Will Teen Mom 3 get renewed for a second season?

Teen Mom 3 cast photo Mackenzie Katie Briana Alex

With season one of Teen Mom 3 officially in the books, speculation has begun about whether the show will come back to MTV for a second season. Right now, there’s no definitive word from MTV — and it seems it won’t be a cut-and-dry decision.

The biggest factor that plays into whether any show will get renewed or canceled is its average ratings. As far as those go for Teen Mom 3, significantly fewer people tuned in than for Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. Specifically, Teen Mom 3 averaged a rating around 0.7 for the key 18-49 demographic. In contrast, the preceding Teen Mom shows had an average 1.5 rating.

However, it gets tricky when comparing the Teen Mom shows. The first two shows were such lightning-in-a-bottle successes for MTV that ratings for Teen Mom 3 essentially had no place to go but down. Plus, the show is a certified win compared to the other unscripted shows MTV debuted this season: Big Tips Texas only pulled in 0.4 on it’s premiere night. Scrubbing In was similar. With an average 1.0 rating, Snooki & JWoww was also only marginally better than Teen Mom 3.

Even if MTV opts to bring Teen Mom 3 back, there may be another four other obstacles in the way: Briana DeJesus, Katie Yeager, Alex Sekella and Mackenzie McKee.

The cast of Teen Mom 3 in New York City for Season 1 aftershow interviews

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup exclusively reported, multiple cast members were so upset with the show’s editing that they don’t want to return for another season.

“I don’t think anyone wants to,” said one cast member who asked to stay anonymous. “But it still isn’t confirmed.”

Briana’s mom, Roxanne DeJesus, was less concerned with who knew her feelings on the matter. During the Teen Mom 3: Finale Checkup With Dr. Drew, Roxanne seemed to indicate her family wouldn’t come back for a second season.

Matt McCann, Alex’s ex-boyfriend, has also been resistant to the show from the very beginning — but reportedly didn’t have a say in the matter because his mom signed the release contract before he was 18.

“I tried not being on film as much as I could,” he tweeted in July. “Personally I would have loved to disappear but I couldnt. Mtv should go back to the music. Reality tv sucks.”

One cast member who does seem eager to sign on the dotted line for season No. 2? Mackenzie. Before the finale episode, the expectant mother tweeted everyone should tune in because “you all depend on season 2.”

Would you like to see a second season of Teen Mom 3?

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  • lol

    Of course Mackenzie want the show to go on for another season, that’s probably why she got pregnant in the first place. I

    • Tiffany Celestia Tolle

      she actually got pregnant because her doctor told her it would be dangerous to try to have more kids as she gets older. she wanted more children so she got pregnant right away so she could have 1 more child. however i am sure they all want the show to continue, they get paid for it

      • lol yeah right

        If the doctor told her she couldn’t be preggo after 21, she could still have waited 2 years and wait till her blood sugar was in control to have another one. She would have been 20.This is just a blunt, not really researched lie, so people would stop telling her she was dumb. Like when she tried to mess with her due date so people wouldn’t realize she got pregnant before getting married, but her mom post the real due date on her FB and MCtwit post the real weeks on her bumps photo. ( basically she got married June 17 www1 (dot) odcr (dot) com/detail?court=058-&casekey=058-ML++1821086, and her due date is february 24. If you do the math. she was pregnant before.NONE of this was planned, at best it was Mackenzie scheming for concussion boy to knock her up/ marry her.

        • Renee L

          Thank you for the truth. Mackenzie decided to tell her followers that, and a million tweens ran with it without even thinking about it being the truth. She’s a complete moron who has been knocked up 3 times before she’s even old enough to vote. Sad.

  • Anomynous

    No. I agree with Matt’s statement, no more reality shows, just put the music back on. MTV, shouldn’t even be called the music channel anymore, it should definitely be changed into something else. I loved watching the first 2 seasons of Teen Mom but then I got tired of it especially when Teen Mom 3 came out, I would not be surprised if their will even be a Teen Mom 4 in the future since the network said they making a season 5 of 16 & pregnant. I think it would be best personally if the network would just stop showing all reality shows especially on young women pregnant. I honestly don’t see what’s the point on the ratings…to be the best on the high rank list, I guess?

    I know this network is trying to help young teenagers out there on what’s it’s like to be a teen parent but regardless some teens are so oblivious because they are so young and their brains aren’t fully developed until the age of 21 I believe. Honestly, all the young teenage girls out there that watch the teen mom shows so much I think it brainwashes them, and then they want to be on the show just for the show and fame.

    I honestly think the network should really consider in talking and adjusting to something more different and take some of the reality shows off the air.

  • Lilith

    Make it stops… please!!

  • Minnie

    I seriously hope they don’t have a second season. The girls were so unbelievably boring, bitchy, and stupid! They’re dragging the whole “Teen Mom” thing on way too long. They should have ended it years ago.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4EZVlTUHgE Anonymous

      well if they were boring , bitchy, and stupid then why did you watch it in the first place ? you are such a f u c k i n g dumb@ss

      • Red

        Way to nitpick. Is it fun hiding behind the computer attacking random strangers?? Go back to high school, sweetheart.

        Edit; Oh wait, you’re a Chris Brown obsessed fan. That explains a lot.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4EZVlTUHgE Anonymous

          who said it was fun ? bitch please if i knew who Minnie was in person i would have no problem telling her that in person(: lol hey i’m still in high school “sweetheart” i’m glad you know one fact about me !
          and now you know that i’m a BREEZY fan , bitch you got that right (;

          • LexiconD1


            Come back when you grow up. Until then, please shut up. Let the adults talk.

            • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4EZVlTUHgE Anonymous


              GET A LIFE (:
              lol bitch this site doesn’t have an age limit you troll 😀

              • LexiconD1

                You’re so mature…and yes, I AM laughing at you.

                • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4EZVlTUHgE Anonymous

                  glad ^v^

              • lol yeah right

                This is just sad, really sad.

                • Juliana

                  This person says they are in high school, no matter how you shake it this is showing us what the youth of today is like. The true dumbing down of America!

              • Juliana

                Your comments certainly show what a lovely person you are. Ugly inside and out!

          • who knows

            Where I’m from, the bay, breezy means bitch lol.

            • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4EZVlTUHgE Anonymous

              and what about it ?

        • Xx

          Chris Brown fan is all you need to know. Troll in the dungeon. Ignore, ignore, ignore. I bet it’s Nathan’s other fake troll user name.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4EZVlTUHgE Anonymous

            wait, what ?

      • bambiglanville

        She probably watched 1-2 episodes, like myself. I would agree this franchise should have ended long ago. After the finale episode of TM2. These girls are whiny, insecure, and annoying. I agree. Now midget, come at me.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4EZVlTUHgE Anonymous

          bitch, if only i could -___-

          • Juliana

            If you could only what?? Your a punk, if only I could ——-!

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4EZVlTUHgE Anonymous

          lol >.> yep , like you know all about me !

      • lol yeah right

        Who said we watched ? Didn’t but read the recap. I’m following these girls for the comments. And those b!tches seems like garbage trash just from their twitter, so no thanks I will pass. Plus those girls are attentionwh0re so i’ll just have to look at their twitter to see what happens with them. Point is, MTV, please stop this non sense, Doutwit is doing everything this show is supposed to promote.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4EZVlTUHgE Anonymous

          lol okay (:

      • Juliana

        Keeping it classy is not a high on your priority list is it?

    • xo

      I agree. Mackenzie and Katie were tolerable but Briana and Alex were such morons.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4EZVlTUHgE Anonymous

        i honestly only liked mackenzie .

        • Renee L

          I can’t stand any of them, especially Mackenzie.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4EZVlTUHgE Anonymous

            oh okay.

    • Juliana

      Whiny, every last one of them. None of them had a hustle, hell Briana wore out that sofa she was holding down. I never knew that having a baby was such a disabling thing until this set of girls came on.

      • bambiglanville

        She did hold that sofa down.

  • Brittany

    They can’t put Mackenzie back on. She looks like a total failure to the point MTV is *supposedly* trying to make. There hasn’t been a teen mom with a 2nd kid on the Teen Mom series and they should want it that way. I believe this is why Jenelle did a lot to not have a second child (she got pregnant like what, twice? But didn’t give birth).
    Ugh MacKenzie’s such an idiot. We don’t depend on season 2, season 2 depends on us. Can’t believe she graduated high school.

    • Brittany

      Or maybe she didn’t graduate, I don’t really know. The show isn’t that great.

    • …..

      I agree about Mackenzie but I still fault MTV for not kicking Jenelle off of the show. She has done nothing to actually get her son back and is an addict that clearly loves partying and has no intention of actually getting her s*hit together. The last thing they showed of Jenelle was her and Kieffer all strung out on heroin, that should have been the last time she appeared on the show. Paying an addict thousands is just as bad as buying the drugs for them. I don’t believe for a second she is “sober” considering she admits to getting drunk and using pain killers. And thank God her pregnancy didn’t go to term, I wouldn’t wish that selfish, man obsessed mess on any child. MTV never should have had TM3 and TM2 should have been over last season. Don’t even get me started about how they filmed a new season of 16 and Pregnant. The need to retire these shows like they did Jersey Shore.

      • Red

        Oh, and after they got a 5th season, Jenelle posted a Vine of her rapping along to an Eminem song, but only this line:

        “They tried to shut me down on MTV, but it feels so empty without me”

        I wanted to slap that cocky smug smile right off her face. I wish somebody would.

    • mommyof2

      Have you forgotten Leah was pregnant during teen mom 2, before the miscarriage? Not only that, but she has another baby now & they are filming for teen mom 2 season 5. So just because Mackenzie is pregnant again doesn’t mean she won’t be filmed.

      • Brittany

        I didn’t forget about Leah or Kailyn, geez calm down everybody. I didn’t know they were being filmed for a season 3. That’s stupid! They definitely should not have anyone on TM who’s had a second child

    • Anon

      Leah had another child on teen mom 2, as well as a miscarriage

    • DM

      Leah had a miscarriage and has since had another child after that. Kailyn also just gave birth to her second child. Jenelle may or may not have had a miscarriage in between those. Mackenzie is certainly not the first.

      • Brittany

        No one said she was…?

  • Cheermom_1975

    This group of moms girls were boring in my opinion. Also, in the past, the cast members were generally likable people with the exception of maybe one each season. This season was the complete opposite for me. They came across as whiny, bratty, witchy, unlikeable little girls. I stopped watching less than halfway through the season, but decided to give TM3 a second go. My first instincts were spot on.

    I agree with Matt 100%- MTV needs to go back to the business of music. The MTV I grew up with (mid-80’s) was soooo much better!

  • Xx

    If they do (and I really, really hope they don’t) they need to rename the show because TM3 barely mentioned anything involved in being a young mom. All of their storylines revolved around their issues with their kid’s fathers. And that was about it. They may as well title it “Young Girls that got Impregnated by Douche*bags!” Listen to them whine about them for an hour and then see their babies for maybe 5 seconds an episode!
    Also, I’d hate to see how their going to make Mackenzie and Josh’s situation look all storybook and sweet. What a horrible example for young teens.

    • Cheermom_1975

      Also, have you noticed that all you see these girls do is lay around?!? I’ve never seen so much parenting from a bed or sofa in all my life. I know my rear does not sit down from the minute my alarm goes off until I go to bed at night. When my daughter was a baby and toddler, I certainly never laid down like these girls & discussed my problems with my friends over a coffee. I DID WHAT HAD TO BE DONE. I do have it a little slower now that my daughter is 17, but I still don’t have the option to wallow around like these kids. That’s NOT real world parenting!!

      • Xx

        I have a 2 year old and trust me, I know exactly what you’re talking about. If MTV wants to show teens how hard it is to be a teen mom, they’re doing a very bad job. All their showing is how hard it is to be in a crappy high school relationship. Which lots of girls have whether they have kids or not. Even though I cannot stand Alex, she supposedly works multiple jobs (maybe too many if it lead to her not graduating on time) but all we see is her whining about Matt, which I think she’d be doing whether she had a child with him or not. And Katie also had a job and was going to school and most of her screen time was about her and Joey’s issues. It’s like MTV only wanted to focus on their BS relationship problems when none of these girls will be with these guys 2 years from now.

        Briana was literally on the couch 90% of the time (which made me wonder if she had postpartum depression but then I realized she’s just the spoiled princess in her crazy family) and Mackenzie is rarely even seen holding her own child! Mackenzie is the worst example to me because she really comes off as like a babysitter to her kid, as if nothing in her life really changed after having a child. It’s scary that she is now married, expecting another child! It’s like a 14 year old being married with two kids. She probably still lives at home because she has free childcare via her family so she can tumble and whine about Josh all day without having to actually care for her son. Then again I think that girl has tons of mental issues and MTV just portrayed her as the cute, innocent cheerleader. Maybe her parents don’t trust her and Josh to live alone caring for Gannon… I wouldn’t blame them, honestly.

      • siriusthecat

        I literally skipped around the house when mine turned 18 and headed off to college. It was like being handed the keys of my life back, lol. When she was little, my waiting tables was my fun time. I sure didn’t have as much free time and I was married.

  • Clara

    There should’ve never been a Teen Mom 1! I’ll admit that the first season of 16 and Pregnant was interesting because there was never anything on tv like it, but with all of the seasons of Teen Mom and everything, it’s just like overkill.

    • Moi

      I think they would have been better off periodically checking in with all the girls from 16 & pregnant, for only a small payment, something like 7 Up (I think that’s the doco’s name), where you just get to see where everyone is at and can compare it to their hopes and dreams earlier, as well as seeing them mature and go through a human journey. Would have been much better than a mostly scripted show that repeats the same shit constantly and pays them huge salaries which completely invalidates the whole point.

      • Tamtam

        That is what I would like to watch, not that weird being Maci thing they did. I want to know about the moms they never talk about any more.

  • Pat Brown

    I think everyone gets it, and knows that the show, has produced monsters, everyone one of them have problems. The fame only hurt them in the end. You got Farrah the porn star, Amber the now convicted felon, who actually did time. Jenelle another convicted felon, Kailyn married with another baby at the ripe old age of 21, Leah the same. Cate wasn’t a parent, not a mom, a biological input but certainly not a mom, and they are all messes, none of them are in Harvard, or doing anything huge, they are just garden variety losers, that MTV was supporting, the whole thing is a disgraceful example of how low MTV went for MONEY!

  • Sara

    I watched Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, every week.. never missing an episode. Teen Mom 3 I had no interest in. I didn’t watch 5 minutes of this show. It got old fast.

    • LexiconD1

      Same with me, except I lost interest long before you. I was bored to tears with their 16%Pregnant season. So I never bothered one second watching these girls on TM3. They all seemed even more stupid and vapid, and I thought that would have been impossible to do (I was wrong), than the girls from the earlier seasons.

  • Red

    All the girls from the original Teen Mom(with the exception of Maci) have been arrested at least once. Along with Gary and Tyler(I’m not sure about Ryan??)

    As for Teen Mom 2; Jenelle has a growing mugshot collection. Jo has been arrested at least once, Adam has multiple arrests. Then we have every single one of Jenelle’s boy toys. Andrew, Kieffer, Josh, Gary, Courtland, and Nathan(though the last 2 haven’t been on the show yet) have all not only been arrested, but have served time(except maybe Josh).

    Then we have Teen Mom 3. Josh is the only father that hasn’t been arrested. None of the girls have yet. My point is that I’m wondering if they continue, how long it will be before we see a mugshot of one of these girls??
    (I place my bets on Alex, for assault.)

  • shebee

    And just because Mackenzie made that comment is the reason why I hope they cancel the show. Without the show she would be forced to get up and find a real job. Then she wouldn’t have time to chase Josh all over Miami.

    • Juliana

      Especially since she’s not from Miami but Oklahoma and all.

      • TheRustyKitty

        She’s from Miami, Oklahoma :)

  • Ashley

    Yea, this season was really lackluster. I felt that every episode was interchangeable. I like that girls, but you can only watch them hang out at home talking about the same things over and over again for so long. Seriously, we saw Briana leave her house, what, twice?

  • siriusthecat

    This is the worst bunch yet, cancel it. If they ever decide to expoit another group of minors, backround checks, psych evals and morals clauses please. MTV should sue Farrah and Vivid for the copywrite violation and call it a day.

  • Stark

    Off topic, but Heather Clouse (or whatever her new last name is) banned any comment I try to post on her site. I never post super negative things, compared to some people. I’m actually nicer than a lot of her commentators. I just posted about how I thought Jordan Ward-Finder’s boob job looks bad and after that none of my comments will show up on her site. I guess she blocked my email address. Did this happen to anyone else? Because I know lots of TMT people post on here too.

    • Moi

      Heather was probably offended because they still look better than her own boob job

  • spottedgiraffe

    Lol the girls don’t have a choice they signed a contract and there’s no way it was only for a year. They’re saying that to save face so if it does get cancelled they can lie and say it’s because they wanted to end it when it was really because of bad ratings.

  • Katie

    Roxanne’s tweet may have been referring to the fact that she wants to stop being on Teen Mom 3; however, my impression of it was that she wanted the reunion to be over so she could stop rehashing the issues with Devoin, not stop being on MTV entirely.

  • Jenn

    The idea of “Teen Mom” is not realistic. How many teen mothers do you know that don’t work and make $100,000 a year?

    MTV should have stuck with 16&P and done yearly check ins with the girls to see how life as a teen mother really is. I like watching the periodic updates that they occasionally air or post online about the girls who didn’t do TM because the struggles with money, work, education are what us really like. Not these girls making a bunch of money while lounging around all day complaining about their baby daddies.

    • sammi

      Yea like that lazy slug Chelsea who took 4 years to get her diploma. Daddy paid for her and her friends lifestyle all while she laid around in her PINK sweats, twirled her s*itty extensions, and complained about Adam all day with her equally over tanned friends.

  • sammi

    This needs to be it, for good, along with 16 and pregnant. That’s why so many girls keep getting pregnant, they hope for the jackpot that they will be picked for the show or one just like it. I didn’t even watch the last two seasons of Teen Mom 2. Its the same drama every ep every season. They get all this money pretending to struggle when in reality its not like that at all. When they are on food stamps, paying out of pocket for childcare, working full time, going to school, trying to make the best life they can for their kids on what little resources they have, only then will I believe the struggle is real. What needs to happen is a rival show be seen, with no money, no big pay day, and then we will see the real struggle of teen parenting.

  • Derek’s Driveway

    Of course Yahoo Serious wants the show done.

    If the show continues, it must pick up where Mackenzie & Nips were “on a break”. The world needs another Ross & Rachel. Did she get off the bull?

  • Lisa Patterson

    In my opinion NONE of these girls are likeable. However a few were more tolerable than the other two.

    1. All Mackenzie did was beg her bf. now husband, for love, attention and affection. Honey if you have to beg for it, why would you want it?? If he can go weeks and weeks and weeks without seeing you or his son that’s pretty much all the evidence you need. He is NOT interested. Stop begging. Its pathetic. Why would you want to be with someone you have to force to be with you?

    2. Brianna does NOT do anything except for mooch off the government, her sister and mother. If Brianna is making money from being a regular on Teen Mom 3, why in the hell is she on welfare? Her sister takes care of Nova. Not to mention that Brianna’s mother is so oblivious. In her eyes Brianna does nothing wrong. All it seemed Brianna did was feed her baby a bottle in preparation for bed.

  • Jen

    Haha! Let’s be honest- the Dejesus’ are HUGE famewhores. They LOVE being on TV…despite whatever Roxy says on Twitter, there’s no way they’d say no to a second season.

    • lol yeah right

      I just love brittany being all sassy, trying really hard for her spin off.

  • Juliana

    I’m all for a 2nd second just not with this particular group of girls! These girls did nothing and I mean nothing even close to impressing me. I didn’t even notice the babies that’s how blank they all were.

    Bring back Teen Mom but bring back a different cast of girls.

  • Kriss Denise

    I would love for a second season to air I love the show and I can relate to what they go through everyday. Been a fan of the shoe since teen mom. All of the girls are beautiful smart and strong. So im definitely cheering the show on.

  • mandee

    Seriously if you dont like it don’t watch it. Dont ruin it for the people who actually like the show. How would you feel if a show u liked but others didnt, they bitched about it and it got cancelled? Keep your traps shut and stop ruining it for us.

  • mandee

    You all need to stop bashing on people you dont know. Just bc you see bits and parts of their life on tv doesnt mean you knkw them or have the right to judge them. By all of you on here saying that their bitchy and full of complaints and annoying wth do you think yiur doing by talking shit. Being bitchy annoying and ur complaing. Do us all a favor anf back off no one deserves the shit you all are throwing at them. I guarantee if you were a teen mom you were just like them or still are and would hate the trash talk

  • rebekah ferrell

    Yes i really want teen mom 3 to go on this show is the only reason i havent got pregnant yet