PHOTOS Gypsy Sisters’ Mellie Stanley pregnancy update

Mellie Stanley pregnant photo

It’s hard to believe the first season of TLC’s dramafest Gypsy Sisters has already finished up! The eight action-packed episodes blew in like a category 5 HERicane with numerous fights, bar-raising and hair-raising speakerphone screaming matches, the return of Stanley matriarch and America’s Most Wanted alum Lottie Mae after serving nine years for bank fraud, lots of vomiting, a wedding, numerous tattoos, jail time, and the tracking down of a missing dad. But, of all the jaw-dropping developments, none could compare to the BIG news… Mellie Stanley is pregnant!

Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley pregnant photoMellie Stanley baby bump photo

During the season finale we got to see Mellie Stanley announce that she is having a boy (by going topless with boxing glove themed body paint of course — more on that in a minute) and everyone is surprised to see the baby’s father, and Mellie’s already estranged husband, Robbie York at the affair. That episode was filmed a few months ago, however, so what’s the latest on Mellie’s pregnancy?

Mellie Stanley pregnancy photos

First off, she and Robiie ARE NOT together. And I mean “not together” in a Mellie Stanley claw your face off kind of way. (She tweeted on March 10, “I hate Robbie I really do”) But, Mellie’s pregnancy seems to be going well! She has shared numerous photos recently, including those above on Twitter and this one on Facebook:

Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley baby bump photo March 12

Mellie had previously stated her due date was July 8, but she tweeted an update yesterday in which she revealed it is July 19. And another thing that has changed is her little boy’s name. Initially she planned on naming him Angelo Giovanni Stanley, but she posted on Facebook yesterday that her plan is now to name him Richard Joe. “Yea that’s the final name but his nick name is gonna be Whetzel,” Mellie wrote.

Here are some ultrasound / sonogram photos of little Richard Joe shared by Mellie — just click to enlarge:

Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley ultrasound photo 06Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley ultrasound photo 5Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley ultrasound photo 4 Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley sonogram photo Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley sonogram photo 2Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley sonogram photo 1

And I’m guessing there are a lot of you out there curious as to what Mellie’s boxing glove body paint job looked like without being blurred. I can’t really give you what you want here (we gotta keep it PG-13!) but if you click the photo below you can see the original picture tweeted by Mellie:

Mellie Stanley It's a boy boxing gloves body paint

To keep up with Mellie (and little Richard Joe!) be sure to follow her on Twitter at and like her Facebook page!

For those wanting more of that TLC Gypsy entertainment, don’t worry — the second season of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding will premiere this Sunday night at 9/8c!

  • Goat Meat

    I wonder why she posted the money shot on the internet. Hopefully this baby will force her to grow up a bit and settle down.

    • Rhonda

      I think Nellie will be a great mom. She’s been proving that. Hello. Do u still watch the show. Imma take up for her no matter what. Believe This.!!!!?

  • Stephanie

    Hooked on the Gypsys

    • amberc88

      ME TOOOOO!!!!

  • Geniya

    glamorized white trash

  • Joei

    I have those yoga pants. She shops at Target.

  • val

    holy meth head

  • Feisty

    I see Mellies big sis raising this child. But I do hope this baby turns mellies life around. Sometimes kids do that to a person. Best of luck!

  • Lola

    Check her face. I’m sure she was/is still doing meth. It’s clear as day. No wonder she had those deep scars on her face. You get that when you’re hallucinating on meth. I fear for that poor lil boy who is going to grow up and learn one day that his mama is a stripper/alcholic/meth head skank.

    • Rhonda

      Don’t worry bout what she’s doing. Sweep up ur on back porch before u try trying to sweep hers. Maybe u need to ck yourself or u have way too much time on ur hands. Or maybe u just like to talk abt ppl in a bad way. Yea. I dare u to step to Nellie. Lol

    • miss Moose

      how is it that you’re an expert on meth use? you can diagnose her with a problem without even knowing her? and if she does have that problem, what about a little compassion? women are the biggest enemy to other women and it HAS to stop. we are trained to look on one another as competition and as enemies. this is why we have no strength and unity — we don’t stick together, we don’t have each other’s backs. No wonder we’re still living like abused second raters in a man’s world —- we help the patriarchal status quo to keep us down by being our own worst enemy. when you feel like hating on another woman, show caring instead……. when you see a girl or woman in distress, lost, alone, in need of help, etc , lend a hand and make sure she’s okay. and mellie’s doing the best she can with the crappy hand she was dealt. lay off. her beginnings were pretty piss poor: almost zero mothering, and no father at all……. very little education, married to some creep before she was 16 — he beat the daylights out of her…….. given this background, are you maybe expecting her to be Martha Stewart? get real. it would be quite odd if she did NOT have some dysfunctional behavior. we should be sympathetic, not hateful.

  • YeepI’mMe

    First off I bet her rib-cage tattoo is looking wonderful these days! Second off she looks really sickly (no tanning maybe?) and messed up, maybe she was using and just quit or something. I hope she turns her life around for her kid, also I think she is a nice looking girl if she quit dressing so (sorry) trashy,

  • crystal

    Is there going to be a second season of gypsy sisters?

    • Rhonda

      I sure hope so. I love em

  • marcus

    millie u r a copy of my dead wife luv seeing u

  • Rhonda

    My favorite Gypsy Sister is Mellie. I love her energy an her personality. I’m a gorger but I can see myself in Nellie BC I love to fight an I don’t have a filter when it comes to what imma tell u. I’m real an truthful. An if it hurts ur feelings then toughen up. She’s Great. I love the show The Gypsy Sisters. Way to stand ur ground for all women in the world. I wish I could hang out with them. Love all of y’all.!!!!!!!!