EXCLUSIVE Brian Dawe says Farrah Abraham relationship faked for Couples Therapy

Farrah Abraham and "boyfriend" DJ Brian Dawe together

Confirming what many suspected all along, Brian Dawe exclusively revealed to Starcasm that his “relationship” with former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham was solely for the purpose of appearing on VH1’s Couples Therapy. Despite substantial monetary offers, Brian told us he backed out at the last-minute not to spite Farrah — but because he couldn’t go forward with the scheme in good conscience.

“I got myself in this situation because I was only thinking about the profit I would be making from doing this show. That was wrong,” Brian said. “In the back of my head I realized I could not participate in a TV show that would further exploit Farrah, and where I would have to lie to be involved.”

Brian explained his non-romantic relationship with Farrah began when she did an appearance at the same Orlando nightclub he was DJing. Shortly after, Farrah asked Brian — who previously appeared on VH1’s Master of the Mix — to be in a “pretend relationship” with her so she could be on a reality show.

“Farrah told me to lie to the network and tell them the relationship was real,” Brian said, adding the network offered to pay “a substantial amount of money.”

(It should be noted Farrah Abraham reportedly attempted to fake another relationship with Carson Underwood to appear on the previous season of Couples Therapy, but that fell through after Carson refused to participate. VH1 eventually went with Farrah’s Teen Mom cast mates Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.)

To add to their relationship’s credibility, Brian agreed when Farrah informed him a paparazzo friend was going to take their pictures while they were at a park.

“I had no idea what these photos would be used for, but assumed it would be for her to promote or market our relationship,” Brian explained of the October photo shoot, which included the photo above, posted by @FarrahAbrahamOfficial on Instagram. “She told me after the shoot that she sells the photos to various tabloids… I was astonished at the amount of media coverage it received.”

By that point, Couples Therapy plans were confirmed — and Brian intended to go along with the show until the moment he was set to board the flight to Los Angeles.

“I checked my bags and got into the airport security line. When I was in that line it really hit me what I was doing,” Brian said. “I stepped out of the security line and made a life changing decision to stand up for what I believe in and turn down the check I would be receiving for my appearance on this show.”

Immediately after leaving the airport, Brian sent an email to Couples Therapy producers, informing them he couldn’t go forward.

Click to enlarge:
Brian Dawe's email to VH1 about Couples Therapy and his faked relationship with Farrah Abraham

Despite clearly stating his relationship with Farrah wasn’t authentic, Brian said Couples Therapy producers offered him an additional $15,000 to participate. He then ceased communication with the production company, network and Farrah.

“I have not spoken with Farrah since she sent me a text after I did not show up on set saying she wishes me all the best and to take care,” Brian said, indicating some of the emotional phone calls Farrah was shown making during an extended trailer may have been fake. (In the trailer, Farrah tells Dr. Jenn Berman, “I think he purposely did this to hurt me.”)

As far as claims that body language experts determined Brian and Farrah’s relationship was real, Brian noted that was a waste of money — since he explicitly told them his romance with Farrah wasn’t authentic.

“I believe the producers are claiming they hired an expert to try to justify the story line,” Brian said. “The producers knew this relationship was fake. I notified them that it was not real before taping began. I really hope that the producers didn’t tell Dr. Jenn Berman they had this knowledge, and if they did inform her then there are some serious ethical issues with that situation.”

Promotions for Couples Therapy seem to suggest his name will get dragged through the mud during the season a Farrah appears to blame him for standing her up. He accepts his role in the whole thing, but added he just wanted to set the record straight…

“My only purpose for coming out against it is to clear my name and to take a public stance against the culture of exploiting people through reality television and the media. Reality TV is about as far from reality you can get.”

Couples Therapy premieres on VH1 on Thursday, Jan. 2 at 9/8c.

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  • Lara

    Farrah is such a fame wh0re. It’s disgusting!

  • Michael

    There isn’t one thing genuine about this disgusting fraud of a woman. Too bad she is allowed to have any kind of contact at all with her kids.

  • Lizzie

    Seriously she might be hiding in the closet. Btw her lips look as if she got busted lip!! Eww…

  • Chello

    I don’t feel that sorry for him. The only reason he was in this situation to begin with was to make money from it and a last minute change of conscience does make him a better person than Farrah but hardly guy of the year! They sound as morally repugnant as each other.

  • shebee

    Farrah is a disgusting human being. It’s so sad that she is so delusional. I feel sorry for Sophia because I am not sure there is anyone stable enough to intervene in this child’s life.

  • MarieAntoinette

    If you look up the word “desperate” in the dictionary, you will find Farrah’s picture. Easy money has gotten her desperate… desperate to remain a Z list celebrity at all costs… Not a good look!

  • Jean

    OF COURSE HE DID. Everyone knew this. NO ONE could possibly want to be in a relationship with someone so unintelligent, conceited, and money-hungry. I’m surprised no one has slapped her…the things that come out of her mouth… ugh

  • Honeybear

    Can we please be done with her in 2014?

  • ameliaBedelia76

    she is gross, I don’t know what else to say. Faking relationships? Wow

  • Chels Kae

    Another fail for FAILah

  • frontdoormom

    Cant wait to hear her pathetic excuse of how this came about and how he used her. Also cant wait for Michael to accuse Brian of manipulating her. Ugh these people.

    • ms naynay

      Me either! About a month ago, when I commented that I thought this relationship was fake & that I believed that they hatched this whole scheme when they met in Orlando (I was right!) and NOT 5 months prior, Michael BLASTED me, called me a fool, said I was jealous & that I didn’t have the facts. So Michael……who’s the fool now?

      • Guest

        That idiot is so complacent with every woman in that home holding his balls in a vice grip, it doesn’t even occur to him anymore that his constant white-knighting for Farrah is enabling her more than almost anything else in her environment. His wife doesn’t respect him enough to even have his own daughter call him “dad” and Farrah sure as hell has zero respect for anyone in her life, herself included. Everyone who crosses that family is instantly labeled a “hater,” “jealous” or (if they happen to be male) an “abuser of women” with “anger issues” and deep issues of sexism and disrespect for women. James Deen is a perfect example. I don’t know if he signed some sort of non-disclosure agree my that prevents him from explaining that everything that has come out of Farrah’s mouth on the subject of their porno is bullshit, but he’s been a class act in NOT coming out and explaining what a whack job she truly is. And yet, he’s labeled as someone who “took advantage of her” and “disrespects women.”

        • melizzi

          People…that family is from another planet .,.,galaxy even!
          Debra …Michael…D’FUQ?!? Poor Sofia! Seriously!!

  • Allie

    That’s pretty bad when no one wants her that shes gotta pay someone to look like she has a relationship…..

    • me

      Even worse, even the guys she tries to pay won’t be in a relationship with her!

  • Pat Brown

    I knew it was fake the second it was reported, she is just too mentally ill to get anyone even for money!

  • ladyliberty001

    I knew something smelled fishy! This girl seriously needs psychological help!! Poor Sophia has a nut case as a mother

  • bella

    What’s most depressing is to see all the work Farrah has done on herself. Her lips look so fake, and she is far less attractive now than she was on Teen Mom, where she was really pretty. Now not so much. Stupid girl.

  • Ayns

    DUH! No one in their right mind would be in a relationship with her. She’s disgusting, inside and out.

    • Really??

      And mindbogglingly delusional. In an interview with Gawker several months ago, she was asked who she admired in today’s culture. Her answer? “I don’t really admire anyone. I really admire the progress that I do. I’m about my life. I have no idols or role models. I read about people and I study what they’ve done, but that’s really it. I feel it can be done to a more professional standard. I like to improve the world and make a difference, and I feel I’ve done that. You’ll see what I have planned to better the restaurant industry and family issues”

      How…I don’t even…she must live such a miserable life but she’s too stupid to realize how pathetic she is.

  • ODUsparkles

    I do think he probably used her. This dude probably thought his relationship and banging Farrah would give him all the cool points with his friends and with his DJ gigs, but that didn’t happen and now he is backtracking. He probably did stand her up because he realized the show would be bad publicity,but now the show is going to make him look bad to Farrah for drama/ratings.

    Joke’s on him.

  • Dizzle

    Why is this a constant story, her faking relationships for couples therapy? This girl needs to go away.

  • HoardersFan

    I like this guy!

  • HoardersFan

    It’s really sad that Farrah literally couldn’t pay someone to be her fake boyfriend for two weeks.

  • alicat321

    what happened to her mouth? Did she get big fake teeth?

  • Lisa Patterson

    I knew Farrah was lying about having a boyfriend. Afterall she is the same train wreck who paid a man to have sex with her. Men do NOT flock to crazies like Farrah, they run for the hills. She is definitely missing more than a few screws.

  • mpl

    Not at all surprised.

  • ashley

    He should have just went along with it and then half way through taping dropped the ball. That would have made for great tv!

  • flats

    Poor Dr Jenn, she doesnt deserve this crap.