Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are considering adoption

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are known for having a massive family. They have 19 kids, two grandkids, and their daughter-in-law Anna is currently pregnant. Some might say it’s time to hang it up, but their show isn’t called 19 Kids and Counting for nothing! Jim and Michelle are now considering bringing another child into their family via adoption!

“We are open to the idea of adoption,” Michelle reveals to PEOPLE. “We are praying about it, and we will see what God has in store. Love for children has been placed on our hearts.”

The Duggars recently flew to Beijing for TLC’s special 19 Kids & Counting: Duggars Do Asia, and while there, the family visited an orphanage and were all very moved by what they saw.

The Duggars Tiananmen Square China 19 Kids and Counting
^ The Duggars visit Tiananmen Square in China

“The kids are definitely pushing towards wanting us to open our home up to another child or more,” says Michelle. “They see how much we have been blessed with and how little so many children have and they want to share. We tell our children that would have to be something that is God’s will for our family, and we will see if it is. Our children love children, and we all do.”

Jim and Michelle’s last pregnancy ended in miscarriage, but according to Michelle, that isn’t deterring her from carrying another child. “We are open to whatever is in store. It doesn’t really matter whether I would have another child or we would adopt, but we want to approach it with an open heart,” Michelle states.

“We have friends that have adopted children who are a great influence in our lives, and we have talked about their experiences. So it’s something we’ve considered. We have to know for sure that is what God wants for us to do,” she explains. “When he gives us a child [through pregnancy], there is no doubt in our minds that is what He wants, but when it comes to adoption, we would have to know for sure that was His will.”

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  • Oh my god STOOOOOOP

  • Sam 20

    anyone who adopts to this family is insane they seriously need to stop

  • JAckie

    i think its great

  • jaja

    adoption should be for families who have been dying for a child and just simply cannot conceive not for a family that collects kids….

    • D

      Unfortunately there are more kids in the foster system than there are families willing to adopt them…

      • DeeDeDee

        There are roughly 500,000 kids, if not more, in the foster/adoption system right now waiting for homes. Unfortunately the US has so much red tape on the adoption process and it costs so much money here, that it scares a ton of people away.

        • D

          I don’t think it costs that much to adopt children from the foster system… I may be wrong, but I believe it is much cheaper/easier to adopt a child from the foster system (who may or may not be a baby) than a baby from an agency or overseas.

          • DeeDeDee

            Depends on the state, really. My brother is in the “Foster to Adopt” program in our state and the way it sounded when they signed up is that they would only be fostering for children whose parents had already lost their rights to the child. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and they received children who were on the verge of being able to adopt, but their parents could still decide at any minute that they wanted to take part in their child’s life and request visitation with them.

            He’s had his “son” for a year now, but he’s been in the system since he was 5 months old. His mom only saw him up until he was 7 months old after getting him taken away for putting the baby behind the tire of her boyfriend’s truck to stop him from leaving. They have given her almost two years to try and get him back with only visiting him once every 4 months before they finally got the rights signed away. Now they’re still waiting to hear about when their “adoption period” will start. Which means they’ll have to have him for a year before they even file papers to prepare the adoption. Oh, and this is all free, and he says it’s worth it. But how awful for all those people that have these children they’ve been with for years going back to their parents after they thought they were adopting them? The sad thing is, majority of these children end up back in the system and the previous foster family doesn’t even know.

  • anjealka

    They will not adopt. The ATI movement they follow does not allow adoption(it would mean they could no longer homeschool with ATI). Mr Gothard the head of ATI says that adopted children carry the sins of thier parents(he even has weird beliefs about cabbage patch kids..very odd reading if it you ever look into it further).
    Also Michelle and JimBob while nice people would not pass a home study. China would not let them adopt due to the sheer number of biological kids. The real issue is the 2 bedrooms for the kids. The home study will only allow so many kids per bedroom (reguardless of size but even the size of the bedroom is not enough square feet per kid). There are also rules about adults(they have 6 adult kids in these bedrooms) sharing with young adopted kids.
    I think Michelle should finish raising her beautiful young children and maybe encourage her kid to adopt. Jill has always seemed to have a big heart on mission trips, maybe she could adopt one day.

  • Diane

    How in the world do they manage to get that many kids on a plane, I freak out when I have to fly with my toddler.

  • Katie

    When I read the headline of this article, I thought they were tired of having so many children and had decided to give some of them away. Now THAT would have been news!!!

  • justthinking

    I use to have so much respect for this family but as time goes by I lose it every second. I am not perfect by any means but come on, quit with the kids. You have like a 3 bedroom house with all those kids, too many kids in each room just quit already. Quit having your kids raise your smaller kids, that is what is wrong with the wrong today.

    • Obviously you have never watched the show. They actually asked their children if they wanted seperate rooms or if they wanted to share. They agreed they wanted to share rooms

      • GingerAnn1212

        Of course they said they wanted to share. Those children are brainwashed. Since Michelle does virtually none of the parenting or homeschooling adding more children to the family is not a burden on her, but rather her older daughters. They need to stop collecting children as someone said and move along with their lives.

  • I don’t agree with how they raise their kids. It isn’t right to not be able to offer a child SOME privacy, not to mention the load of adult responsibilities that’s put on each of their older children. I don’t care what they say or tell us, NO KID wants to be a parent to their younger siblings. Who would want to live day in, day out, caring for babies and toddlers when you’re 12, 13, 14…..? I don’t buy it! I also think adoption is a wonderful, selfless thing to do, and they maybe should have thought of that 18 freaking kids ago!

  • Vanessa

    This family is so weird!