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Catfish Falesha Jacqueline

Tonight’s episode of MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show features a slightly different kind of catfish–the sort host Nev Schulman calls a “copycatfish.” Here’s the scenario: Almost five years back, twenty-year-old Falesha had her photos stolen by another woman named Jacqueline Linkwood. Jacqueline eventually changed her profile name to Falesha and began sending friend requests to Falesha’s friends. That was followed by numerous hateful posts and comments, for which Falesha’s friends often blamed her. As you would imagine, the result was hell for a young high school student!

Eventually the taunting stopped, but Jacqueline recently sent Falesha a message saying that she is back. In responst, Falesha sent an email to Max and Nev, hopeful that they could help get to the bottom of the mystery–and confront the mysterious Jacqueline Linkwood about her (or his!) online catfishing antics.

I decided to flex my Junior Catfish Detective muscles and look into both Falesha and Jacqueline to see what I could find out ahead of the show. Thankfully, my fellow Junior Catfish Detectives at had already gotten their virtual magnifying glasses out and discovered not only Falesha’s last name, but also Jacqueline’s real name! Here’s a summary of their findings, plus some additional stuff I ran across while sleuthing:

Catfish Falesha Sapko

Falesha’s full name is Falesha Sapko. She attended both Charleroi and Ringgold High Schools where she was a cheerleader, track athlete, and honors student. She has been an aspiring model since at least the age of 16 and has at least a couple of online modeling portfolios:

Falesha Sapko on Model Mayhem
Falesha Sapko on Explore Talent

Here’s a sample modeling photo of Falesha that I’ve affectionately titled “Hay girl!”

Catfish Falesha Sapko modeling photo

Falesha’s story definitely checks out online as there are multiple references to a Jacqueline Linkwood stealing people’s identities. Check out this question posed on Yahoo Answers back in August of 2011:

Is there a way i can get off of someones block list by hacking?

so threes this girl and she has a fake profile her name is jacqueline smiley link wood (add her a screw with her cause shes a assmonkey ***** lol and i wanna jump through my computer and kill her :) but can i get unblocked so i can mess with her some more? she wouldnt except my old account i made with a diffrent name grrr

And then there’s this tweet from the same month and year:

(On a very tragic sidenote, I did some research on Lexi Poerner, hoping to uncover more about her encounter with Jacqueline. I discovered that she died in a car accident in June of 2012, at the age of 16.)

However, there is still a remnant of Jacqueline’s copycatfishing antics involving Falesha. It’s in the form of a Photobucket album full of pictures of Falesha and her friends…under the name Jacqueline Linkwood.

Falesha herself mentioned that “dealin with fake accounts suck” in a YouTube comment years ago.

And Falesha documented the return of Jacqueline on Instagram:

Catfish Falesha Jacqueline Instagram Facebook post


It appears as though tonight’s episode has a happy ending–because Falesha sent a thank you to Nev, Max, and others on Instagram earlier today:

In honor of tonight’s episode, I want to thank everyone who has helped me to stop this through out the process, thank you to everyone who helped me get her profile removed, to my friends who were a part of this with me ( @chilllslut & tori helmantoler)and to the coolest people I’ve ever worked with.. @nevschulman @maxjoseph lets go! MTV 10/9c 🐱🐠

More Falesha Sapko links:

Falesha Sapko on Facebook
Falesha Sapko on Twitter: @faleshaa
Falesha Sapko on Twitter (old account): @faleshas
Falesha Sapko on Instagram: @faleshaa
Falesha Sapko on YouTube


Catfish Jacqueline_Linkwood Tracey Armah bikini

As you might have guessed, Jacqueline Linkwood turns out to be quite the character! Her real name is Tracey Armah, and she’s a from a town in Maryland near Washington, DC. From what I can tell she is a recent graduate of Atholton High School and there’s a LinkedIn profile for a Tracey Armah in Washington DC that lists “Financial Analyst II at Sprint Nextel” as her job.

As it turns out, Tracey is a HUGE Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 fan, and someone with her name has been a frequent commenter on our site over the years. (The Teen Mom she is the biggest fan of appears to be Farrah Abraham.) According to her Facebook page, her life goal is to have an MTV show, and, with her appearance on Catfish, she seems to think she has attained it.

Tracey, who refers to herself online as “Tracey Barbie,” wrote recently on her Facebook wall: “AND NOW THAT IM FINALLY ON MTV THIS IS MY DREAM COME TRUE YES THANK U LORD♥”

Later that day she added, “Pretty much living the Barbie fab life, :)

Catfish Jacqueline Linkwood Tracey Armah Facebook

And then there’s this video featuring Tracey, in which she goes on and on (in her Maryland valley girl accent) about her upcoming appearance on Catfish, how famous she is, and how people are already jealous of her:


Ironically, it seems Tracey is also dealing with people trying to steal her identity! Earlier this month she wrote “STUPID F***IN HATER I DONT HAVE A TWITTER WHO STEALS SOMEONES PIC AND PRETENDS TO BE HER GTFO!” That was followed by “LIKE SOMEONE IS STEALING MY PICS AND PRETENDING TO BE ON TWITTER WTF!” She concluded, “PPLE CAN POSE AS ME ALL THEY WANT IM THE ONLY REAL TRACEY BARBIE KTHNX”

Speaking of people stealing Tracey’s identity, there is an Explore Talent profile set up for Tracey Armah–obviously by someone she angered–which features a profile picture of a woman eating fried chicken. The profile has this description:

Hi everyone, my name is tracey armah. I’m from Laurel Maryland. I love impersonating people. I especially love stealing pictures of beautiful girls and making fake Facebook profiles out of them. I like pretending to be a fake girl and cause drama all over Facebook. I also love swearing and insulting people and faking that I’ve been raped. The fake identity I’m using right now is Jacqueline Linkwood.

Here are some social media links for Tracey Armah. Of course, some of them may be fake! 😉

Tracey Barbie Armah on Facebook
Tracey Barbie Armah on Twitter: @traceyarmah

Be sure to tune in to Catfish at 10/9c on MTV for the rest of the story!

Special thanks to the Catficionados over at for getting the research ball rolling!

UPDATE – Tracey Barbie continues to garner negative attention with her atrocious Facebook feed, including numerous selfies with jokes about being raped. Click here to see the one that went viral on Reddit as well as other examples of her deranged postings.

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  • spottedgiraffe

    So Jacqueline’s name is Tracey? I’m so confused. That weave is disgusting though, and I would pretend to be someone else too if that were on my head.

    • AshleyBlack

      Yes. Jacqueline’s real name is Tracy.

      • Tia

        No, in her mind Jacqueline and Tracey are two different people.

        • AshleyBlack

          But in real life they are not 2 different people and Jacqueline’s real name is Tracy.

    • Gina

      A person who’s real name is Tracey, but goes by Tracey Barbie online, made a fake profile and named it Jacqueline Linkwood. She stole Falesha’s pictures and used them on the fake Jacqueline profile. She then made another profile pretending to be Falesha, using Falesha’s name and pictures, and messaged all her friends pretending this was her new profile and then posted really awful stuff posing as Falesha.

      • spottedgiraffe

        Okay thanks. What a weirdo.

      • LyfeSavingChick

        Right. I would beat that hair hat off her azz. Of course she had to pretend to be someone else. She’s insecure and has low self esteem. That’s why she picked girls that were obviously more attractive than she is. She would’ve posted that video from her hospital bed. She wouldn’t be able to post anything because I would’ve broken her hands.

    • Charla

      Yes, that weave is horrible.

      • Tami Baldon

        Just like her face and personality!

    • sassy Momma

      Lol im in tears

  • kate

    what a psycho

  • Phil McCrackin

    I couldn’t even get through the entire post. I was too confused!

  • Alexisa Clark

    That episode really makes me sick! That chick really needs god in her life. And the fact that she thinks its okay ruin people’s lifes is so rude!!!

  • Shaila

    2407018029 this is Tracey number 💅👀

    • AshleyBlack

      I wonder how many people called that number.

    • YouGotOwned

      240 seems like the wrong area code lol

      • Charla

        240 is a MD area code.

      • the_spiral


        This chick look like Mike Jones in a wig.

        • Alisson Leech

          Whos number is this? 281 is Houston.

          • the_spiral

            Google it and tell me you can’t see the resemblance lol

  • misschristoo

    Tracey’s got to be the ugliest person ever on the inside. I hope that Felisha files criminal impersonation charges against her, or if there is a federal crime, even better!!! Put her ass in prison!!!

  • shebee

    I have watched Catfish since the beginning and while there have been some far-fetched moments, tonights episode was a true “wtf” moment. This girl Tracey clearly has some deep rooted mental issues. How are you 20 yrs old living your life as a long forgetten Disney character?!? Does anyone else find this to be disturbing?

    • sassy Momma

      I do yas I et what u sayin

    • sassy Momma

      Stupid ass

    • BillyBobby

      I saw the rerun now. Catfish is in too deep on this one. The girl needed professional help.

  • guest

    I’m just embarrassed at the fact that we graduated from the same high school (atholton) granted, I graduated in 2009 so I was fortunate enough not to have ever met this basket case

    • sassy Momma


  • Tia

    I wonder what Tracey’s parents are like. They must see that there is something not right with her. She has to have an antisocial personality disorder.

    • Gina

      Her dad had a stroke and from what they were saying sounds like he is in a vegetative state. Sounds like her mom became overwhelmed, and the kids got left to their own devices while the mom struggled to keep the household afloat. After her dad got sick was when she started the fake profiles. The mom was on the show but just seemed so worn out.

      • Kristina Daye

        Also, from the show, the 17 year old son had collapsed suddenly and was in the hospital. She had to go there and couldn’t stay very long.

      • john

        I don’t think she’s putting on an act, I think she needs to be put in a physco hospital

  • Ryan Marie

    She has some serious mental probs. I give Falesha props. I would’ve knocked her out

    • sassy Momma

      Maan wouldnt u if I I went to school wit this bitch I would beat er ass if she messed wit me cause I got eczma on my lips I new ish she would say somethin to me she’ll come to school lookin purple all over nd shell be ball headed so she won’t need to wear a fake ass wig no mo

    • John

      I know I’m a guy and I’m not supposed to hit woman but I wanted to hit that girl, she is a bitch in a really snobby stuck up way. Haha

  • GodluvsUs

    I went to school with this girl. Everything that you saw on this episode is 100%. She IS crazy, but everyone ignores that and tokes it up to being her personality. She is the girl that is down for anything, anywhere just as long as it gives her a moment of fame. She wants people talking about her, whether it’s good or bad. This is literally her dream come true, for she has always said that she wanted to be famous, and that she wanted to be on MTV. I feel so sorry for all of the people who didn’t know how she is, or who she is up front. I feel sorry for the people’s lives she’s messed up. No one deserves this. I pray that no one tried to retaliate against her, nor should anyone wish I’ll will towards her. Just hope that she gets the help that she truly needs.

    • sassy Momma

      Yeah please

    • maddie the human

      Holy shitmuffins pray for this girl …..

      • it’s me

        Don’t waste your time
        God don’t like ugly (she is ugly to the core)

        I’m sure everyone has lost their way at 1 point, she just doesn’t want to find her way back

    • it’s me

      I’m sorry I have to ask…
      does/did this girl ever have any friends.

      I can’t imagine anyone being able to tolerate her.

      Hopefully 1 day she will learn to change or deal with being a very lonely girl

  • TL

    Histrionic Personality Disorder like 110%. I hope she finds some help.

    • Gina

      I googled it, sounds spot on!

      My favorite part of the show was when Max asked “Are you on drugs?” I wouldn’t be surprised if that was mixed in too.

      • sassy Momma

        Maan lol

  • DaisyDew

    I cant believe I went to school with this chick… How embarrassing her mom probably doesn’t care what she does because she seems loose. I know she has a child.. I feel bad for the child.. to have a mother like that and then out of all people on tv you wanna be like “Farrah from teen Mom” This bitch is outta her mind.. well this bitch is gonna get it one of these days mess with the wrong one..

    • sassy Momma

      Aint she she a stuuuuuuupiiiiiidd assssss biiiiiitccchhhh

    • Tami Baldon

      Whatever country they’re from, send them back!!!

      • ozzyinch

        They’re from the US.

        • Tami Baldon

          No, I believe her family is originally from Haiti.

          • ozzyinch

            Her mother is from Ghana. They are US citizens.

            • Tami Baldon

              Wherever, her mother needs to send her back!

            • Khin

              No! Please keep her in the United State. That’s where all the crazies are, besides if she grew up in Ghana, she wouldn’t have turn out like this.

              • letoya


  • ballhair696987

    Thats one crazy black chick

  • AshleyBlack

    After watching the episode I REALLY hope MTV helps give her the help she clearly needs!

  • Charla

    Tracey seems bat crazy. And I’m from MD, and that’s not a natural MD accent. That’s an accent of someone wishing she were on Laguna Beach.

  • Stacey

    She worked doing aftercare at my daughters school :-/ how embarrassing

    • nope

      How in the world… These background checks mean nothing to me anymore. Seriously

    • A_Nicole

      What?! I would be worried to have ANY kids around her. She’s unstable at best.
      She really needs to not be around children at all

    • Ellie Williams

      What school?

  • sassy Momma

    I do not like this girl she got problems an foreal I seen the show wow and she is not no good person that fake wig she got on and that video up there she is sooooooo stupid tf wrong wit u like tf rong wit u omg u sooooooo stupid doin that to that I innocent really pretty girl tf im very mad tf

  • Brandy Nicole

    I’m watching now. Goodness. That dollar tree weave, that psycho giggle, the want to be Hannah Montana. She’s got people locked in the basement for sure!

    • John

      Yeah she needs to get knocked out. Maybe it will fix whatever is loose in her head

  • kiki

    Her voice REALLYYYYY irks me. Like a lot. Every time she spoke I wanted to hit her mouth and im not violent at all. I hope she gets some help cause man she’s annoying at the moment :/

  • Anonymous

    I just called that Tracey girl from last episode’s phone and she answered and told me I was an ugly bitch and needed to go die hahahaha!

    (240) 701-8029

    • LyfeSavingChick


    • LyfeSavingChick

      She loves calling other people ugly…wow. I have a hard time believing she owns a mirror. Those braces and hair hat don’t exactly scream beauty queen. She should be committed.

      • Alisson Leech

        I’ve been trying to figure out the black band around her hair since this article was posted!

    • Leniese Rose

      Oh shit this really is her number, I just got her answer machine though.

      • john

        What’s her number. Can I have it please lol

        • Annoymous

          (240) 701-8029

  • LyfeSavingChick

    Everything about this broad is fraudulent and ratchet…especially that flea market dog hair wig. Since Felecia knows where she lives, she should’ve gone back over there and punched her in the face. Low self esteem having azz….If she was as wonderful as she thinks she is, she wouldn’t feel the need to steal other people’s profile pictures.

  • Felix

    (240) 701-8029 Tracey’s number this girl is crazy

  • Robyn Austin

    The girl clearly has mental health issues, the episode aired on MTV in the UK a few days ago.. From the moment neve calls her on the phone and hearing her verbal manic unhinged demeanor…. She’s definitely not well. Doesn’t excuse what she did though.. But definitely a vulnerable adult in need of psychiatric attention.

  • Emma Wong

    Wow, props to how much research you did on this! I just watched the ep and am FLOORED. I’ve never felt so strongly about any character as I do about Tracey. I cannot believe she was just laughing throughout the whole episode saying how she loves attention and bullying people. She was saying that she hates Falesha because she stole Jacqueline’s friends? WUT?! I could go on and on.

  • Olivia

    Tracey has serious mental health issues – she was very clearly in a manic phase the entire episode. I really hope MTV gets her major psychiatric help because that’s what she really needs.

  • Ava

    This cant be real. This girl is mentally disabled or something. I mean, its really sad to say that most people on this show probably have some links missing but this is the sickest one besides the kid who they met in the little gambling place.

    I don’t condone violence… but I would have needed The Thing to keep me from slapping her. Wooosaaaaaaahhh

  • Chrissy

    Something is wrong with this girl. She’s lucky I wasn’t Falesha because I would of knocked her out and kicked in the head a few good times.

  • mollie

    That psycho bitch needs her ass beat.

  • Cj

    My gut response would’ve been to ask if she was retarded or had Asperger’s or something. Her elevator definitely does not reach the top floor. Wow.

  • Amber Ewolski

    So this is pretty crazy. I personally knew Lexi, she was one year older then me and went to the same highschool. I just came across this episode and had to do more research on this girl! Come to find out that photobucket account in the links are pictures of MY friends and I ! How creepy, this girl is insane and needs mental help. I lived in a small town in Ohio called Brunswick I am speechless this is the girl whose been harassing everyone all these years, and all over the country..

  • Qet

    i hope this tracey bitch is reading every single comment, comments asking her to get her ass beat or get admitted to a hospital

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Has anyone in MD made sure Tracey is terminated from her job working with children in a day care? Frightening!!!

  • Colleen

    I don’t know what’s faker- her hair or her personality. That is one psycho, screwed up chick. She has the mentality and personality of an 8 year old. Watching her was painful and pathetic. It’s clear that she’s a sick, lonely girl with no life and no friends, so she created a make believe version of the life she wished she had. Doesn’t get much more pathetic than that. I really hope she gets some psychological help- and a hew weave.

  • Someoneconcerned

    Why hasn’t she been arrested?? This is against the law and she is a disturbing individual.

  • WandaWilliams

    Holy crap. This might have been the craziest episode yet. I felt so bad for Falesha. The Catfish crew talking to Tracey was like they were talking to a hologram or something. She had like zero comprehension of anything they were saying. When they told her she had to stop cyberbullying people and impersonating people online she accused Nev and Max of being ‘mean’ to her. She was really rude to Falesha even though Tracey had stolen her photos, bullied her classmates, and basically ruined her life in high school. Tracey admitted to everything she did but felt zero remorse about it. She’s clearly had a tough life, but I’ve never seen someone deal with problems that way. I really hope she gets help.

  • ozzyinch

    They should have pressed charges. The girl needs to be admitted to a psychiatric facility, and she ABSOLUTELY should not be anywhere near small, vulnerable children.

    • GingerGirly #GotTFOuttaHere

      I’m horrified to think that this person would be allowed anywhere near children!

  • Jay

    This girl needs to be muzzled and placed in a straight jacket in a padded room and forgotten. Just put her in there lock the door and walk away. Read she works for sprint or something. How the hell did she get hired I wouldn’t want her working for me. I feel sorry for anyone having to deal with her.

  • 63_kcirm

    What bothers me about this episode is that no one is allowed to mention the personality disorder that Tracey is dealing with. That identification and short discussion about how she cannot help thinking the way she does would help the audience understand that this is not a simple case of internet bullying. I see the same characteristics in her that I see in two of my family members who have both been diagnosed.

  • Pixie

    I wish they had looked for that kid Corey in the episode. Crazy that his classmate said he left school and no one knew what happen.

  • safiya richards

    my friend said she is on crack but its attention

  • Cherinda Zwier

    She really need some help.

  • Worried

    All you people talking about Tracy’s wig are missing the point. Who cares about her hair?
    This girl has some serious mental problems & should be institutionalized for a psychological evaluation & maybe even face jail time. She’s dangerous to others & herself.
    I wish Falesha would press charges against her before she does something worse.

  • disqus_WNv7US8Tln

    This is Tracey’s number. Please blow her phone up. She is crazy mad cause i wouldnt have sex with her so she has a bunch of people thinking all kinds of things about me that are not true. Thank you all very much. Dont give up. Keep blowing it up

  • Gabbyz

    I just watched this episode and honestly was disappointed in the hosts the girls involved and the that girl Tracey’s mother. I understand this is reality TV but this girl has serious mental issues. I felt the episode more demonized her and made fun of her more than gave light to people who actually suffer from personality disorders abuse. She was committing a crime by buoying those people, but she obviously has mental issues and needs more help or just as much as bully victims. She obviously was bullied too. And abused no one knows but o was disappointed in Nev for assuming she was on drugs when the girl is obviously mentally deranged. Also if that girl Felisha was really concerned about her profile she should have just contacted police instead of MTV but that doesn’t make for good reality TV. I kinda think by looking at her real accounts she was probably using TV as more of an outlet than “bully awareness” and more for limelight. All in all I pray for that girl and her family and her soul all of you should be ashamed for shaming her and bullying her MORE because most likely that behavior she has done is linked to mental abuse and lack of help. Pray for others people not shame them. Those who do not sin can cast the first stone and there should be no one throwing stones on here. God bless.