Farrah Abraham posts photos from her grandfather’s funeral

Farrah Abraham's grandfather Goodmond Danielsen passed away July 25 2014

Farrah Abraham is currently back home in Council Bluffs, Iowa to attend the funeral of her grandfather, Goodmond H. Danielsen, Jr., who passed away on Friday. Farrah shared the sad news with her fans earlier today on Facebook along with several photos, including the one above of Goodmond (who is Farrah’s mother Debra Danielsen’s father) as a younger man. Farrah also posted two photos from the funeral, including one of her grandfather’s open casket, which outraged some while others came to her defense:


“Birth & burial, So much love & a family who was touched by you,” Farrah wrote along with the photos. “You are the best man we know ♥ you Grandpa and I’m so happy and thankful like the rest our family for having you in our lives, your one of the great ones. You showed me what hard work, dedication and passion was as well I’m so proud of both you and Grandma for having an amazing marriage. Thank you for being there for all of us and not judging but helping. #Heaven”

As I mentioned, the bottom photo above caused some backlash among her followers. “Posting this specific photo publically [sic] on a social media website is absolutely disrespectful and in poor taste,” one commenter wrote. “It should be removed. Report this photo.”

Another commenter argued in favor of Farrah’s posting. “Honestly there is nothing wrong with her posting this picture. There is nothing gross or disgusting about it. No different than if she took a pic of him alive. You all should be ashamed.” And then the commenter added sympathetically, “So sorry for your loss Farrah.”

I think we can all agree with that last sentence.

Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham posted about Goodmond’s passing on Facebook Friday:

A bittersweet night for our family … We loss a loving father, husband, grandfather, father-in-law, friend, and great grandfather that has been suffering from cancer. He loved us all and shared all he had. We learned to forgive others from him and to enjoy Gods gifts and not to take anything or person for-granted. He no long suffers and he is with the Lord now as he had strong faith. He loved and cared for my children and grandchildren always and went beyond the call of duty loving and teaching them. I will always remember his strong Danish handshake. Yes you saw him on TV when we brought Sophia home from the hospital when she was born and talking to Farrah the first days of Sophia’s life at our home. Sonny I will miss you but you are Home now and your soul lives on forever with The Lord.

When one commenter asked if it was his or Debra’s father who had passed, Michael responded by writing, “Debra’s wonderful Father…..”

And here’s is Goodmond’s obituary:

Goodmond H. Danielsen, Jr.

Birth date: July 31, 1937
Death date: July 25, 2014

Goodmond H. Danielsen, Jr., age 76, of Council Bluffs, passed away July 25, 2014 at his home. Goodmond was born on July 31, 1937 in Council Bluffs to Goodmond, Sr. and Dorothy (Hays) Danielsen who preceded him in death. He worked as a master carpenter and was a loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Goodmond is survived by his wife Carmella (Bersane) Danielsen; daughter Debra Lynn Danielsen; son Goodmond H. Danielsen, III and wife Patricia; grandchildren Ashley Danielsen, Goodmond H. Danielsen, IV, Jakob Danielsen, and Farrah Abraham; great-grandchildren Sophia Abraham and Sylvia Danielsen. Sisters Charmaine Lainson and Gloria Colton.

Our thoughts are with the Danielsen family.

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    oversharing as usual. is anything in her life private or sacred? not birth, not death, not sex…what else is there?

  • Well

    I’m surprised she didn’t lay in the coffin with him to take the picture. You can’t put something like that past her.

    • Renee L

      Me either! I can totally picture it. She’s all made up, grinning ear to ear with a “fun” pose.

    • Bec

      Surprising she didn’t take the opportunity to have a half naked photoshoot!

      What was that magazine she posed for again? Girls and corpses?

      • Courtney

        She actually has the cover of that magazine when she was on it blown up and on her wall at home! Sophia has to look at that everyday!

    • saseblon


  • Lisa

    In reading Michael’s post, we see where Farrah gets her firm grasp on grammar from… @@

    • Mike Abraham

      Yes Lisa ….but my grammar problem is because I’m a disabled veteran due to hearing loss which has minimized my communication skills including writing skills ….. So enjoy taking a shot at a person with a disability

      • A

        Michael… stay away from this stuff online about your daughter and your family. It’s too negative and nobody knows you personally. Please don’t take anything negative here to heart. I am sorry for your family’s loss.

      • Rob Ford (CRACK MAYOR)

        Your daughter is a backdoor wh*re

      • Bec

        Can you and her mother please have her committed to a psychiatric evaluation? Your ugly daughter not only has atrocious grammar skills, but she also has a very loose grasp on reality. Quite disturbing actually.

        Anyways how are the plasters of her loose vag!na and as$h0le selling?

      • discoatnine

        wow. hearing loss has nothing to do with you’re writing skills.

      • Babaloo

        Hearing loss after you’ve learned a language has NOTHING to do with your grasp on syntax or grammar, spoken or written. Nothing. It just means you never learned it growing up and now you’re using a disability as an excuse for being an unapologetic idiot.

  • Renee L

    Poor man died knowing Farrah is his granddaughter.

    • Mike Abraham

      No Renee cancer

      • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

        Farrah = cancer

      • Renee L

        MIKE-KOL! I didn’t say he died from Farrah. Let me rephrase. Poor man died from cancer knowing Farrah is his granddaughter.

  • Shannon

    Morbid ho. Who posts this shit? And I bet he died proud of his granddaughter.

    • Mike Abraham

      Shannon yes he did… No matter what She did her was proud of her because unlike you he had forgiveness and unconditional love fir her. And Farrah is no more a Ho than YOU except if your a virgin or married and only gave your self to you husband after your wedding …. Think about it. Get it?

      • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

        So you’re judging Shannon, a perfect stranger for being a hoe, but we’re not allowed to judge your whorebag deadbeat bitch daughter for putting her kidneys on camera? ok then. And no not everyone does that like you think. Only a family that has shitty morals like yours. You know, a lot of pornstars are victims of incest and rape from family members. Makes you wonder….

      • Sadie

        Your daughter can fit 8 fingers in her hoo-ha and probably also in her a**. She’s a hoe.

      • Babaloo

        It’s supremely inappropriate for you to call someone a ho UNLESS they’re a virgin or married and ONLY had sex with her husband after her wedding. That, by your own definition, makes your daughter a ho. Obviously your wife had sex with someone other than you before she was married to you because she has an older daughter with her last name. I guess that makes her a ho, too. Super unfortunate that your only defense of your daughter is “everyone else is a sl*tbag, too, neener neener neener.” And really, very, very creepy for you to assume that a stranger on a gossip website (who HASN’T put her life and private parts on tape and store shelves, by the way) is most certainly promiscuous and a ho if she doesn’t live by YOUR definition of how a woman should behave even though your daughter does not in any way live by these standards that you’re professing to have. Get off your high horse and go feed your daughter her daily carrots and oats.

    • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

      Oh gosh he’s probably so happy to be away from that crazy family LOL!

  • narcissistic

    Farrah has a severe case of narcissistic personality disorder. This latest stunt has nothing to do with her culture, religion, or love. Farrah is incapable of rationally feeling emotions that are not directly related to herself. It’s a severe and destructive disorder. Narcissistic personality disorder prevents them from feeling guilt or remorse for those they hurt.
    Farrah posted these pictures to turn the spotlight back on her. She has a strong desire for attention, be it positive, or in this case, negative. When she feels the attention has fallen from her she will create a new situation (or exploit an existing one) to feel important and adored again.
    As pathetic as she is, I really do feel sorry for her. She needs serious psychiatric care. People with a narcissistic disorder will rarely seek help because they only view themselves as all knowing, All powerful. They eventually alienate all those in their immediate circle, and spiral further out of control.

    • TA

      thank you, Dr. Phil.

    • Tracey

      You are Absolutely Correct on sooo Many Levels! My Mother is Narcisstic. She is the same way.

    • Reality

      She is narcissistic and beyond. She is a sociopath. Her pathological lying, manipulations, her distorted view of reality and herself. She really has no filters. The pics of the open casket and casket are now removed. I could not believe that she did that. She showed total disrespect to her grandfather, her family and herself. Her grandmother and mother must have been mortified. A viewing is for those who knew the deceased, for closure and to pay their last respects. For her to broadcast his picture like that on social media was disgusting.

      • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

        Totally agree that she is also a sociopath.

    • Reality

      By the way, excellent analysis, Farrah has certainly put herself out there. Her interview with Dr Phil was classic.

    • savannah

      Funny how we know this, and that supposed Dr. Jenn on that stupid show didn’t? Wonder where she got her Dr. Degree…

  • Christina

    Can’t she keep some things off of social network …. Never have liked her .. Now def don’t

  • Pat Brown

    kind of a non story, the girl’s grandfather died, and she went to the funeral where is the story?

  • Ashley

    Of everything Farrah has posted, this really doesn’t seem like one of her worst offenses.

  • Valerie

    Seemed like a nice guy. I remember watching him on 16 and pregnant. RIP

  • Juliann Lucas

    Anyone notice there is no mention of Farrahs father in the obit? It does however mention his daughter in law. HMMM!!!

    • Reality

      Farrah’s parents are divorced, so he would not be mentioned as a surviving family member.

    • jrj

      They are divorced so he isn’t his son in law anymore.

    • Crystal

      Because they are divorced …

  • lovemycity

    I’m no fan of Farrah, but you people are seriously overreacting lol. In other cultures, taking funeral pictures is not considered a big deal. In fact, it’s the norm. So posting them would not be an issue. It’s not in anyway considered disrespectful. Just because you say it is, doesn’t make it so. Calm the hell down.

    • Reality

      People do take pictures here, too, to share among family members. And yes it was disrespectful to her family to broadcast this on social media to complete strangers. And apparently someone or many conveyed that to Farrah, since she has removed the pictures. Her grandmother is grieving terribly, and Farrah chose to make a spectacle of a very sad and difficult time

  • Lanie_Lane

    I bet he had just watched Farrah’s “movie”. Poor man’s heart probably couldn’t take it. Seriously, all jokes aside, I do have sympathy for her family, however, who thinks to live update a funeral of a beloved family member on Facebook & Twitter?

  • Mike Abraham

    You haters are the sick ones. Farrah’s grandfather lived a life that he gave unconditional love and forgiveness to all just like Christ did for everyone ….it seems you people never had someone give love to you as Farrah’s grandfather had for Farrah and all of us…. Your sick comments are disrespectful to her late grandfather. Our family knows everything and we love her unconditionally. Yes she made mistakes from managers (which were fired but Farrah has to fulfill these long contracts) that led her into those actives and being a young adult just like everyone of us – but unlike you you don’t have the world watch you from blogs and publications and TV shows that exploit people.

    I was there and all our family and friends.

    I will pray for your souls….. Even the most heartless.

    • Jessica

      Lol are you 12?! You do not sound like a grown man. I highly doubt you are Farrah’s father and if you are that is pathetic. People will have opinions of your child it’s the way of life and even more so because she is a public figure. Put your big girl panties on and ignore it. And maybe learn not ramble so much. We shall pray for your pitiful soul.

    • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

      Your prayer is wasted lol. You should pray for Farrah because if there is a hell she’s going straight to the bottom lol.

    • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

      and if we want to talk about sick let’s talk about how Farrah already says it’s ok for Sophia to have a sex tape. Or wait, you’d probably enjoy that too huh?

    • Josie

      I thought you were acting as her manager and went with her to negotiate with Vivid?

      Regardless, I am very sorry for your loss. There is no excuse for people to attack the memory of a man who was obviously very special to his family or to attack a family during a time of grief.

      • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

        Lol yes it really seems like he’s in mourning being on a gossip site calling people “ho’s”. I wonder if it is really a 12 year old, but then I realize a 12 year old is smarter.

        • Josie

          Too many people justify their actions based on the actions of someone else. How about not attacking a grieving family simply because it’s the right thing to do?

          • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

            Oh please. If he was truly depressed and in mourning he wouldn’t be on the internet calling people ho’s. Christ how old is he? And also anyone that says it’s ok that their daughter made a sex tape is no longer a person to me.

            • Josie

              Again, why use the actions of others as an excuse to act like a vile person yourself?

              • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

                Careful or I might throw a vagina mold of Farrah at you.

                • Josie

                  Hey, be careful! That thing might be a collector’s item someday.

                  • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

                    Collectors item? Oh God now I KNOW this is Farrah or Michael. Barf forever.

                    • Josie

                      Oh bummer. Just when I thought you might have a little bit of a sense of humor :(

                    • Josie

                      Uh oh, Greta got moderated. Gotta watch that potty mouth. 😀

    • Laura

      If y’all had a problem with being exploited you’d stay out of the public eye and away from social media.

      • Babaloo

        Yes, and not let her sign up for a reality television show about not using birth control correctly when she was still a minor.

    • Babaloo

      No. SHE made mistakes. Managers did not make her make those mistakes. She is not having to fulfill contracts because of any manager’s misjudgements. Those were HER bad choices and the fact that you blame others instead of her just further enforces her overinflated opinion of herself and her inability to suck it up and take personal responsibility for her actions. It was DEBRA’s fault she had to have a baby at 16. It was her boyfriend’s (or was it hired professional or an already pre-determined filming contract…I can’t remember and neither can your daughter) fault that there’s a sex tape out there with her getting plowed like a farm horse. It was YOUR fault she was abused as a child. Be a parent for once in your life and teach your idiot daughter to take responsibility for her own decisions, whether they turn out alright or not.

    • Nina

      I am sorry for your family’s loss. I hope you will get psychiatric help for Farrah. Especially for the sake of your little granddaughter.

    • Guest

      No one forced Farrah to hire a porn star and have sex for money. You are clearly just as delusional as her.

    • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

      Tell us, does Farrah only call you daddy in bed?

  • Rob Ford (CRACK MAYOR)

    Debra looks like him with a wig on

  • Guest


  • Selena

    I wonder what he thought about his granddaughter doing porn.

  • christee

    Is Farrah a tacky, dim witted person? You bet. But, she’s still a human, she still lost sometime who was, no doubt, important to her, and who was even kind to her when her own mother wasn’t. Maybe I’m touchy because losing my own grandfathers was really hard, but geez…cut the girl some f#cking slack here. You know, it might be tasteless to post pictures of a casket, but at least she wasn’t in there with him. Not a fan, but from one person to another, I’m sorry for her (and her family’s) loss.

    She might be many a bad thing, but I have no doubt she genuinely misses her grandfather. If nothing else, I’m sorry for Sophia, who lost her great-grandfather, and this man’s wife. Has compassion taken leave of our world this much?

    • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

      I disagree that she’s a human

      • christee

        Maybe some parts of her aren’t, but at this point, she’s still more person than plastic. Even Hitler had feelings.

        (That is in no way a defense of Hitler, who was a despicable, evil man, and I hope he is being raped with porcupines for all eternity. Just saying, even the worst of people are capable of feeling bad. All Farrah is guilty of here is being tacky, or possibly trying to get attention. Either way, I don’t doubt that she misses her grandpa.)

        • http://instagram.com/gretagramm Greta

          Farrah would be stoked to be raped by porcupines

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