29-year-old Bachelor alum Gia Allemand has died, reportedly of suicide


29-year-old former The Bachelor contestant Gia Allemand has died after suffering a medical emergency and receiving ICU care, E News reports. TMZ says that Gia committed suicide by hanging herself. She was allegedly found unresponsive in her home on Monday by her boyfriend. She was placed on life support, but suffered “critical loss of brain and organ function.” Her family elected today to take her off of life support. Sources told TMZ she was upset over a “rocky” relationship with her boyfriend.

Although the cause of her illness and death was not initially reported, those close to her were distraught after her hospitalization, saying only that she was “very sick.”

She was admitted Monday night to University Hospital in New Orleans after suffering what her publicist called a “a serious emergency medical event.” Her mother and her boyfriend New Orleans Pelicans basketball player Ryan Anderson were by her side at the hospital where she was placed on life support.

Gia appeared on The Bachelor 14, and was one of bachelor Jake Pavelka’s top two choices. She also appeared on a couple of seasons of Bachelor Pad. Jake tweeted after learning of her death: “I had to pull over, I can’t stop crying. We have lost an angel.”

Our thoughts are with her family, boyfriend, and friends during this terrible time.

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  • renee01046693

    i bet you it was drugs

    • jeff

      I’m giving 1:2 odds it was drugs, everyone hedge your bets now.

      • renee01046693

        it was drugs it al ways is with these people

  • sammy

    Why is this not under top new, yet any article possible relating to Corey was? Your favoritism is showing, starcasm.

    • jeff

      Because Corey was a tv star on an extremely popular show, and she was some hokey dime a dozen reality show contenstant? That might be it.

      • Marehoop


  • Bec

    She hung herself, reportedly over her boyfriend. Such a shame that someone so young and full of possibilities would just “opt out”

    • amberc88

      and over a relationship!!!

  • Jenn

    She is GORGEOUS! Life was really so bad that she had to HANG herself? Wow…

  • Professor_Bedlam

    Sorry I have no sympathy for someone who is too chicken shit to live!!! With others dying of cancers and other diseases that want to live and fight for live!!! She gives up over a bad relationship!!! Weak!!!!

    • kat

      you have NO IDEA if it was over her boyfriend, that is just a rumor right now. you dont know the demons people face, while i do not agree with suicide..i am still able to feel for those people cuz i understand the pain they are in. you obviously have lived a very easy life an youre unaware of the hardships an struggles some face on the daily. for those people, it becomes to hard for them to handle an instead of seeking help, they chose to end it all because to them it seems easier. only so many bricks can be stacked until they all come crashing down.

    • Courtney

      You are so ignorant and cold hearted that it’s sickening! It wasn’t your life and it didn’t affect your life so why do you have to be so hurtful and rude? If your loved one did this you wouldn’t want people to think about them like that! What’s “weak” is going through life acting like a jerk instead of using your life to better other’s. She may have been depressed but you’re just weak selfish and ignorant who will never understand how much you hurt people.

  • Courtney

    Wow so many negative comments! Sad. What if this happened to your best friend, girlfriend, daughter or sister?! Be respectful! No one needs to be sharing negative opinions in such a grieving time for the people who ACTUALLY knew her!
    It’s VERY sad that someone would ever feel so hurt or miserable that they would end their life! I pray for her family and friends because they are the ones who really suffer. They don’t deserve such negative and hurtful comments about their loved one from a bunch of strangers!

    • Tracy

      Well said!

  • burkey

    Some of the comments on here exhibit the exact type of behavior that stops mentally ill or depressed people from seeking the help they need. Insensitive, ignorant people deem mentally ill or severely depressed people as weak or pathetic or any number of other negative things. If that’s how society treats them why would they bother seeking help when they feel like no one cares? You’re also forgetting that if someone has gotten to the point that suicide is an option to them that they are clearly not thinking like a normal person and aren’t in the right mindset to think about why suicide is not the answer. And if you’re too close minded to even understand what it may feel like to wake up and genuinely not want to live anymore then at the very least you could try having some compassion for the loved ones that person left behind because they certainly do not deserve to see people speak so negatively about a loved one they just lost..

    • Courtney

      Finally! A genuine heartfelt comment! I love what you wrote! Anyone who can’t feel sympathy and instead writes ignorant hurtful comments really needs to read this and take a hard look at their own character!

      • burkey

        Thank you. I have thankfully never lost anyone very close to me but I have known people who committed suicide (friends of friends, parents of friends, etc). While I was obviously saddened by these losses, it was my friends who were directly affected who were left absolutely devastated. Despite that they may also have been angry at their loved one for making that choice or confused, none of them would EVER want to see ignorant, hurtful comments like the ones I’ve seen here and in many other places. I know why some people have such strong feelings about suicide but if you can’t respect the departed at the very least have the decency to respect the people that are mourning them.

    • christee