Tim Lambesis, Christian heavy metal singer arrested for putting a hit on his wife

Christian heavy metal band As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis, 32, was arrested Tuesday evening in Oceanside, California for arranging a hit on his estranged wife Meggan. The couple, who have three adopted children from Ethiopia, split in 2012 and were going through a divorce.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department spokeperson Jan Caldwell said information came to them late last week that Lambesis was looking for someone to murder his wifeMeggan Lambesis, who he is currently divorcing. The couple have three adopted children from Ethiopia. “We acted quickly on it. I believe that we averted a great tragedy,” Caldwell said Tuesday. The L.A. Times reports that authorities set up a sting when they learned of Tim Lambesis’s plans. During a meeting set up by police, the singer attempted to hire an undercover detective to murder his wife.

In an interview last year Lambesis said he wanted the group to be known for their music instead of their beliefs, but has often talked about how the five band members of As I Lay Dying are Christians, and incorporate Christian themes of forgiveness and struggle into their lyrics.

The band had just returned home from touring in Asia, and had plans to tour in the US this summer.

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  • Kim

    Lmao that’s funny he’s in a Christian band and did this. But apparently this happens a lot. People will hire a hit man to kill their ex wife or husband. Scary!

    • siriusthecat

      How many of them are tricked by undercover agents? Here’s a tip, undercover agents have such discount rates it borders on entrapment. If someone is doing a hit for<$5000, its a cop. There is no dollar store hitman.

      • christee

        ….and suddenly, i’m curious how siriusthecat knows so much about hitmen……


  • LaDy

    Well now instead of being known for their music or their religious beliefs, they’ll be known as that band whose frontman tried to take a hit out on his wife

  • No_prayers_to_spare

    Tell me how gay marriage will ruin “traditional” marriage again?……

    • discoatnine

      YES!! EXACTLY!!

    • siriusthecat

      Its it obvious? If two men can create a loving happy home, its gonna make Christian wife beaters look even worse. Two woman with a stable marriage make that horny housewife cheating, look worse. Maybe we should just worry about fixing our lives without worrying what the Joneses are up to.

  • DeeDeDee

    That awkward moment when you’re preaching forgiveness and you’re secretly plotting to kill your wife. Ah daaang.