What’s it like in Tabatha Coffey’s own salon? Inside ‘Industrie Hair Gurus’ in Ridgewood, New Jersey

Outside of Tabatha Coffey salon in New Jersey

When Tabatha Coffey isn’t busting balls of failing salons and turning them around on her hit BRAVO show Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, she’s either cutting hair at her humble New Jersey salon Industrie Hair Gurus, or serving clients on the west coast at a more posh salon in Hollywood: Warren-Tricoma. She also represents the Joico hair products line, which she exclusively stocks at Industrie, and does editorial hair styling for spreads in magazines like Marie Claire and Seventeen.

With all of these (well-deserved) high-falutin’ projects, what’s it like inside of Tabatha’s small salon in Ridgewood, New Jersey? As pictured above, the building, located in a strip-mall, has a modest exterior including a puzzlingly unstylish sign. From the video footage below the inside is a nice surprise. It’s a small, simple, well-organized, unpretentios space with hardwood floors and red accents. Although Tabatha proclaims the space as clean, there is a hint of clutter, and a lack of polish that’s kind of homey. If you’re looking for a streamlined, upscale experience, book an appointment with her in West Hollywood. You’ll probably get the same haircut, but pay a lot more.

Here’s a video tour of Industrie Hair Gurus:

Tabatha is blunt, and stern when she takes ailing salons by storm, but she leaves them better than she found them. But avid watchers (as well as some of the stylists at the salons featured on the show) wonder if this platinum-haired pitbull with a heart of gold practices what she preaches. Judging from some of the reviews on insiderpages, most customers who watch the show are a little shocked by the building itself, and but usually leave happy, especially if Tabatha herself does the cut and styling. Good luck with booking an appointment with Tabatha, though. She’s usually booked for three months, and is rarelyย  in the salon because of her rising celebrity status.

Obviously Tabatha is emphasizing her direct style of honesty to maximize the drama on the show, but it also helps wake up the owners and the staff. She doesn’t use the classic, good news-bad news-solution management style, it’s pretty much bad-news-solution-good news. At her own salon (when she’s there) I’m sure she points out mistakes when she sees them, but she’s probably more the warm-hearted relaxed individual we see at the end of the show, or when she drops in for a followup, as this AOL television article suggests.

Tabatha seems to know the right balance between tough love and compassion, and I would bet she could walk into almost any failing service business and make significant improvements.

The reception area at Industrie Hair Gurus:


Visit tabathacoffey.com to learn more about this hair guru.

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  • It’s Jersey, everything’s in a strip mall! I can say that because I live there, not too far from Tabs’ salon. I’d love for her to do my hair, but I’m pretty sure I can’t afford it.

    But great find, I’ll link to this on Bravofan ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I don’t know if every thing has to blend. SuperCuts does it that way but I have seen great cuts that don’t blend. I do think the clean is a major factor.

      • Elle

        As a cosmo student having go to cosmo school form losing everything/my school in NYC, Tab is mad tight with the reality check…..i have always taken pride in sanitation/ stuck in a school in ca. that is absolutely gross to the point i say i clean dog turd for a living. Tabitha know u gotta detail yr. chair/station not just for clients but legal reasons! i love her platform on bullyin’/turning the word”bitch” into a positive. i’m ny but love jerz! i thank tabitha for talkin’ her story because i was on the verge of giving up hair. girls tried to attack me& it’s their problem. you keep it pro. my school is so disgusting i snapt my ankle on what i thought was a rodent, but really a ball tumbleweed of hair. i thank tab for showin’ the real deal cause…….no1 seems to care where i go. they love tabitha but are disgusting to the point she’d biscuit slap them in shape.

    • Patty Hoch

      I would recommend Frank at Custom Cut Salon. He’s in the Ridgewood area and is the BEST hair cutter around. Frank knows how to cut and his prices are very reasonable. Beautiful salon and very professional.

  • Joe

    I would love Tabatha to teach my sister’s boss how to run a hair salon! She’s hardly ever their, doesn’t stock product and she just basically needs a lesson. I think this salon is only her hobby but it’s my sister’s livelihood.

    Julia’s Beauty Salon
    (209) 664-1151
    Delhi, CA

    Maybe you guys can call Julia and see if she’s game for a takeover.


  • Peggy Clark

    I never miss an episode of Tabatha, I record the show to make sure. I work in a small salon in Lockport, Il. that could really use Tabatha’s touch. The owner is wonderful, but too nice. She often talks about having Tabatha take over but, isn’t very computer savy so she will never get on-line to send a message of her own. This salon needs major updating and some fresh ideas in marketing. Tabitha please help!

  • terri

    Tabitha’s show is my favorite, this tour was very nice

  • Nicole

    I’m originally from Queens but I noticed when I moved to NJ that EVERYTHING is in fact a strip mall! And I would absolutely love Tabatha or one of her stylists to makeover my hair…but I know for a fact they are out of my price range! Love the show though, and her salon seems lovely. Tabatha has a serious gift from what I’ve seen!

  • Molly

    today during a snowstorm, all my mom and i watched was tabatha’s takeover. so great. ๐Ÿ˜€ i love how BA she is… a total inspiration. love you tabatha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hope

    I love Tabatha’s Show. From a business point of view, she knows how to run a business & make it profitable. Anyone can use these same principles in any kind of business.

    My real comment is how much I love her salon. I was there two months ago because a friend recommended her. No, I could not get an appointment with Tabatha because she was filming on the West Coast. I did get one of the other stylists, and she was fabulous. She knew exactly what I wanted. My hair was damaged by another salon who over-colored & over-permed my hair. It was falling out & I could do NOTHING with it. Tabatha’s place was able to cut my hair, style & color it properly and then used their wonderful JOICO products. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but I would have paid anything. The first visit is expensive, but the second visit is not because there is less work for them to do. It’s not as expensive as you might think.

    Tabatha’s Salon in NJ provides a “consultation” visit for FREE. Go & get a free analysis & price quote. It’s worth it!

    • Perm? Did the ’80’s call? Tab must have helped you.

    • Emma

      I can’t believe you are being treated in this way – especially seeming your “a friend” To me it sounds like she is not very experienced and is lacking basic hairdressing skills if you are coming out with a different haircut each time!! I don’t know about “Master Stylist” i would say this is more her ego talking ๐Ÿ™‚

      Like the others have said, go somewhere else and get the customer service you deserve and possibly have a long think about your freindship.

      Hope this helps

      Emma x

  • Frustrated

    I hope Tabatha reads these, I have been getting my hair cut and colored regularly since I was 17. I am 34 now. I am getting ready to start cosmetology classes, And Tabatha is my inspiration. I live in Las Vegas, I pay ALOT of money to get my hair cut and colored, My stylist has become a friend outside of her doing my hair, We hang out. But as I have started to notice she claims to be a Master Stylist/ Makeup Artist. What qualifications are required to hold that title? I also from watching Tabatha’s Take over, noticed there are things that are NOT acceptable, That seem to happen to me every 6 weeks when I go to get my color done,And my haircut is never the same, I often have to go back the following week and have her re-cut it. because she is constantly rushing me, I have had to go back to get additional length taken off the last 4 times I have been there. As well as(Bleeding colors, Another client waiting in a chair at the station behind me in the same area as I get my hair done and talking to my stylist while she’s doing my hair? Juggling 2 or 3 clients while I’m processing. Then when I point out the bleeding she says it’s because of some reason or another. It’s not relaxing or fun, And I never leave there w my hair styled the way I like it? I am usually rushed out w my hair quickly straightened w a flat iron? And she only rents booth 3 days a week and claims she is a Master Stylist and Makeup artist, So we have to book as soon as we get to our initial appt for next time. She doesnt work weekends and she won’t book after 4 because she wants to be out of the salon she rents at by no later than 5:30? And is constantly saying she is a professonal and charges an outragous price. I just want to know if these are the professional things a self proclaimed Master Stylist is entitled to do? As for her claiming she is a makeup artist wouldn’t you have to be in the buisness of doing makeup professionally before you can claim you are this?


    • Eric Hendrix


      As a stylist and a Paul Mitchell National Educator, I can definitely say these practices are not becoming to anyone in our prfoession, especially someone claiming to be “Master Stylist”! Guest satisfaction is and should always be the main goal of a stylist, no matter what price point the service is being offered at! Since you are in Las Vegas, might I recommend a visit to A Robert Cromeans Salon to see how a truly professional experience should occur, both as a guest and a future professional! My email is ericthendrix@yahoo.com, and if you have any questions or just would like to share an experience, please feel free! Good luck on your path to success!

    • grace

      ummm…why are you still going to her then? It sounds like she is not doing anything that you ask her to. So if you know this and still keep going back, then you’re going to keep getting what your getting.. dissatisfaction …find a new stylist, other wise your getting what either you deserve or want.

    • Probably cause she is giving you the “friends” price. Pay the real money and she will treat you like a real friend.

  • al

    tabatha is a wonderful person. i was so impressed to hear about her taking time to help a 17 year old cancer patient by cutting her wig. what a wonderful person…

  • bill harris

    Tab’s a always been a bit too bull-dyke for me, but anybody who helps a young girl who has leukemia is okay in my book.

    • grace

      “a bit to bull dyke” incredibly offensive, very impolite and shows a complete lack of class. hmmmm homophobic by chance?????

      • Why would that be offensive? She is a bull dyke and she acts like it. What is wrong with that? Good for Bull Dykes! U Rock!

        • poulinskaya

          Please. You idiots wouldn’t know a bull dyke if she ran you over in her pickup truck.

  • hi tabatha!!i hope you are well i love your tv show and i sky plus it all the time!!!i love your philosiphy on how to run a salon..i too would love to run a salon the way you do and totaly embrace everything you say and do, and can not get why people dont get it in the tv show!!the mind boogles…i used to work in a very professional salon in ireland called “peter mark”and i too climbed the ladder to success within the company and i used to do fashion shows and in salon training and photo shoots…but i feel i have been stagnent for a while and would love an opertunity to fight to the top again cause i know i can do it!!!”an irish hairdresser in the usa!”please give me a chance and reply to my message!!!sending you lots of love,energy and admiration from…”sean”in ireland….xxx

  • Judy Murray

    I would like to have some help about hair, and I feel Tabatha has to be the best one in the business to give advice.

    I have overbleached blond hair, and it is falling out big time…

    Could she or one of her salon people give me some advice before I lose all my hair…

    With deepest thanks

  • Hi Tabitha,
    My name is Teresa and I live in St. Louis. Seems like no
    one can even come close to doing hair like you can. i have been
    to so many salons in this city and I’m NEVER really happy. My
    hair isn’t hard to cut and style. You are the best I’ve ever seen!
    You know what your talking about and know how to run a perfect salon. You amaze me. Please if you ever come to st. louis, let me
    know. I don’t care how much you charge me, I just know for a fact you will make me look great! Tabitha, your a REAL professinal and I always enjoy to watch your show. You speak the truth! Sincerely, Teresa Weber

  • John M. Hammer

    I hate reality TV shows, but I saw a pair of episodes of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover one day while waiting in a doctor’s office and was immediately taken with it. I now have my TiVo record it so I can watch in when I have a few hours free.

    Tabatha is a little harsh when she begins her “takeover” and that is probably played up for the cameras. Most of the businesses she assists have the same problems and it’s great that she gets right to work pointing them out and then fixing them rather than engaging in BS touchy-feely “exercises” or phony team-building.

    And the issues she addresses aren’t limited to salons: Any business, even nonprofits, have the same challenges that can be faced by shaping the staff and otherwise applying fairly basic and reasonable management techniques along with good leadership. I do much the same things for certain clients of my consulting business.

  • Greetings Tabatha & her staff,
    I am the owner of a new upscale salon in South Jersey and would love to invite Tabatha in to help my staff as well as myself with new haircutting technics and styles.
    We are all about humbling ourselves to education, there is always more to learn & I would love Tabatha’s input as she see’s fit to help us strive for excellence here at Serandolini.
    Please send a list of her fees for her classes and travel, We can travel as well, but would prefer for Tabatha to see Salon for her advice.
    Waiting for a reply
    Best Wishes,
    Lizzy Owner/Masterstylist of Serandolini Salon, Spa & Tanning

  • We are in the process starting our own salon and love to watch Tabitha to learn what mistakes not to make to start off with. Right now we are working on building our clientele, but we thought offering discounts to visit us was a good idea. From some of the episodes we see, offering discounts ‘cheapens’ our work. Can Tabitha or anyone give other ideas of growing our clientele if discounts aren’t the best way to get customers to visit?

    Looking forward to your replies.


    Kim and Xavier

  • Sue

    After watching your show I have learned a lot and I’m not a hair dresser. Now when I get my hair done I notice the small things a lot more. Last night I went to a salon and the hair dresser dropped a comb on the floor then she picked it up and went in the back room to get a new one. I do have to say that their bathroom did need to be swept. I know a lot of people call you a bitch but at least you get things done and done right. I’m totally addicted to your show.

  • David Mellesmoen

    Have seen the show, I enjoy your professional out-look this is something we need in our salon…
    you are a good mentor, to a new generation of stylist.
    I myself after thirty year’s can only admire the young talent that is out there…

  • Niamh O’ Connor.

    I Love Tabatha. Im Irish and watch the show on cable T.V. I’m into fashion and makeup.so its very interesting. How much money is it to get a cut and blowdry {are they the right words] in The U.S.A.as I’mgoing to N. Y. C and would like to have my hair styled. Niamh (Neeve)

  • kat mulqueeney

    i have come up with a new way to cut hair.i truely believe in this idea.my hope is that some how tabatha could get intouch with me.i would like to know what she thinks about the idea.i do have people interested in it.but for me i would love tabatha to tell me what she thinks?i hope she gets to see this.i don’t know any other way to get intouch with her.thank you.kat

  • kat mulqueeney

    please reply to the note above.thank you

    • ruby

      Ha, this is so funny! Do you really think that she will contact you? Try her website…. Duh….

  • Nathalie

    Tabatha, I have fine and very straight hair, just like yours. I was a little sad when you critiqued your own hair as “awful” as it made me think there is no hope for me. I am your age and having long, straight hair (same length all around) is tiring and I think I’m too old for this, putting colour will damage my hair so I have to live with the grays. And now I have glasses. I think I’m in a hopeless situation. Suggestions?

    I dream of having someone as professional as you give me the makeover that would change my life! Keep on doing the wonderful job!

  • Perla Gallegos

    I am needing a lot of help. I want to know howmuch does tabata charge for help business ? Thanks so mucho

  • Alixann

    I am not a hairstylist by any stretch of the imagination. I am actually the owner and Headmistress of a small school in Jamaica. My older sis in Georgia however, owns NARCISSE SALON SUITES ! I am so proud of her work. I started to watch the show “Tabatha’s Salon Makeover” on Bravo about a year ago?! and am in love with it. Though I do not have a salon and probably never will, I have learned sooooo much from this show, about being a ‘Boss’ and a ‘Leader’ Can’t wait to see what she does in the new season. I now have my mom hooked! We stayed up till 1:30 a.m. this morning watching re-runs. If ever they decide to do a show about how some slons are doing things ‘RIGHT’ then Tanya Douglas of Narcisse Salon in Georgia is the first on my list.

    One love Miss Tabatha!!

  • Jessi

    Tabitha is amazing, my mom has been doing hair since before I was born so you know, whats important to her is important to me. We are always watching the show and she I am baffled by the way some people talk to her. She is just there to help, they need to appreciate it.
    A great fan

  • Im a huge fan!! Tabatha would eat me for lunch, I’m far to passive aggressive but trying to find my voice while getting over my disease to please. Just wondering why she left Australia or London for the states?

  • hi tabatha, first i would like to say that you are awesome. i love your no nonsense style, professionalism, and genuine concern about the client. you truly show what being an true hairstylist is. i get so filled up at times, when i watch your show, how some of these stylist can be so inconsiderate, and rude to paying customers. i am an african-american, and i am at the point that i just do not trust any stylist to do my hair at all. the last person eho i went to, did not consult with me about my hair, when i would ask her, what products do i need to buy to keep my hair healthy, and growing, it seemed like i was bothering her, or she just didn’t know the answer at all. so i left, i went to some one else, and this person told me that i have bald spots in my hair that i was unaware of. i am so disappointed, it’s hard trying to find a good reputable stylist, and i want this corrected. any suggestions are welcome.sincerely cheryl, out of cleveland ohio.

  • Rachele

    Hi Tabitha, my husband who only watches sports is crazy about your show… I think secretly he wants to meet you…

  • Sandy miller

    Hi Tabitha I just love watching your show. I wish someone would help me get a good hair cut or tell me if I am saying it wrong alI i want is layers in my hair I had long hair . I went and got 12 inch cut off it left me with just about shoulder length. I though 12 inch would give her just right length to give me a good cut . Well I was wrong again I have no layer in. my hair. And she says their is I just pay the bill and get out of there. When I get home my husband says where is your hair I till him the story he laugh then I o well I got f—–k. Again please tell me what to say. Thank you. Love the show

  • pam

    Planning to attend cosmetology school. What should I look for in a good school?

  • lee

    I LOVE! Tabatha! Would love to have her cut my hair! I have seen cuts done by her…and the are fabulous!!!! Love her show…I never miss it!

  • paige

    goodness. I really thought her place would be a lot nicer.