Walking Dead creator confirms sexuality of super sexy Daryl Dixon


Following the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, show creator Robert Kirkman addressed the sexuality of the swoon-worthy, bow-wielding, motorcycle-straddling, walker-killing bad ass that is Daryl Dixon.

During his appearance on The Talking Dead, Kirkman settled all the speculation (some of which he helped fuel back in August) from an army of fans of the show that Dixon, portrayed by Norman Reedus, might be gay.

Kirkman said:

In “The Walking Dead” letters column in the old comic book that I do, there was a question that made me mention that there was a possibility early on about making Daryl Dixon’s character gay and it caused quite a hubbub online. I just wanted to make it clear that I was saying the possibility is there and I would’ve been fine with it, the network would have been fine with it, but we ultimately didn’t do that. I can make it official, Daryl Dixon is actually straight.”

Not that any of this really matters – but it does give us all a chance to talk, think and dream about Daryl… Then again, if Glenn found out he might stick even closer to Maggie!

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  • Yep

    He’s not attractive. I just don’t get why so many women are so obsessed with him.

    • savannah

      Do you watch the show? I didn’t think he was attractive either when he kept showing up on my Pinterest feed, but after watching the show for a season…its his character that’s attractive… LOL

      • Yep

        I’ve watched a few episodes but I still don’t find him attractive. you can be the biggest sweetheart on the planet and be ugly and I probably wouldn’t end up with you. I guess I go for looks more than personality and that’s why im divorced lol

    • LaLa84

      In the show, he’s portrayed as a “man’s man”, very rugged, but also sensitive and compassionate towards his group. I think women like the idea of a rough and tumble guy who also has a gentle side.

      I personally don’t understand the obsession with the character of Jax on Sons of Anarchy. He has NO redeeming qualities and women drool over him.

      • May

        I love Jax. He’s good-looking and he’s got that badass quality about him and he always protects the people he loves.

      • Yep

        My ex’s gf is obsessed with him and shes obsessed with my ex who doesn’t have any redeeming qualities so I guess that makes sense now lol he has nice eyes that’s about all I see in him.

    • LoLo

      I don’t find him attractive either. He was a male model & had a child with Stephanie Seymour, so even super models found him hot.

  • Paikea74

    me neither Yep! He’s just one unwashed zombie-killer lol. If the women on the show can keep their pits and legs hairless, surely he can wash his face and get rid of the fluffy facial hair? lol

  • gofyourself

    Daryl Dixon is crazy hot. I can’t say anything about Norman Reedus, but Daryl Dixon? Yes ma’am. I would happily spend the zombie apocalypse with that guy.

    • savannah


  • Tonya Morris

    Norman Reedus was pretty hot in The Boondock Saints too though, especially with that Irish accent 🙂

  • Rob Ford (CRACK MAYOR)

    I want him and Carol to get together so bad

    • gofyourself


  • ….

    Whether you think he’s “hot” or not is subjective, *I’m biased and I do*… but I do think half of his popularity is because Norman has a great reputation when it comes to dealing with fans. Whether it’s Walking Dead or Boondock Saints fans, I’ve never heard of a negative encounter with him. Even when he’s randomly walking around Georgia, he’s always sweet to people that notice him. He’s really accommodating to all of his fans as far as autographs and pics. He also collects the random art and gifts that fans send him. He’s a cool dude. I know this sounds all fangirly but I gotta stick up for him because he’s one of the few nice celebrities.