PHOTOS Teen Mom Farrah Abraham throwback modeling and candid pictures

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham kisses her daughter Sophia

18-year-old Farrah Abraham has allowed MTV to document a very difficult part of her life – first on the reality show 16 and Pregnant and now on the series Teen Mom. As implied by the title, 16 and Pregnant followed Farrah, a popular high school student and member of the cheerleading squad at the time, through the course of her teen pregnancy including the judgmental attitudes of most of her friends and the disappointment of her mother and father.

As with many of the other installments of the series, we watch a young girl yanked out of the casual life of being an American teenager and having to face motherhood – all within an 9-month time frame. Farrah’s struggles were exacerbated by the fact that her baby’s father, Derek Underwood, was not there to support her and would die in a car accident at the age of 18.

Teen Mom picks up where 16 and Pregnant left off as we follow Farrah going to culinary school, dating and trying to be a mother to her daughter Sophia. It’s hard television to watch because it’s obvious Farrah longs for the unencumbered life she used to live, but she also clearly cares a great deal for her daughter. Adding to the already-difficult mix is a realistic (and supportive) mother and father that are constantly there to remind Farrah of her obligations as a mother.

16 and Pregnant's Farrah holds her newborn daughter Sophia
Farrah and Sophia soon after she was born

UPDATE – See photos of Farrah Abraham from her motorcycle calendar shoot!

It’s easy to sit back and pass judgment on MTV for the sensationalist nature of the shows and for turning teen pregnancy into digestible reality entertainment, but the show seems to accurately reflect the difficulties facing teenage mothers. Also, I think they’ve done a great job at getting a nice cross-section of scenarios with Farrah playing the attractive popular cheerleader. Caitlynn has a very supportive baby daddy as they struggle with having given up their daughter up for adoption. Maci’s friends have all left for college as she stays at home with her immature on again/off again boyfriend that she just can’t seem to cut ties with. Amber is the resentful, angry mom in a tumultuous relationship without much of a support system.

This post is about Farrah, though. I wanted to share some background info on her and then some photos taken from Facebook. There are a number of myspace accounts under Farrah’s name, most of which with pictures of her. Farrah’s Facebook fan page says she was born May 31, 1991 and lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa. As is evident from watching the show, Farrah is currently taking culinary classes at a local college. She also expresses an interest in pursuing modeling, which you can see in these photos taken just a couple weeks after Sophia was born:

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham in a post-pregannacy bikini photoshoot 16 and Pregnant's Farrah Abraham shows off her swimsuit-ready post-pregnancy body

Whuh?!? You go Farrah! It doesn’t appear that giving birth has affected your chances at becoming a model at all! What could affect your chances at becoming a model are clothes like these…

Farrah Abraham from MTV's Teen Mom odels some wild clothes with a friend 16 and Pregnant's Farrah Abraham models a disco ball dress

…and hairstyles like this:

Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom rocks a curly hairstyle

Heh heh! (I can be a little critical right?) Anyway, we at Starcasm are big fans of the show and plan on tuning in closely for the rest of the season (and beyond?). Good luck to you and Sophia – maybe we’ll see you soon on either America’s Top Model or Iron Chef!

To round off the post here are a few Christmas-themed photos of Farrah and Sophia:

Sophia daughter of Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom at Christmas in a stroller Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom poses for a Christmas photo Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia pose for a Christmas photo together


UPDATE (January 7, 2011) – Farrah showed off her post-pregnancy bikini body while vacationing in Orlando, Florida! CLICK HERE to see the photos!

Photos: Myspace/Facebook/Facebook via Live Journal

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  • Bailey

    You are doing a good job at being a mom and trying to go through everything else.

    • Meg

      Bailey, obviously you’ve never had a child if you think she’s doing a good job as a mother. She’s so irresponsible and self centered. All she cares about is her social life. Everything comes before her daughter which should be number one in her life. When you have a baby as a teen you’re social life becomes a privilage. She doesn’t even need to have the baby. Adoption shouldve been something she shouldve considered. And her parents are no good either. They let her run around and be a little w**re so really it’s their fault. They could stop her. Just because she’s a mom doesn’t mean she can do whatever he wants. She’s a horrible mother.

      • Ashley.

        Uhm, maybe adoption isn’t what she wanted, did you ever think of that? Maybe she wanted to have her baby with her, instead of sending her off with some strangers, which I think is good. At least she HAS her kid. She could have ditched her and left her with her parents and she could have just said “screw this”, but she’s with her kid when she needs to be. She’s in her life constantly, and she didn’t and still doesn’t have to be. She chooses to be. And I don’t give a sh*t what you say, THAT is a good mom.

  • Noemy

    You’re kidding me right? You can’t look like that weeks after giving birth. Her tummy is tight, which I cannot believe can be achieved in weeks without excercising!

    • Lele

      They didn’t say how many weeks after Sophia was born this pic was taken. And for the record my sister and a couple of friends of mine that are also petite like Farrah had stomachs like that between 1-4 months after giving birth. Most of them got rid of the pouch after 2-3 weeks of breast feeding. 2 out of 4 of them were athletes before they got pregrant and all 4 of them went to the gym regularly before they got pregnant. It’s all about how you treat your body before getting pregnant, after giving birth, and genetics…

  • james

    i think her parents should kick her out of the house, and let her pursue her “modeling” career. They should of course, keep the baby so it wouldnt pose as such an inconvinience to her, during modeling interviews, or when shes trying to do get with other guys. Farrah did give birth to a beautiful baby girl, but unfortunately she is NOT A MOTHER. You just can’t teach that. I wish her luck in her pursuit of a man, and in her modeling career, since those two, seem to be at the top of her list of priorities.

    & enough with the crap that she’s juggling school, modeling, and work. She’s been given the PRIVILEGE to finish school by her parents. (many teen moms drop out, becuase : THEIR CHILD COMES FIRST!.) THey even let her go out on dates..!. jesus, shes jus too spoiled its disgusting. and she hasn’t learned anything becuase of it.

    I hope she grows up, and growing up doesnt mean sleeping with as many guys as possible, or going out til late hours in the night. IT means becoming responsible for your actions, accepting your mistakes, and striving to be a better person…all which are lacking in her case.

    ugh, a beautiful gift of life has come from a one night mistake…and she could care less….. So UpseTTING. =/

  • Elle

    Farrah is fugly and will never be anything more than a mall model or, as I fully predict, a hag pole dancer sooner rather than later.

    Her parents should give her the boot and keep the baby safe since they are already looking after her full-time. No point wasting any more time or money on this vacuous, selfish twit.

    P.S. Could she have less self-respect re: the guys she scams on? Ick…

    • alicia

      I think farrah is very pretty and that she does care for her daughter she’s had a lot of responsibilty thrown on her all at once. Yes she could have prevented a teen pregnancy but she was responsible enough to keep the baby intstead of having an abortion like a lot of teenager will do no judgement! Its the truth. And then on top of everything else whatever was going on with her baby father. sophia will never meet her dad because he died and I think that really hurts farrah and when she’s going out and partying I think she’s trying to fill a void. But everyone is quick to judge and down talk these girls and I think there all doing the best when the card they have been dealt!

      • CBgirl

        Funny that you say everyone is so quick to judge her, but you actually don’t know her do you? Didn’t think so. I live in CB, and just so you know, even when Derek (Sophia’s dad) was alive she had no intention of having him in her life, as is seen in the first episode of 16 & Pregnant when she denies to him that she’s pregnant. And THEN after he dies and Derek’s family wants to be in Sophia’s life, she REFUSES. Why? Because she’s a b*tch. The only thing she cares about is herself. She uses that little girl to try and climb the publicity ladder and hopefully land herself a gig in the acting world. I became a mom at 17 and I have taken full responsibility for my daughter. I’m a single mom who works full time, goes to school, pays for my own place, pays for my own car, fully supports my child with NO help from the baby’s father. It CAN be done, but not if the only thing someone is worried about is going out and partying, and getting pregnant AGAIN (because she did, but rumor has it she got an abortion). I’m going to assume that you’re young just from the way you talk, so let me tell you that the real world is tough, and if you’re going to open your legs, you better be ready to take it on. Her parents could’ve done a better job raising her, I’ll give you that, but it’s not her parent’s responsibility to take care of that baby, it’s HERS. She needs to grow up.

        P.S. Her daughter’s name is Sophia Loren Abrahams. My best friend works with Farrah and asked her if she knew who Sophia Loren was. Obviously there was a b**chy response and a freak-out session, but in the end, the answer was no, she has no clue. And why is that? Because she didn’t even NAME her own child. I’m assuming her Mom did, but I don’t know for sure. She didn’t name her own child, she doesn’t take care of her child, she pawns off her mothering responsibilities…I’m going to go ahead and say she’s a POS for a Mom, and a disgrace to young moms everywhere.

  • chris

    hey farrah,
    been watching the show and your beautiful and gorgeous and i want you to no if u are still looking for a man in your life email me if you want to get to no me i’m 18, amateur mma fighter not trying to go pro to the ufc but its a hobby i enjoy, and i love children i want to get to no u


    • jen

      wow, this isnt a match. com.. The last thing this “lady” needs (i dont want to call her otherwise), is a guy. Look were that got her in the first place, a baby she leaves at home with her parents, in order for her to go out with different guys each day, and use her NUVA RING!!!.yay

      What guys need to do, especially in her town, is stay away from this chick, and let her raise her child. How is she EVER going to learn to be a mother??..Opening your legs, and giving birth to a baby, doesn’t make you an adult, allowing you to abandon you baby and go out with your ‘girls’ until long hours in to the night, just like you did when you were NOT pregnant in high school.

      She should just give custody of the baby to her parents, move the hell out and become a “Model” or w.e…
      SHe “just wants to be a teen like anyone else”,


  • Candace

    I think Farrah has “made an attempt” at being a mother. But it’s quite obvious she only uses her daughter as a model or accessory. If she’s not willing to step up to the plate either her parents, Sophia’s paternal grandparents, or an adoptive couple need to step in. Or someone just needs to stand up to Farrah and give her a taste of reality.

  • bob

    Why should the parents raise that baby? They raised Farrah who sucks. Give the baby up for adoption!

  • karla

    Nobody said it would be easy to be a teen single mom it never is even if you have a partner to help you. I got pregnant when I was 17 and I knew then that my teenage days ware over. Farrah I think you should stop looking for a father for sophia she needs you, when the right man comes God will let you know. Enjoy your baby because time flys and it dosent go back. Wish you the best and hope you grow up.God bless you and sophia o and your parents because they support you more than you give them credit for. You should thank God for such great and understanding parents.

  • Crystal

    I think Farrah is self centered and never made an attempt to care for her daughter she should put her up for adoption. the baby is her responsibility not her mom’s she is the one who decided to have sex. she doesnt need to go out with her friends every night she signed up for the responsibility. I think she is reall pretty but her attitude and her self centeredness makes her effing ugly and I wanna punch her in the face

  • vannessa

    Farrah is being a little bit irresponsible but yea I can understand her wanting to go out though it shouldn’t b every night. She has a lot an I mean a lot going on right now. She is very lucky to hav tha parents she does. An danggg she does have a nice tummy for just havin a baby!

    • Freddy

      Hey Vannessa. Do you love your boyfriend?

  • http://... Amanda

    I am a 22 year old mother.. Of a three year old. I was pregnant at 18 and a mom at 19.. I was older than farrah but you and I both know we knew what we were doing.. She was a baby having a baby.. Now its time to grow up before that baby starts learning from her. Farrah (on the show) was a disrespectful, stuck-up, snobby, selfish, uncaring… baby momma. It seemed to me that the last thing on her mind.. (after sex and cursing and vanity), was that beautiful little baby girl… Sophia. Her parents are suffering emotionally and really would like thier daughter to not worry about herself but sacrifice her life to that baby. When you have a child, at any age, no matter what, you stand by that baby and it will be with you forever, regardless.. so be a mom to the little baby and be a little less into trying to take your clothes off to have sex again.. or going out all hours of the night and doing absolutely nothing… you have nothing better to do than help that little baby… Good luck..

  • Kourtney

    I am in disbelief that any female who carries a baby for nine months then gives birth to the baby and has not one ounce of reaponsiblity for one but even more mind boggling to mr is the fact that she CAN leave the baby. I had my first child at 23 and from the first instant I laid eyes on him I was forever bonded in the strongest way possible I physically and emotional can’t leave him for selffish acts i & my husband are the only people responsible for him not our parents!!!! I can’t believe they are so ignorant to ENABLE Farrah to go out constantly and what’s the deal with her having a different bf everyday??? She acts in such a desperate way it’s obvious that more guys would be attracted to her for being home with her hold than out looking for a guy that is very disturbing but mist of the blame is on her parents for not standing up to her they an make the rules bc she lives under their roof and it wouldn’t be long she would be begging bak if they kicked her out her priorities are sooooooo out of order and the fathers parents should be able to be involved ESP since she is constantly pawning Sophia off on her parents

    • Jessica

      Lets see Where shall i start
      1.) Why the f**k are you looking at farrah’s s**t if you hate her so much get real b**ches your looking because your jealous.
      2.)All you girls who have done the right thing yeah right. When did YOU loose your virginity. or are you some kind of god sent angel that didnt have sex until marriage. Get real im sure 9-10 of you had sex in highschool. But Wait your a GOOD MOTHER because YOU lucked out and farrah happened to not of. darn your such a good mother based on luck.
      3.) if you havent noticed on the show she works her a$$ off juggling all of this she isnt the bum you donate money too on the side of the road that swipes their lone card everyday if she uses help its TEMPORARY
      4.) unlike all of you who are suggesting things like adoption or abortion i personally think yall are horrible because shes not responsible??? SHE IS she took her punishment for making a mistake and had the baby dont hate her for modeling chasing her dream because most of you are probably eating popcorn and on some kind of jenny craig diet right now.
      FARRAH: i personally think your a great mother, your gorgeous, and i never get online and comment on things such as this but i think you can go so far in your life and i think to try as hard as you can for you and sophia your very lucky to have support from your family and soon youll be successful and on your own.

    • Ashley.

      Uhm you obviously don’t know sh*t because she doesn’t always “pawn” Sophia off with her parents. She’s with her kid when she needs to be. Who cares, she goes out once in a while. Doesn’t everyone? She deserves to go out and have a little fun. She’s still a kid! I personaly think she’s doing a good job with Sophia. Just face it, you’re only hating on her because either A, you aren’t a good parent if you are one or 2, you’re jealous of her :) Buh-bye.

  • rose25

    What most of us don’t realize or sometimes forget is that television media often changes the footage they are given to produce a reality show. Certain situations that would be considered normal are turned into dramatic scenes of drama. The show might only display frequent scenes of farrah’s so called “b**chy” moments because it gets people watching, and also her frequent neglections towards sophia when she goes out, which to us in a half hour episode seems like very frequently. So when we watch we must keep in mind that some of the things we are seeing are over dramatized, scripted and/or edited for entertainment purposes.

    However this does not excuse the behavior we have seen from farrah during the episodes, it is still a reality show. From watching her on 16 and pregnant i didn’t understand why people at school were so unkind to her because of her situation and how her cheerleading team could betray her all of a sudden. But as a more and more see her exchanges with her parents and how she speaks to guys I gather she does have a little bit of an attitude issue, but everyone does, just because she’s on t.v doesn’t mean we should all hate on her and judge her immediately.

    What I personally believe is that farrah got pregnant not by choice, many teenagers have intercourse at sixteen, and are walking around with no evidence of it, but it just so happens that she resulted in pregnancy. It can happen to anybody. But I think this pregnancy is going to teach farrah wonderful lessons in her life, about how to value family over men and beauty and taking care of something so precious as her daughter.

    Remember she is stepping out of a world from being a high class socialite cheerleader with big dreams for herself as well as being used to always partying and supported heavily by her parents, to a teenaged mom. The transition isn’t as easy for some as it may be to others, and farrah will learn he lessons and maybe we aren’t seeing it on the show but she is growing as a person and as a mother.

    Everyone can critisize her, post their opinions and even credit her, but what it comes down to is that we don’t see everything that is going on in her every waking moment and i doubt anyone posting their comments has been close enough with her (regardless of what they’ve heard or seen) to really make a full statement about her full role as a teenaged mother. We can only make comments about her as seen on the show , and honestly i don’t believe a 30 minute episode can determine a legit statement about someone’s overall success as a mother.

    My advice to you farrah based on what i have seen is, to realize your life has taken a change and with that comes a different mindset when making decisions because now you must include sophia as well. Don’t ignore the lessons you have been given to learn, they are valuble.

    If you want to go out and enjoy time with friends maybe do it once every two weeks and have your friends visit you sometimes as well. I salute you for continuing your modeling and acting, and not letting it take over your time with sophia, your still pursuing great dreams just keeping in mind you have other responsibilites as well.
    And as frustrating as parents can be, you still have wonderful ones who really care about you and are being very understanding about this big change in your life. show them some appreciation.
    For guys, just hold off on it for a while, sophia needs to connect with her mother before she can have a fatherly influence.
    finally remember they don’t stay little forever and always value your time you need to spend with her.

    all the best in raising her my prayers are with you and hope
    you take a new perspective into this experience. :)

    • Leela

      She did choose to get pregnant, she decided to have sex. Therefore, she knew that there was a chance of her getting pregnant, thinking otherwise is just plain ignorant. If she did not want to have a child so young or wanted to “be a teenager” then she would have chosen to not have sex. It doesn’t matter how many other people are having sex and not getting pregnant. You shouldn’t give in to peer pressure and you shouldn’t assume that it can’t happen to you.

      • alison

        whatever so i guess ur saying u didnt have sex when u were a teen (bulls**t)

        • Dominique


          • Ashley.

            @Dominique & Leela. You know what I think? I think you both know nothing and just need to f***ing shut your mouths.

  • Desib

    uhmmm…she is crazy and desperate and is looking for another chance to open her legs…everytime a guy dissed her she chased after him…she looks so pathetic…the guy who’s house she went to with her friends totally made up reason to not see her the next day because she exhudes irresponsability and immaturity…her parents should box her in her face for the way she treats and speaks to them…she says the eff word to her parents AND THEY TAKE IT…her parents are morons too…she is disrespectful and will raise her child the same way…or her PARENTS WILL RAISE her child to be like that…she’s a loser…NOT A MOTHER…having a child does not make u a mother…caring, love, support and time make you a mother…no man will date a girl like her…and the men that do will not care for her or her child because they are just like her…men want a decent woman like woman want decent men!

    • Dominique

      I CONCUR!

    • Brad

      You sound jealous. I bet your fat.

  • Melissa

    Selfish, irresponsible, poor excuse for a parent. Her own parents should sue for custody and kick Farrah the hell out.

    She will not make it far in the modeling world, she’s more like a drag queen.

    • alison

      your a hater

  • SmartOne

    Between the spineless grandfather, crazy grandmother, and selfish “mother” (quotes intended), all I can say is, poor Sophia.

  • Lynn

    I don’t care what any of you say! I like her, she reminds me of myself & she’s really prettty! so all of the people that have to say negative things about her, it’s pathetic on your part! love her, & her baby is beautiful.

  • alison

    all of u who have bad stuff to say about her just need to shut up ,u all sit there n watch a lil piece of her life n think u know her wen u really dont …..that camera follows her for about 2-3 days out of the week r u guys serious…im not gonna sit here n say she is the greatest mom in the world but she’s alright with me.

  • KJ

    Really? You like her because she’s PRETTY?! You have got to be kidding me. Yeah, she’s gorgeous. So what? She’s still a terrible mother who is selfish and doesn’t care about anyone except for herself.

  • linda

    OMG Farrah is a pos!!! I am a mom of 2 and one on the way. (No, I am NOT fat, so for all you immature people out there get a life, and a clue). I am soo SICK of these teenage mothers who milk the system. I do the right thing, I work, take care of my family, and when I go into labor I have to pay $500-$900 for the birth and delivery of my baby, but POS Farrah, and other idiots like her go on government aid, and make everyone else pay for their mistakes, and the birth of their kids. On top of that we have to pay for food stamps, and other things for them… WHY????? They didn’t work for the money, but they can take because they didn’t do the right thing, wait, and be responsible, instead… they wanted play grown up, and when reality bit them, they need BIG BROTHER to take care of them????? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Maybe I should quit my job and go on welfare and milk the system too….

    • lulu

      wtf we’re not milking any system. yea i got pregnant at a young age to but hey guess wat im still in school and i have a job and i work my but off for my kid. just cause occasionaly i need some gov. help doesnt mean im milking anything. Accidents happen and you know wat pregancy can happen to anyone. and even if you’re “responsible” and work it’s nice to have a lil help.

    • kd

      Linda get off of your high horse. You don’t know the circumstances of everyone on GA and quit expecting others to do things just because you did. Do you know how much of your taxes goes to the poor? Barely freakin any so get the heck over it. Insurance is available so you’re an idiot if you actually paid all that money to have the baby.

    • cassandra

      wow linda you have alot to say but no nothing really..i was pergnant my last year of high school and had my daughter and went back in 3weeks so i culd finish. i do have welfare and i work so that moneys gettin takein outta my check just as well.. and um its there to have help if you cant on your own then why is it so bad to get help. and you may not be fat but you are a b*tch who talks alot of s**t but has never been in our shoes and guess wut we are doing the rite thing by makeing sure we can give our child the best they can have by getting that help!!! so mayb you shuld stick to your prefect lil world and wen you come crashing down hopefully you dont get no help cuz your to good for it rite.

  • Rachel

    her mom was just arrested for choking and hitting her! if farrah is selfish, it’s her parent’s fault! she does seem very selfish, but who wasn’t at that age? none of us know what her baby daddy was really like, or what his family is like. who the hell are we to judge?

    • LeAnna

      Farrah deserved to get her butt kicked for once, just wish her mom would’ve done it earlier so she wouldn’t be so absent-minded now. I’m a mother in my early twenties (6 month old son)… Farrah obviously doesn’t know what motherhood is. She needs to stop complaining about all the FREE babysitting she gets. She wants to say that, “an adult doesn’t have a time limit”.. if she were a real adult and a real mom, she would know that you can’t go out every week, and when you do go out you have to have a time limit for the babysitter that you’re PAYING! Grow up Farrah. Your sweet child doesn’t deserve a childish mother.

      • christin

        so notthings her mom fault no one deserves to be hit! NO ONE!

  • jesuschrist

    after reading this, i regret to inform all of you that i have lost my faith in humanity. pack your bags to hell.

  • rockysock

    Thats so sad to hear abt the father dying before seeing his daughter.

  • Kayla

    Ugh. She looks disgusting. I think her mom should have kicked her a** a long time ago. I mean, it’s her mom’s fault, but Farrah was so disrespectful, it was infuriating to watch… she’s whiney, b*tchy, rude, ugly on the inside, pathetic, disrespectful, good decision-making impaired, and she thinks she’s hot s***. She’s still ugly on the outside because she starves herself trying to make herself look good. Eat something, your head is HUGE and it doesn’t match your body. She doesn’t deserve to be with Pauly either. And I feel bad for Derek for not having the opportunity to be in Sophia’s life. Sophia is a beautiful little baby and I would gladly take her home with me because no one else is taking care of her the way she needs to be taken care of.

  • Jacie

    I la la la loveeee Faarah so all you haters just STOP !!!

  • layla

    We have to realize the pain she is in losing the father of her child has obvious taken a emotional. Toll on her, she is vulnerable, she wants some kind of closure, poor Sophia she is so beautiful, its sad she is in a home where conflicts and hearts are not at ease, obviously she is not the main focus, but I believe het mom really loves her,

  • blah

    She looks great but i dont believe those bikini picks were 2 weeks after birth.

  • mishelle

    she needs to grow up. she has baby now so she doent need to be selfish. she needs to spend more time with her baby and less time out with her friends. mabey if she watches the show she will get that. ih ope she changes cuz she can be a good mom if she wanted to i know she loves her baby but it dont look like it on tv

  • http://ymail Nicole25

    I feel Farrah is a young minded girl and has alot to learn,, I also think she should stop and relize she has a kid and me (farrah doesnt come first ne more…she is really dis-respect full to her mother and father when they do everything for this girl and her chilo.She has a answer for everything even her answer doesnt make sense.. Her mom reminds me alot of my mom, she needs to grow up and be thankful she had the parents she does,… because when their gone their gone,,,

  • taylor

    Kids are products of their enviroment. This girl is immature, selfish and petty… She didn’t get that way alone. I don’t care how bad ur kid is, its never ever okay to abuse them, look at it as you will but abuse is abuse, mom needs some anger managment and that stuck up teen mom needs to grow the hell up. I had my son at 17, I only had 4 years with him before he died, be thankful for the time you have with ur children,don’t take anything for granted cuz you never know when they will be taken from you forver. I pitty that sweet baby if she grows up in this family,she won’t stand a chance.

  • sofia

    I love farras baby she is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amanda carter

    You all are crazy a$$ people she’s a young mother and people make mistakes plus babys father isn’t in the picture for horrible reasons if u guys don’t like it then don’t f**king watch it she’s trying as possibly hard to be a good teen mother. So f**k all yall and ur body and baby are beautiful don’t let jealous haters bring u down

  • Alexa

    You all girls who are leaving bad comments need to stop. Ok I wonder how perfect you girls are? Not at all, I bet your life is f**ked up and that’s why you concentrate on gossiping about Farrah’s. Let her live her life. If she has made any mistakes, you girls are nobody to judge her. She will learn as life goes one, just like we all do. Farrah loves her daughter very much, I do not know her but I can tell. GET A LIFE. and while your at it, ask God for forgiveness because you have done what only he can do. Judge. Just wait till your time comes to be judged :)

  • Destinie

    Farrah SUCKS

  • brandon

    I hate farrah, she isn’t really that good looking either, I mean she’s not but a$$ ugly but she isn’t no brittany snow but she isn’t a brittany spears either. She really needs to spend more time with her daughter and stop complaining about having a free home and a free babysitter, she needs to grow up and realize her child is first and she isn’t a cheerleader anymore. She also needs to stop saying she wants a normal life, sorry hun but when you chose to have unprotected sex your so called normal life went out the window, Maci is definantly the best mom.

  • MrsGr8ves

    If one person reads this, I am super satisfied. This girl is crazy!!! Never watched Teen Mom and saw reunion show. She is super spoiled and acts super entitled. Cant take it!!! Her mom was right for choking her out! Should take her child away. God Bless her, she’s gonna need it. Her parents are cushioning her fall. And boy is she headed for a fall with that attitude. I feel sorry for her mom. they should let her tough it out, since she swears she can do it by herself. lmao

    • Mariah

      wow. No one deserves to be chocked, hit, ect… Yes I will admit on the show it looked like she could have stayed home more with sophia, but then again its not like you know her personally. so many things are edited out of these shows. Don’t judge, because you might not really know what happened.

      • Josette

        nicely stated….its reality tv that is edited so that more than half of the actual footage is not even shown! She is growing as a mother & teenager too. She does need to mature but shes still learning! Life is about learning from your mistakes & maybe she needs to make these mistakes to grow as a person & mother. but she def doesnt deserve to be choked out! no one deserves that!

  • sammi

    all you haters a jelouse and proberly fat and ugly ! go and get a life she is gawjuss and a good mum her baby is so cute ! PEOPLE WRITING HORRIBLE THINGS MAKE ME SICK !

  • Tim Buck

    I don’t care how fragile she may be she should have kept her legs closed, pregnant at 16. Geez, don’t these girls know how to use protection nowadays? If you’re going to have sex, wear a condom, take a birth control pill, get a diaphragm. Got rubbers!?

    Is there any proof that Derek was actually Sophia’s father? She could be so promiscuous that she doesn’t really know who the father is.

  • Josette

    you all are ridiculous saying that she is promiscuous & doesnt know who the father is….whatever! you dont know her & its unfortunate for Sophia that her father died shortly after her birth & she will never know him! You all need to leave the girl alone! I do think she needs to grow up & take care of her child but gosh, she is a teenager! ALL teenagers need to grow up! Thats all, she needs time to mature without worrying about how other people like your dumb a$$es are judging her!

  • Regena

    Haters…You can tell she loves her baby girl. The name of the show is…..come on, you can do it! Whats the name?…t e e n MOM! Shes a young mother with alot to learn. We all had learning lessons are that age. Everyone one judging and saying mean hatful S**t are sitting in front of their computers with huge,fat a**es bulging off the sides of ther chairs!!! HATERS!!! lol

  • Shawnta

    Farrah’s baby looks mixed. She looks like she is mixed with Black and white. When sophia starts to get a little older…you all will see.

  • drea

    she deserved to get her a$$ beat as bad as that girl is with her mother! she doesn’t appreciate what she has & maybe if her mama would of beat her grownin up she wouldn’t act the way she does towards her now! there’s so many parents out there that don’t give to their children and teach them lessons in life. there’s so many parents that would of disowned her finding out she was pregnant. & yet they embraced it and struggle raising that baby with her & yet she still acts like a spoiled little shiz!

  • Caite

    It’s just pretty sad how people can be so hurtful to a person they don’t even know. Especially all those “perfect” single mothers out there that have something mean to say. Well to anyone that has such hurtful things to say: 1. Mind your business 2. Your not perfect, so dont judge (especially a complete stranger to you) 3. Grow up, it’s pretty pathetic you care so much!


    she always look gorgeous, even when she was having her baby! 😀
    the baby is gorgeous too 😀

  • shortie


    • Bryan


      • http://yahoo samantha

        you are so dumm like tottlaqty aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww

    • Bryan

      Shawnta, learn to spell and talk with correct english. this short text style is not cool or awesome. It just shows ignorance and laziness, to not spell a full word. How can you commend her on her great and utterly unknown feat of becoming a responsible young woman, when it sounds like you should follow in her foot steps and go to school. It is a shame to see people talk like that. Amongst your clique it may be cool, but when you put it out for general public you take risk of becoming the brunt of jokes.

    • Bryan

      I apologize on the name mishap. Not Shawnta, but shortie. this comment is meant for your illiterate speech. Grow up, and quit acting ignorant.

  • Liz

    she is really pretty and sophia is so cute

  • katie

    lluvy from america’s next top model??

  • unknown

    I know how Farrah feels not having the father there. My two daughters father was murdered in 2008. It so said because they want ever know himm just by word of mouth.

  • old friend

    well the baby aint mixied derek is that dad, believe that

  • Sam

    Idiots….. She’s half Persian or Arabic or some middle eastern sh!t so that’s why her baby looks mixed … Definitly not black

  • devi

    shawnta f*ck u. farrah is a nice person and her baby is gorgeous

  • unknow

    shawnta f*cku f*cku f*cku farrah is my friend i know that you whant a baby like sophia gorgeous. Grow up, it’s pretty pathetic you care so much!apologize to farrah and sophia

  • nonofurbix-wax

    uuuh farrah’s is gorgous and sophia is cute……..

  • http://teenmom pwinzy


  • http://teenmom pwinzy

    arrahs nice and her babys a cayuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:) i ly them both

  • http://yahoo bop!!


  • tom

    r u single if so plz email me back u r hot :) <3

  • Ari

    Hello Farrah, Me are seen you on MTV and I admit that you are not too much lucky question love:/In any case I would want that you knows that you are a formidable mother, never questions you, and I espere that you will find a man who can understand(include) you, listen to you, and to approter you a lot of love. Ah yes I forgot to appear, my name is aghiless, I am French, I am 19 years old and seriously if I would have conaitre stink of you, I would have made him(it) for a long time. I kiss(embrace) you hardly and good courage, my phone number are 06 01 40 15 16 I know not how his(her,its) walking(step) since state united. Kisses
    Sorry from my English =S

  • http://16andPregnant Teriwai

    Hi Farrah my name is Teriwai i am 18 and have 2 kids. I watched all the 16 and pregnant tv series and loved it. I seen how much of a hard time you had with your family and friends and finding someone who would love both you and your daughter. I went throught the same thing. It is hard, my babys are from 2 different fathers. My daughter the eldest well her father didnt want anything to do with her and when i told my mom that i was pregnant she was soooo mad. I was 3 months pregnant and found another boyfriend who loved me even thoe i was pregnant and ges what im still with him now iv been with him 3 years and had a baby boy to him just 3 months ago. My mom didnt like the fact that i found someone els so she tryed taking my daughter from me. but i faught for her tooth and nail and won. So i hope you will find someone that will love you and you daughter because you need it in life specially with a baby. Well thats what i think.

    So im just sayn be happy and dont listen to anyone and what they have to say, you are a good mother and dont you forget that. Love the pix n your daughter is sooo CUTE.
    Sorry about your babys daddy. xox

  • izzy

    o.m.g everyones jumpin on shawnta about the baby lookin black.dang im black what the hell is so wrong with being black.i mean u would have thought she called the baby out her name. u people really need 2 calm down on the race sh!t. racism is so 1800 its 2010 obama get wit the program. and dang i thought the baby looked mixed 2…..

    • Angela

      Why don’t u shut the hell up IZZY!!! I’m so sick of people playing the race card!!!! Get a life people just didn’t know what mix the baby was!!! We have a black president and to tell u the truth I get more racism on myself and I am half white and Mexican, lol!!! I’ve been called a white B!tch by black people here in Arizona…so shut up with ur BS, because people are tired of it!!!! U have ur race in office so shut the f*ck up!

  • nicole

    aww she is a cute baby..and yea, her baby could pass for mix, hispanic, or middle eastern. who cares though? Shawnta what is her point? that she was fathered by someone else or something-ur comment seems a bit arrogant in the end..I actually think she takes after her mom..she has a more middle eastern look to her..anyway, wow..i mean i think that Farrah started the mess discussed in this article and her mom just lost it..she should have had control ..and although i have compassion for Farrah, she does need to chill..ppl need not to judge either ..regardless of whether they have been in her shoes or not bc even though she is dealing with the consequences of her actions it does take two to make a child and of course, we are forgetting, that responsibility is all falling on her..everyone reacts to things differently..Although I am married and have three children with the same man, I got pregnant with my first at 17. Despite my now husband and I being together, since he was in the military and was being deployed, it was like being on my own many times and it is harder when i was alone…when he was there to back me up, it made it a lot better..when you have moments where you need to step away, or things get complicated, that person is there..when you dont have that (I am talking about while dealing with a child, not babysitting moments) it can be difficult..and not to mention I was in school and then eventually worked. However, her attitude is not always the best and she did overdo going out in the evenings which in a way gave her a breather, but in a way, just made it worse..and in the end I think she did improve. I think ppl do need to be more positive and not be judgmental. Heck, just bc I wasnt the type to want to go out all the time doesnt mean I have the right to point the finger..I think that she does love her daughter and no one is person..the ones that think they are ..are the ones we should b concerned about..


    I wonder if Sophia ever got to meet her dad before he died??

    • Shannon

      No He died before she was born.

    • JULIE

      When Farrah found out she was pregnant she was going to tell her boyfriend about the news. Before Farrah got to tell him he died in a car accident. SO to answer your question, No Sophia never seen her Dad before he died.


    andd Farrah, you’re absolutely gorgeous

  • Ce’Onna

    I understnd that your mom is a b****. an well we both i think we all know that she needs some help.btu it doesnt give you the right to shut your father out .i sure you your sad about the father of your child is not around but your dad is an he wants to be i know there’s probbly more to the story but from what i know let him be in your life you want a father figure in your childs life has your dad be that figure until you find that specail someone for you.i kow people think your a bad mom but sometimes people dont understand what you really go through everyday it seems like everything is haned to you but you never know behind all of that .keep your head up.

  • sally

    even though i know that farrah is still young i feel that farrah is disrespectful to her mother and does not appreciate anything that has been given to her. someone can only take so much until they blow up and your mother has helped you when no one else was there. you thought after having a child life was still going to be a party. the only thing you have that is permanent is family . you should turn the mirror around and look at all the things you did and said and give your mom another chance. you will grow up one day and realize what you and ur daughter are missing out on and i hope its sooner than later for you and your beautiful baby

    • Marie

      Farrah’s mom is abusive: plain and simple and needs help. She may “help” her but she is also very emotionally and verbally abusive. We have seen the physically abusive side of her already, physical abuse is unacceptable in any way, shape or form. I do not blame Farrah for cutting her mom out.

  • Cyndi

    First of all, I am a 37 yr old mom of two. I at first thought Farrah was mouthy and disrespectful, but after a while I realized that that is the only was Farrah is heard in her family. That is especially evident after tonight episode during Sophia’s birthday dinner. Farrahs mother is in my opinion mentally and physically abusive to Farrah and is obviously a control freak. My heart goes out to Farrah. She is trying so hard. I really hope she continues in therapy because with a mom like that she is going to need it.

  • http://farrahabraham lucy

    Everybody at that age has some real challenges, but the most disturbing thing was to see Farrah find the maturity to extend an olive branch to her parents with such openess and they showed 0 respect or appreciation for that. They are the adults, and it’s their place to be the teachers for Farrah not complete idiots who act like total jackasses!

    There’s no doubt that Farrah loves Sophia, but I hope she will continue to seek therapy for the situation she’s in. Everybody needs guidance and support at any age, especially when they’re caring for a young child.

    P.S. Not just for Farrah but for all first time parents there really should be a requirement to spend so many hours in parenting classes.

    • mckelle

      you know what everyone needs to leave farrah alone she is a good mom look at everything she has done!!! she is in school god forbid her leave her in the sink atleast she is not on drugs or anything i think everyone needs to leave her alone she is a great mom and needs to hear it not everyone’s bull!!!

  • shannleigh

    Are you all kidding me?!?!?! Farrah is the worst mother and should have her child taken away. She uses that child as an accessory and now, something to hurt her parents with. Di non of you see the part in Episode 3 (season 2) where Sophia was sitting UNATTENDED in a bath, and turned on the hot water tap and hurt herself?!?!? Or when Farrah left Sophia in the HALLWAY while she unpacked? I know there is a lot of biased editing that MTV does for these shows, but you have to wonder what else the are not showing. Farrah should have done likeTyler and Caitlyn and given this baby up for adoption (ironically what Farrah’s own parents had suggested in 16&Pregnant)

    • Cyndi

      Shannleigh. I saw last night episode and I cringed when I saw sophia burn her hand. I agree Farrah should have been right there with her. That being said even the best parents make mistakes. Farrah definately has some issues but at least she seems to be taking a step in the right direction by seeking therapy. Her mom on the other hand and her father as well are in complete denial about their lack of parenting skills. Farrahs mother busted her lip wide open Which is unexcusable, and the way they totally ignored farrah during the whole birthday dinner made me sad and sick. The parents have used
      Sophia as a way to try to control Farrah. anyone who wonders why Farrah lacks in the parenting skills dept. She has had some great teachers.

      • Nick G

        Yes Parents do make mistake’s!!! But Really Leaving a Baby in the sink By HERSELF!!!!! that is not a Mistake But Stupidity!!! And also she Leaves her in the hallway ALone!!! if there was no camera crew that baby could have easliy went missing, And I hope she is no role model to younger women!!

    • Alex

      “Or when Farrah left Sophia in the HALLWAY while she unpacked?”

      …what you dont think about is how she basically lives with a camera crew following her, and she becomes friends with the crew. farray left her baby in the hallway NOT alone, NOT unattended. it LOOKS bad over the television, but you forget that there is a camera man right there watching the baby.

    • KC

      I am a damn good mom and even I can confess to some stupid moments!
      Either you are not a parent or your not honest with yourself, if you think you never made a stupid move with yours. Her mom is a wack job that wants to live through her (like mine). Her boyfriend died and she keeps it bottled up. Her whole life changed in becoming a young mom. I have yet to see her say or do anything that was not mild compared to the way most teens talk to their parents and those teens don’t have control freak wack job moms! Farrah is a damn good mom before you even consider all the challenges she has absorbed.
      So you catch the duh moments on camera, the could have beens and you magnify them! Think for a moment just how much overload it takes to make a mistake. There are plenty of child abusers you could be trying to hang. This is a kid raising a kid with a support system she would be better off without! Her family fails her her friends fail her and finger pointers like you fail her ! Frankly I am shocked at what a good parent she is and tries to be considering all the other issues she has. (like pretending she did not lose that boy or that her mom is sane so she won’t hate her) I don’t think anyone getting accused of doing a bad job no matter how hard they try keeps trying so shame on you for suggesting she give up. Her mom needs to grow up and stop that stupid mono tone stab at your kid in every conversation crap,before she finds herself as old and alone as a mom like that deserves to ebd up. Farrah your heart and soul shows in every episode. You are a great mom. Time will show you that you have done well because it gets easier and wonderfully rewarding as you and baby grow.
      Most of all ignore the negative! As the daughter of a wack job with no support system I can tell you …
      Your mother will never change she is a fruity melon and that is not your fault or your problem. Even her spouse speaks like she scares him. Sophia will see all the wonderful in you and she will return it to you . When she is older you will see you don’t need anyone but her and your parents and the negative people with too much time on their hands won’t matter. When that baby starts returning all the love you give her the ugly parts of people and life fall out of your heart and mind! CHIN UP Beautiful Girl! My blessing came at 16 and I wasn’t ready to do it “in front of a camera perfect” (nobody is). I did my best and she loves me as much as I love her that is all that matters now. You don’t need a boy or a man to be happy they never make you as happy as your children do. You will certainly meet a man one day that makes you happy but rest assured you don’t need one. Women who worry more about their man than their children have issues and end up complaining when the child grwos away from them. DUH! Don’t look for or wait for a man. Live your life for Sophia and you the perfect man may come but even if he never does you my dear will be JUST FINE!
      Happy Momming and Cooking~ and Thank You for sharing your story.

    • HelloKitty

      Just because she was really young when she had Sophia doesn’t mean she shouldn’t given her up for adoption. According to her therapy session, her mom told her she had to keep the baby. I may not be a teen mother, but I have several friends who were teen moms. And being a mom thtat young is not easy. I think Farrah is doing the best she can and has matured since last season. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors unless you know her personally. Her mom is actually the one who has bad parenting skiils. Have you ever wondered why she’s not with Farrah’s dad or Michael? Her mom had no sympathy when sophia’s dad passed away. She’s selfish and controlling and needs to let Farrah grow on her own. MTV edited their episodes to make Farrah look like she’s a bad mother because this is what they want…these blogs bashing Farrah. And like everybody else said Farrah didn’t leave Sophia alone in the sink or hallway. There were probably like 20 people standing right there. Kids are gonna be kids and do things. I guarantee that won’t the last time Sophia hurts herself. No parent is perfect, sorry. No one is perfect. Period.

    • .•★Ms. Gomes★•.

      .•★oK sO iiM 23 & ii wRote oUt a cOmmeNt oN heRe iit tOoK me 2hRs & ii eRaSeD iit beCauSe my maiiN pOiiNt waS that No1 haS the riiGht tO JuDge aNy1 thatS fOr GOD tO dO…sO ii reaLiiZeD aS ii waS maKiiNg my pOiiNt oN hOw ii thiiNk FaRRaH iiS a WonDeRfuL & VeRy stRoNg wOmeN, ii fOuNd mySeLf JuDgiiNg DeBra sO aLL ii wiiLL say iiS peOpLe yOu dOnt eVeN kNo thiiS giiRL, aLL yOu kNo iiS wat yOu see oN TV & NO yOu aRe nOt iiN heR saMe shOe’S & eVeN thO yOu may oR may nOt haVe beeN thRu a siiMuLaR siituatiiOn, NO yOu aRe nOt iiN heR heaD & wiiLL neVeR be sO, No yOu dO nOt kNo wat she iiS oR haS gOne thRu…she’S beeN aBuSeD by heR MotheR PhySiCaLLy & MeNtaLLy, LoSt Sophia’S FatheR & iiS VeRy muCh aLoNe iiN RaiiSiiNg heR beautiifuL BaBy GiiRL sO dO yOU aLL thiiNk she haS the RiiGht tO LiiVe heR Liife wiithOut beiiNg JuDgeD, CriitiiZeD & BaSheD OnLiiNe foR siiMpLy shaRiiNg a paiiNfuLL eXpeRiieNce oN TV tO heLp yOuNg giiRLs ReaLiiZe HoW haRd iit iiS tO RaiiSe a chiiLd sO yOuNg…sO ii wiiLL eNd thiiS SayiiNg FaRRaH yOu aRe a wOnDeRfuLL, StRoNG wOmaN & may GoD BLeSs yOu & Sophia iiN eVeRythiiNg yOu may dO & R.I.P DeReK UnDeRwOoD…& aS faR aS DeBra may GOD haVe MeRcy oN yOuR sOuL & FoR eVeRyOne ElSe GoD BLeSs & For aLL whO haS JuDgeD…the ReSt iiS For yOu…★•.

      .•★For as you have been judging, so you will be judged, and with your measure will it be measured to you. Matthew 7:2★•.

      .•★And why do you take note of the grain of dust in your brother’s eye, but take no note of the bit of wood which is in your eye? Matthew 7:3★•.

      • Meg12411

        I truly don’t mean to be rude, but I must tell yout that when you type like that (the mixture of upper and lowercase and complete disregard of basic OED spelling) it is almost completely incomprehendable. I don’t know if it is some asinie stylistic choice, but it’s ridiculous. Seriously.

  • FreeB

    i AGREE with you Shannleigh…It also seems that the producers knows this as well because they always highlight her bad parenting. She is spoiled and she is wrong for using that cutie pie as amno against her mother.

  • Joyce

    She is not a bad mother. This poor girl has no example to go by. Look at how awful and neglectful her mother is. She is doing the best she can for what she knows. I gaurantee she would have never left the baby in the hall/sink with out the camera crew right there. She’s a single mother. It’s hard & you never know the camera crew could have offered to keep an eye on baby Sophia so she could crab something.. and then they made her look neglectful. I feel bad for her. Her mother is a lunatic & she is very young still. She’ll get a hang of things.

    The only thing that irritates me is why are all these children (in exception to Bentley) in Infant car seats still? They all seem to exceed the weight limits & that is extremely dangerous!

  • Courtney


    In my own view of her, is a typical teenage mother, she thinks she’s an adult because she has a baby. But with all due respect that doesn’t change anything because any woman, teenager can mother a baby. My sister who is now 20 has two kids from 2 dads and is by far close to a good mother. But then again she’s 20 with two kids. So I give her credit for even trying. My sister didn’t go out and try to find a boyfriend or party after her first or second baby..Farrah..did? Even after her boyfriend died? I mean really? My sister is so beyond disrespectful to my mother…and the reason for that is because teen moms don’t think they should be told what to do. But they aren’t taking a look at the big picture a majority of them are living in their parent’s house. which mean’s you follow their rule’s you clean and cook for your child and do regular chore’s just because you live with your parent’s and they help you does not mean you should not listen to them just because you think your ” An Adult”. Your not…your still a TEEN…who has not even had taste of life…So I still stand on Farrah’s MOM’s Side..becuase I know damn well that even off camera Farrah is very disrespectful to her parent’s. And if my child was that way. No I would not talk sweet or nice to my TEEN until they learn to treat ppl with respect..”Farrah IF YOU WANT TO BE AN ADULT THEN YOU BUY YOUR OWN HOUSE, YOU PAY FOR ALL SOPHIA’S EXPENSISE’S, YOU PAY FOR A BABYSITTER AND YOU PAY FOR ALL YOUR OWN BILLS” Then try to tell me your an mature adult who can handle everything on your own. I know you can’t… you will forever always need someone at your side to guide and help you. Life’s tough…And everyone need’s someone who truly love’s them in their life. And you do have two people who do love you your mom & your dad but you choose to hate them. Not once during this show have you ever had the decent respect to tell your mom thank you mom for everything I love you!!! And you wonder why your mom got to the point of slapping you across the face. And yes you got slapped and busted your lip on your tooth…That’s 100% true. I’ve been slapped by my parent’s. And I know that you tell lies. So stop with the lie’s and learn to grow up!! I hate how fake you act on camera when I know damn well you run to your mom’s house for everything…Come on each time a different showing is on theirs always Sophia’s things around the house. So we all know you take her over their after the taping…And I don’t believe not at all that your slept one night in your mom’s guest house..

    • cosmocrys

      Do you know Farrah? Do you hang out with her? It sounds like you think you do. You need to chill and quit bashing her so much. I agree that she is disrespectful of her parents, but you don’t know what she goes through.

    • Kila

      well guess what? im a teen mom. The things u say could be true but every women is different. it’s wrong to group us all in one bunch. Yes i do live in my parents house and i am very respectful. But parents usually want to be MORE protective of their daughters when something like this happens…even if at the expense of their feelings. Farrah is not a bad person. Also they werent together when he died so it wasnt her boyfriend. She’s being a young person…i dont see her as any different than a 45 year old divorcee with 3 or 4 kids trying to get her “groove back”. Yes we have responsibilities as mothers, but we’re still human. Age is only a matter of how much experience a person has. granted she is a spoiled brat its wrong to compare her to ur sister because u see wat’s on tv. u dont see what she actually goes thru. You are very judgemental and have no respect yourself. Being a mother is hard no matter what age you are. She wants the same respect that a 30 year old mother would get who just lost her job and had to move home or something. Chores and stuff is not the issue. Respecting her as a mother and as a women is hard for any parent to do cus they see her as their baby always. There is disrespect on both ends but by no means that mean she was this wrong awful person. This happens in all families as far as i know. Everyone goes thru stages. I mean look at the guy from john and kate plus 8 he’s out doing stupid stuff and dating and by no means is he a teenage mother. Being in ur parents house doesnt mean u FOLLOW THEIR RULES. yes when u were ten. no discussion. but when ur a grown women some things must be discussed and taken into consideration. BY THE WAY. ONCE U HAVE A BABY UNLESS SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH U INSTINCTS KICK IN NO MATTER HOW IMMATURE U WERE/ARE. She’s taking on the responsibilities of a mother therefore she deserves to be treated like a mother. not a child. my parents understand that…they didnt at first but they do now. and her mother acts just like they did but then again that’s only wat i see on tv. Also ur rude. dont down ur sister. U have no idea what she’s going thru. How about u take her kids and all her responsibilites for a while and see. It’s hard and ppl dont always make the smartest decisions. u dont down them for it you just help them…cus one day ur gonna make a stupid ass decision. you’re gonna need someone there. and hell u never know it may be your “disrespectful sister” u have to take into consideration what she’s going thru even if u dotn like it. i know i would be pissed if i was fault or not. life happens.

  • Mia

    Let’s be honest here people, do you really think Farrah would have left her baby in the hallway alone or in the sink by herself if the camera crew were not there? Like others have said yes it looks bad on TV but I highly doubt if it had been any other day any of those things would have occurred. I do not like the way Farrah disrespects her mother but at the same time no one knows what all goes down behind the scenes. Her mother might just really be as crazy as Farrah describes, we just do not see it due to editing! I also was upset when Farrah said her mother was careless about her baby father’s death! I get that she was upset that he got Farrah pregnant but like the therapist said, she could have atleast had some sort of sympathy.

    • Nina

      I agree with all you say. That’s exactly what I said to my husband when he started freaking out about Sophia being left in hallway and in the sink. We don’t see from her perspective, she is trusting the camera crew will “watch out” for her. I will only add that; yes Farrah can be a b%+ch, but look at who raised her! Her #1 influence is the spawn of Satan (her mother).

  • Lishuhh

    Honestly . Farrah Wass A Little Off At Thee Beqqininq . Chasen Boys . Buhh She Came A Lonq Ways . Her Mom Is Very Disrrespectful . Sometimes Shes Riqht SOmetimes Wronq. Ihts LIFE ! Buhh She Has Became A Little Better And Gettinq HEr Life Together

  • sandi

    It is hard to watch Farrah. She is an ungrateful, self centered young woman, who does not appreciate her family. No family is perfect, and there are always conflicts, but Farrah’s family only wants what is best for her and Sophia. Farrah is so disrespectful and mouthy, that I am sure her mother is often extremely frustrated. Grow up, Farrah, and learn to appreciate the family and things that you have.

    • *Ginger Biscuits*

      Growing up with a verbally abusive & occasionally physically abusive parent, ones idea of normal may not be what “mainstream society” believes they should be.
      What you see as spoiled, I see as hurting.
      What you call ungrateful, I call a young person asking to be loved.
      No she may not express herself as you would like, but Farrah has to deal with emotional issues & loss on many levels that some people never have the misfortune to live, let alone have the wisdom to judge over.
      Perhaps you should take a spoon full of your own medicine & be compassionate to those who need it instead of being judgmental!

      • kelly

        I feel bad that farrah has to be a single mother and be mom and dad to her daughter. BUT! She is a spoiled brat and that’s her parents fault. She does talk to her parents like crap. I agree her mother shouldn’t have hit her but kids need discipline but they need it WAY before 16 :) Whoever doesn’t agree with spanking your kids is an idiot. Spanking IS NOT ABUSE!! There is a big fat line between spanking and beating the crap out of somebody! Kids need discipline and respect. Actually they need the fear of God put in em lol.. anyway I believe Farrah goes overboard cuz she was always back talking her mother and Debra finally flew off the handle lol. Farrah needs to let her parents see their grandchild cuz it’s not Sophia who got hit and we know why Debra did it cuz Farrah’s mouthy! If a parent would let their kid talk to them like that then they are stupid cuz there’s no way I would ever talk to my mom like that cuz I’m actually scared of my mom lol I respect her too much to talk to her like that. It’s all about what society says is okay these days.. people have no morals anymore.. America needs to wake up!

  • PittsburghSteel

    Farrah really needs to show some respect for her parents. It’s awful how she speaks to them! I have a 3 year old daughter and if she ever spoke to me the way she speaks to her parents I would knock her out! She’ll learn someday what it means to give respect because she will feel disrespected as her parents do. She acts like a little spoiled diva and it pi**es me off something fierce! She’s a good Mom for a teenager though

    • .•★Ms. Gomes★•.

      .•★oK sO iiM 23 & ii wRote oUt a cOmmeNt oN heRe iit tOoK me 2hRs & ii eRaSeD iit beCauSe my maiiN pOiiNt waS that No1 haS the riiGht tO JuDge aNy1 thatS fOr GOD tO dO…sO ii reaLiiZeD aS ii waS maKiiNg my pOiiNt oN hOw ii thiiNk FaRRaH iiS a WonDeRfuL & VeRy stRoNg wOmeN, ii fOuNd mySeLf JuDgiiNg DeBra sO aLL ii wiiLL say iiS peOpLe yOu dOnt eVeN kNo thiiS giiRL, aLL yOu kNo iiS wat yOu see oN TV & NO yOu aRe nOt iiN heR saMe shOe’S & eVeN thO yOu may oR may nOt haVe beeN thRu a siiMuLaR siituatiiOn, NO yOu aRe nOt iiN heR heaD & wiiLL neVeR be sO, No yOu dO nOt kNo wat she iiS oR haS gOne thRu…she’S beeN aBuSeD by heR MotheR PhySiCaLLy & MeNtaLLy, LoSt Sophia’S FatheR & iiS VeRy muCh aLoNe iiN RaiiSiiNg heR beautiifuL BaBy GiiRL sO dO yOU aLL thiiNk she haS the RiiGht tO LiiVe heR Liife wiithOut beiiNg JuDgeD, CriitiiZeD & BaSheD OnLiiNe foR siiMpLy shaRiiNg a paiiNfuLL eXpeRiieNce oN TV tO heLp yOuNg giiRLs ReaLiiZe HoW haRd iit iiS tO RaiiSe a chiiLd sO yOuNg…sO ii wiiLL eNd thiiS SayiiNg FaRRaH yOu aRe a wOnDeRfuLL, StRoNG wOmaN & may GoD BLeSs yOu & Sophia iiN eVeRythiiNg yOu may dO & R.I.P DeReK UnDeRwOoD…& aS faR aS DeBra may GOD haVe MeRcy oN yOuR sOuL & FoR eVeRyOne ElSe GoD BLeSs & For aLL whO haS JuDgeD…the ReSt iiS For yOu…★•.

      .•★For as you have been judging, so you will be judged, and with your measure will it be measured to you. Matthew 7:2★•.

      .•★And why do you take note of the grain of dust in your brother’s eye, but take no note of the bit of wood which is in your eye? Matthew 7:3★•.

  • Lyn

    I had my son at 16 years of age, and I am now 20 years old. I have watched this show and cried because I reminded myself of Farrah when I was her age. I wanted to go out and have fun and live my teenage life because I thought I lost it. I would take advantage of my parents and tell them to watch him or “else” Granted I made the choice to lay down, and a child is a blessing that comes from doing this. I do not lay the blame on Farrah for the mistakes she has made nor do I lay the blame on her mother. They are trying to make her mother look crazy just as much as they are trying to make Farrah look crazy. EVERYONEEE MAKES MISTAKES..NO ONE IS PERFECT.. I love the fact that just like me Farrah has grown up and has her own apartment,car, job, college, and most importantly taking care of her responsibility, her daughter. It is hard being a teenage mother and not having the father of your child in your life. It is hard being a teenage mother period. YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES NO MATTER IF YOU ARE MARRIED OR A KID HAVING A KID.. SOOOO DO NOT FAULT HER…DOOOO NOTTTTT BASHHH HER UNLESSS YOU KNOW WHAT SHE IS GOING THROUGH!! She is a strong young woman going through an every day circumstance that is becoming more and more popular among teens and she is sharing it with allll of America…Quit criticizing her..She will learn..She will Mature..and She will become a better mother with each passing day..GODDDD does not give you too much that you cannot handle.. You choose what you can handle and what you cant. She is doing a great job…
    “For I know the plans I have for you declares the lord…plans to prosper you and not harm you..plans to give you hope..and a future..”
    Keep doing a great job..There are plenty of people who believe in you Farrah…
    from one teenage mother to another

  • Understandable

    Now think about this if you all were 16 and just had a kid who would like to get slapped and treated like a little kid not even a kid a mother should never slap a child spanking and slapping is two different things. And I think that just like all these other stars that are being made out to be worse then what they are they just want publicity good or bad I’m sure she’s not the first 16 yr old to back talk their parents do we really wanna tlk about a 16 yr old like that if so we can get a video of every d*** 16 yr old around there all that way and younger actin that way. I think she may have problems here and there but she’s a 16 yr old with a baby I know some dang good parents that their child has hurt themselves it happens there children.

  • Traci S.

    Let me start off by saying, I am 32, married almost 13 years and the mother of 4 kids. I myself was not fond of Farrah in the beginning. Farrah is…lets face it – spoiled. Howeveer, when I read that when Farrah’s parents found out she was pregnant, they urged her to not tell the father and stop all contact. Which, she did. It broke my heart to find out that shortly before she was going to tell the father, he died in a car accident. And then to hear that after it happened, her parents (yes-including Mr. Innocence Daddy himself) treated the accident as “oh good, we got rid of that problem” I feel that a lot of Farrah’s disdain for her family comes from that situation. She feels that if she had just listened to her own heart, he might sitll be alive bc maybe he would have been with her instead of out with friends. I feel for Farrah. I really do. She is 18, living on her own and trying to make it on her own with only child care assistance from the government. I think people need to get past the fact that Farrah has an attitude and look into “why?”. She is a victim. She is acting her age. Her mother punched her daughter in the face and answered the door holfing two knives. She is nuts. And anyone that says “IF THAT WERE MY DAUGHTER I’D KNOCK HER OUT” I say – bullsh!t. More power to Farrah. Keep your mother away from Sophia. Don’t let her scar your baby like she has scarred you.

  • Heather

    I feel so bad for Farrah! I am from the Omaha area and remember hearing about the car accident. Now that she is talking about what happened, hopefully she can get closure and have peace in her life. Being a young mother is so hard especially doing it alone! I hope she can get the closure she needs for her and her daughter.

  • marie

    I cant believe no one is commenting on how AMAZING farrah looks 2 weeks after give birth
    thats astounding



  • tiffany

    I feel very sorry that farrah has to go threw the pain she does over sophias father but then again she should not take it out on her mother and father they wont be around forever i wish you the best of luck, I will be watching u both in teen mom tuesday on mtv 10 pm

  • Shanti Swenson

    I am truly touched by your pain! I see a beautiful mother and child! A mother so emotionally shut down. And I do not blame you, you have had to be so emotionally gaurded. I can not begin to understand the loss of your daughter’s father, however I would like to point out that you are an insperation to me. The way you carry on and nurture your daughter is amazing! You are truly a great mother! Please stay stronge and focused, as you have and your sweet Sophia will blossom and florish!

  • Melinda

    Farrah is such a terrible mom. She neglects her daughter & is very stern with her. Her baby needs to be removed from her. She is a danger to her poor daughter.

    • Ally

      She is definitely not perfect but she tries and tries hard. She is in a tough situation emotionally, financially and physically. She has been repeatedly physically and verbally abused by her mother and her father watches and says nothing. I am sure Farrah is a sassy teen, but abuse is NEVER ok. I was shocked when I saw/heard of the incident. Her mother acts as if she is innocent, Farrah is crazy and a bad mom. I admire Farrah’s strength through this tough time. Mom needs big time anger management and honestly probably should have spent time in jail. She had knives in her hand and refused to put them down by order of police!! Normal and sane people don’t act that way. Her husband divorced her?!? Why? Maybe some abuse in that relationship too.


    FArrah is a great mom she is just young and still very immature but at least she trying and not out their doing drugs or drinking she is a hands on mom good for farrah god bless you sweetie!!!

  • Laura

    HATER!! People react to traumatic situations in their life differently. The father of her child passed away while taping Teen Mom. How is she suppose to cope? By your guidelines? She is doing what she can do with what she has. She is a beautiful person and maybe a modeling career will help her and Sophia out. How do you know she is a sl*t anyways? Or are you suggesting that b/c you see her DATING people on the show?

    GO Farrah!!!



  • mallori

    this is to nikki on the blog!!!
    wow you seem very negative of others do you hate what god dealt to you sounds like anger and to correct the spelling coll is spelled cool.and you can be a single mom and a teen and have a modeling career that is a very responsible independent woman you don’t have to put your life on hold b/c of a child it just adds a wonderful miracle to each day .I am 25 years old and have two wonderful children and a military wife and love that farrah has strive though this though time and having to deal with horrible parents.Each day is a gift and that nasty comment was so uncalled for!

    • farah’s toulips

      What makes her parents horrible. The fact they support her, or the fact that they put up with the spoiled witch.

      • Sammi

        To everyone that is saying bad things about Farrah seriously shut up. She is sixteen what do you expect and what makes her mother wrong is the fact that she thinks it’s okay to beat the sh!t out of Farrah on national tv and still expect to see farrahs kid and get away with it. Honestly her mother is fake and if you all can’t see that then you are blind. Wake the f*ck up and stop being so critical because nobody is perfect. And I would expect people to ne a little more sentimental of her and the fact that she lost her baby’s father and the love of her life and she’s trying to do this on her own. But wait nobody cares about that right? Farrah I’d stubborn when it comes to her mother but she has a reason to be so show some respect because last time I checked, no one knows half of the sh!t Farrah is going through

  • Yvette


    I was just watching the episode that you open up about Sophia’s father. I cried so much. I just want you to know that I am praying for you and your beautiful daughter. You are such a WONDERFUL mother. I can see how much you love Sophia. WOW! Such a difference between to the type of loving mother you are and the other teen mothers. You are a special person. Sophia is so laid-back and such a happy baby (because of her wonderful mother).

    Farrah, your mother has mental problems. I think you realize that and I understand you not wanting to be around her too much with your baby. You should probably let Sophia know her grandmother but you should always be present so that your mother doesn’t try to interfere with Sophia’s emotions like she did with you. It’s so sad to see how your mother manipulates every situation and your Father (though he seems very nice).

    I hope you will let Sophia’s other family get to know her. She has aunts who will adore her, as well as another set of grandparents who will adore her as well.

    Keep your head up Farrah. The whole world’s rooting for you.

    • farah’s toulips

      You people are mental. If she doesn’t want her mother to be around her child then she needs to stop taking there money. She is used to being spoiled,so she wants everything her own way. She is not strong, if anything she is very weak by not being able to support herself and blaming others. Her parents are angles by not disowning her by know.

      • LuVn_Life…

        I agree with you totally,Now she’s ready to move back into her mother’s house across the street.she feels her mother really owes her something.
        My heart does go out to her or rather Sophia,poor baby will never have her father or know him.
        What farrah doesnt realize is that U get what u give,as long as she disrespects her mother her ife will never have balance and happiness.NO MATTER WHAT”

  • veronica

    farrah, i think you are doing an amazing job as a teen parent, especially after all you have been through. I my self was a teen parent at 16, and know how hard it is to raise a child being a child yourself. It is so sad that your mother is not supportive of you, and realize what a great daughter she has. Keep strong, God Bless You and your baby, always,…. Veronica

    • Alisha B

      Her mother is very supportive of the girl and does a lot for her granddaughter.

  • Jourdan

    Farrah, you’re a terrible mother. Who tells a baby that crying is unattractive and then shuts the light off and leaves a crying baby in a room alone. Why would you leave Sophia on the bed and walk out of the room, she could have gotten hurt when she fell. You’re a stupid ungrateful bitch. Your child is much more important than your social life. I wish child protection service watched teen mom. Sophia would be taken from you in a heartbeat.

    • Sam

      Ok.seriously you can not talk bad about someone that you don’t even personaly know.It’s not your place to say that she is a bad mom and i am sure that if mtv thought there was something wrong with the way that she is raising her child they would do something about it.She is doing the best that she can possibly do at this point in her life.I am i teen mom and i know that sometimes things just get overwhelming and you just have to leave the child alone for alittle while.And as for the whole unattractive comment that she made to Sophia i am pretty sure that she was just kidding, and the whole falling off the bed thing she was just being overwhelmed with the whole scamming this is what i have to say to you SHUT THE F*CK UP!

    • keke

      u is wrong for what u said u mite not be able to take care of no baby but Farrah is doing a good job with her child so u need to shut up and get a life because what you just said was ridiculous and immature you little child.

      • latoya

        farrah seemed like a problem before sophia .obviously she thinks shes grown she had a baby at fifteen . u people need to quit defending that girl. she acts like a child and she lost that right. farrah needs to grow up. i dont blame her mother if someone talks to u like that it would piss u off. my mom would beat my ass. they probably tired of her.

    • Jordii

      hey now, if you were watching closely to what was going on in her life, she just filed charges against her own mother for domestic violence and is living in her mothers guest house! she had no idea when she would be able to move away from her mother and no other family to go to. in the episode she was being pressured by other family to basically “get over” what her mother had done and that she still loved farrah. as parents we all hope to do better than our own parents. as i’m sure farrah is trying to do herself with no real support system for herself. flicking on and off the lights was just a way to try relieve stress. and no one is a perfect mother. babies are left alone at times. farrah is doing an amazing job especially after everything she’s had to deal with. theres no need to be highly critical of her when there are way worse mothers out there that have intentionally inflicted pain on their children emotionally and physically.

      • LuVn_Life…


  • Sarah H.

    This is kind of, um…. creepy.

  • farah’s toulips

    She’s seems like a terrible person to me. She is very ungrateful to her parents, I can’t believe her mother put up with her for that long. All she wants from her parents is financial stability, where would she be if her parents weren’t there? She got mad at her mom for getting up with the child when she decides to sleep in and neglect him? Yeah great mom. You kids that feel for her because your a teen who knows what it’s like to have a mom that buts in to your life need to grow up and be thankful you have somone who cares for you.

  • Caroline Vega

    Farrah, at first I thought you were a spoiled brat, disrespectful & irresponsible. But after watching all of the episodes, I can understand your frustrations and how cruel life has been to you, you never seem to get a rest. Who wouldn’t be bitter & angry? Life is hard as it is, and a teenager should not be experiencing half of the things you have. You have made a huge change in your life as a mother. You have proven that your daughter is #1 priority. You do everything in your power to maintain financially, emotionally for your baby & yourself. You are a terrific mother, in spite of what some people say. I’m sorry for being one of those people. Always remember when you are feeling down that you could have given up but you didn’t. In time, once you are comfortable & ready, God will send the love of your life in different form. Stay strong sweetie because God is good. God bless you & your little girl. xoxo Paterson, NJ

  • Amber

    I watch teen mom every week.. and ive been watching it sense it was 16 & pregnant. Farrah is a GREAT mom. How does anyone else have any room to say anything? this girl has been put through so much stuff in the past 2 years then most of you have EVER delt with in your whole life. im not saying some of the things shes done was right.. but whos perfect in this world?! no one is. so everyone needs to stop with the BS. i like farrah as a person, you are doing a GREAT job raising sophia. i wish you the best of luck.

  • stephd

    Whether I like Farrah as a person or not, I definitely do feel for her regarding her horrible relationship with her mother. I hope her mother tunes into the show and feels horrible when she sees the way that she ignores and neglects her daughter. I came from a similar household and I know exactly where Farrah’s coming from every time she chokes up while talking about her mother. Stay strong, girl!

    On a more bitter note, those “modeling” photos look absolutely horrible… I’m a model myself and so take my educated opinion that the girl really should just stick to culinary school…….

  • Jen

    It is so obvious Farrah’s mother wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret, cut Derek out–so she could raise the baby as her own!! Watching “Teen Mom” proves it! When Sophia is around it’s as if Farrah doesn’t exist. Farrah only exists when Mom wants to see Sophia. I couldn’t imagine not supporting my child when I would be needed the most! Shame on Farrah’s mother–selfish, bi-polar witch!

  • cindy

    u guys cant go based on bits and pieces u see on the show. u dont know her everyday life. and it really seems that shes trying. i think its so wrong for people to say shes a bad mother. for the people who leave nasty comments shame on u. who r u to past judgement on someone u dont even know personally and have no idea what she goes through in everyday life.

  • Jenna

    Being a young mother myself, I can understand balancing motherhood and having a social life. It really all comes down to the person. Farrah is spoiled, selfish and ignorant. I was so irritated with her leaving sophia with her mother so she could go out every night.these moms need to call social services on their own children or they will be the moms to their granchildren forever… She sponges off her parents and shows no appreciation at all. She is extremely rude. Some people deserve to have the shit slapped out of them. And really farrah? You really trust someone online with $3000? I knew what an online scam was when I was 10 years old. And to scream at everyone around you for your mistake. Leaving your child child on a bed? What did u expect? Leaving her in a sink to slip out? I understand mistKes that new moms make, Im a lot more careful with my 5 month old but im not ashamed to say ive had A few close calls.

    She just really needs to prioritize better, and maybe take a few parenting classes. Im happy she is going to counseling. I think it will really help her become a better person. She really has the potential to grow and be come a wise mother.

  • JohnnyWattsburg

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect everyone’s opinion. However, to the people who are praising Farrah as a great mom and wonderful daughter… Are you talking about the Farrah on MTV’s Teen Mom? If yes, then I couldn’t disagree with you more.. Farrah, the daughter, is a rude, mean, nasty little bitch. Farrah, the mom, is just so-so.

    When I watch Farrah interact with her mom, I feel embarrassed for her as she makes herself look completely ridiculous. She is completely mean, disrespectful, and absolutely ungrateful toward her mom. I’m not advocating her mother hitting her. Her mom hitting her was absolutely wrong and terrible, however, we (the audience don’t know the real whole story). Her mom is trying to apologize and move forward in solidifying their relationship, and Farrah’s only responses are short, sarcastic, and mean little replies. Farrah doesn’t even look at her mom. It seems as though Farrah thinks she is the greatest most perfect creature in the world. And the way she treats her dad (or Michael as Farrah calls him) is beyond disrepectful.

    I wholeheartedly believe that she wouldn’t even have attempted to communicate with her parents if she didn’t need money and a place to live.

    I’m typically not a vicious person, but… Farrah, if you get a chance to read this…. You are a mean, nasty little person who isn’t much of anything… You’re not even that great looking. Also, if you are going to use big words, make sure you know what they mean because you’ve looked and sounded stupid many times on the show for using words incorrectly.

    Basically, Farrah, I think you are a pathetic joke as a daughter and mother.

    Treat your mom and dad better, bitch!

    Johnny Wattsburg

  • Lisa

    Farrah is in need of some parenting classes. You do NOT leave your child in a hallway unattended while you are putting things away or in a sink fill of water!! That baby burned her hand! She then leaves her unattended on a bed to fall off??? You girls thing this is being a good mother? She is spoiled, selfish, rude and VERY disrepectful. If she was my daughter, I would slap her face faster than she could say something smart to me. While her parents created the monster, Farrah is NOT a child anymore and needs to step up and start acting like a mother and not a spoiled child! She needs to stop blaming everyone for the things that have gone one and get over it….for her childs sake!

    • Michele Sturgis

      Farrah makes me sick! She treats her parents so bad! If I was her mother I would cut her off and let her try to do it on her own after I went to court to prove her unfit for letting her baby get burned(I wonder why the camera crew let her get burned? I would have had to grab her hand before she actually got burned)She didn’t even want to be a mother at first…She freaked out because her fathers car broke down on the way to the zoo…as if he planned it just to ruin her birthday! Grow the F up Girl!! Also, GARY is a DOUCHE BAG!!!! he took the TV and BED SHEETS!!!! WTF! Amber needs to step back and look at why her baby is always crying….mommy is un-happy then baby is un-happy! Leah is going to think it is ok for you to break up and make up every other hour! I wish these people could live life in my shoes one day and see what it is really like to be a young good mother!

  • Me

    okay so most of you may or may not agree with me but everyone is entitled to there own opinion! My first perception of Farrah was mean, ignorant, spoiled and selfish. But through much research I have gained a new respect for Farrah! If anyone can remember being a teeneger we all were describe as one if not all of these things, we all must realize that Farrah had her child at a young age and when she did she was still experiencing wanting to be a teeneger and enjoying her life, she was shell shocked as was I. I had my first child when I was 17 and by no means am I making excuses for myself or Farrah I just know what its like to be forced between who you are(a teenage child) and what you have become(a parent and a adult). I had a babies father who decided by choice not to be there for my child and Farrah had a babies father who died tragically along with her dealing with the fact that she never told him she was pregnant and her parents would not even let her see or talk to him if she wanted too!!! You would never understand the frustration, pain as well as resentment Farrah must feel toward herself and mostly her parents for depriving her and what she had created a chance to even remotely experience the joys or pain of knowing whether her babies father would have been elated or dissapointed on if he was going to be a father or not….so now when Sophia is older she will have to explain this to her child as if it was her fault!!! This by no means is an excuse for Farrah’s attitude b/c i think its time she forgive her parents as it will bring peace to her and her child…but as mucn as we may forgive we never forget! We must also use common sense! Of course when it comes to reality tv they only display what they want you to see and what is going to generate viewers. They take months of footage and can make you whom ever they want you to be…considering they have captured all your happy moments as well as sad, angry, dissapointed moments! The magic of tv was amazing only until i saw the magic of reality tv and them being able to tranform you into this character based upon your most vulnerable situations and moments, somone the characters dont even know! All i am saying is give Farrah a fair chance & some understanding. Do some research on Derreck Underwoods death and think of her and how she must feel for him, herself and her child then you will begin to understand. Farrah just needs to continue to attend conseling and she will learn to deal with all the anger and sadness she harvest! i will pray for her rather than judge her!She is lonely and confuse but she will find her way. God bless

  • Nonya

    Farrah is a spoiled little bit**!!! She embarrasses herself on tv. I do not care if she is young…she is old enough to know that she should not talk to her parents that way. And her mother never “beat the sh**” out of her! She gave her what she deserved. That little girl needs more than just a pop in her mouth!!! She is a rude little girl who needs to grow up

    • Tammie

      You appaerently didn’t read the same story I did or see the same pictures of Farrah’s beat up face. You are either an imature idiot who has some growing up to do yourself or quite an abusive person (both?). Either way your very hateful & you should be as smart as Farrah & recognize your need for therapy & go get it. That is just one of the ways she’s more mature than you. She’s also willing to go on a TV show to hopefully prevent other young girls from making the same mistakes she did as a teen. You call that embarassing herself; I call it quite brave! Unlike, cowards like you, who feel a need to throw ugly insults at a young mother who is doing her best to raise her daughter all alone with limited finances, emotional, mental or physical support! BTW, when does, “more than just a pop in the mouth” ever help anything? You really show your true colors there. Do us all a favor …go away.

      • Moe

        I watch the show faithfully from the beginning when they were pregnant and the only person whom I didn’t feel sorry for was Farrah, she has been a disrespectful spolied ass brat. everytime something has happened to her she has blamed someone else or cried and whined about it. When you look at the 16 and pregnant show she stated that she left her babies’ dad because he was abusive and “she” didn’t want him around her or the baby. Now she acts as though it was all her parents fault she wants to be a grown up she needs to act like one. I got pregnant when I was 25 and had my second when I was 27 i know how hard it is and that I need help and having to deal without the father of the child being there for help, but to bash everyone that is trying to assist you and then be upset and bitchy because they dont want to is stupid. I understand that someone dying and someone choosing not to be around is different but own your actions. I get sick and tired of seeing her crying and whining and she is TOTALLY neglectful of her daughter twice left her in the hallway, once in the car, that bed incident could have been avoided as well.

        • Jennifer E

          I watch the show faithfully also and you guys need to wake up. NO ONE in this world especially us mothers are perfect. She is still a child trying to raise a child and I think she is doing a darn good job of it. No matter what she did she did not deserve to get hit in the mouth like that and she is taking responsibility and going to counceling. It takes a strong mother to raise children and be single at the same time, I have done it and it is no fun but you make the best of it. Just because she came from money does not mean anything, I did too but still had to do everything on my own. Until you walk in her shoes cut her some slack!!!!!!!!!

        • Elle

          She never called him abusive… just jealous and immature… were you watching the same show!??

  • Jane

    Farrah is growing up. Amazingly so. The best thing for her is to stay away from her Mother who is manipulative and a complete nut job. Debra is obsessed with the grandchild, and I find it like nails on the chalk board when she talks to Sophia in baby talk. If she screeched “Baaaaabbbbyyyy Gooooooooo” one more time I felt like I was about ready to start banging my head against the wall in the hopes of drowning her out. This week’s episode features Debra enticing Farrah into renting the guest house. Can we say “manipulation?” Let’s all hope Farrah stays living on her own, and continues to learn how to make her way.

    There are a lot of comments about some of the dumb things that Farrah has done, and while I admit some of them are very stupid – let’s face it, there are lots of mothers make the same boneheaded moves they were just not filmed on national TV. She is growing up, and if you pay attention to the parenting she gives to the child, you can see she keeps that baby immaculate and her ending shots when they are ending the show are normally of Sophia sitting on her lap with her showing her something or talking to her. Additionally, watch how the child picks up on things that she says and interacts and adds to what is going on. When she was singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to her, Sophia works her hands, when she asks her to do “cheers” with her Sophia taps her cup to Mama’s cup. This is a person that is interactively teaching their child things.

    Given the whack job she has for a mother herself, and the fact that she is continuing her counseling to in her words “not be like her mother to Sophia,” I have to give her props for growing up (drastically so since we first met her in 16 and Pregnant), working full time, attending school and all the while raising a baby.

    People have talked about how disrespectful Farrah is to her parents. I think this is the ultimate question of “which came first? The chicken or the egg?” I ask that because she is clearly a product of her upbringing, and her parents while giving her everything she ever wanted, have also done her a horrible injustice by not teaching her various things about being on her own. Such as how to fill out a check and handle a bank account, how to not get scammed, etc. Additionally, so many think that she is so horribly disrespectful of them, and while I am someone inclined to agree, I ask that you step back and look at how the entire family acts not only toward Farrah, but with each other and most importantly towards Sophia. Someone above talks about how when the child is there the mother completely ignores Farrah and that is true. Again, Debra is obsessively attached in a very unhealthy way to that baby, and does not recognize Farrah as the mother of the baby. The family operates at such a high level of drama and dysfunction that I honestly feel that when Farrah must interact with them, she is literally functioning at a “red level” of emotion. I think her senses and temper are so heightened due to the dysfunction that the family dynamics that is why she appear to get so angry so quickly when there is the least little thing that begins to go wrong.

    I’m glad Farrah is attending counseling, and I hope she continues on with it. While I was happy that the therapist called her out for cutting her off, I was upset that she didn’t explore the “why” of Farrah’s hostility. From what they have shown on the show, it’s a combination of many things. Again, it appears Farrah comes from “money” and she had been given everything in life by her parents, except for honest unconditional love or the knowledge of how to do everyday things. Then throw in the factor of Debra’s unnatural obsession with Sophia, and the cruel cut-downs she makes to Farrah “we are worried about baby (THE CHILD HAS A NAME!)” and when they were out for coffee “Sophia needs to be with people who can catch her up and be potty trained.” Those comments were so uncalled for and honestly unnecessary, not to mention she says them in baby talk of “Sooooofeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh needs to be pwotteeeeeeee twwwaaaaaaaaaainnnnnned.” Sophia appears to be right where she should be developmentally, and as far as “needing attention”

    Farrah it appears has done a 180 on making the baby her priority. Most of us learn parenting from our parents, and Debra does not appear to be the most warm and loving person. Farrah it seems is trying to break that cycle by attending counseling, and even remarked to her friend “I NEVER want to treat Sophia the way my Mom treats me.” At least she is trying. She is leaps and bounds a better parent than Amber or Gary in that when we see Sophia she is always clean and well dressed and groomed, and it appears that Farrah keeps an immaculate home. She has made the baby her priority, and she is working to get her education all while working to support herself.

    Yes, it’s hard to do all of this, but you know what? I’m happy to see her doing all of this, all while parenting – and not trying to use the system and take advantage of it the way it appears that Amber does, all the while ignoring her child like bother her and Gary do. And while yes, Farrah still has a lot to learn and improve upon? She is trying and she is making improvements in leaps and bounds and for that? I’m proud of her.

  • Mariah

    Farrah been through alot and she is to young to be going thruogh this! and this bit** that wrote that comment needs to shut the fu** up!!!!!!!!! Haha> Dueces!

  • angela

    Stop hating. Farrah is a great mom. She is young and beautiful. I am 23 and I respect her alpt. She deserves all the best in life. Keep it up Farrah your a wonderful mother and an amamazing person.

  • Jennifer

    I never feel sorry for teen mothers and pregnant teens. She opened her legs now it’s time to face the consequences. Let her life be as hard as it can be to teach her lesson.

    • Rebekah

      you know what jennifer? she got pregnant, and Farrah is doing a sufficient job. everyone goes through mistakes, especially being 16. but being pregnant isnt a mistake. God planned it that way. everyone goees through rough times, whether a parent or not, but to actually WiSH upon her that her life is hard? thats evil. may you get what you wish on her 1000 times. Amen to THAT. you must be self righteous, huh? youre perfect, right? just because YOU don’t believe it was a good decision, does that make it right? no maam. 7 in 10 teenage mothers complete high school or receive their GED. Children develop their personalities and most characteristics from 0-5 years of age. So in other words, kids seeing 70% of their moms getting an education before the time the child’s 5. what does that mean? Ooohhhh, that the child will be more likely to go to school because their mother has. i bet you didn’t know THAT. it all depends on whether or not you want something bad enough. and farrah must have wanted sophia bad enough, because shes doing a fine job. you probably just judge her because you would be too weak to handle a situation so well, so you automatically think EVERYONE is weak. its called jealousy sweetie. quit judging people who really need it. if you want to be a judge, why don’t you go judge amber. she needs it more.

      • Joanne

        Rebekah, you are an idiot… and you need to shut up!

      • Jennifer E

        This is a different Jennifer than what you relpied to but you are right also. Some of these girls on here do not know what they are talking about. They are the ones that need help. If someone came to me when I was 16 and if I was prego I might have done the MTV show because it gets the word out about teenage pregnancy. People judge to quickly. They need to think before they speak if you know what I mean. Some people really p!ss me off they are to selfish and they need to go through what some of these girls have gone thru. I would not want to be in Farrah’s shoes for anything nor anyone else’s for that matter……….

  • Krista

    Who ever said CPS should take Sophia away because the baby touched to warm of water or was crawling in a hallway unattended, obviously has never had a child or much less baby sat in their life time.
    If the state took every baby that bumped its head, fell, bonked their face on something there would not be a single person left with their child in their custody.
    CPS does not come running in and grab children over such nonsense get a reality grip.

    • Rebekah

      AMEN KRISTA! CPS understands that children make mistakes themselves. Thats why they DON’T take every kid away =] Parents can not prevent 100% of their accidents. After all, we ARE humans ourselves, right? I absolutely HATE when people judge how other people raise their kids when they have 0 experience with children themselves. It’s like being told about a nice vacation spot in the Bahamas. You can be described alot about it, but not EVERYTHING. but does it make you actually live it? No, you’re still going to want to go there to get the feeling and experience it to know what it was like. Well, in the same way, girls are experiencing motherhood. And besides, even if you watch them 24/7, all they have to do is make one sudden move to hurt themselves. You cant be holding on to them all the time, they will just want to rebel, and in the future, they would have never experienced something like warm water, so how would they know why they need to stay away from it?
      Even if you’ve babysat though, the babysitters still don’t know 100% of parenting. Farrah is doing a perfectly fine job, and I’m sick of people judging her.

      • Jennifer

        You go girl! You are so right. I watched the season finale last night and cried because of what these girls go through. I have 2 children, the first one at 25, eventhough I was a little older I still did not and do not know everything there is to know about raising children and I am going on 34. Farrah is doing a great job and as far as the rest go Amber is the only one with a problem, she was letting her daughter run around with a popcicle stick in her mouth last night and I was yelling at the TV to make her stop. Catelyn and Tyler are GREAT and STRONG, I think they made the right decision for their child. NO one knows until you have gone thru it!

  • cortkney

    I agree. Farrah is not only a terrible mother who takes for granted the journey of motherhood. But a ungrateful daughter.

    • Moe

      Ditto! I completely agree with you!

  • Billy D

    I’d hit it……

  • Aubry

    High fashion is just stupid…honestly, who would go out looking like that? It just looks like garbage!

  • marisol

    I think that all this girls from teen mom are selfish Farrah leaves sophia to go on a date that girl is stupid take care of ur kid…Amber has anger issues she needs to stop treating that guy like shit…..this girls r always complaining that they can’t go out they always go out n party n leave the kids with the parents or the boy friend I’m 19 year old n I have 2 kids I had my first when I was 16 after I had my baby I didn’t go out with my friends mo more I stayed home to be a mom and a wife..and two years later I had my little girl who I love with all my heart and no I don’t regret getting pregnant at such a young age and having a big responsibility as a mom with no ones help just me and my boyfriend it is a hard job but it’s worth it trust me and when ever we have to go out I take my kids with me.. u will never be ready to have to have kids it don’t matter how old u are u could be 16 or 30 ur never ready even if u already had a kid every baby is different…and when u have kids at a young age u could enjoy them a lot more then when ur old…..

  • Mary

    I do think that Farrah has made some stupid mistakes like leaving Sophia in the hallway for example. But as far as Sophia falling off the bed…. I definitely don’t think she’s the first chikd in history that happened to!! Farrah is basically completelu on her own and is learning as she goes. But the picture of a good parent is a happy, ovbiousally loved child. Which I think we all agree that Sophia clearly is! Amber is an awful mom and I’m so glad Gary took Leah away! And for the record….Maci frickin rocks as a mom! And even she has a lot to learn. But what’s the most ovbious about Maci and Farrah is that they love their babies unconditionally and that’s the most important fact of all!!!

    • Rochelle

      Maci is definitely not a terrific mom! No matter how much of a jerk her baby’s father is, she has no right to just up and move away. And then to tell him right before he left! He had every right to be angry. I think she’s finally starting to mature and become less selfish. I also believe Farrah is the mom on the show most likely to succeed. Her parents obviously have money and don’t help her, which is fine normally, since she’s the one who made the decision to get pregnant. But her situation is different. The father died and yet she works, has her own place, and is making efforts to be a great mom and successful.

      • Brittany

        Anyone who thinks Macy was “selfish” or “wrong” for moving to TN needs help themselves. Let’s recall Macy being pregnant and Ryan going out with his friends every night, dancing with other females behind her back might I add. He was obviously there for her then, huh? He did nothing but stress her out during her entire pregnancy. She had to take him to court to get a lick of child support and he wouldn’t even contribute a dime to his 1st birthday party. He doesn’t even care to see that baby, his parents push him to do so. They are the ones who mentioned that he should try and get him more often than what he does, not him. She also had to text him to see Bentley after she moved and came down to visit. I didn’t see him going to school or working to support that child like she did. Even if she did move, she meets him half way to get that baby 2 days outta the week. Macy may still have some growing up to do, then again we all do, but she is on the right track. Farrah is doing better but I still think she is disrespectful and could be a little more attentive towards Sophia as far as her leaving her every where and doing other things. Amber and Gary both are nuts. Gary is a bum and it stresses amber out and she takes it out on him in a way that she shouldn’t. She was not sincere at all when she was talking to her friends in last weeks episode about him taking Leah. She was trying to get attention and you could see her BS in her eyes as she was talking about it. She honestly doesn’t care and she is a mom b/c she has to be. Her dating jail bate is by no means great parenting either. He told her he was in jail and then she asked him how he felt about her having a baby. That’s ridiculous and that in itself should have been a deal breaker for her. Of course he loves kids….cause he doesn’t take care of them b/c he’s jail bate and probably can’t keep a job. These girls are going to have to learn all of this the hard way.

  • lena

    ferrah is a gate mom shes just have a hrad time now that derek is gone and wont be comeing back. she has to take care of her baby alone. thats hard i understand why shes acting the way she is its because shes hurting and she miss derek not only that she has to figer out a way to tell baby that her daddy died just 2 months befor she was born and that he was only 18 at the time. you know how hard it is to try to live life knowing that your babys daddy will never come back because hes dead. GO FERRAH UR DOING A GRATE JOB. and so is maice i love the way she cares for her son. unlike his dad maice is doing whats best for him. she dosnt leve him shes always with him. amaber shes really dumb she needs to stop being a big BABY and grow up. GOOD JOB GARY

  • CC

    Im pretty sure that if some of you on here had a kid you would understand that sometimes you need time to your selfs and if its selfish that some of them go off to do things or even go on dates you should really be calling all of those women and men that have children together that go on dates together and leave their kid with a babysitter so none of you have the right to say that dumb sh!t. Also im sure I see Farrah on teen mom with her baby sophia all the time. Anyone thats bad on there is Amber always hitting gary and cussing him out in front of their baby.

  • 2xmommy

    Firsf off. amber has aner issues that she needs to work out before she can handle that baby, so ood for gary. maci is an excelent mom, ryan did not call or even text to see his son, she had to call him to which he replied “thats cool” when asked if she could bring him by. she is doing a wonderful job.

    Farrah on the other hand is different. yes the father of your baby died but how is it much differnt from not having the dad around? yes your greiving but you go through the same kinda thing when the father doesn’t want to be around. I had my first baby at 18 and my second the day after i turned 20, the father of my babies left three months into my second pregnancy. Have not heard a single word…we were together for eiht years..i was completely in love with him and he dropped off the face of the earth. I have raised two babies all by myself with no help what so ever. The way she acts does not potray a mother, she appears as a selfish child. cry over efverything an is extremely disrespectful to every person she talks to. Even to her lawyer, she’s rude and does not take care of her child. your gonna drop your kid off with a baby sitter to talk?!?!?! are you fing kidding me, i would have loved to do that but mommies don’t just leave their kids so hey can talking! You still got it so easy hunni you don’t even understand, milk it cause when mtv cuts you off you’ll find out what strugling really is.
    you people are obviously blind to call her a good mother, she has yet to make the choice of her daughter over herself.
    And to the people who say accidents happen with kids, yes they do but as far as falling off the bed!! She left her kid sitting on it and walked into another room…is that appropriate? no, she left her kid in a bath alone..again, appropriate? no, she is unfit just as amber is she just doesn’t have the anger issues.

    • http://yahoo ashley

      i agree with you they dont know what hard time is i had my babys at 16 and they are twins and us we dont get payed for reazing our kids they do it for the fam

      • Shizam

        Hopefully they can spell better than you, I think it shows teens how much work it is to have a baby at such a young age. Sounds like u weren’t so innocent yourself. Don’t be hatin just cause you weren’t chosen to be on the show

        • http://yahoo ashley

          only reason they do the show is so they can use them babys as a money maker

    • MMM123

      2xmommy, you must be one hell of a mother if you think it’s unheard of and completely innappropriate for first time parents to make mistakes.
      Shouldn’t you be doing mom stuff instead of analyzing every single move made by the girls on an MTV show?

  • me

    Sophia’s dad and Farrah were a hot couple!!

  • http://yahoo stephanie

    i love dis show

    • http://yahoo ashley

      this show should not be on air it is giving the teens thought that if they get prgo they can be on tv and use the babys as a money maker

      • cps

        I think its a good think they air this show… I just helps teens see how someone could think that the are really in love with their bf or gf but once you have a baby that some how changes and either u break up or ur going down that road and I it also just shows how hard it is to raise a child when your a child yourself especially if you have to do it on your own… some people say they shouldnt air this show because its sending the wrong message.. well regardless of what teens see or hear from anyone inculding their parent, if they want to have sex they are going to do it. Like it or not its the truth. And like i said before it just helps teen think about it twice… I know because I’m 22 years old married and just had my second child. I do have a high deploma. And I’m becoming a message therapist but my teenage sister says that watching this show an seeing me having to always put my children before myself and anyone else makes her not want to have kids of her own let alone have unprotected sex at a young age. And if you disagree with me that is fine with me… and this young ladies seems to be doing fine, expect amber not sure what’s going inside her head..but then again nobody is near being perfect.. :-)

  • Katlyn

    Yeah…she’s pretty freaking ugly.
    The baby is gorgeous though!

    • Shizam

      Jelousy is a horrible thing!!!!

  • Jenna

    Okay first off, people who think Farrah is a bad mother is clearly not connected with being a teen mom. It’s not east to have a child at such a young age and she’s doing it all by herself. She works hard to give her little girl the things she needs. I have great respect for Farrah! She is absolutely amazing and she stays strong thru it all. So for all you people who think Farrah is a bad mom then try living in her shoes for a while!!!

  • Elle

    She has a lot of growing up to do but she’s doing all right… she loves that baby and is trying her best to provide for her and give her everything a young child needs.

    • Kenny

      I’m sorry, I don’t know if it is because I’ve seen the show, and know how “beautiful” she is on the inside, but I just do not see how anyone could say this young woman is “pretty”…I would not even go, as David Lee Roth so aptly put it, semi-good looking…..I just don’t see it…..

  • http://Facebook Bryanna


    • Tracey

      she looks so cute in her suit

  • ady

    hello!!!soy ady de argentina me encanta el programa,yo tambien soy madre edolescente,gracias a dios mi marido esta conmigo y mi baby,lo que queria decir es que la admiro a farra,por todo su esfuerzo del dia a dia.,ojala puedas leer mi menseje por sobre todo que lo entiendas..kiss ady

  • http://x Billy Bob

    this chick is one spoiled little brat, she treats her parents like dirt

    • jacinta

      totally agree wit u bob.u sumed it up short and sweet !!!

      • Michelle Says


  • Andrea Monroy Haro

    Hi Farrah, I’m Andrea from Mexico, the truth is that I admire you, I have 13 years old and my mom went through something very Peer to your situation, I was an unwanted pregnancy my mom took me to 16 just like you My grandmother is just as quarrelsome and contentious that your mother and have gone through very similar things in your life even a little worse because the truth is that Mexico is not as good quality of life how the United States. But I’ll tell you one thing we never lacked love and I think you are right to want both your daughter, LEAVE never, thanks for listening, take care kisses and remember that life sometimes gives blows, but you can get out of any

    • sandy

      GENTE se trata de un claro ejemplo de que todo el mundo puede dejar aelante!, como Farrah y como la madre de Andrea, me gusta esta actitud y que bien que lo hace gracias a tu madre por lo que hizo por ti. SER FELIZ
      EscucharLeer fonéticamente

  • ashley

    As a Teenage mother myself let me tell u a regular teenager could never understand. i have a daughter and 1 year left in highschool to get through. Noone can expect teenage mothers to be perfect adults i catch myself sumtimes acting my age im 17 i ended up pregnant at 15 but had my baby at the age of 16. my teachers never understood i had a lot to fight through sum tried to fail me and there was alot of whispering behind my back i even ended up losing all my friends except 2. my boyfriend ended up not being my babys daddy but my ex was i didnt know i was pregnant till 2 months after getting together with my boyfriend happly we are still together and i refuse to work with my baby real daddy due to him saying alot of shit and doing things that wasn’t appreciated he doesnt even want to pay childsupport..

  • Valeria

    I admire Farrah alot! She isn’t like the usual teen moms in the U.S. that run to get welfare,medicaid,food stamps, etc etc. Farrah works, goes to school, and takes care of Sophia.
    Good Job

    • The Truth

      I have watched all of the episodes of the show, and commend MTV on its portrayal of why children with grown-up bodies need to learn abstinence. In these times that is indeed a real challenge. But when you see how messed-up life becomes for these children when they get knocked up, it really should make a girl think twice about giving in to the pressure put upon her by a boy (or man). They are simply not mature enough to deal with the important mission in this life of raising a kid or kids. Children should not try to raise children.

    • Opinionated

      To your comment about farrah doesn’t run to the medicaid or food stamp office like the other girls in the U.S. newsflash she doesn’t have to, she doesn’t even have to work, they get paid alot of money to do these shows. Not saying I don’t admire her or think she is a good mom, she is, you can tell she cares a lot for her daughter, but what I hate most of all in this read-up from starcasm is it states that they were “forced into the role of motherhood” which is definitely an opinion, Noone forced them to be mothers, they had a choice, and they chose to have sex as teenagers… which is a fact not a opinion, none of these girls were raped they all chose the life they live and are getting paid for it. I do admire the jobs they are doing though being a teen is hard enough without having to mature enough to be able to raise children, and everyone has faults EVERYONE noone is perfect so why judge theirs…

  • Krystal

    you must have the wrong Farrah cause what I see was done on her own she was not spoiled. I admire you and you are a good mother you hold it all together considering what you have been thru I hope the best for you and your daughter and hope all your dreams come true.

  • Richard C. August

    Those holographic mirrored dresses Farrah and the other woman are wearing look like they came straight from Lady GaGa’s closet of hellish horrors.

    A Word to the wise: stick to wearing something simple. Let Lady GaGa wear something garish and tasteless; heck, put that meat dress on her and throw her to a pack of hungry wolves, and then she will learn that her simple, pre-Fame look was much more HUMAN.

    Back to Farrah: the breast enhancement won’t enhance your chances at another “reality show.” Intelligence, or usually the lack of intelligence, gets you on TV.

    • The truthful one


  • http://hotmail a.b

    Good job farrah! TAKE CARE:-)

  • http://poop.poop niciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    you are all poop

  • Kali

    I had my child when i was 17, I am now 22, and i can tell you right now this girl has a hell of a lot of growing up to do. I am currently a junior doctor and the only thing i will say in her defence is having a child when you are a teenager doesn’t ruin your life infact having my daughter gave me the kick up the arse i needed to do something good with my life, there are plenty of older people who have children and are really bad parents so the phrase “children raising children” is a bit harsh, especially when drug addicts allowed to care for children.

    • boblecacca

      very stupid of you indeed. ever heard about birth control? OR NOT HAVING SEX?

  • ericka sitton

    dear farrah
    i just want you to know you are a star you are a very strong women and not many can go through what you have gone through and become the women that you have become in the outcome a beautiful daughter and living the life that you were granyed i wish nothing but the best for you and think about you frequently i hope that everything works out for you and you get in life what you deserve ill keep you in my prayers and again i wish you the best stay strong you have already made it through the worst part and the best has yet to come remember that

    love ericka sitton

  • lauren smith

    you r so pretty i wish i looked just like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • danielle

    i cant stand u Farrah, ur the biggest cry baby on the show. You have the ugliest face when u cry to top it off. U dont desevre to have the supportive parents that u do bcuz u treat them like crap!!
    u are a spoiled brat!! ur mom should of slapped u harder!!

  • joliee

    she’s ugly.

  • Samantha Arata

    Oh yeah and your dog is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen and what kind of Moran puts diapers on a dog

  • katieeee

    I used to hate Farrah. I thought she was a spoiled bitch who treated her parents like dirt. But as the Teen Mom seasons have gone by I’ve noticed she’s matured a lot more when it comes to how she cares for her daughter, Sophia. And I know her mom can be a little over-bearing and annoying at times, but whose mom isnt? Farrah still talks to Debrah in that tone of voice like she’s just an annoying idiot. I always hate when she does that, because a lot of the time, her mom is truly just trying to help. Also, I dont quite understand why she calls her dad by his name, Michael. Maybe it’s just me, but I dont go around calling my dad Jeff. All in all though, I think Farrah still has a lot of maturing to do, especially when it comes to building a healthier relationship with her parents. And working on that face she makes when she cries wouldnt hurt either 😛

    • BriAnne Brooks

      just found this out…..She calls her dad michael because her sister is adopted & its so her sister feels apart of the family

  • liverpoolmaniac

    she is an amazing mum and cares a lot about sophia and is doing well for her circumstances, her mothers a bitch no matter what happens you never hit your kids and no matter what anyone say farrah you are GORGEOUS

  • AssedRepublican


  • KatieMarie

    i like Faraah. She treats her daughter right and she a great mother. For all that she has went through like her baby’s father dying in a car accident, i couldn’t have done it. im only 15 and i have a boyfriend and he wants to have kids. i want to wait a couple of years before a have kids so i can graduate, get my life on track, etc. he is a little younger than me and wants kids more than anything else in this world! he loves kids. i have seen him around my baby cousins, and other family. He is a GREAT person! i would love to have kids with him! i just want it to be alittle later on in life! Farrah is a great mom! her mother may be a bitch sometimes but all mothers are usually! especially with their kids and grandkids. trust me i know! if i got pregnant and found out and then a little later i find out my baby’s father had just died in a car accident! i dont know how i would handle it, i dont think i could! i love my boyfriend with all my heart and i wanna be with him forever! i love you<3 i never wanna lose you!
    P.S. Farrah keep up the good parenting! I look up to you for all that you've been through.

    • sam

      you are WAAAAAAAY to young to be even thinking about kids, at your age even sex !!

  • Sarah

    She has no respect for her mom. cmm on, her mom pays for everything that sophia needs!!! …I just think that she’s a crapy mom!!

  • jo

    All of these “teen” moms are a joke and hurting their babbies by having them too young. the babbies are the victims of these selfish PIGS who are too stupid to find free condoms, or get free birf control at planned parenthood, or get an abortion so my tax dollars dont pay for their damn filthy poor babbies

    • BriAnne Brooks

      your an idiot God does not make mistakes with the gift of life, ppl make mistakes and apparently you made one when opening your mouth

  • sammy

    She calls her dad michael because her sister is adopted & its so her sister feels apart of the family…