she lets her kid’s hair be natural and you guys jump all over that.

      • freaksof nature

        Well, I know all about that type of hair because my girls have the same type of hair (they are 4). However, every morning I make sure to wet it down a bit, spray it with detangling spray, comb it through and then either pull it back, braid it or just let it be and it looks fine. I think my point is more that Farrah doesn’t seem to take the time with her child to do these things and that’s why that poor kid’s hair always look a mess. I didn’t ‘jump on the bandwagon’ about Sophia’s hair, it’s true, it’s a mess and her mother doesn’t take the time to make it look decent. It’s not the kids fault…

        • Guest

          There was a post before with a lot of comments about Sophia’s hair, so that’s what I meant about jumping on the bandwagon. All I’m trying to say is everyone voices how Farrah focuses on physical looks too much and in the same breath says Sophia’s hair looks awful.

          A lot of times the mothers don’t have the same texture/curl and know how to style it. Dry brushing makes my hair makes it frizzy/sorta like an afro, so even though my mom brushed my hair everyday it actually made my hair look worse, and I heard comments when I was little about “why can’t her mom brush her hair…”

          I do get your point though, but there are so many things I think Farrah should change before it gets down to learn to deal with Sophia’s hair texture.

      • Bruja

        I agree with freaks. My daughter had the same kind of hair when she was little.

        Should she do it every single day? Nah. She should be able to have her “messy, be free” days but it really doesn’t take much to fix it without a curling iron (I never did that to my kid unless it was a picture day or something like that). I think it’s just more that Farrah obviously puts so much effort into her own appearance, and it’s pretty apparent nothing remotely close goes into Sophia’s, and it really wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Sad thing is, as you stated, Sophia is having issues with feeling self-conscious, so perhaps Farrah should just go balls to the wall and treat her like the girlie girl she obviously wants to be and do her hair for her.

        It really was horrid of her to wax that little girls eyebrows. What was she, 3 at the time?

        This isn’t Sophia’s fault, of course, this is all on Farrah. Farrah is a horrid mother.

  • Guest

    At least Sophia is wearing a bathing suit and not a bikini.

    • Bruja

      That would take attention away from Farrah. Couldn’t have that!

  • savannah

    All her “celebrity mom friends” are going crazy for it? What celebrity friends does she have besides strippers and p0rn stars. Gross. She should be selling spermacide, condoms and hand sanitizer, and leaving her child out of it…why does she have a full face of makeup on. She better be putting some of this $$ away for Sophia’s therapy bills. She’s gonna need it.

    • Brandy Nicole

      Don’t be silly. She’s putting it away for Sophias plastic surgery.

    • Bruja

      It’ll be sweet if Sophia grows up to treat Farrah just like she treats Deborah (*spelling of that might be wrong). So very sweet.

      • Regina

        I bet she will! Which is sad all around. There is basically no hope for Sophia at all. :(

      • Drbzy

        It’ll be even sweeter if Farrah is a grandmother by the time she’s 30. We could have “Backdoor Grandmom”

      • Sherri Scott

        I think she will

  • DoogieHowser

    It looks like she had Sophia’s brows shaped too.

    I have to admit, Farrah hustling game is exhausting just to think about. I am happy though, this mean we will likely never get another music video. I can’t even imagine what her book was like.

    Does anyone know if her frozen yogurt store ever open?

  • Pattipandi

    I’m so angry right now I could spit.

  • jeff

    I know it’s mean and every child is adorable and blah blah, but man Sophia just is not a cute child. She really inherited her dad’s looks which look kind of odd on a little girl. Go ahead and flame me now but don’t say you’re not secretly thinking it in the dark corners of your heart. Farah is a complete moron and encapsulates everything wrong in the world but she is good-looking (which is why she’s getting this attention) and her daughter just… didn’t inherit much from her.

    • Brandy Nicole

      She’s only good looking because she’s paid for her body.

    • Mia

      I disagree. The makeup is over the top, but when she is just dressed like a normal kid I think she’s just as cute as any of them. I don’t find any of the kids on the show to be anything close to the most beautiful or cutest children I’ve ever seen, but I would definitely still consider all of them to be cute kids.

    • Ali

      I have always said that Sophia just isn’t a cute kid. So I’m next to you on the elevator to hell. She looks like a cave man. And her bratty attitude doesn’t help.

      • Bruja

        Her attitude is just like her mother. Sadly, Farrah and Michael and Deborah are just making a circle of it all.

    • Regina

      No no… I unfortunately agree. Paired with her attitude which she gets from Farrah and Farrah’s obsession with looks, just makes it glaringly obvious that Sophia is a bit… below the bar. Which makes me sad. She will have to try so hard to make her mom happy and Farrah will only be happy when Sophia is full of plastic. If she was in any other environment I don’t think I’d notice her looks all that much, but just everything together….
      Alas, she may be an ugly duckling! I hope she grows into it and emerges confident and attractive in the years to come (although I know for sure Farrah will encourage her otherwise so that’s not going to happen..)

    • Guest

      She was a cute baby.

    • Sherri Scott

      Omg I see a lot of her mother in her

    • anon

      She probably just has to grow into her looks. I bet she’ll be pretty when she is older.

  • Mimi

    Why the f**k is Sophia wearing bright red lipstick at FIVE?!? I hate when young children wear incredibly inappropriate makeup. Farrah is such a crap mom!

  • Stephanie Eddings

    I can’t believe how many people just want to hate on Farrah. Look at her child, she has a smile on her face, no bruises.. I think everything is going to be just fine. I think everyone is just highly jealous of Farrah and everyone also loves to talk shit and start drama. STFU already.

    • Eye roll

      Farrah put her ugly, strange, out of reality attitude on TV and Twitter (where she loves to start drama and attack people) soo…
      And I genuinely, highly doubt that anyone (besides maybe you) is jealous of this girl. That’s the oldest and saddest go-to in the book. “Oh, you don’t like someone? You must be jealous.” It just doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes people are so awful other just can’t stand them.

      • Bruja


        Couldn’t agree more.

      • Guest


      • Sherri Scott

        Exactly she has that something that rubs most people the wrong way

    • hmm

      Let’s see how her daughter at 14 will be handling all of this. Did you go to middle school or high school? You get bullied for way less than what Farrah has done under her legal name.This is a social media and google age. It would take two seconds for Sophia’s friends to find her moms p-orn and then tell everyone about it in school. Farrah has claimed she’d leave her a copy of her p-orn to Sophia because she doesn’t feel guilty and doesn’t think watching her mom take up the would affect her. They come from a sick family with no boundaries. But good on you if you’d be happy with your mother selling a mold of of her private parts.
      Oh and she’s a nasty bitch to everyone. I have not read ONE Farrah encounter that didn’t end in “she’s a mean nasty person” That also includes Deb and creepy Mike. They are all creepy, mean people.
      And if you don’t want judgement then stay off reality TV!

    • Regina

      Just because someone does not have bruises doesn’t mean they aren’t mistreated. Sophia is learning NOTHING from Farrah about living well or happiness, all she knows is that fake boobs and money will get you… well, more money.
      Things are currently not fine, and they won’t be as Sophia gets older either.

      • Ellie

        Extremely true. A lot of abuse doesn’t leave visible scars.

        • Sherri Scott


    • Sherri Scott

      Wow that is really hilarious,wow

  • twelfthnight

    Why does she constantly say how “hard” she works? I mean when you’re as dumb as Farrah I guess everything is hard, but come on.

  • Bruja

    I’m surprised the kit doesn’t include the “Eyebrow Entourage Wax Pack” for those pesky unibrow problems! We all know how that bothered Farrah!

  • Aussie cathie

    great role model farrah!! Sophie is going to be put through the mill when she gets older bullied for your appalling lifestyle….. Pig 🐗

    • Regina

      Oooh how did you get that little warthog to appear?

      • Aussie cathie

        kinda cute little fellow isn’t he?

  • Regina



  • EdinaMonsoon

    ” I want to take my lip health more serious”

    Said the girl who still wants to mess around with fillers and implants.

  • janie

    Is she serious? Oh my gosh!

  • J. Smith

    All her celebrity mom friends?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  • LoLo

    She said all of her “celebrity mom friends”. #1 she has friends? #2 she has “celebrity mom” friends? Name em? Fellow porn stars are not celebrity moms.

    I hate to pick on a child but something about Sophia bothers me. I don’t find her very cute & that could be because of her behavior on the show which I know is a direct result of having Farrah for a mother.

  • Alison Kate

    Who the hell wants to buy beauty products from the meanest, most disrespectful person on television? She is the last person I want to look like or get tips from. Plus her daughter has received virtually no discipline ( though plenty of creepy baby talk) – I think there should spend a little more time on learning how to raise a proper child and less time slinging crap that no one wants to buy from her. Oh and not to mention the fact that since she’s the most ungrateful person on the planet she wouldn’t even appreciate it if anyone was delusional enough to buy her crap.