SPOILER Did 90 Day Fiance’s Chelsea and Yamir get married?

90 Day Fiance Chelsea and Yamir

TLC’s second season of their K-1 visa romance reality series 90 Day Fiance continues to grow in popularity, with last week’s episode bringing in more than 1.38 million viewers. As the 90-day clock continues to tick down on the six couples featured on the show, we continue to research which couples eventually wound up actually getting married and which ones decided marriage just wasn’t in the cards.

Previously we updated fans on Danielle and Mohamed (from Tunisia) as well as Danny and Amy (from South Africa), and today we uncover whether Nicaraguan pop star Yamir decides to continue playing with his band Myla Vox or make sweet music with his American fiancée Chelsea (aka the “Nicaraguan Yoko Ono”).

The most recent update we have from TLC is this clip in which Yamir reveals that he wants to move to Chicago to help further his music career:


So were Chelsea and Yamir able to reach a compromise and follow through with their marriage plans? It appears the answer is… YES!

The Nicaraguan website LA Sandino published the following wedding photo back in September along with a congratulatory message to the newlywed couple:

90 Day Fiance Chelsea and Yamir wedding photo

Here is their announcement, translated into English:

The vocalist and songwriter of the Myla Vox Group, Yamir Castle Ocampo, was married a few days ago with Chelsea Rose Macek, an American girl that he met 3 years ago in Matagalpa during a concert.

In an interview with Radio Sandino, Yamir, 28, expressed his happiness at taking the big step of marriage.

When asked how he felt being married, Yamir responded: “It’s good to have a new world to discover when you want (and estimate?) the person, it helps you mature about everything in life.”

The wedding took place in Illinois, USA, in the presence of family and friends of the lovebirds.

Congratulations to our friend and his wife Chelsea Yamir.

Although I wasn’t able to find out too much more about the wedding, Yamir has been posting photos on Facebook since September (from America) in which he can be seen wearing what looks to be a wedding ring on his left ring finger — which is oddly missing from the “wedding” photo above. Here are a couple samples, including one holding a cat from December 4 and another from Yamir’s English class posted in November:

90 Day Fiance Yamir wedding ring 90 Day Fiance Chelsea's Yamir wedding ring November 18_FB

Congratulations Chelsea and Yamir! Be sure to continue following their journey with new episodes of 90 Day Fiance airing Sunday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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  • Lyra

    Awww they were such a cute couple on the show! I always thought it was interesting that they were the only couple in both seasons in which the American spoke the other language. I really rooted for this couple and hope he makes it big, because it would be sad if he ended up working at a meat processing plant as MIL suggested.

  • Bec

    Why am u not surprised she’s wearing a grass crown.

    • Ashley

      Wtf difference does it make? It’s the girls wedding day for crying out loud. Why does society say she has to high fine jewelry on. Him her a break. Live humble and meek.

      • Bec

        Take a chill pill Ashley. She’s a “hippie” -that’s exactly how her fiancé yamir described her.

        If you get so worked up over online comments made by anonymous people then maybe you aren’t mature enough to be using the internet yet

  • BB

    Can we stop analyzing ring fingers?

    • Renee L

      Exactly. The one they say has no ring…it’s hard to even see that part of his hand.

  • Courtney

    They may have chosen to have wedding photos made prior to the ceremony, like many couples, and therefore had not yet exchanged rings.

  • ThatBlondeGirl

    She looks like a cross between Jessica Simpson and Claire Danes.

    • Bec

      Lol. No. Not even close.

      • Renee L

        She looks like a catfish.

    • Zadie Summer-Day

      I totally see what you’re saying, lol!

  • Truth Teller

    Her “vocal fry” annoys the crap out of me. Also, he MIGHT care about her, it’s hard to tell. I realize that the scripting, and cutting of the video is used to tell the story that the producers want told, and may have NOTHING to do with reality, but he really seems like his music is first, and she is 2nd.

    She’s definitely a hippie, and I think the whole notion of her having to get a job in order for them to live in Chicago was the real deal breaker.

    Also, Yamir? If you don’t like your women on the LARGE side, PLEASE use protection. After a baby, she’s gonna be a mess.

    • Bec

      Your totally right! I kept wondering why she sounded like a toad and it’s because she does that damm vocal fry! I totally get the “we are the world, we are the children” vibe from her like yamir is some cute immigrant from neeekawawa for her to display so everyone in Illinois knows how multicultural she is.

      • Renee L

        She uses the vocal fry and baby voice at the same time. It’s tough to sit through.

        • wandrako

          She had her father talk to him about talking things over and giving in. She is happy now because she has a year to get pregnant and not ever have to move to Chicago and not help him get ahead in music and a year later they may not be interested in him.

          • Renee L

            I can’t understand what you’re saying. Her father talked to him? About what? To tell him to let her be the boss? They speak 2 different languages! She’s happy now because she made sure she was able to railroad his dreams? That sucks if that’s true. She needs to grow up then.

            • wandrako

              She talked to her father and he talked to him about his long marriage due to compromise and he then compromised with her. He will stay in Galesburg for a year and work at whatever he can do and work on his English and then they will go work on his music. Of course then she will be pregnant. There was a note by someone else perhaps on another site that said there was a picture of him singing with the band in his home area and he had a wedding band on so maybe the manager or whatever he was decided to take him back because he made a lot of money for him. I am not certain how that would have been handled since he may have lost some rights in citizenship if he left the country. It has been awhile since I had to deal with that sort of thing so it may have changed and he may be able to leave and return with no difficulty.

              • K-1 Spouse

                You are correct Wanda. Even after marriage, he can’t leave the US until he gets his “Adjustment of Status” done. And, that takes a while. A K-1 visa is a “single entry” visa. If you leave, you don’t come back.

        • Mallory

          Her voice is so annoying !

  • Renee L

    I couldn’t believe her not wanting to move to Chicago so he could pursue his music. “Well, I’ve already traveled, I just want to settle down”. What about what he wants? I think she brought this kid to America and expected to call every move, she has no clue how to compromise.

  • Truth Teller

    Another thing. If you check the Myla Vox facebook page, you’ll see that he’s listed as still being in the band. They posts status updates from time to time, and he’s always included. So, the whole “The band has moved on and replaced Yamin”, is BS for the cameras.

    Am I the only one that thinks that his coming to America was a ploy by the band’s manager to broaden the appeal of his band? (Yes, I saw the manager’s “rage”. It could all have been as fake as the replacement Yamin). Get the most visible member a visa to come to the US, get him on a TV show with a large audience, have him/them talk about the band damned near EVERY TIME they’re on camera, PROFIT!

    Remember how the guys on The Bachelorette would come on the show to promote their bands, or whatever else. So, it’s not unheard of.

    • Zadie Summer-Day

      I wondered the same thing about him coming to America for his career. But I thought it was for a solo thing, I hadn’t thought to check out the group. I find him really cute to look at, though. I hope she doesn’t get her heart broken.

      • Renee L

        I worry more about him getting his heart broken. He gave up everything to come here. Yet, she won’t move 3 hours away to help his career?

  • Iysis

    I don’t why but they look related in that top picture lol. I can’t get into the couples this season but they seem like they are really into each other though, unlike some couples this season.

    • Nina

      omg i think the same way, even in their photo they always show before their storyline i always thought they look related in some way.

      • Iysis

        Maybe Chelsea’s momma went down to Nicaragua back in the day lol…

  • Che

    CHelsea seemed to me to be very manipulative.

  • jojo

    Congrats to tnem both, they seem like they are truly in love, many blessings to them both.

  • Mallory

    She is a hippie with bad skin and a fat ass, he only married her for a green card to try to make it in music in the USA. His band has only had one hit and it was about 5 years ago, he is not handsome at all, his skin tone is yellow,but he thinks he is fabulous. 2 years chelsea, he will not get a REAL job because he thinks he is too good to work..2 years and he will file for divorce..

  • DiannaD

    Chelsea’s fried voice is painful.

  • Leah Lax

    These 2 are so sweet and adorable Hope they have 100 happy years together

  • lily

    danny from amy and danny is so cute

  • Sandie

    Does anyone know if Yamir has made amy music deals here in US?

  • Liza Selmerius

    OJ OJ OJ Yamir, what have you done…. Why didnt you stay in your country… Problem problem and more problem…… Love makes strange things to people…. anyway I hope your doing good. Im just watchin the show from sweden.