VIDEO New Catfish preview trailer with Youtube star Andrea Russett

Nev Schulman Andrea Russett Catfish Season 5b

Catfish is coming back, and judging from the dramatic new preview trailer just released by MTV, Nev and Max are casting their nets wide and “the catfish are hungrier than ever!”

Oooo lawd! Nev and Max head to Kodiak Island, Alaska and to the United Kingdom to reel in some BIG ol’ catfish! We previously reported that MTV was casting for a British version of Catfish, and it’s unclear if there are still plans to launch a separate show there or not. Certainly, a hop over the pond for Nev and Max as part of the original US series would be a great way to introduce us to the modern-day Sherlock Holmes and Watson (aka UK Nev and Max) they found to host the spin-off! But, I digress…

In addition to heading to remote locations around the globe, Nev and Max will be featuring some of the most famous catfish bait ever on the show in the form of YouTube star Andrea Russett!

Andrea Russett Catfish quote

Plus, it’s always nice to go ahead and lock down my #EyebrowCrush for the year…

Catfish Season 5b

So get your box o’ wine and your “Oh HELL naw!” tweets ready for some serious #CatfishAndChill as Catfish the TV Show Season 5B premieres Wednesday, August 10 at 10/9c on MTV.

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