Who was The Bachelor’s Vienna Girardi’s husband?

Vienna Girardi

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Vienna Girardi revealed that she was engaged to her pastor’s son for four years and broke off the engagement when she was just 17 years old. Her ex then got married to someone else within a month. Vienna was torn up about it and ran off and eloped with a guy she claims she didn’t even know!

Well, we know him and his name is Joshua William Riley. He married Vienna, who changed her name to Vienna Riley, on September 6, 2005. The divorce was finalized on July 18, 2006. Both parties listed their residence as Florida, but there are online records that show a Jacksonville, North Carolina address for Vienna for a brief period of time. Much like her high school sweetheart, Joshua soon remarried to an Amanda Riley in North Carolina in April, 2007. So if Jake winds up choosing Vienna and it doesn’t work out, chances are he will be married to someone else within a year! She needs to tell him that before she gets booted!

UPDATE – View Vienna’s actual divorce documents HERE!

UPDATE – Did Vienna have a boyfriend while on the show? CLICK HERE!

I’m trying to find out more info and I will post it here as soon as I find it! Until then, you can kill time by reading Vienna’s bio and checking out photos of her from various social networking sites (***SPOILER ALERT***) HERE. The link goes to a post containing a reference to Reality Steve’s article and reveals something that is supposed to happen after Episode Two*** (There’s even a picture from her high school yearbook!)

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  • Katie

    after her dad bought her implants she started working a hooters.

  • MG

    Her ex-husband paid for the implants with money she stole from his bank account while he was in Iraq. She did work at Hooters until she was fired.

    • Breezy

      It’s completely true. I know her ex-husband personally, and we were really good friends at the time of their divorce. She did terrible things to him. Stole his money for a boob job, refused to give him the key to his storage unit so he could get his stuff. It was terrible.

  • MG

    And the supposed highschool photo (the bikini shot) is too recent to be a highschool photo. She has implants in that supposed photo and she got those before her divorce was final. Somebody needs to get their facts straight.

  • Tia

    Just so you know, there is a wal-mart ad right in the middle of the comments section. It is totally in the way. Can you please move the ads to the side (which there already is a large wal-mart ad to the left), or to the top. At least make it possible to x- it from being in the way of peoples’ responses.

  • woo hoo

    she’s a cheating wh**e. her husband is in the marine corps and she cheated when he was deployed.

  • katy

    Wow! You have commented the same thing on every post!

    I believe you like Vienna so you keep commenting on all her posts to get people excited to watch the show!

    The more drama, the better the ratings, so actually you are helping! thanks 🙂

  • Breezy

    And yes, her residence was N. Carolina for a while, she moved in with some guy , who once upon a time was her ex boyfriend’s friend.
    And not far from where Josh lived upon returning from Iraq, either!

  • bokey

    ok all corrections… she did not work at hooters, it was winghouse in sanford, fl.. she went to seminole high school and was c/o 2004 and that is the pic. and the guy in the pics is lee smith and its a cruise to the bahammas

  • adscas

    She was not engaged for four years. It was more like 6 months. She was with the guy for a total of 6-7 months. And he went away to the military or something and got married a year later. Not a month later like she tries to say to make herself look better. What a trainwreck.

    • limbo232

      You don’t get it. She was enaged to the pastor’s son for a few years. After he found someone else, she eloped with another guy she knew for 6-7 months. Once they got married, he left to Iraq. There are two different men involved. One she was engaged to and the other guy, she got married to.

  • hannah

    i’m pretty sure i saw a naughty video clip of her on a spam add! she’s giving herself a treat…may not be her, but it reeeeeeally looks like her!

  • judy

    she seems a typical spoiled brat. Very self centered and selfish.

  • Nahupsi


    Then there was Jake’s two on one date with Vienna and Gia. Of the two, Gia is the girl with whom Jake seemed to have natural chemistry. Let’s face it, he was really into kissing with Gia. Kissing seemed natural, affectionate and held exciting promises. One wonders why he didn’t continue it, then we remember – Vienna interrupted. Personally, I feel that Gia was well into turning Jake’s critical tide. But don’t get me wrong; even though Jake obviously liked Gia, he took this developing relationship with caution and an open ear to what the other girls might “reveal” about Gia.

    At this point, I don’t think there is a lot of chemistry between Jake and Vienna. I do feel he was attracted to her physically at first, but then she started whining and I think with Jake that is a real no-no. In addition, she made way too many mistakes and scored negative points on the Vienna pros and cons chart. I think that if it were up to Jake, he would have eliminated her as well. The producers of the show might have warned Pavelka not to become too carried away with his power to eliminate. Just before the rose ceremony, the time when Jake is supposed to make the final decisions and clear any possible misunderstandings with the girls, Jake questioned Vienna about Gia. Even though Jake verbalized his intent to get more into Vienna, it did not come off as genuine…


    • ME

      Thats totaly ture. I was sad to see Gia leave and still have Vienna. They have no “natural” chemistry/ She forces him to kiss her! I think if Jake figured out what all Vienna had done, He would send her home RIGHT away. I mean seriously what does he see in her? Yea a swimsuit model but look at Gia. She was Beautiful, sweet, caring. Everything that was perfect for Jake. I dont understand why Vienna is not gone yet. I do also believe Ali could have been right for him, but she had to leave and Jake did not want her to come back.

  • kayla

    One of the radio stations down here in Florida said she was married to a man who left for Iraq, and when he was deployed she spent $5000 of his money to have her boobs done. Ha ha

  • edna

    have you ever looked at her face??? she looks like a man. she definitely think that she was a man. she’s crazy

  • Evie

    Why are you people into all this drama? We all know this quote “engagement” won’t pan out, no matter who Jake picks and most men tend to pick the bad girls anyway. Tenly seems to be a wonderful and good hearted woman, but too innocence and straight laced. Jake says he wants a lady with values, but seems to be drawn to the evil one – Vienna!!

    • Marie

      We’re all here (including yourself) for the same reason.. to try to wrap our heads around this whole vienna thing. Blehhhh

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  • Kate

    Do these people get paid by ABC to appear on this show and look like utter fools? Why would an airline pilot who seems pretty level-headed go for this dumb blond with fake boobs?

    This has to be ABC punking the audience and Jake getting a fat paycheck for his 401k. I don’t buy it that he would embarrass himself and his family publically for this manish looking woman. Must be for the money–this cannot be on the level.

    • Bobbie

      That was good, Katie. Pilots don’t get paid very much now-a-days.

    • Marie

      My words exactly… Manish.. and that hideous hairpiece that she wears at the back to make her hair look not so thin and short, bleached out,fake boobs. My daughter (16)pointed out the piece at the back of her badly coiffed hair. My bff thinks that Tenley was too good for Jake anyway. I like Jake but not sure how he could seen enough in Vienna in a six week period to propose.


  • TJ

    I love Vienna! I hope she goes on to have a great life. I think all those women were mean girls picking on one person. If it wasn’t Vienna it would have been someone else. That’s how it works and that Ali is the ring leader. I bet she always finds someone to pick on and lay all of her mess on. She sure knows how to rally troop against her main competiton, doesn’t she?

  • Minnie Mouse

    All I know is that when I saw Vienna and her father together and heard the things they said about each other, it totally creeped me out. What kind of relationship do they have behind closed doors? I’m just sayin…

    • Jay

      What the heck is so darn wrong with a father saying caring things about his daugher? Why read perverted stuff into anything like that?

  • lindy

    Don’t worry. There will not be a wedding. She will ruin his family.

    • Marie

      Jake’s mom can’t stand her…. she only gave in in St Lucia for Jake but really didn’t like her at all its obvious she just pretended for Jake’s sake.

      His Mom is probably heartbroken.


    We can now spell Jakes name correctly: “JERK”

  • SW

    I don’t get it. She is just not a nice person. What does that say about Jake. Maybe he isn’t the person we thought he was either. He is going to have to do alot of babysitting because she just can’t be nice.

  • Heather

    I guess someone could call george a sprinkel the judge who signed the paperwork to find out the truth. His resume is all over the internet, with a cell phone number. Documents seem real to me.

  • Susan

    Come on! leave Vienna alone. I saw the show and couldn’t stand Ally. They are all gossipy and mousy talking.
    At least Vienna shows what she was, a regular girls with ups and down not a put on.

    Whatever the outcome is in few years, Vienna was better than the drama queens in the show.

    Good for Vienna and the girls that show themselves the way they are.

    • Mary

      Show themselves the way they are? Then Vienna needs to get rid of the fake hair, the bleach, the implants, and all the lies if we are to see the way she really is! OMG America is so stupid to buy into this “reality” TV crap!

  • Danielle

    Susan, are you kidding me? Vienna is a fake! Nothing about her is real including her hair, boobs, job description, history of past relationships or just about anything else she said during the season. The other women saw through her. Jake chose on lust. He is NOT the man he says he is if he picked Vienna! She is a player and a party girl, not a wife! Jake will announce in about 1-2 months that he made a mistake and didnt really know Vienna even though information about her is all over the internet. Maybe pilots can’t read. And Vienna will go on to further her career in reality TV land, which is what she really wants.

    • Valerie

      Hey susan!
      I totally agree with you!
      Everyone is so judgemental of her. We can’t deny the fact that Jake chose Vienna chose her to help him conquer their fear of heights. It’s something two people have to do together,and she did just that – she was by his side. She also made him feel like a k id again. There’s nothing better for a man than a woman to spend time with and that everyday is an adventure. Tenley was great, but she was too perfect for Jake. I know why he said that there was something not there between them, and that’s the natural chemistry. He felt like he had to walk around her on tiptoes and play the perfect husband, when we all know that’s never going to make a couple happy. I hope you guys drop all that crap about her hair color, boobs, and all that stuff. How many of you don’t go to salon and die your hair over ur natural just cause u didn’t like her old one. Everybody’s just jealous. I really supported her from the start. She set a goal for herself and she got it.

  • PW

    I think Jake is a fool, this woman is so fake it hurts to watch the fool. What in the world was he thinking? Gia was a good match for him and Tenley, but he being a man went for the obvious and it was not looks because in my eyes she is not good looking at all. She is cross eyed, skinny, nothing but big teeth and bones. JAKE YOU ARE GOING TO GET HURT ON THIS FOOL BELIEVE ME.

  • 1944victoriam

    Geez, everyone is so, so critical……give Vienna a break! She is only 23 years old….how do you think it felt to be on a show with older women who decided from the get-go that they didn’t like you. it is not like she stole anything, or beat someone up, she really didn’t do anything so wrong. Ali was a b*tch to Vienna from the beginning and especially the night she talked into he mic asking What is SHE doing here…as if Vienna was some horrible, evil person. Ali was the b*tch, no two ways about it. Suddenly, when she was closer to becoming the next Bachelorette she was all nicey, nicey. Vienna was always smiling and very sweet to Jake and I hope they are happy. I hope it works out for them. And i hope you people are nicer in person than you are on line.

  • Molly

    Vienna is a liar and if Jake is lying to her and has a girlfriend in the background, it’s called karma. Vienna lied and stole from her first husband’s account after he asked for a divorce (she cleaned out HIS account where HIS military pay went while he was overseas) and got a boob job with the money. She can lie through the media all she wants but the truth will stand. Vienna is lying about everything in her past to further her
    “reality” career, so she and Jake are just alike. Their relationship is based on money and fame, not love. Sorry to all of you who are buying this BS! Vienna has NO skills, other than taking her clothes off. The porn industry would be perfect for her and her fake hair, boobs, and life!!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    Vienna is a nice girl. Ali was the b**ch; I cant belive some people dont realize that Ali was the hypocryte of the household. Overall I just think Jake shoul’ve picked Gia or the Tinsey girl. They didnt cause any drama. But yeah; Vienna is waaayyyy better than Ali.

  • Daniella

    I like Vienna. I hate Ali.

  • Milly

    Ali was a hypocryte.She complained FOREVER about Vienna. All the girls were jelous of Vienna which brought out a bad side of her. Vienna was just pissed because all the girls were being mean to her. Vienna was there for love. Ali was there to get her own show on the batcholorrette. Ali and Jake wouldn’t last anyways:)
    But the point is that Jake and Vienna are happily in love together and thats all that really matters:)

  • Madison