VIDEO Pregnant Jill Dillard and husband Derick Dillard share more baby news

Jill Dillard Baby Bump 15 Weeks

Pregnancy is flying by for 19 Kids and Counting‘s Jill Dillard! Now nearing the halfway point, the newlywed and husband Derick Dillard said they are really enjoying the second trimester.

“I’m excited you get to feel the baby move, find out the gender and feel better,” Jill, 23, said in a new video for TLC.

After suffering from some intense morning sickness during the first trimester, Jill said the nausea has subsided and she’s able to enjoy the cold foods she craves.


One of my favorite pregnancy finger foods #greenbeansvinegarsalt I love spinach with vinegar and salt as a cool treat too! #pregnancy snacks #babydilly #jillmdillard

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Derick joked those cravings have also affected his waistline as they’re “both gaining weight at a steadier pace.” Besides snacking together, Jill and Derick said another one of their hobbies is guessing whether they’re having a girl or boy.

“Right now there’s a lot to make us think we’re having a girl,” Derick said. Jill then teased a big announcement on Oct. 21, which is probably when they’ll reveal the baby’s sex.

Jill told People this week that she’s happy to finally have a baby bump, even though she’s been showing for a few weeks. (Some have speculated that Jill’s fuller bump indicates she’s expecting twins… Derick’s mom even gave the expectant parents two car seats “just in case.”)

Although it sounds like there are a lot of questions left to be answered in the coming weeks, Jill, a trained midwife, has decided to deliver the baby at home.

“I think home birth is really special because you are in your own environment,” she said. “You don’t have to pick up, move and have that stall labor. I am looking forward to having the calm, intimate setting of being home.”

Baby Dilly is due in March 2015.

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  • P

    Fascinating. Just fascinating.

    • blah


  • nator8

    Wow. A woman is pregnant, and had morning sickness in her first trimester. And her husband is gaining weight too?! Whoa. This is like xfiles craziness.

    • SammyG


  • Renee L

    Oh Jill’s pregnant? I hadn’t heard…

  • Yuck!!

    would someone please tell her Green Beans aren’t a finger food….

    • SammyG

      Yeah and neither is spinach lol

    • Jenn

      Thank you, I saw that picture and thought to myself “what kind of ass backwards hillbilly does this”

      Then I remembered who I was reading about.

    • anjealka

      At least she isn’t eating them straight out of the can like her dad!

    • kiki

      Only when they’re big like the green bean fries. The tiny ones are not.

  • Wtf

    Your hobby is guessing whether or not you’re having a boy or a girl? You don’t do anything else for fun? Lol

    • Jenn

      Haha I know right! They sound like an exciting couple with TONS in common.

    • Renee L

      These people have no life outside of church, supervised visits with fundie friends, baby making and babysitting siblings. It’s sad.

  • DeeDeDee

    In other news, LifeNews and Christians worldwide are pissed that TLC blurred out their anti-abortion t-shirts. Sad.

  • Vicky

    She soooo got pregnant before they got married. Future headline. Jill Duggard had baby early. 34weeks. But in reality baby is full term.

    • beth

      Highly unlikely.

  • Regina

    “another one of their hobbies is guessing whether they’re having a girl or boy”

    ……………. I feel so bad for them and anyone around them.

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