VIDEO Amy Phillips’ Bravolebrities wish Andy Cohen happy birthday

Bravolebrities wish Andy Cohen a happy birthday

Although Bravo ringleader Andy Cohen’s birthday isn’t until June 2, that didn’t stop comedian Amy Phillips from putting together this hilarious video birthday card in which she impersonates some of the network’s biggest stars as they wish Andy the best on his special day!

LMFAO! I can’t figure out which one I liked best! She’s got Ramona’s speech pattern and mannerisms down perfectly (plus, I’m always a sucker for “Turtle Time” references) and the machine gun mouthed Bethenny Frankel was nothing short of masterful! I think Tabatha Coffey would have been my favorite, except she said “filthy” instead of “DissGUSTing!” I guess I’ll cast my vote for Bethenny – that is an absolutely perfect caricature of the Skinny Girl!

*** On a side note, I just realized I have a serious Bravoddiction because I want to marry Amy Phillips and live with a different Bravolebrity every day! (And yes, every night. There, I said it! What’s that Tabatha? Yes I suppose it is dissGUSTing. Brav-oh well, whatcha gonna do?)

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