Jackie Siegel – Queen of Versailles Update: What’s she doing now?


Jackie Siegel, the subject of Lauren Greenfield’s enthralling 2012 documentary Queen of Versailles, is gunning for her own reality show. Right now there’s no word if she’ll get a reality series, but Bravo will premiere her movie on cable Monday night (April 29.)

The documentary follows Jackie, her billionaire husband David Siegel, and their family as they attempt to complete the biggest house in the U.S., a $75 million beast of a mansion inspired by Versailles. They hit a snag when the economy tanks and takes along David’s time-share business. He doesn’t lose the business, but times get so tough at one point Jackie exclaims that they may have to tell the kids that they’ll have to go to college and get careers. The horror!

Even though her husband has sued Greenfield twice, the mother of eight told The Today Show that looking back, she wouldn’t do anything differently: “What I would do different if I had known so many millions of people would be seeing it… is I would have worn more makeup.”

So, what is Jackie up to since filming ended? What happened to “Versailles”?

Filming ended on the doc a few years ago when things were still pretty rough for the Siegels and it looked like they might have to lose the investment they made in the house. David Siegel was able to rescue the house from foreclosure, and said he was angry at the film for the way it portrayed his company, Westgate. “I can handle people criticizing me or my family,” he said in a statement when the film was released last year to much aclaim. “What I don’t like is someone manipulating reality to make it seem as if our company is unhealthy or doesn’t do business the right way.”

In an interview from a few days ago with the Orlando Sentinel to promote the Bravo airing, 47-year-old Jackie says that they now own Versailles “free and clear,” and it should be completed in three years, just in time for David’s 80th birthday.

“We’ll throw our first party on May 3, 2015. He [David] is turning 80. We’ll stay where we are until construction is done. We’re in Isleworth in a 26,000-square-foot house on a private island.”

Jackie is excited about appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and says she’d like to do a reality series. “I’ve been approached by a ton of people. We’re trying to figure it out.” As for the lawsuits her husband brought against Greenfield, Jackie washes her hands of the situation, saying the litigation is David’s “issue.”

She does say, however, that he fought to have a positive update on his business at the end of the Bravo showing so people feel confidant investing in his timeshares. She says the whole process taught him to no longer be reliant on cheap debt the way he was pre-crash. “He’ll be debt-free in a year and a half,” Jackie says. “He says he’ll never be a slave to the banks again. He learned a lesson. A lesson of the movie, on all levels, is no matter your budget, live within your means, because you don’t know what’s coming around the corner. You may think the money is always coming. It can change on a dime.”

Greenfield, the director, doesn’t plan on directing a reality series, but she says the screening on Bravo was her “dream choice. It’s one of the things that I’ve always been able to do, hit a highbrow audience and hit a wide audience,” the director says. “And Bravo is kind of a mixture of both – it’s a great audience and it’s a wide audience. And, it’s not the typical independent film audience.

“I think what’s so special is that Jackie as a subject can be relatable on both sides and I think that people are going to come in thinking this is going to be an entertaining romp and leave with a much deeper sense of what happened to all of us and the kind of morality tale and more serious nature of the film,” she continued. “So, I was really pleased that Bravo wanted to do it.”

UPDATE: On October 1, 2013, the Siegels had a segment on Good Morning America saying that they are determined to finish their Versailles. “Whatever it takes to finnish it, that’s what I’ll spend,” David Siegel said.

It still appears to be a long way from being done, but they are going all out, including adding a golden elevator to Jackie’s 4,000 sq. ft. closet.

Click here to find out why the Siegels decided to build “Versailles” in the first place.

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  • Geniya

    if you have netflix you can already watch it instantly

  • alicat321

    Wow. Just watched the show. Man does Jackie have the worst taste in decorating. So ugly and out of date!

    • http://twitter.com/GumballGiggity GumballGiggity

      haha i was thinking the same thing when I watched her documentary XD

    • http://twitter.com/MidnightGold007 Sweet Tofu

      Maybe she likes the old style. Lots of people do

  • http://twitter.com/MissAmiaSays Miss Amia :)

    Update! Jackie said on WWHL they were neve I. Danger of losing the house, her & her husband secretly knew!!

  • gotit?

    The husband came across as not caring about his wife, nor any of his current/former children. The house was portrayed as messy with a lot of dog poop all over, dead fish and a dead lizard. I personally feel bad for Jackie and David, who had a story to tell and didn’t realize that they were going to be used to portray themselves, their home, and their business in a negative way. The ‘plot’ was a good line – the rise, fall, rise of this self-made man, and the lessons he learned. I don’t think it was necessary to sneak in all the negativity during the film. It just puts the filmmaker in the ranks of ‘Girls Gone Wild’.

    • http://twitter.com/GumballGiggity GumballGiggity

      you are absolutely right!!

    • Yak

      At the start of filming, nobody had any idea the economy was about to implode, so I doubt there was any such plot in place.

  • http://twitter.com/GumballGiggity GumballGiggity

    After watching her documentary, she and her family looked like white trash, no offense to anyone but she did. I mean there was dog sh*t everywhere, clothes and toys everywhere and many of their pets died; just because her children didn’t want to take care of them. Her children look spoiled rotten, especially the older ones and her husband is very distant with her and their children. He even considered Jackie as one of his kids. It shows you no matter how much money you have, you can’t buy class.

    • Shelly

      This is the same guy that had to pay a woman in Florida over 5 million dollars. He was found guilty of sexual harrassment and battery. She wasn’t a ho like his wife! And far prettier!

      • http://twitter.com/GumballGiggity GumballGiggity

        What? o.O Pffbt trash, nothing but trash!!

    • alicat321

      Don’t you love how the husband said Jackie was a good mom. She didn’t cook or clean or care after any of her kids. What did she do?

      • http://twitter.com/GumballGiggity GumballGiggity

        look good I guess lol

        • HiHoRemy

          Have to disagree, can’t believe she claims to be a model. I just don’t see that.

          • DoctorAwesome

            look at those boobs though

            • qualityrkc

              looking…they are disgusting. Big fake breasts are repellant to men with class and intelligence because we cant stop thinking about how those are just bags of chemicals stuffed under the skin.

  • Dali

    Say what you want but I felt the pain of reliving those years again albeit on a smaller scale. The difference is I had to sell everything I built because of greedy banks that sold it to someone else for pennies. Times were tough and I don’t have those dreams now. The main thing is family is what’s really important and sticking together when the world is falling apart isn’t all sunshine and roses. It takes the worst to appreciate the best of times.

  • Sherry

    They should be ashamed that they haven’t taught their children any values or responsibilities.

    • voice_of_reasoning

      dont need them when you can buy whatever you want in life

      • qualityrkc

        who are you? You must be a horrible person.

  • BOb

    This Documentary does a great job of making them “seem” poor. When the son clearly states they have $400 million in equity in the Las Vegas building. Is having $400 million poor? hah. What they ended up doing is selling a stake to a company, turning their locked up equity into liquid cash again. Riches to Rags….hardly.

    • avtechnician

      Bob, (if I remember correctly) they invested $400,000,000 into the $600,000,00 Las Vegas building. Meaning they payed 400 million to the constructors and materials suppliers and still owe them the rest. It doesn’t mean the have 400 million in an account they can withdraw. If the building isn’t fully paid for I doubt they own to sell it. Even if they did, they may not recoup their losses and will still owe the constructors, investors, etc. Remember he bought everything on credit. In the same documentary another hotel worth 20 million was sold for 8 million.

  • E

    lol that’s what I thought, you live in this huge house and its dirty and looks like crap… Yeah you sure are better than all of us “common folk” aint ya hahaha. But seriously, how materialistic can you possibly be, you have the opportunity to live comfortably within your means anddo smeo good in the world with money but instead its all about things, things, things… oh wait and oh no my kids might actually have to go to college that will be paid for because I don’t know if Ill have enough money to support them all their lives Really???

    • voice_of_reasoning

      life is all about things

      • qualityrkc

        so wrong.

  • Echo

    Wow. Talk about bad taste and excess. Uh huh, white trash alright. And the poor nannies, working to hard to support families whom they have not seen in years!

  • http://twitter.com/MidnightGold007 Sweet Tofu

    I happen to like the documentary. The thing that I didn’t like was the they were going through this tough time and Jackie decides to go on a toy shopping spree. Seriously? Bought more toys and another bike, when those kids already have all that? Another is that the kids see no reality, whatsoever. You have your dad and he is rude? Do they know how hard it must be with the company crumbling and getting it back? That has got to be hard. College is realistic, get back to reality.

  • Newkidontheblock

    Please more fabric for Jackie! I couldn’t concentrate with her triple Es jumping out at me. Yikes! Give me her kids for a week. I’ll love ’em, give them a normal life where they are adored, feed ’em something different than Mc Nuggets, fried chicken and birthday cake with tapers stuck in it! Oy vey!!! Its shocking that the kids all seem so wonderful and adorable. I give all the credit to their wonderful nannys. David you are from the tribe. Should have married a nice Jewish girl than knows how to keep house and dress with class :)

    • qualityrkc

      You are a bigot to say jewish women have more class and work ethic than non jewish women.

      • inquiring minds

        Don’t you think that comment was being made ‘tongue in cheek?

    • Just Me

      David seems like a douchebag but Jackie seemed kind of sweet despite some of her humanly pitfalls. Not sure why you are so in fan with David who was very disconnected from his family and seemed cold and mean most of the time.

  • Brett Hakaraia

    David & Jackie Siegel are both inspirational people: the documentary that just aired on Australian TV about everyday people battling life with its many pitfalls and successes, goes to show that they have enormous reserves of energy and the ability to rise up from the ashes. I think the “white trash” comments are unnecessary and irrelevant to the content of the documentary and say much more about the commentators who make them than anyone else.

    Jackie Siegel has a heart of gold in that she gave her own time to so many people in desperate financial situations but still managed to maintain a sense of humour in the face of bankruptcy, on camera, for the world to see. It’s so very easy to judge other people from the safety and anonymity of the internet: keyboard commandos throw words and insults around as if somehow that justifies the disdain that they have for their targets. Being a nobody allows that to happen so often online.

    David will get to see his dream home, Versailles, completed by his 80th birthday: that says so much about his ability to take life by the proverbial horns and go down whatever avenue opens up before him. Jackie is seeking a reality show tv spot. And the rest of you throw insults about as if it will affect both of them in some negative way. But they are the ones who have put their money where their mouths are and risen above the depths of despair that the documentary so candidly portrayed.

    That is miraculous and I wish them all the best as they appeared to be very much grounded and likeable people, on camera. They also showed the bankers up to be the real pricks of society: the same bankers that plunged the world into the global financial crisis while making sure that bankers’ salaries and perks kept flowing. If you really wish to call anyone trash, it is the big end of town ie Wall Street. Throw shit at them as they deserve it. Did any of those smug Wall Street Bankers lose their houses during the GFC?

    Best wishes to all of the Siegel family. They truly are deserving of any success now and well into the future. Who could not like them?

    • annagitana

      Ugh. Your priorities are sick. Your idols are false. Ick.

  • misst

    I saw the film tonight I tried to feel sorry for them but I can’t. Every member of that family has an unrealistic grasp of reality. They are not the victims the poor people who where suckered into buying there timeshares of their failing business are the victims. I want my children to go to college & I can’t believe she actually said she had all her kids based on knowing she could have nannies…just pathetic!

  • Gia

    The only problem I had was how irresponsible to have pets when they clearly cannot care for them These little beings are living things that depend on them for food and water and were neglected to death…literally. Other than that I’m not going to judge their family, there’s lots of love there and David and Jackie seem like likeable people.

    • annagitana

      Yeah that dirty old man and his vapid wife who doesn’t allow her slaves to have a vacation in 11 years, they’re “likeable.”

  • LynGal

    A reality show? Geez, I’ve seen enough of her boobs on the documentary!

  • Lynn

    Totally self absorbed and nauseating

  • HiHoRemy

    You’d think she could have gotten a better boob job. Hers scream FAKE!!!!

  • Daniel Phillips

    While i don’t see the family as white trash, I do think they had serious issues about living in their means and taking care of themselves. I think the filmmaker just started filming them and when the economy crashed times got bad she kept filming them. It’s not like greenfield make her put not pick up after her dog, or go to the toy store to buy three shopping carts full. David on two separate occasions told his wife that he will not kiss her. Greenfield didn’t make him say that.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-2yuGgp_U8 Scandalous Kim

    I’m glad they were able to continue building. I hope Jackie is a little more careful with their money. I wasn’t sure their marriage was going to make it. David seemed very annoyed with Jackie. He wouldn’t even kiss her at times. That’s pretty sad. Oh yeah! I think a reality show would be awesome. I’d watch!

  • Gramsci

    this is what happens when you let the 1% run wild over the working class who suffered in the economic meltdown,

    • Mike

      Gosh you all sound like bitter and jealous mean-spirited people. And this comment comes from a person who doesn’t make a lot of money… at all. The documentary showed that Jackie and her family went through good and bad times. Everyone has times like that, be you rich or poor. I liked Jackie plenty and thought she was smart, and with a lot of luck, she got to a great place in life… good for her and her family. She seems like a decent lady. It’s none of our business to judge what she has or hasn’t had done to her body as well. She looks good to me.

  • KayCeePee

    Jackie dresses like a worn out hooker…has no clue when her husband is stressed half to death…and even when threatened with no electricity still doesn’t get it. 2k caviar and kids saying “again” to numerous gifts. Lady, you need to come to my world where I have to juggle to buy freaking groceries

  • Frezia Urbina

    He build that bcuase he can he said he got the money to do , poor selfish old men , just pleasing her trophy wife but didn’t give to his older son a penny he keep cutting his son pay check untill leave him with cero money even thot his son was tje only person who stick to him . Horrible family

  • Roxanne Rasmussen Sether

    Happy to hear there marriage made it through the good & bad. it’s all upwards now. What a good mother she is. :)

    • annagitana

      Good mother huh? Nice that her child died alone, forgotten.

  • summer

    gosh what i would do to have there life, but then i think behind the cameras and the closed doors its probably worse then i think

    • annagitana

      I wouldn’t want one second of their empty, gaudy, ugly life.

  • adoptacat28

    I just watched this documentary and this greedy family makes me sick and I hope no one gives them a reality show. They are all selfish and live a disgusting over indulgent lifestyle and should be ashamed of themselves. The type of business they run just takes advantage of the poor and sell them timeshares they know their families can not afford. They let their pets die because they are too lazy and selfish to feed them. Jackie is nothing more than a gold digger that looks so plastic and fake and these two have taught their kids nothing about the real world. The whole docudrama of these people lives was very disgusting.