Breaking Amish’s Rebecca is pregnant again!

Breaking Amish Rebecca Byler pregnant again The Shunning Truth

TLC teased Breaking Amish: Brave New World “The Shunning Truth” with a preview clip in which Rebecca is heard saying, “we actually do have a secret,” and boy did she! She revealed that she and Abe are expecting her second child!

Here’s how the conversation went:

Host Michelle Beadle: Alright, the first year of marriage, is it everything you thought it would be or more?

Rebecca: Yes and no.

Michelle: OK.

Rebecca: I figured in our first year of marriage we’d be in our own place, and, you know, be doing our own thing obviously … but as far us us actually getting along, and working things out, in our relationship I feel like it’s going better than I had actually hoped.

Michelle: Yeah. Any plans to expand the family?

Rebecca: “Um, we actually do have a secret.

Michelle: OK. [laughs]

Rebecca: We are actually expecting.

Michelle: REALLY?!? [to Abe’s mother Mary] Did you know about this?

Mary: Yes I did.

Rebecca: Of course, do you think we would tell you without telling our family first?

Braeking_Amish_Brave New World The Shunning Truth Katie Ann Rebecca Abe Sabrina

Michelle: Congratulations! [to the rest of the cast] Did you guys all know about it?

[Kate and Jeremiah nod.]

Michelle: Are you excited about it?

Kate: Yeah, I’m happy for them because down in Florida Rebecca was actually talking about how she would like to have a baby, so I’m happy for you guys.

Host: Will Uncle Jeremiah get to have babysitting?

Jeremiah, Abe, Rebecca: No!

Congratulations to Abe and Rebecca!

On a side note, Rebecca also revealed that her first daughter (which Abe has still yet to confirm or deny is his) was actually in Florida while they filmed in Sarasota, Florida! They just didn’t allow her to be on camera.

Here’s a more recent photo of Breaking Amish‘s Abe Schmucker, Rebecca Byler, and her daughter:

Breaking Amish Rebecca's daughter with Rebecca and Abe

UPDATE – Rebecca has since responded to “The Shunning Truth” on Facebook. First up, she talks about feeling hot and dizzy and breaing down crying during the interview:

Thanks to you all! That drama honestly made me sick and I was getting dizzy sitting there for hours on end not being allowed to take a break and I can’t handle drama the way it is! I’m so glad it’s over and just watching it made me nauseous all over. I really honestly hate watching it but I grin and bear it for the rest of the family and friends who show up to watch and support every Sunday.

Well I know I cry about every little thing this round of being pregnant! Usually stuff doesn’t get to me but just something as simple as seeing somebody argue makes me cry! I hate it cause I used to never cry at all unless I was behind a locked door alone! Now I’m just a darn river!

And then she seemed to express regret at doing the show, mainly because of the drama surrounding her daughter:

Trust me if I (speaking only for myself) had know what this was going to turn out to be I would not have done had they offered me a hundred thousand dollars because its not worth all the tears and deathly terrifying times I went through!! And I love my privacy and having done this feels like a billion bishops breathing down my neck and 1 bishop in a small Amish church doesn’t seem so bad anymore! And FYI the producers read all of this lmao


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  • catliftresearch .

    Just watched it while waiting for the LIM to come on. None of these kids have jobs. The one little girl has two kids. I wish them the best

    • Sara

      Which girl has 2 kids?

  • Emily

    Only Jerrmiah and Rebecca has kids. He has 3 and she has 1. Neither Kate, or Sabrina has kids. Same with Katie Ann.

  • Libby

    Im guessin, Rebeccas daughter belongs to Abes brother

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I came to this same conclusion. In Sarasota Kate (told the crew) that Rebecca told her… but she hasn’t said anything to anyone… poor Abe… I’m sure he knows… whether she’s admitted it to him or not… how can he not…. and also when Andrew came to see them he told the crew what happened… that about 3 years (BEFORE Abe) they hung out one not got drunk and hooked up. Rebecca was drunk and had sex with him! And she knows her daughter is Andrew’s …

      She will have her daughter go her whole life living with a questions that can be answered and dealt with while she’s still little.

      For all her self righteous babble she is keeping her daughter from having a relationship with her father. Awful.

  • Dana

    Rebecca is the only one that will have two kids after this one is born. Jerrimiah has 3 with his ex wife.

  • Feisty

    Glad to see Sabrina dyed her hair back to brown, that dirty blonde look was disgusting.

  • maureen

    I think what Rebacca and Abe went through was so sweet. Being there for each other when there was no hope. They stood by each others side every time.

  • Dezzer

    rebbeca is a horible wretch abe is a complete idiot one day rebbeca is going to get what she deserves what a complete witch! self absobed cry baby jealous loud controlling ugly never has been never will be she’d get a right beat down in my community judgemental skank!