Darrell Sheets, Dan Dotson & Laura Dotson address Storage Wars firing reports

Barry Weiss laughing at rumors Darrell Sheets Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson were fired from Storage Wars

Radar Online claimed last week that A&E was “cutting out” more Storage Wars cast members on the heels of the Dave Hester lawsuit that lead to his firing. According to the site, based on one of those infamous “sources familiar with the situation,” bidder Darrell Sheets and auctioneers Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson were left out of filming additional episodes after they had fulfilled the requirements of their contracts.

“They lived up to Darrell’s contract, but then shot more episodes that weren’t covered by his contract and kept him out of those,” the source says. “He was not happy to say the least.”

And as far as Dan and Laura Dotson, the story was reportedly similar. “Suddenly the show just told them, ‘We don’t need you for this episode.’ And then it happened again,” the source claims before adding, “So they’ve been battling to stay on the air, and they are worried about their futures. The show is a gold mine.”

A rep for A&E spoke with TV Guide shortly after the article came out and denied the claims. “Not every cast member appears in every episode of the series,” the rep pointed out, “but there is no truth to the report that any other members have been dropped.”

That sentiment was echoed by Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets as well as the auctioneering duo of Dan and Laura Dotson on Twitter:

Darrell Sheets Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson tweet about rumors that they were fired from Storage Wars

I made up a little graphic in which Darrell answers the question, “Are Darrell Sheets, Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson getting fired from Storage Wars” once and for all:

Storage Wars Darrell Sheets in an anti-Dave Hester nooope! tank top

That’s a denial dollar bill all day long!

Catch the all new less annoying episodes of Storage Wars Tuesday nights at 9/8c on A&E!

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  • Barry Obama

    Storages Wars jumped the shark at least a year ago, every good “reality” show need a villain and Dave was it. Who will replace him ?

    • nemo

      Darrell is doing a great job in that arena. I just have one question…..Is Darrell dumb as he sounds on the show?

  • cherylr

    i just don’t care to watch anymore — if i miss the show, no biggie. barry remains awesome but dave was my favorite! also like brandi and jarrod, no problem with darrell and son, or nabila, either. just miss seeing dave!

    • The Real John Titor

      Dave went bankrupt?? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy lol. P.s. I predicted this in 2003… Check it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mamaws3angels Glenna Bible

    I can understand why they got rid of the bottom sucker, Dave Hester, but why Dan and Laura? He went bankrupt so he is trying to sue the show??!! I hope he doesn’t get a dime. Between him and Darrell the show was too intense. Barry and Brandy and her husband make it fun. (sorry I couldn’t remember Brandy’s husband’s name. Her name is Brandy, isn’t it?) If they fire Barry I will just have to come to California, put him in shackles and haul his ass, and the rest of him, back to Tennessee, so I can take care of him and feed him beans and taters.

  • rosa

    I Can’t Stand Darrel Sh@=Ts He Thinks He’s All That And A Fat Bag Of chips

    • The Real John Titor

      Perhaps he is :)

  • AgentLobos

    Dave Hester lives in Waaaaah Factor’s head 24/7!

  • GregByfield

    what a cocksucking tool

  • Barabus Quin

    Keep Barry Weiss and unload the rest of the cast.
    Weiss can interact with any personality so keep him and add new faces for the season 4.
    Not rocket science here , it’s about ratings and none of these people are even trained actors and if reality shows have proved something they have proved that it’s cheaper to use no bodies and pay them peanuts compared to what real actors cost so the show has to evolve and fresh faces are the way to go.
    Ironically Mr. Weiss is already a millionaire and does not need the show but it seems her is the only one worth keeping.

  • s2013

    Good show eventhough it’s staged but with barry breaking everything and brandis’ “i wear the pants attitude” i find myself tuning out even more.

  • s2013

    Good show eventhough it’s staged but with barry breaking everything and brandis’ “i wear the pants attitude” i find myself tuning out even more.

  • TallTexan2

    You folks realize this whole thing is fake … the bidding, the expensive art and jewelry – no one leaves such valuables in a storage room, trust me I worked for one for 10 years – and the characters. It’s all make believe tee vee sold off as “real.” It’s okay for fun, but when people like the folks in here start believing it and taking what happens to the show’s characters for real, it’s time to back away. Seriously.

    • NashvilleTiger

      I wouldn’t worry myself about it if I were you…….even IF you posted this 2 years ago….