EXCLUSIVE Brian Dawe exposes Farrah Abraham’s newest Couples Therapy lie

Brian Dawe - Farrah Abraham

When Farrah Abraham showed up in the Couples Therapy premiere episode without “boyfriend” Brian Dawe, producers seemed to sweep evidence of his existence under the rug by bleeping mentions of his name. But the former Teen Mom isn’t paying Brian the same courtesies — which is only going to hurt her in the long run.

“I was told repeatedly, ‘We want Brian to show up,’ ‘We’re trying to get him to come here,’ and ‘He had a mental breakdown and maybe he would show up later,'” Farrah told Radar Online. “But as time progressed it was like, ‘He’s really not showing up.'”

Farrah added that sessions with Dr. Jenn Berman helped her realize she gravitates toward insecure people. She said those relationships are doomed because the insecure men cannot handle her “money and a lot of things that I have the opportunities to do.”

The problem is, there’s very compelling evidence Farrah and Brian never dated.

“Farrah and I never had any kind of a relationship other than a professional one,” Brian told us last month. “We discussed how we met, places we had been together, how we hid our relationship from the public, fights that we had been in, and all of it was obviously false.”


Brian supplemented the interview with text messages and emails that seemed to demonstrate Farrah and Couples Therapy producers were complicit in the charade. He said producers even offered him an additional $15,000 to participate after he explicitly stated his purported relationship with Farrah was “not based on a factual reality.”

Now Brian’s providing even more evidence he didn’t have an outside relationship with Farrah.


In these text messages, which were screen-captured in October, Farrah re-introduced herself to Brian (they previously met at a club) and asked if he would participate in a dating show on VH1. Little did Brian know that the casual meeting would launch him into the middle of a storm: Pictures from the “photog lined up” virtually sealed the deal that Brian would be Farrah’s partner on Couples Therapy.

Brian told us he reluctantly went along because the profit potential was appealing.

“In the back of my head I realized I could not participate in a TV show that would further exploit Farrah, and where I would have to lie to be involved.”

Ultimately, Couples Therapy producers tracked down a Teen Mom-era boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez, who infamously dumped Farrah during a vacation to Austin because she was rude to his family and friends. He will appear in an upcoming episode of Couples Therapy to reflect on what went wrong.

Farrah Abraham - Daniel Alvarez

“I felt it was a good time to give Farrah some direct and honest feedback on what I experienced during our time together,” Daniel exclusively told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “I only hope that my participation in the program helps Farrah realize some of her faults and aids her in becoming a better girlfriend and person.”

Watch Farrah analyze her relationship problems on VH1’s Couples Therapy this Thursday night at 9/8c.

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  • DD

    You’re/Your. There’s a difference, Butt Pirate.

    • Sam

      I think grammar is the least of her worries 🙂

      • Demona

        Grammar couldn’t hurt given how often she touts her “national best selling author” title around 🙂 Besides, I’ve heard Christian parents are real sticklers for that sort of thing….

    • Chantal Marie

      I saw tweets of her and she always makes the same mistakes. Also with their & they’re.
      My 1st language isn’t english, but even I know the difference.

  • love

    As much as i dislike farrah, anyone can put a name on a cellphone and exchange txt messages. There is no date in any of the messages but the last one says today. What proves he captured them back in oct? .im just saying it looks like both of them are seeking media attention at any cost.

  • Murphy

    I dislike them both but I have to wonder–how does Jenelle keep getting boyfriend after boyfriend (as disgusting as they may be) but Farrah can’t get any?

    • Dez

      Jenelle opens her legs within minutes of meeting someone, whereas Farrah opens her horse mouth (and I don’t mean in a sexual way!) and scares any potential boyfriend away immediately.

    • OneOpinion

      As nasty as they both are, I would take Janelle any day. Farrah is on a whole other level in my opinion.

      • savannah

        As sad as this statement is, its true. Oh god. But if there was a gun to my head telling me to choose, I might just ask to be shot.

  • Annie

    Surprise, surprise, Farrah only learns that she chooses the wrong guys who are insecure of her money & fame. It can’t possibly be the fact that she’s a terrible excuse for a human being!

    • Anna

      What money? She doesn’t have any significant amount of money. She never got 1.5M for the porno, only a small up-front amount and residuals–very likely the same, overall small amount she’s getting for her new porno.
      As for fame, I don’t get how she can be proud of being ‘famous’ for not using or screwing up birth control, for showing EVERYTHING to EVERYONE with her two porn tapes, for being a narcissist and a compulsive lier, and for being a lousy daughter, sister, ‘baby momma in-law’ and parent. Oh, and for somehow completing high school while sounding like she never made it past 5th grade, being insanely out of touch with reality (I’m an REAL author! I’m a business woman! If I say something, anything at all, that makes it true!), and for trying to convince the world that enough makeup and glitz can cover up both an ugly face and an ugly personality.
      But yeah, like you said, the guys must be jealous and insecure–can’t possibly be that they can see who she really is and can’t stand her!

  • wtf

    I don’t know who to believe, if he was so gung ho about being honest he should have done it with a bang, by showing up to the house and then telling about the set up on camera, now he has basically little to no proof and farrah will use that to her advantage.

  • CK

    I’ll be honest, this whole three-ring circus that is her life is getting to be pretty uncomfortable to watch. There is clearly something wrong with her (bipolar? schizophrenic? narcissistic? all of the above?), and all this attention is just fanning the fire. It’s one thing to try to deny the p0rns, but now that she’s claiming rape, there’s something else up. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth, mind you, but this just isn’t right anymore.

    • Guest

      you forgot to mention Sociopath

    • Anna

      Totally agree, something is really wrong with her. I do wonder what the end-point will be for her. Will she do porn for years, have a real mental breakdown, get heavy into drugs, or what?
      Narcissistic sociopaths don’t really have happy endings.

  • ocbeach

    She tried to pull this before with another guy. CT ended up using Tyler and Catelynn instead. Why is Vh1 CT trying to make us believe that Brian was involved with Farrah? Also, I think Brian can sue her Farrah for slander, by saying he had an mental breakdown. Couldn’t this hurt his future earnings, or getting hired?

    • Anna

      I think one day she’ll say the wrong thing about the wrong person and she will be sued. Hopefully. Maybe that will get her to stop with the ridiculous stories and the bashing of everyone.

    • amberc88

      i think Brian and James Deen should both sue her for slander.

  • Jay

    This guy seems fishy to me. He agrees to play the part of her fake boyfriend and appear on couples therapy, but at the last minute it’s wrong and he didn’t feel right about it? I don’t know, it’s just weird. Why was he so willing in the beginning?

  • MsEd

    1 more skin/butt flik & she’ll have her “Trilogy” she brags about havin! Truly boggles the mind tho, that she can keep up this “boyfrnd” LIE!! With a straight HORCEY face. .

  • Lvgrl

    We’re supposed 2 beleiv a woman that would b proud 2 sell plastic molds of her cootch? The texts win Farrah u R a LIAR!