VIDEO Charlize Theron likens media intrusions to rape

Charlize Theron - Likens Media to Rape

Charlize Theron is on her press tour for Seth MacFarlane’s new comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West, but recent comments aren’t amusing many people.

Speaking with Australia’s Sky News, the South African actress said doesn’t search her name on Google. Her reasoning?

“When you start living in that world, and doing that, you start feeling raped.”

After the reporter asked whether she really meant to use such a strong metaphor, Charlize expounded, “When it comes to your son and your private life… Maybe that’s just me. Some people relish in all of that stuff. There are certain things in my life that I think of as very sacred and I’m very protective over them.”

The Academy Award-winning actress was particularly quiet about adopting son Jackson two years ago. Unfortunately, her privacy was violated when an Arkansas judge leaked details of her adoption — and added his own racist and sexist commentary.

Speaking indirectly about guarding herself from future violations, Charlize said, “That doesn’t mean that I always win that war. But, as long as I don’t have to see that stuff or read that stuff or hear that stuff, then I get to live with my head in a clear space.”

Charlize’s controversial comment came just days after fellow Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow was criticized for comparing stardom to war combat.

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  • Sabrina

    Omg, these celebrities NEED to get over themselves! Do they have any idea how insulting and out of touch they are?

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  • DeeDeDee

    While the word rape is definitely a strong one, it is also mind boggling that people insist we are entitled to know every single personal aspect of their lives because they’re famous. Especially when a judge, somebody who has a certain code of conduct, blasts your business and all the juicy details as well as adding in his own bigoted opinion. If this were the average joe, what these people go through is stalking and harassment at minimum. But nooope. We’re all entitled to know how many times a day she wipes her a*s and who lays in her bed at night. -.-

    • Truth

      You can’t be serious?! You’re on a gossip site! By doing so you’re one of the many people who “insist” on knowing every aspect of their personal lives.

      • christee

        There’s a difference between knowing mindless gossip, and the contents of sealed documents. Regardless of what that information was, it should not have been given to anyone, by law. I think the comparison to rape was her extremely over dramatic way of saying she has felt violated by the press. She definitely should have chosen a different word, but she has the right to be angry about that information being leaked.

        And Gwyneth is just an idiot.

        • She wasnt talking about the adoption leak, that was 2 years ago, the article just mentioned it. Charlize herself was just talking about the media in general and rape is still wayy worse than stalking.

          • DeeDeDee

            No, I definitely agree that it is, don’t get me wrong. Like another person mentioned, she should have used a different word.

      • DeeDeDee

        But I don’t demand that these people just shut up and take all the sh*t that they get from the paparazzi because “they’re famous.” Like that some how negates the fact that they’re still human beings entitled to some form of privacy.

  • Nathan

    Yeah, the public finding out that you adopted a child a little earlier than you had planned on announcing it is totally the same thing as being raped. How ridiculous and insulting to real rape victims.

  • aussiegirl

    seriously like rape… charlize Theron if you were a victim of sexual abuse or rape you wouldnt say stupid shit like that… Seriously just want to slap your right now on behalf of all victims of rape for belittling what is a life changing traumatic experience

  • Red

    You choose to be in the spotlight. You don’t choose to be raped.

  • CP

    I’m tired of these celebrities. Comparing your CHOSEN CAREER to rape and being at war is an insult to those who have been raped and been to war.

  • Brandy Nicole

    Her and Goop head (Gwennie dear) need to become bffs.

  • Natalia

    Get over yourself Charlize.

  • Wow
    Are REALLY, starting


    That woman.
    Holy smokes.

    You, are starting
    To look

    A “catchers mitt”

    Don’t your mirrors work?

  • Pat Brown

    oh boo who! It’s not going to be all love peace wine roses, nothing is. You lead a charmed life, rich and famous, never wanting for anything material or even basic necessities as many who are suffering do daily. The down side is the lack of privacy period end of story!

    • christee

      God help me for replying to this, but your comment is silly. I’m no Theron apologist, but she actually did have a rough life, before fame. Her mother was a victim of spousal abuse, and eventually shot and killed her husband (Charlize’s father.) Sure, some people seek fame. That does not mean they aren’t entitled to privacy. Unlike a Kardashian, she isn’t seeking to put her whole life on a platter for the public. She’s still a human, not a machine, and she deserves privacy just as much as the next. Her only mistake here was a terrible choice of phrase. Imagine how it’d be if instead of entertainers, every innocuous detail of the lives of teachers, doctors, plumbers, was reported on constantly. The only difference is that she is an actress.

      And Gwyneth, still an idiot.

      • Pat Brown

        I knew about her life prior, so what, that has nothing to do with this issue. She is whining about celebrity basically. Police officers risk the chance of being shot and killed, firefighters risk their lives every day they go to work, they can die while trying to rescue others. I don’t see them whining about the perils of their chosen careers. Why should this whinny wench? She shouldn’t, she seeked fame and went after it with a vengeance , as they all do, now comes the not so fun part, just deal with it, and be graceful and be quiet!

  • Heather Sharp

    Seriously this woman needs to get a grip. How DARE she even suggest such a thing. YOU CHOSE the industry you’re in. You chose to adopt the child AND stay in the industry. Nobody forces you to into it, nor do they force you to stay. You are not forced to do anything, and likening your experience to rape is absolutely disgusting. Get a grip on reality, Charlize. I’m so sick of all these celebrity’s crying about how terrible their lack of privacy is. If you want an entire private life, get out of the spotlight. You don’t get to choose the spotlight when it’s convenient to you. Stop trivialising real issues and problems.