PHOTOS Meet The Bachelor’s Lucy Aragon, Snapchat co-creator’s girlfriend

Lucy Aragon - Coachella

The upcoming season of The Bachelor with Juan Pablo Galavis doesn’t premiere until next year, but we’re confident enough to say it’s going to be a wild ride. Evidence: Contestant Lucy Aragon, a model and self-described lover of nakedness.

As Reality Steve so concisely put it, Lucy was “basically recruited to be on the show to, well, bring the crazy. And the nudity.”

Lucy — who also goes by Lucinda Aragon — had some big names to drop when applying for the show. (How I imagine it going down: “My best friend Kate Upton said she really, really wants to watch me on TV. She said she’d tweet about it nonstop.”)

Lucy Aragon - Kate Upton

Plus, she seemed chummy with Bachelor host Chris Harrison way back in February.

Lucy Aragon - Chris Harrison

She also campaigned for Juan Pablo’s Bachelorhood in July, tweeting “Juan Pablo for Bachelor. #BachelorNation”

SPOILER Although Lucy may be gorgeous and perpetually unclothed, she apparently didn’t win Juan’s heart. She doesn’t seem that torn up about it, however. Less than two months after her elimination from The Bachelor‘s 18th season, Lucy is in a serious relationship with Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel — the same dude who just turned down a $3 billion purchase offer from Facebook.

Lucy Aragon - Evan Spiegel - The Bachelor

It’s unclear when Lucy and Evan began dating. If her social media-documented affections for Snapchat are any indication, she and Evan didn’t become romantic until this fall: She complained about Snapchat in May, but called it “amazing” in October.

Either way, Lucy and Evan’s relationship clearly moved into the fast-lane right after she was eliminated from The Bachelor house on Oct. 2. By Oct. 30, she was openly flaunting her new love.

I can’t help but see the irony in Evan and Lucy’s relationship: Evan’s company is essentially based on allowing people to make embarrassing (and/or nude) pictures disappear, but Lucy’s proud to share her R-rated photos with the world.

Lucy Aragon - Melons - The Bachelor

The Bachelor returns to ABC with a special on Jan. 5 and limo arrivals on Jan. 6.

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