Pregnant Snooki gets into hot water for using expectant mother parking spot

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Snooki, who recently announced her second pregnancy with fiance Jionni LaValle, got a bit of backlash a few days ago when she posted a photo of herself pulling into a reserved parking spot for pregnant women at Babies-R-Us. Should pregnant women use reserved parking spots even if they’re not very far along or sick?

Part of why people responded negatively to Snooki’s parking lot posting is because she’s been touting healthy workout regimes for pregnant women, and posting pictures of herself lifting weights and exercising with tires.

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“So hell yea I’ve been getting my last rounds of flipping tires and hardcore weight training. Now that the second trimester has started, YOU CAN STILL WORK OUT,” Snooki wrote on her blog. “Just have to change your routine a little bit to be safe for you and your child. Thanks to my fabulous trainer Anthony Michael he has been training me safely.”

“I feel special again,” Snooki posted with her Instagram photo. Some of Snooki’s followers called her out, and she responded by calling them out. To someone who wrote “So you can work out but walking 30 more feet would kill you? Shame Shame,” Snooki replied:

“Totally not singling you out Manderz, since you’re not the only one saying this. (But I kind of am) ….I parked in the stork section at babies r us because I am expecting. I got excited to park there again. I went to the store tonight at 7pm, where there were only 5 cars in the parking lot so I am sure I wasn’t putting any further along pregnant women in harms way. I didn’t park in the spot because “I’m lazy”, I parked because I’m excited to be pregnant again, lighten up people. Always see a problem in EVERYTHING I post. I’ll never get it. God bless . And I’ll be sure to park my pregnant ass in the last parking spot or the parking lot and post a picture to satisfy you.”

What do you think? Should pregnant women who are not far along or experiencing any difficulties park in spaces reserved for pregnant women?

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  • amberc88

    I think she should be able to park where ever she wants, no matter how far along she is, and yes i have room to speak im 7 months pregnant, and im not cryin about her parking there.

  • Chelsea’s Self-Tanner

    This is first-grade logic!
    It’s a spot designated for pregnant women. She, being a pregnant woman, parked in it. Do I really need to explain this any further?

    • Jessica

      I strongly agree. Its doesnt matter how far along you are. Your pregnant and that is a parking spot you may use.

    • awoman

      Totally agree. I think the spots are more to make pregnant women feel special. When I was 9 months along, I was still walking 2 miles a day. Walking ten extra feet in a parking lot wasn’t a negative and I didn’t even leave the house when I was sick.

      I don’t think pregnant women NEED those spots. They are marketing and there to make pregnant women feel special. She’s pregnant. It is for her.

  • Steph

    While I think those spots are to be used for women further along I also believe Babies R Us has those reserved spots to make the expecting mother feel special when she begins shopping for her baby. I’ve always believed those spots just add to the experience and excitement of your pregnancy and buying all the goods that go along with it. So I really don’t see it as a huge deal. If a women was so pregnant or sick she couldn’t walk a few extra feet she probably wouldn’t be out shopping anyway.

    • ren

      Agreed. I also wouldn’t b!tch if I saw an elderly person who has trouble walking using the spot.

  • ren

    I always found those spots to be sort of a “park here but don’t park here” type of issue. They can’t possibly add in “Only if you’re 6+ mths along”.
    I’m no longer pregnant but I have used those spots (with my baby) when it’s unexpectedly raining or when I don’t have my stroller and have to carry my son. I would expect any mom to do the same.
    And I also always thought, if you’re too pregnant to walk from the car to the front door, you should stay home. Because once inside the store, you’ll be walking some more.
    So if Snooki wants to use the spot, go ahead. They’re there for all the moms and babies!

  • AK

    Just bc someone is further along in a pregnancy doesnt mean they necessarily have it easier. I know people who were so unbelievably sick throughout their entire pregnancy and some just more in the beginning. Unfortunately when you’re a celebrity every single thing you do is scrutinized. If people spent more time being kind or using their energy towards something positive this world world be a better place.

  • Flashie Gordon

    NO! They are not handicapped. They should park where every body else parks. There are some at my work and it is ridiculous!

    • sanoga

      Haha excuse me? You’re a jerk. It’s a courtesy. I’m not going to waste my breath defending it to a misogynistic nitwit like yourself. Get the hell over yourself.

      • Flashie Gordon

        You just wasted some!

    • amberc88

      really????? have you ever been pregnant? if not than STHU!!!!!!!!!

      • Flashie Gordon

        Yes, 4 times and never needed a special parking spot. Oh and I didn’t have them until my late 30’s.

  • jebuz

    Really….its just a stinking parking spot…doesn’t say how far along you should be in order to park.

  • bambiglanville

    why not use it to your advantage whether you are 3 months pregnant, or 9…

  • twelfthnight

    I think it’s just courteous to leave the spots for those who are having real trouble getting from the car to the store, whether that be due to sickness or being large and swollen and uncomfortable. Obviously you’re doing OK if you can flip tires.

    So while I guess, yeah, she CAN use the spot, she’s only using it at this point to ‘feel special’ which is dumb and attention seeking.

    • Raquizzle

      so if the parking lot is completely empty, she still can’t park there because according to you she’s being “attention seeking”? Find a new cause, girl. This one isn’t worth your time.

      • twelfthnight

        She’s the one who posted that she’s parking there at this point for no other reason than to ‘feel special’. Which yeah, is attention seeking behavior.

  • Erica

    I personally don’t use the expecting mothers parking spot just because i like to walk but if she wants to park there more power to her park where you want! at least it wasn’t a guy parking there! now i have seen that plenty of times and makes me want to park next further down and then act like I’m struggling to waddle down the parking lot and say wtf dude i could have used that! haha

  • Nicole Juarez

    OK, lets try to look at this people….The spot is reserved for PREGNANT WOMEN…..DAMN, does it matter HOW FAR ALONG SHE IS?? She’s pregnant! Would u cry babies prefer the damn sign said “expectant mothers, 6MONTHS AND ABOVE”???? Geez! She’s pregnant, period, end of story! The spot is designated for pregnant people…..which she is! Get it!? Geez, if I were her I’d KEEP PARKING IN THE SPOT AND POSTING THE PIC…

  • Amanda_56

    WHO CARES!! Why is everyone so miserable all the time. She can do what she wants.

    • Seriously!!

      Exactly!!! When I read this I was like, seriously?! Just another reason for people to complain.

  • Guest101

    Does being 3 months pregnant make you less pregnant than someone who is 7 months pregnant? No. Whether she was early in pregnancy or late, pregnant is pregnant! She can park there if she wants. If someone can’t manage to walk a few extra feet just because that one spot was taken, to home. You shouldn’t be out. I never got special parking when I was pregnant, I didn’t bitch. If I had the option, of course I would have used it! Take advantage, most women are only pregnant once or twice in their life!

  • look

    This spots are a joke and offensive in the first place. I park in them frequently and I am not a mother or an expectant mother.

  • Renee L

    Do they do the same for handicap parking? “Yes, you have a handicap plate, but you can’t park here if you have a medical condition we can’t see. You need to save it for people who don’t have a leg.” No we don’t. Let her park there. Geez.

  • Harper

    People are seriously freaking out over where she parks??? It’s a patch of asphalt with some painted lines, give me a break. She’s PREGNANT you half-wits! Pregnant = Expecting. Therefore she is free to park there. Does the sign say, ‘3rd Trimester Parking Only’? NO! So stfu and leave her alone. People get upset for the most petty sh- out there.

  • A

    It was 7 o’clock at night when she did it!!! She wasn’t putting any other pregnant women who are further along in danger.. Get off nicole’s back. And besides, she’s an expectant mother, so by all rights, she can park there no matter how far along she is

  • JugsJugsJugs

    I park there too with my pregnant dogs.