PHOTO Farrah Abraham attends Lakewood Church service with Joel Osteen

Farrah Abraham and 5-year-old daughter Sophia were all smiles this weekend while attending church services in Houston, Texas. The pair was dressed in nearly matching white outfits and Sophia was sporting an adorable princess tiara.

It’s no secret Farrah is one busy lady. Between appearances on Couples Therapy, homeschooling her daughter, buying cars, and starting new business ventures, it’s nice to see the former Teen Mom take a break from her hectic schedule to spend some quality time with her daughter.

So what church is Farrah at and is she a regular attender?

This selfie was snapped at Lakewood Church which is led by the famous pastor Joel Osteen.

Attending church service at Lakewood isn’t like your grandma’s church with wood pews and a small, intimate congregation. It’s quite the opposite!

Lakewood Church is a non-denominational mega church that has a weekly attendance of over 40,000 people! The sermons are preached in an arena and are broadcast all over the world.

Lakewood Church
She looks to be getting some major inspiration from Joel Osteen when she re-tweeted the following message:

This isn’t the first time Farrah has been open about her faith. In an interview with Starcasm earlier this year, Farrah said:

I have to say faith is a big part of my life. I’m not perfect, I think that’s just life. There’s really no perfect Christian. I go to church as often as possible and I have great Christian friends.

What do you think of Farrah’s church selfie and faith filled proclamation?

UPDATE – Joel Osteen has since tweeted to Farrah, tahnking her for attending his church’s service:


  • TA

    they’re perfect for each other.
    both are such frauds.

  • P

    did they go in the confessional together?

    • Umm

      This would be funny except its not a catholic church.

      • P

        Sorry, I’m not a religious person… my preference is to define and live my life by my own morals.

        • Nathan

          “my preference is to define and live my life by my own morals.”

          Just like Farrah. Cool.

  • Bec

    Hmmmm…that’s funny, I could have sworn that she would melt if she ever stepped foot in a place of religious worship.

    • BreeMorey

      haha love it 🙂

    • haha

      Well it is Joel Olsteen so not exactly a great example of good there….

      • Bec

        I’m not familiar with him, sorry

  • hair

    You know what grinds my gears. Because someone claims to be a Christian (or whatever religion) that automatically makes them a good person. If there was an atheist who devoted their lives to helping others and making a change for the better in their community the Christian is viewed as a better human.

    • TA

      not in my eyes. and I know I’m not alone.
      to me, the term or label “Christian” is negative. I’ve known so many more decent human beings with no religious ties.
      and this is coming from someone who grew up in the church, went to private “Christian” schools, and all it taught me was that religion is crap.

      • Josie

        I totally agree with you. When I hear someone is a Christian, it sends up red flags.

    • David Wallace

      Going to Church is more than just doing good deeds it’s about connecting with people who share your faith and praying together. You can be an atheist and do all kinds of good deeds but that doesn’t make you a Christian.

      • Brittany

        ? An atheist doesn’t want to be a Christian. And you say that as if a Christian is better than an atheist or something.

        • David Wallace

          I don’t see were you made the connection that Christians are better than atheists. To clarify what I said before, you can do all the good deeds you want but that doesn’t make you a Christian. Going to church praying to God acknowledging Jesus as our Christ and Savior, these are the things that makes one Christian. Living a life in accordance with the Bible makes one a Christian. If this Farrah girl starts going to Church more often maybe she’ll stop stripping and being a porn star.

          • Josie

            Wow. You missed her point completely.

          • TA

            my favorite part was “going to church…. these are the things that make people a Christian.”

            and that is exactly what’s wrong with organized religion.

    • Nathan

      No true Christian would ever claim that their religion makes them a good person. The central message of Christianity is that we are all sinners in need of a Savior to stand in our place.

      • Jen

        That is disgusting.

  • Jessica

    I am surprised that the church didn’t burn down once she set foot in that church or she got stuck by lighting when she stepped out

  • anjealka

    I thought she said she was Jewish? a lie so she could use J-date?

  • lol

    Sweatin’ like a wh0r3 in church!

  • shudders

    Farrah and joel 2 peas in a pod , that man is super creepy!

  • twelfthnight

    Is “The Promise” what she’s calling what’s-his-name’s wiener now?

    I thought people like Horse Face burst into flames when they walked into a church. But then again, that isn’t really a church. It’s a thinly veiled scam in a building with a couple crosses on the wall.

  • JustSomeGirl

    Suck ch0de on Saturday then praise the Lord on Sunday!

  • Starve_and_shit

    One of my favorite quotes is “going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.”

    • Southern Bell

      love it!!

  • JustSomeGirl

    Suck chode on Saturday then praise the Lord on Sunday!

  • Nathan

    This is the perfect church for Farrah. Osteen never preaches about sin or the gospel or really anything from the Bible. He’s not even a preacher. He’s a feel-good motivational speaker who tells people that, no matter what, they’re great and good things are coming they’re way — exactly what fallen people want to hear.

  • TheTruth

    Haha, people that criticize
    Joel, have no idea what a true Christian is.
    They are the exact same group that
    Murdered Jesus. Not much has changed 🙁

  • TimM

    I wonder how they feel knowing they have the dirtiest of the dirties in their church. After all….she humps people out of wedlock in front of a camera….sells her body parts for people to masturbate to….and she’s stripping…..

    I guess anyone could be saved….but they’d have to try real hard to wash the sin away from her….

  • Demona

    Two things – 1. Who wears a tiara to church? Or puts one on their child? Seems very wrong, but what do I know? 2. When all you do is talk about your faith then you do the things she’s done, sounds like some haters finally asked her where she attends church or when she is ever doing anything spiritual so she went to a famous preacher’s huge church to make a statement complete with a selfie.