Breaking Amish LA’s Matt Bristol launches clothing line

Breaking Amish LA Matt Bristol fashion designer

Much like Kate Stoltzfus in the original Breaking Amish series, Mennonite Matthew Bristol from Breaking Amish: LA was pursuing a career dream when he signed on to do the show. Kate went to New York City to pursue modeling (and has had a good deal of success with it, including landing a retro Spiegel cover and a spread in Maxim) and Matt agreed to pack up and head to Los Angeles in hopes of getting into the fashion industry as a designer. That dream appears to have been realized, at least to some degree, because Matt has recently launched the Anson Bristol Clothing line!

Breaking Amish LA Matt fashion label Anson Bristol Clothing

Details about the label, including who “Anson” is, are still sketchy — about all we have to go on at this point is a very recently launched Facebook page. The most recent photo (at the time of this post) was the actual label above, which was excitedly captioned, “We have labels!!!”

UPDATE – The Anson Bristol Clothing Company has a Twitter account under the ID @AnsBristClothes that has the following photo as its profile picture, so I assume it is a sample from the line:

Breaking Amish LA Matt's Anson Bristol Clothing Twitter photo

In tonight’s episode Matt meets with a Los Angeles-based fashion designer who is openly gay but also comes from a very strict religious background (Sicilian Catholic). Here’s a preview clip:

I’m not sure who the designer is in the clip (it sounds like he introduces himself as Cullen McGarrey or something like that), so I’m guessing he isn’t the “Anson” half of the label. Plus, Matt is apparently back in Pennsylvania now, and I’m guessing that if things had worked out with the designer in the clip above Matt would still be in L.A.

For those of you curious to see some of Matt’s fashion design skillz, here are a couple shirts he made back in December:

Breaking Amish LA Matt fashion design shirt  Breaking Amish Los Angeles Matt shirt he made  Shirt made by Matt from Breaking Amish Los Angeles

Here are a couple photos of Matt modeling one of the shirts pictured above, the first of which is a selfie taken at Good’s Store in East Earl, Pennsylvania where he worked during the Christmas shopping season:

Breaking Amish LA Matt Facebook photo

This one features Matt shopping at a Buckle store in the local mall with his friend Will back in November, 2012:

Braeking Amish LA's Matt with his friend Will at the mall

And here’s the oldest photo of Matt from his Facebook page, uploaded back in July of 2012. I’m not sure if the shirt he is wearing (or the ladder he is holding) is one that he made or not:

Breaking Amish LA Matthew Bristol Facebook

But fashion isn’t the only skill Matt has, he’s also very experienced at… butchering turkeys!?! Yep. Matt’s worked at Weaver’s Turkey Farm for the last eight years, though I assume it is seasonal and only for the couple weeks around Thanksgiving. Here’s a report from Matt on Facebook in which he reveals just how many hours he worked in 2012 as well as how many turkeys and capons he butchered:

Just added my hours for Thanksgiving butchering 140 some hours in a week and half and between 9300-9400 turkeys and about 400 capons. That’s not too bad as one year I had 150 hrs and 10000 turkeys in the same time frame.

That’s a lot of birds! Perhaps that skill will come in handy later this season when Betsy needs a bird to sacrifice as part of some hexing ritual. 😉

Breaking Amish: LA airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC. And in case you missed the good news, TLC announced last week that they have added two more episodes to the season, including a “Breaking Amish: LA — The Shunning Truth” reunion special. Both hour-long episodes will air Sunday, September 29 beginning at 9/8c.

UPDATE June 29, 2014 — Check out photos from Matt’s new line of clothes over at! Here’s a sample:

Breaking Amish LA Matt Bristol clothing line

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  • JJ

    How is starcasm going to report this but not the false rape report made by that Iva girl so her boyfriend wouldn’t find out she cheated on him? I mean come on, I know it could be staged but I hope TLC/ any human wouldn’t do something like that for tv.

  • ThouShallNotJudge

    The one thing that drives me INSANE about Matt, is.. (Not to be judgemental) but its pretty obvious he is gay! Seriously! But he believes he will go to hell if he actually announces it. So, he would rather live his life as being fake then to be happy?!.. I don’t think God would approve. I think God wants us to be happy and I dont think God would ever quit loving him for it! But before he down grades all the other people on the show, he should first look in the mirror! :)

    • Lovelovelove

      God loves all his childern. It is the sin he does not love; lying that one was rapped or having premarital sex – gay or straight or judging people. Matt knows his own heart and it is between him and his god. Peace.

      • ThouShallNotJudge

        Sinning is LYING!.. lying to yourself, lying to others, etc. What if God put him here to educate about homosexuality and he is dying his true reason for being here?!.. What i was tying to say is.. How dare he judge everyone else for being themselves.. at least they are honest about who they are and not being fake. Thats like me judging someone for smoking dope and I’m a closet alcoholic! It don’t work!.. BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE!!.. Especially before you start judging someone else!

      • Roman Melnychuk

        God loves all children ?? If the Jews you say, HE HATES THAT PARASITIC RACE OF CHRIST KILLERS. The so called Holocsust was a JOKE, never happened. I like Mennonite Christians — they hate the JEWS so much !! God bless them !
        From Ukraine with love

    • Sports4ever

      It cracks me up on the last episode how he now has a girlfriend, but a “no-kissing” rule. They can only hold hands and hug on special occasions. He just needs to admit his sexuality. If he freed himself he would be much happier, IMHO.

      • ThouShallNotJudge

        I could not agree with you more!! :)

    • Mephistopheles Lux

      Just because he designs fashion and oggles naked men at strip clubs doesn’t mean he’s gay! No way!

      • Biff Tannen

        he actually left the strip club – didn’t want to look at the guys

        • Mephistopheles Lux

          Umm yeah…. sure he did. The dude’s as queer as a three dollar bill.

      • Ana

        I’m a woman and I do some wacky things like go to stripclubs and I enjoy watching pole dancers (women) and I’m not a lesbian at all! Maybe he has some kinky tastes and everything xDDDDD

        • Dale Gribble

          Yeah and I’m the king of England/Pope..

    • Proemed

      @ThouShall Wow, thats amazing! U actually knows what God feels! What do U know its the exact opposite of what is said in the Bible. U R a moron!

      • ThouShallNotJudge

        Proemed, exact opposite of what it says in the Bible, huh? Oh, does God say he likes lying? He likes Judging? Pleaseeee. I really don’t care what you think. The Bible was wrote thousands of years ago & translated 100’s of times, the bottom line is, be who you are, don’t judge people for being who they are and do good things with your life. I don’t need to read the Bible to know that. Oh and isn’t LOVE THY Neighbor in the Bible? Or does it say.. love thy neighbor unless he is gay?.. Don’t be so stupid & don’t pick and choose what you want to take out of the Bible, or what you want to quote that benefits your debate!

        • Proemed

          @ThouShall Be whoever in the hell U want to be I dont care. But dont lie or pretend to be a better judge of morality than the Bible because U R not! U know nothing of it. U just guess at how accurate it is and make these ridiculous assumptions and then try to pass off your own phony morality and being superior to the Bible’s. Guess what, its not and U failed!

          • ThouShallNotJudge

            What?! I don’t even understand what you are saying right now! Are you sure this response was supposed to be towards me? I don’t know where I lied or pretended to be a better Judge or morality than the Bible. I mean, I think I clearly stated, just like the Bible did/does.. THOU SHALT NOT JUDGE. So, I don’t know where or how you missed that, but bottom line is.. LIVE & LET LIVE! It is NOT your job to say what God wants or what He believes. YOU need to worry about YOU & Pray to God that YOU make it to Heaven. It is very clear about Judging in the Bible, so I believe YOU will have a much harder time why you put someone else down, why you Judged them, then “they” ever will describing WHY GOD made them gay in the first place. WE are ALL God’s children, don’t you think God made them gay? Just like he made you male or female, or whatever you are? Actually, don’t answer that because you are obviously close minded. However, too bad closed minds didn’t come with closed mouths! Lol!! LIVE & LET LIVE. YOU live your life, let others live theirs! That’s it! THAT is what God wants you to do, and if you haven’t figured that out yet, maybe you should re-read the Bible. :) Have a good day! God Bless! :)

            • Steve Wilson

              @ThouShalt Maybe if U actually read the entire Bible and actually listened to what it is saying instead of trying to make it say what U want it to be U might actually learn something! Oh wait, U seem think God should be learning from U LOL. Why don’t U try reading Matthew 12:36 – 37… or is it U just rather keep your opinion and pass it off as God’s word? U don’t fool anyone except yourself!

          • ThouShallNotJudge

            Guess what?! You don’t know me or anything about my morality, ethics, values OR perception of the Bible. So calm yourself back down and relax. Lol. I don’t pretend to know anything. I stated my opinion based on my own beliefs. I mean isn’t that what everyone does?! I guess if YOU believe that God would rather that you Lie & not be happy and yourself throughout your life, JUST to Not be judged by your peers.. then Good for u. I don’t believe that for a second. God made us who we are & we should embrace that. The judgement from society and our peers, will be something God will deal with (and YES! THAT I do know!! Lol)

  • Jessie

    There is just no way he is straight. The rules he has with his gf are super easy to follow. It’s easy to stay pure and virginal when you aren’t attracted to the girl. Lol

  • Treson G.

    How do I find out a way to buy some articles of clothing made by Matt? I’d like to support his dream. I’d like to fill my closet with some items made by him. I can’t belive he’s not using the fame from the show to launch his line of clothing. How am I supposed to pull his clothes out of my closet if I cannot put his clothes in my closet in the first place?? Cmon Matt!! Help me help you with getting it outa the closet here.. We all want to help with this (excluding your so called people closest to you,,, the ones that believe in invisible gods & your creators a.k.a. Your parents..)..

  • jm

    Designers are marketing geniuses because they make it all look nice, but at the end of the day, It’s all made by the same Chinese sweat shop children that made the Walmart house brand stuff. It’s unbelievable the money people spend on designer clothing, It’s lipstick on a pig! Now, if Matt would do the right thing and make his stuff in house, like a good old Amish plain dressing store, that would be interesting, otherwise he’s just another fraud plastering his name on things he says looks good.