Amanda Bynes tweets bra photos, says she needs to lose 35 pounds

Amanda Bynes continues her string of non-erratic behavior by posting more Amanda-Bynes-approved cellf portraits (with commentary) on Twitter. In the latest pair of photos shared by the 27-year-old we see Amanda in the bathroom sporting a black lace bra and black pants as she is apparently getting ready to go out and hide from the braparazzi.

The first photo (above) was accompanied by the tweet, “About to put on makeup! I weigh 135, I’ve gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!” Ummmm… The only extra weight I see is the kind most women (and pretty much all men) don’t want to disappear.

Speaking of Amanda Bynes’ boobs, were those always there? Or is that just some sort of new uber-Wonderbra? Might have to do some research on that one…

Until then, here’s another photo of Amanda Bynes, this one she describes as “One more pre make up!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking Amanda is inching towards following in fellow train wreck Farrah Abraham’s footsteps by shooting her own Bynes-approved sex tape with James Deen so the paparazzi won’t release theirs first.

Photos: Twitter

  • awoman

    I hate what society makes women believe about what they should look like. It’s a shame she doesn’t know how beautiful her body is.

    • jeff

      Um, she’s doing this for attention. If she was shy about her body she wouldnt be flashing her cleavage like that.

      • Kelly

        I agree. She’s just fishing for compliments. Pathetic.

        • awoman

          Those who know how beautiful they are don’t need to fish for compliments. That is a sign of problems with your self image.

      • awoman

        I didn’t say she was shy. I don’t think she is being dishonest in saying she has problems with her self image.

  • Charla

    I used to watch her shows when I was younger. It’s sad that she’s so unstable. I really hope the right person can get her some help.

  • ashley

    She obviously got a boob job. She’s got a good figure, but she just looks awful compared to years ago. Sad.

  • Yalizabeta

    some people gain in their breast. As someone who has fake breat Amandas are real, it take takess a good 6months for implants to fully drop into placement and soften up, she has taken plenty of bra pics over the months with no evidence of augmentation.

    • Stephanie

      As someone who gains weight in her breasts I agree with you. I also have a few friends that have implants, one got hers 2 years ago. And Amandas boobs look much more like mine that they do of my friends with the augmentation surgery.

      I used to be a huge supporter of Amanda Bynes, especially in her WILAY time. LOVED that show. It’s sad to see that she has slipped in a way I never saw coming. It’s also sad that she believes she is fat. She truly has a great body. But if you compare it to how she was back in the day, I can see how she gets insecure. I used to be about 110 with B’s, now I’m 125-130 with larger C’s. I sometimes get down thinking I’m not as attractive as I used to be when I was skinnier. But I’d never want to drop down to 100lbs, that wouldn’t be healthy for my height, I’m 5’6, and believe Amanda is taller I keep hoping it’s an attention tactic. Because if Amanda gets down to that weight, she’ll truly need to be hospitalized for an eating disorder of sorts. I think her body would start to shut down.

      I really do hope someone can get to her and help her. She had such potential, but now she honestly looks a bit cranked out. Hope she somehow gets her life together.

      • yalizabeta

        i agree with you, i sometime think back to my weight and body shape and highschool and thonk oh do i need to lose weight! no i dont i have my womanly curves and am enjoying them. It should be about eating healthy and exericise to maintain internal health. She seems to have smoked some weed that has been laced…seen the same thing happen to a few people from highschool and its a shame they are out of their own mind and will never be the same. This is not a publicity stunt or cry for attention its a good girl that got bad drugs! I thought she was so cute when she dated paris hilton ex doug reinhardt

        • Stephanie

          Exactly. When amanda was that tiny she had no curves, but even back than she had larger breasts for someone her height and weight. Another reason I believe these are real. She grew up in the industry, I can’t even begin to imagine how that would effect a young woman’s mind. Reading the magazines is bad enough!

          I also don’t believe its a stunt, I said I hoped it was. Solely because this hole situation is just sad. When she dated Doug she did look very cute. I have q friend that went to pepperdine with Doug’s sister so I remember seeing private pics, she was so stunning. I looked through Caseys facebook just the other day and seems they’ve been taken down. But she was so put together. I didn’t even think about laced drugs, but you may be right about that. I’ve never personally seen someone go through that kind of ordeal, but the symptoms do fit. I just wish her parents were still in her life.

        • Sweet Venom

          You’d think she would have a trusted dealer with her celebrity status and all lol.

  • Nicole

    She has crazy eyes.

  • jean

    someone who really thinks they need to lose 35 pounds doesn’t post half naked pictures of them selves online. What this really is is fishing for compliments and attention.

    • Amanda

      You’re clearly uneducated in psychology. Many disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder show symptoms of fluctuating body image.

      • Kelly

        So if you’re insecure about your body the most logical thing to do is post pictures half naked on the Internet? Not buying it.

      • jean

        I actually have a bachelors degree in psychology so I think I am at little educated in it but nice try. No one who truly thinks they are fat even for 5 minutes would post a picture of them themselves half naked for the whole world to see. You think she “fluctuated” between taking the picture and captioning it then posting it? The only way in which BPD explains this is in that it is attention seeking behavior.

  • She looks like a mutant

  • christee

    She looks like a whole ‘nother person entirely. Sad what she has become.

  • jeff

    TELL ME I’M PRETTY!!!!! (and relevant)

  • Amberc88

    She is a mess and looks like hell. But I would kill to have her body!!! Boobs and all!!!

  • Regina

    Confused about how this is pre-makeup. Her lips look tattooed on! (perhaps they are?)

  • Nikki

    What if Amanda Bynes is just pulling the most badass skit of her entire career? Lol!!

    (This is referring to all the skits she did in her show ‘Amanda Show’)

  • Kaela

    Those boobs are 100% fake!