Duggar Digest: Throwback pictures, why Jill Dillard’s ‘conception date’ is before her wedding and the family visits Ohio


This week’s episode of 19 Kids and Counting is technically a one-hour special as bride-to-be Jill Duggar goes dress shopping in Washington D.C. with her mom and some sisters. (Spoiler! We know that she eventually said “yes” to the dress at Ava Laurenne Bridal, but got it altered for modesty before the wedding.)

In real-time, the Duggars had another busy week of travel… Here are some of the highlights.

Duggar throwback pictures from the early 1990s

Duggar Throwback - Young Josh, John-David and Jana

Back in the days before TLC made them household names, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were just young parents with an ever-growing number of kids. Since joining Facebook recently, Michelle has shared a few awesome throwback pictures from those early days, including the one of her with young Josh, John-David and Jana (above) and the same trio with Jim Bob…

Jim Bob Duggar Throwback With Kids

They also posted a picture from just a few years later in 1994, when Jill, Jessa and Jinger were added to the family.

Duggar Throwback 1994 Family Photo

Why is Jill Dillard “pregnant” for longer than she’s been married?

Jill Dillard Pregnant Second Trimester

Speaking of additions to the family, Jill raised a few eyebrows with fans noticed her baby bump update pictures say she’s been pregnant for longer than she’s been married. (For example, she recently shared a picture showing her 13 weeks, 1 day along or 93 days pregnant. However, at the time she posted it, she and Derick Dillard had only been married for 90 days.)

Unfortunately for those wishing for some Duggar drama, Just Mommies explains conception dates are based on when the expectant mother began her last period. Because women generally conceive two weeks into their cycle, the “conception date” is usually about two weeks before the parents actually did baby-making.

That means the newlywed of 90 days was likely only 79 days pregnant-pregnant when she posted the picture… Whew!

The Duggars visit extended family in Ohio

Duggar Family Ohio Trip

Ultimately en route to Washington D.C. for a conference this weekend, the Duggars took a big detour to visit Michelle’s oldest sister and her family in Ohio. While there, they’ve dined on Cincinnati chili, spent time with cousins and tested out an old go-cart on the farm…

Almost-official family member Ben Seewald is along for the trip with fiancée Jessa Duggar. They shared a video from Dayton on Monday and revealed they have a very specific countdown going to their Nov. 1 wedding.

Watch the Duggar family in action on a new episode of 19 Kids and Counting, airing on TLC tonight at 9/8c.

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