VIDEO Reflections With Farrah Abraham: Fame mongers riding my coattails

Reflections with Farrah Abraham

It’s time for another edition of Reflections With Farrah! In this episode, Farrah Abraham takes to keek to offer up her thoughts on a different tail of hers that apparently gets ridden often — her coattails — by people looking to get their 15 minutes of fame.

As usual, I’ll let Farrah do most all of the talking. (This is her show after all!) So, without further ado, here’s the keek video clip followed by a transcript, a photo, and a couple more tweets iterating Farrah’s take on those pesky fame mongers:

Apr 9, 2014 | The SsssHhhhhh ya don’t know #KeekPocket @Keek by f1abraham on

Hello keekers! You’re, like, in my pocket. I’m like, you’re here, I’m here and we’re there.

Farrah Abraham keek wild face

Soooooo, I was just reading all this BS and BS behind all the scenes that no one gets to see and I am just amazed at how many people just ride people’s coattails. It’s really sad, like people think I care about 15 minutes of fame, but I gotta say I know some real losers who are so thankful and try to get 15 minutes of fame. Like, I’ve had years of fame, but this sh*t’s ridiculous.

Holler at keek! ***kiss*** Bye!

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  • Sabrina

    Omg, this girl is crazy/crazy looking. She looks more like a blow up doll than a human woman!

  • ren

    Don’t care to watch the video and I am now going to have nightmares tonight thanks to these screen captions. Thanks Starcasm.

    • Erica

      lmao noooo watch it and pause it at :23 her face is greatttttt well not good great but horrible great lol

      • ren

        I just watched it. I seriously thought Starcasm used terrible screen caps on purpose. But NO, that is literally what her face looks like!! Yikes.

      • sammi

        LOL I paused it at 23 sec and she looks like she is waiting for someones Johnson to be inserted

        • Erica

          IKR?!!! i laughed so hard i did it accidentally because i was like ohh gosh I’m done watching this paused it and was like hahaha thats great!

  • LaDy

    What a gross looking face

  • jeff

    Her face looks like what would happen if a cat decided to f*ck a horse. Anyways, starcasm, is there some sort of petition we can sign to make it so you don’t post about this wh*re anymore? Because I would sign the hell out of that, I am tired this paid hooker getting publicity.

    • Casey

      Love it

  • kim

    Is anyone else thinking donkey face with the third picture?

  • Agnes

    Well, the thing is, she didn’t technically lie. She’s had years of fame. Because FAME is not people thinking good things about you- it’s newspapers and gossip sites writing about you, it’s being on TV, being no.1 googled celeb (which Farrah was in 2013), it’s people commenting news about you. Just to be clear- I dislike Farrah, I do, but what she does IS working and she’s somehow… successful on the field of all this BS. How often do you read about “good girls” like Taylor Swift? Only when she breaks up with her 48th boyfriend or looks super pretty on a red carpet, while she’s actually quite talented. How often do you read about Farrah, Miley Cyrus etc.? All the time. Does anyone ever comment articles about them saying “good job”? No. But fame is when people talk about you, not necessarily good things, and in Farrah’s case… mission accomplished. It’s sad that it’s much easier to be well-known today if you’re somewhat crazy, but writing about Farrah and giving her attention is only enabling her.

    • Reality

      I agree with you, to a point. Farrah’s “fame” is not widespread, whereas Taylor’s is. Because of her talent, I have seen far more substantial articles about her than Farrah, in nationally known sites, magazines and TV coverage. Taylor is not relegated to internet rag sites that rely on train wreck draw. In the end, quality, not shock quantity still reigns. I can’t help but wonder what Farrah will be doing in 10 yrs…or what her face will look like then….. no one will care.

  • storm

    Oh my god, she’s scary looking now………….. in the top photo, besides her bitch face, she looks really normal and dare I say it, pretty. She looks so awful now, wow. This girl is delusional.

  • Krispy Kreme McDonalds

    This biitch is fugly as fvck!!!

  • shebee

    She looks f-ing insane.

  • Ylanaty

    She looks high on something. Most likely pills. With all that work she’s had done, she probably got hooked on the pain pills that they have her after the surgeries…. JMO, but does anybody else think the same thing?

  • Reality

    And WHO exactly is riding her coat tails? Or would want to?.. And, her stupidity again, “let your wildest imagination trump fiction”… Your wildest imagination IS fiction, Farrah; so, how does fiction trump fiction?

  • Demona

    WTF did this girl do to her hair? Did she use a curling iron on the entire thing and burn it on purpose????

  • jamie

    There’s a difference in fame and notoriety, Farrah. You have been notorious for everything you’ve accomplished. Congratulations on looking like a tree frog!

  • how do I adult?

    Those bangs!?!

  • mb

    Farrah was never pretty, now she looks worse.

  • guest

    She actually used to be pretty, but DAMN… wtf is that? Yikes, image waking up next to that.

  • sammi

    Cant stand this Sally the Camel lookin b1tch.

  • Tamtam

    How much did she pay for that nose job? It looks worse than it did before.

    • sammi

      Lol, how can someone pay for a nose job and still have it look like a d1ck hanging out of their face

  • Sweet Venom

    The irony.

    May we kill it now?

  • Danie

    She is really ugly. I couldn’t even pay attention to what was being said. She used to be kinda cute.

  • Dani

    Someone get that girl a keratin treatment! Her hair is looking butchered and ratty. Also, Farrah, your delusions greatly amuse me.

    • sammi

      Uhh, I know, it looks so fried.